22:04:02 <gabrielhurley> #startmeeting horizon
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22:04:20 <gabrielhurley> hello happy horizoneers
22:04:29 <david-lyle> Hello
22:04:30 <jcoufal> hey everybody, hey gabrielhurley
22:04:33 <timductive> Hello!
22:04:46 <jpich> Hello
22:04:49 <lcheng> hello
22:04:55 <gabrielhurley> I'm thinking this can maybe be a short meeting. I have relatively little to say, but I'll stick around if y'all have topics.
22:05:03 <gabrielhurley> I'll take care of the usual business real fast
22:05:06 <gabrielhurley> #topic overview
22:05:29 <gabrielhurley> Looks like progress is going on track so far for where we're at in the cycle.
22:06:01 <gabrielhurley> Ideally we'd see preliminary code for all the big stuff by two weeks from now. That would leave lots of time for review and polish.
22:06:10 <gabrielhurley> I'll make sure to spend some time on my blueprints before then.
22:06:31 <gabrielhurley> I also did some triage on bugs and blueprints today just to make sure everything's in order. Nothing new or startling to report. All's well.
22:06:36 <gabrielhurley> #topic blueprints
22:06:52 <gabrielhurley> me... nothing to report. who else would like to go?
22:07:27 <gabrielhurley> david-lyle, lcheng, jpich, timductive, etc...?
22:07:45 <jcoufal> As for table inline editation BP
22:07:47 <timductive> Heat Topology, is up in code review but I haven't had much time to figure out why Jenkins keeps failing, looks like a bug maybe
22:07:49 <david-lyle> starting rbac, not very far yet, but I'll try to have a pass at it in a week or two
22:08:07 <absubram> Cisco N1K dashboard - I'm just doing some final testing on mine before getting it ready for review
22:08:16 <jcoufal> After various dicussions (thanks for feedback to all) I delivered final design for it
22:09:04 <jcoufal> And the development on that will (re-)start in next few days
22:09:20 <gabrielhurley> jcoufal: yep, I saw your posts to the ML today but haven't read and absorbed yet
22:09:26 <gabrielhurley> everyone else, that all sounds very reasonabe
22:09:34 <gabrielhurley> reasonable, even
22:09:39 <lcheng> I've been working on the role assignment to groups.  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/group-domain-role-assignment  Split the bp into two, to tackle project and domain role assignment separately. Working on the project role assignment now.
22:09:39 <timductive> ;)
22:10:05 <jcoufal> gabrielhurley: yeah, in ML are UX discussion oriented things, will talk about them later
22:10:08 <gabrielhurley> lcheng: I saw that review this morning. it was bigger than I expected so I wanna pull it down and spend a little time with it, but at a glance it looked good
22:10:31 <lcheng> I've realized that I could re-use the JS and template from the Project-User membership step.
22:10:47 <lcheng> But the would require some time making the JS and template more flexible.
22:11:34 <gabrielhurley> it might be worth it, given that we still have time and that I assume you'd reuse it again on the domain role BP
22:11:36 <lcheng> gabrielhurley: what's your thought on making changes on the JS/template as part of this bp?
22:11:42 <jpich> lcheng: We're also reusing it for the security group edit on the instances page, for reference
22:12:00 <gabrielhurley> I'd rather see the refactor to make it usable. the more generic that code gets the better
22:12:22 <lcheng> jpich: Thanks for the heads-up. I'll make sure it still works after the refactoring.
22:12:30 <lcheng> Anywhere else it is used?
22:12:50 <jpich> lcheng: I don't believe so. I had to move workflow JS around a bit recently and that's the only 2 places I saw it
22:13:05 <kspear> lcheng: some of the code is used for a networking component, can't remember which
22:13:56 <lcheng> kspear: okay, I'll check that out.
22:14:16 <gabrielhurley> cool cool
22:14:23 <jpich> kspear, lcheng: Probably the NIC selection on the create instance workflow I reckon, though it should be separate now
22:14:36 <gabrielhurley> I think that's separate offhand
22:14:45 <gabrielhurley> 'cuz that has all the ordering code, etc.
22:14:55 <kspear> jpich: ah right, good to know
22:15:12 <gabrielhurley> anybody else on blueprints or should I open it up for general discussion?
