16:06:02 <vilobhmm11> #startmeeting hierarchical_multitenancy
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16:06:28 <vilobhmm11> raildo : started now
16:06:30 <raildo> ty vilobhmm11
16:06:32 <ericksonsantos> nice
16:06:33 <vilobhmm11> np
16:06:44 <raildo> #topic new patches
16:07:04 <ericksonsantos> we are uploading the two remaining patches
16:07:11 <raildo> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/242500/1
16:07:24 <raildo> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/242514/
16:07:56 <vilobhmm11> thanks both of you! :)
16:08:06 <raildo> no problem :)
16:08:13 <vilobhmm11> I think this is the right approach for us to proceed further
16:08:26 <raildo> we will send the rest of the code by the end of the day
16:08:36 <ericksonsantos> raildo, +1
16:09:01 <raildo> vilobhmm11: and I talked with john to explain why we are doing this, and he agreed
16:09:24 <ericksonsantos> so, just to make it clear for whoever is interested in nested quotas...
16:09:33 <vilobhmm11> raildo : awesome…even that would make sense to me…
16:09:41 <vilobhmm11> me/him
16:09:48 <raildo> so, let's work in the code reviews and get this code merged asap
16:10:13 <vilobhmm11> raildo : yes…
16:10:14 <ericksonsantos> We are sending the code as a new patch set chain and abandon the other patches
16:10:37 <ericksonsantos> the reason is... there are a lot of patches in the old chain they are either abandoned or in merge conflict; also, the huge number of revisions can be overwhelming for reviewers.
16:11:04 <raildo> #topic split code review
16:11:08 <vilobhmm11> ericksonsantos : ^^ makes sense
16:11:59 <raildo> so, I was thinking about it and my suggestions is we put at least 2 person by patch
16:12:11 <raildo> so we can have like a backup person for review
16:12:30 <sajeesh> hi all
16:12:38 <vilobhmm11> raildo : 2 person for review and also to see if any jenkins failure happen
16:12:39 <ericksonsantos> ++
16:12:48 <vilobhmm11> hi sajeesh
16:12:51 <ericksonsantos> hi sajeesh
16:12:55 <raildo> if the review needs a huge discussion we can go on skype and get a agrement
16:12:55 <sajeesh> hi vilobh
16:13:25 <raildo> but if it's just a quick review or a jenkins failure, it'll be easy to speed up the process
16:13:31 <sajeesh> I am sorry...vilobh can you plz summarize the meeting so far
16:13:36 <raildo> what do you think?
16:13:39 <vilobhmm11> raildo : what i meant was like eric and i worked closely on few patches in cinder we can follow same model…and that way we can divide the work within ourselves
16:13:41 <ericksonsantos> agreed
16:14:14 <vilobhmm11> sajeesh : new patches have been proposed
16:14:20 <sajeesh> ok
16:14:28 <vilobhmm11> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/242500/1
16:14:29 <vilobhmm11> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/242514/
16:14:39 <vilobhmm11> these are the links for them
16:14:51 <vilobhmm11> 2 more upcoming patch in transit
16:15:03 <ericksonsantos> sajeesh, there are two others remaining (get hierarchy and nested quota driver), and we'll send them in the end of the day
16:15:12 <sajeesh> ok
16:15:59 <vilobhmm11> sajeesh : the plan raildo, eric and me were discussing is to have 2 people assigned for each patch for review as well as fixing code (lets say in case of jenkins failure etc)
16:16:52 <vilobhmm11> raildo, ericsonsantos : I am totally in for this…as i have seen it working for cinder…while working on large patchsets..
16:17:00 <vilobhmm11> sajeesh : ^^
16:17:08 <raildo> ++
16:17:16 <sajeesh> ++
16:17:17 <ericksonsantos> yes
16:17:30 <ericksonsantos> I think it is a good plan
16:17:35 <ericksonsantos> let's do it
16:17:55 <raildo> vilobhmm11: so we can organize something like...
16:18:05 <raildo> #1 me and vilobhmm11 in the first patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/242500/1
16:18:23 <raildo> #2 ericksonsantos and vilobhmm11 in the second https://review.openstack.org/#/c/242514/
16:18:26 <ericksonsantos> for now,  we are giving a workflow -1 to the patches, but once the spec is approved, we will remove them.
