20:03:42 <mattgriffin> #startmeeting HA-Guide
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20:04:04 <mattgriffin> ok... and now the agenda
20:04:08 <mattgriffin> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/HA_Guide_Update#Next_Meeting
20:04:28 <mattgriffin> megm, seen any others around lately?
20:05:08 <megm> Noone I recognize but I'm hoping your email may bring in some new people
20:06:08 <mattgriffin> ack
20:09:23 <megm> Who is here for the ha-guide meeting?
20:10:26 * mattgriffin scans list of people in this channel
20:11:14 <megm> I see that merged material now appears at http://docs.openstack.org/draft/ha-guide/
20:11:33 <mattgriffin> yeah. that's really cool!
20:12:26 <megm> It will be cooler when we get some more stuff merged ;-)
20:13:08 <mattgriffin> megm, ok to hang here for a little while longer? if no one else shows up, i'll send our usual attendees a note about the plan we discussed (that I included in my docs email about an hour ago)
20:13:28 <megm> I'm good with hanging and waiting a bit...
20:14:52 <mattgriffin> ok
20:15:08 * mattgriffin takes a look at pending reviews :)
20:17:21 <mattgriffin> megm, are you still noting here (https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/openstack-haguide-update-next-steps) where you are in the docbook->rst conversion process?
20:17:44 <megm> Yes.
20:18:22 <megm> I didn't accomplish a lot yesterday, alas...
20:18:54 <mattgriffin> :)
20:19:09 <mattgriffin> but you need a few reviews here? https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+ha-guide,n,z
20:19:20 <megm> Yes.
20:20:12 <megm> I was hoping that Shilla would join us -- she did the merges that are there.
20:20:46 <megm> Do you have the names of the five people who showed up in Vancouver in the afternoon?
20:21:47 <mattgriffin> i do not. had already left the room ... maybe in email
20:21:50 * mattgriffin checks
20:22:13 <megm> You can look at the Comment history on the merged CRs and get some names, too.
20:22:47 <megm> Radoslaw (Radek) Smigielski, Mark Muehl, Shilla Saebi...
20:23:55 <mattgriffin> megm, gotcha. found the email thread
20:24:15 <mattgriffin> i'll include them in the message I send out directly to the team
20:24:58 <megm> Radek has recent contribs to the XML version.
20:25:27 <megm> Also Christian Berendt -- recently contributed info about how to install RabbitMQ on openSUSE
20:26:38 <mattgriffin> megm, ok. let's call it. i'll send out an email directly to the group to keep them in the loop.
20:26:56 <megm> Sigh.  Okay, and I'll get back to converting the docs.
20:27:08 <mattgriffin> ok. thanks. ttyl
20:27:13 <mattgriffin> #endmeeting