22:15:15 * kspear has been meaning to fix the js/template naming for a while now
22:16:25 <gabrielhurley> #topic open discussion
22:16:46 <gabrielhurley> who wants the floor?
22:16:56 <lcheng> gabrielhurley: do you have update on the release of django_openstack_auth? :-)
22:17:24 <gabrielhurley> oh damn.
22:17:29 <gabrielhurley> I totally forgot about that
22:17:32 <gabrielhurley> thank you for asking.
22:17:36 <gabrielhurley> I will look into that today
22:18:02 <jcoufal> If I can take small place...
22:18:10 <jcoufal> UX discussions tool
22:18:43 <jcoufal> there was no more suggestions for other tools, so I did some more research and posted 2 more tools
22:18:56 <lcheng> gabrielhurley: thanks
22:19:30 <jcoufal> based on discussion with Thierry I found out that one of he best candidates might be same tool as aks.openstack.org
22:19:33 <jcoufal> *ask
22:19:51 <gabrielhurley> ah, an answerbot/stackoverflow clone. not a bad idea.
22:20:19 <gabrielhurley> could we even piggyback on ask.openstack.org and use a tag/category/section of some sort?
22:20:26 <gabrielhurley> avoid setting up another tool entirely?
22:20:38 <jcoufal> yeah, something similar, from what I have discovered it matches the best
22:20:42 <jcoufal> I was thinking about that
22:20:46 <jcoufal> it might work
22:20:57 <jcoufal> however what I really love is having multiple labels
22:21:07 <jpich> From my xp with ask.openstack.org it makes conversation difficult if you want to iterate on a concept
22:21:29 <jpich> Commenting on an answer is limited to 200 characters or something and can't be formatted (or images added)
22:21:52 <gabrielhurley> true, it does keep comments on a particular answer short...
22:21:56 <jpich> if you make a new reply based on a previous answer, it gets a bit lost as answers move up and down
22:22:21 <jcoufal> jpich: but can't the discussion happen in answers and comments used really like short 'additions'?
22:22:31 <jcoufal> just wondering
22:22:38 <jpich> I like the rest and the email made good points, but there are downsides, it's not great for conversations, more for "this is THE answer"
22:22:56 <jpich> jcoufal: Sure, but an answer can only reply to the question, not to each other
22:22:59 <gabrielhurley> though it is nice to be able to capture *the* answer once consensus is reached
22:23:13 <jpich> so if you want to add additional informational you have to edit your initial question or answer
22:23:21 <gabrielhurley> I don't see that as being so bad
22:23:34 <gabrielhurley> I'm not convinced the preservation of all the history is crucial
22:23:36 <jcoufal> neither do I
22:23:44 <jcoufal> but good point, jpich
22:23:48 <jpich> Fair enough :)
22:23:50 <jcoufal> I didn't think of this before
22:23:58 <gabrielhurley> If we can collectively arrive at a reasonably documented consensus that's pretty good. not perft, but pretty good.
22:24:07 <gabrielhurley> *perfect
22:24:45 <jcoufal> gabrielhurley: I will wait for Thierry's answer and if it is positive, I will wrap up everything in ML
22:25:35 <gabrielhurley> yeah, other opinions are welcome, but this may be the best idea I've heard so far if we're willing to accept that our criteria is more about successful outcomes than the ability for anyone to go revisit the process of how we got there
22:26:12 <jcoufal> gabrielhurley: we can still make voting happen between discourse and ask.openstack.org what others prefer in the end
22:26:16 <jcoufal> gabrielhurley: sounds good
22:26:59 <gabrielhurley> great
22:27:04 <gabrielhurley> other topics?
22:27:07 <kspear> gabrielhurley: could you ask vishy/russellb nicely for a novaclient release? we have a couple of patches up that need a newer version
22:27:28 <absubram> gabrielhurley: quick question about the icehouse summit.. do we already have a list of topics/discussions for the design summit?
22:27:30 <gabrielhurley> k. will do.