16:19:02 <raildo> # 3 ericksonsantos and sajeesh in the third - Get hierarchy info
16:19:41 <vilobhmm11> ericksonsantos : makes sense ....its better we give our patches workflow -1 than other nova cores coming and giving a -1 (because spec was not approved) :P
16:19:42 <raildo> #4 me and sajeesh in the fourth - APi changes
16:19:52 <sajeesh> ++1
16:20:33 <vilobhmm11> raildo, sajeesh, ericsonsantos  : works for me…
16:20:52 <sajeesh> nice ++1
16:20:57 <ericksonsantos> ++
16:21:37 <raildo> #agreed raildo and vilobhmm11 will be responsible for the first patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/242500/1
16:21:55 <raildo> #agreed ericksonsantos and vilobhmm11 will be responsible for the second patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/242514/
16:22:26 <raildo> #agreed  ericksonsantos and sajeesh will be responsible for the third patch - Get Hierarchy Info
16:22:50 <raildo> #agreed raildo and sajeesh will be responsible for the fourth patch - API changes
16:22:53 <raildo> awesomwe
16:22:55 <ericksonsantos> is there anything else that we need to discuss now?
16:23:29 <raildo> yeap... john have asked me to create functional tests for tempest
16:23:51 <sajeesh> raildo...have u confirmed with john that no separate driver is required ?
16:23:52 <raildo> so I believe that we have to start thinking in how we will do that.
16:24:28 <vilobhmm11> raildo : regarding functional test
16:24:29 <raildo> sajeesh: yes, he already have give a +2 in the spec :)
16:24:36 <vilobhmm11> we can have a seperate patch
16:24:43 <sajeesh> ok nice :-)
16:24:48 <raildo> vilobhmm11: sure
16:24:53 <vilobhmm11> you did write the functional test for cinder..
16:25:01 <vilobhmm11> we can take ideas from there
16:25:05 <raildo> we can create this patch after the whole implementation
16:25:13 <vilobhmm11> raildo : thats better
16:25:16 <raildo> but it's something that we need to start think about it
16:25:34 <vilobhmm11> lets keep it simple…first the patches (bare minimum thing) and later everything else
16:25:43 <vilobhmm11> raildo : yes agree
16:25:53 <sajeesh> +1
16:25:55 <vilobhmm11> we can jot down ideas on the etherpad
16:26:03 <vilobhmm11> that we created last time
16:26:26 <vilobhmm11> what does everyone think ?
16:26:32 <sajeesh> +1
16:26:37 <vilobhmm11> or in next meeting we can spend more time
16:26:47 <vilobhmm11> on the functional tests
16:27:00 <raildo> we can focus on the first reviews on this week
16:27:08 <raildo> and we can discuss more about it in the next meeting
16:27:17 <vilobhmm11> raildo : yes makes sense
16:27:21 <ericksonsantos> I'll have to take a look at how the tempest tests works... don't have experience with tempest.
16:27:47 <ericksonsantos> agreed
16:28:29 <raildo> #AOB
16:28:36 <raildo> #topic AOB
16:28:57 <vilobhmm11> alrite then…do we have anything else to discuss ? I think we have a good plan in place
16:29:11 <raildo> vilobhmm11: not for my side :)
16:29:12 <sajeesh> nothing from my side , if anything is there I will tell via skype
16:29:35 <vilobhmm11> ericksonsantos : anything from your side ?
16:29:36 <vilobhmm11> if not
16:29:42 <raildo> sajeesh: I belive that you can start abandoning the patches
16:29:42 <vilobhmm11> we can end the meeting early today
16:29:55 <ericksonsantos> I think that's it.... nothing from my side too
16:30:23 <ericksonsantos> raildo, ++
16:30:59 <raildo> sajeesh:  you can just add some message like: "Abadon in order to #new_patch_link"
16:31:14 <vilobhmm11> also pointing to new patch sets should be nice
16:31:20 <vilobhmm11> raildo : +1
16:31:31 <sajeesh> ok
16:31:33 <raildo> like I have made here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/151327/
16:31:42 <vilobhmm11> alrite then we can end the meeting
16:31:48 <ericksonsantos> is that ok for you sajeesh ?
16:31:51 <sajeesh> ok I will do it
16:32:11 <sajeesh> erickson ..that is ok with me
16:32:13 <vilobhmm11> thank you everyone sajeesh, eriksonsantos, raildo
16:32:16 <raildo> great :)
16:32:23 <vilobhmm11> #endmeeting
16:32:28 <raildo> have a nice weekend guys
16:32:41 <ericksonsantos> #agreed sajeesh will abandon the old patches
16:32:51 <sajeesh> have a nice weekend :-)
16:32:59 <raildo> vilobhmm11: you have to put the name of the meeting
16:33:00 <vilobhmm11> you too
16:33:06 <raildo> in the endmeeting
16:33:07 <vilobhmm11> ok
16:33:08 <ericksonsantos> thank you all :)
16:33:32 <vilobhmm11> irc://irc.freenode.net:6667/#endmeeting hierarchical_multitenancy
16:33:52 <vilobhmm11> #endmeeting