20:00:36 <mattgriffin> #startmeeting ha-guide
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20:01:09 <mattgriffin> megm_, how are you?
20:01:25 <megm_> Doing okay -- how about you?
20:02:05 <mattgriffin> same. looks like a nice day outside for me in Dallas
20:02:35 <mattgriffin> anyone else here for the HA Guide meeting?
20:02:51 <megm_> That's always nice.  It's pretty nice here in Santa Cruz, too.
20:03:01 <mattgriffin> :)
20:03:16 <mattgriffin> isn't it always nice there?
20:03:23 <megm_> I had email from Shamail -- he's buried in some stuff so hasn't been able to do much with the ha_guide.
20:03:34 <mattgriffin> ok
20:03:42 <mattgriffin> i'm kinda the same
20:03:56 <mattgriffin> but will start to carve some time out
20:03:57 <megm_> Yes, our weather really is pretty wonderful most of the time -- but the natives do get peeved when it goes over 80 or under 50 ;-)
20:04:06 <mattgriffin> hehe
20:04:19 <megm_> I have lived in Arizona, Chicago, and Florida so I have a different perspective ;-)
20:04:47 <mattgriffin> lived through quite extreme temps
20:05:01 <mattgriffin> i lived in chicago for a little while too. winter was a shock
20:05:06 <megm_> Any idea how we get things moving?  I did find the list of doc liasons for different projects.  I made the Cinder person a reviewer on that conversion CR but got nothing
20:05:37 <megm_> I think Chicago summers are worse than the winters, actually, although those -80 wind chills do get your attention
20:05:54 <mattgriffin> not sure. i can check with lana and the rest of the docs team to see if they have some advice
20:06:24 <mattgriffin> luckily never had to endure weather that cold
20:06:28 <megm_> It seemed like Radek was taking off -- we both converted the same section so that was a problem but I think it's cleared up
20:07:08 <mattgriffin> ok. i added your latest review as "Reviewing" to the spreadsheet
20:07:08 <megm_> I did a couple years of grad school there so had to walk around in it.  The second year, we had the biggest blizzard ever; the following year, we had an even bigger one.
20:07:11 <mattgriffin> link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17EApMTVzCgddR62ZYJC4qAs9imdZWDcSy81UNEae8WY/edit#gid=0
20:07:32 <mattgriffin> oops..
20:07:33 <megm_> It was a little easier when I moved to the 'burbs and had a car...
20:07:34 <mattgriffin> #link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17EApMTVzCgddR62ZYJC4qAs9imdZWDcSy81UNEae8WY/edit#gid=0
20:08:15 <megm_> Did you get any response from percona people about helping?  And Nick was going to get some Mirantis people onboard but I haven't seen anything.
20:08:43 <mattgriffin> nothing yet. i'll poke them again... just going through some reorg stuff so might be a bit distracted
20:09:15 <mattgriffin> #action mattgriffin check with lana for any advice on growing involvement
20:09:26 <mattgriffin> #action mattgriffin check with percona on contributions
20:10:23 <megm_> Can you give Nick an action in re: Mirantis? Bogdan was contributing a lot in the early stages of the outline but I suspect he grew weary with the slow progress.
20:10:35 <megm_> But now, he can dig in any time.
20:10:47 <mattgriffin> #action nick check with Mirantis regarding contributions
20:10:49 <mattgriffin> done
20:11:04 <mattgriffin> so what do you think is left to migrate?
20:11:09 <megm_> Radek is not here -- I'd like to know where he is.
20:11:41 <megm_> I meant what progress Radek is making and where he needs help.
20:12:05 <megm_> Not a lot left to migrate -- I got side-tracked by some stuff and, with nothing else happening, it was easy to stay distracted -- sorry about that ;-)
20:12:58 <mattgriffin> hehe... i understand
20:13:00 <megm_> So how do we get the "beginning" pieces put together?
20:13:34 <mattgriffin> beginning of the Guide?
20:13:45 <megm_> And we need an owner for nova-compute -- I think there is something I need to convert.
20:14:13 <megm_> Yes, the moment when "I've played around with dick-and-jane OpenStack and now I want to set up a real HA environment"
20:14:31 <megm_> So the planning steps, especially what hardware do I need?
20:14:53 <megm_> And then I guess we need to start stepping through the Install Guide and see which steps are:
20:15:00 <megm_> 1) Just do what's in Install Guide
20:15:11 <megm_> 2) Do what's in Install Guide, plus do <blah> for HA
20:15:30 <megm_> 3) Do <blah> instead of what's in Install Guide for HA
20:16:02 <mattgriffin> yeah. that's a good point. i can take a look at that and sketch it out
20:16:26 <megm_> If you can sketch it out, I can write it -- unless I get a job first ;-)
20:16:28 <mattgriffin> haven't looked at the install guide in a while
20:16:33 <mattgriffin> are you close? :)
20:17:03 <megm_> I may be, but, alas, it isn't in OpenStack space...  So I need to be careful about long-term committments here...
20:17:12 <mattgriffin> understoot
20:17:16 <mattgriffin> d
20:17:47 <mattgriffin> #action mattgriffin map out the beginning part of the guide and interaction with the Install Guide
20:18:00 <megm_> Excellent!
20:18:27 <mattgriffin> any other burning items?
20:18:36 <megm_> See what Lana says about the doc liasons for other projects -- I think nova-compute, cinder, glance, swift, and maybe ceph are the top priorities
20:18:48 <mattgriffin> will do
20:18:52 <megm_> I don't think so -- I kind of feel like we've been spinning at this point for a while.
20:19:01 <megm_> Shall we call this a meeting then?
20:19:31 <mattgriffin> #action mattgriffin check with lana about the doc liasons for other projects -- megm: I think nova-compute, cinder, glance, swift, and maybe ceph are the top priorities
20:19:41 <mattgriffin> nope. i think we're good
20:19:54 <mattgriffin> sorry.. yes. let's call it a meeting
20:20:01 <mattgriffin> thanks!
20:20:17 <megm_> Have a great week!
20:20:22 <mattgriffin> you too!
20:20:25 <mattgriffin> and good luck
20:20:32 <megm_> Thanks ;-)
20:20:38 <mattgriffin> #endmeeting