22:27:37 <gabrielhurley> absubram: nope
22:27:54 <gabrielhurley> the call for proposals for the design summit will open fairly soon
22:28:08 <kspear> gabrielhurley: thanks
22:28:13 <gabrielhurley> I'll announce it in this meeting plus it'll obviously go out from Thierry on the ML, etc. when it happens
22:28:13 <russellb> kspear: ack, i haven't done one in forever.  can you email me about it so it's in my queue?
22:28:15 <absubram> oh ok.. what's tomorrows deadline then? that's different?
22:28:40 <gabrielhurley> absubram: I believe that's for the conference portion
22:28:46 <kspear> russellb: will do. noticed the last tag was quite old :)
22:29:01 <gabrielhurley> kspear: russellb: now I don't have to do anything! yay!
22:29:31 <kspear> gabrielhurley: the system works!
22:30:11 <gabrielhurley> I do still have to cut a django_openstack_auth release for lcheng though..
22:30:14 <russellb> i lurk in here for things like this, heh
22:30:52 <jpich> gabrielhurley: Any update/thing I can help with for https://bugs.launchpad.net/horizon/+bug/1182011?
22:30:54 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1182011 in horizon "djangojs.po not available on Transifex" [High,Confirmed]
22:31:33 <gabrielhurley> jpich: do you have admin access on transifex? if not it shouldn't be hard to get it so you could add the "resource" as transifex calls it
22:31:49 <jpich> gabrielhurley: I don't. I guess I need to talk to Daisy?
22:31:52 <gabrielhurley> if you tell me what you transifex account name is I can probably add you
22:32:22 <jpich> Probably jpichon *checks*
22:32:42 <jpich> Is there any trickstiness associated with adding a new file?
22:33:07 <gabrielhurley> oh, probably. but I haven't done it in ages
22:33:11 <gabrielhurley> your guess is as good as mine
22:33:21 <jpich> Yep, jpichon
22:33:25 <jpich> Fair enough, I'll poke
22:33:43 <kspear> we have some software engineering grad student groups that may be interested in working on openstack for an 11-week course project. if anyone has ideas for blueprints that might fit that schedule please suggest them. horizon or elsewhere
22:34:04 <gabrielhurley> jpich: you are added as a maintainer on the Horizon transifex
22:34:14 <jpich> kspear: Cool! Is that 11 weeks full time or in addition to other coursework?
22:34:20 <gabrielhurley> kspear: nice!
22:34:51 <jpich> gabrielhurley: Thanks
22:35:16 <kspear> jpich: in addition to other coursework
22:35:20 <kspear> the main thing i'm looking for is some flexibility in design and a decent block of work
22:35:31 <jpich> Ok
22:35:33 <kspear> and low spin-up
22:35:49 <kspear> nothing in the horizon list currently jumps out at me
22:36:07 <jcoufal> kspear: great, how experienced are they? what type of work would you expect?
22:36:08 <gabrielhurley> kspear: I'll have a look to. could you email me so I have it in my todo list?
22:36:34 <jpich> inbox as todo list :)
22:36:43 <kspear> gabrielhurley: sure
22:37:08 <gabrielhurley> sad but true. thanks.
22:37:08 <kspear> jcoufal: i still need to talk to the supervisor to get more detail. fairly experienced though i would think
22:38:18 <jcoufal> kspear: ok, could you include me in the list of receivers of further information as well, please :)
22:38:32 <kspear> gabrielhurley: i'll email myself to remind me to email you and russellb
22:38:42 <jpich> lol :P
22:38:43 <kspear> jcoufal: will do
22:38:45 <david-lyle> ha
22:38:58 <jcoufal> lol
22:39:02 <gabrielhurley> sweet!
22:39:10 <jpich> FYI, there are now a couple of basic horizon tests in the tempest gate so hopefully stuff like https://bugs.launchpad.net/horizon/+bug/1203001 will be caught before it breaks us from now on
22:39:12 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1203001 in python-novaclient "TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'project_id'" [Undecided,Fix committed]
22:39:35 <gabrielhurley> yep, that's excellent
22:39:47 <david-lyle> great!
22:40:07 <kspear> jpich: nice
22:41:17 <jcoufal> jpich: sweet
22:42:26 <gabrielhurley> great. this has been a very productive meeting. I'll let you folks in other timezones get back to your normal lives. thanks for everything!
22:42:28 <gabrielhurley> #endmeeting