22:05:06 <gabrielhurley> #startmeeting horizon
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22:05:08 <lblanchard> gabrielhurley: yep
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22:05:14 <timductive1> o/
22:05:19 <jcoufal> _o/
22:05:24 <julim> hi
22:05:30 <lsmola_> hello
22:05:35 <gabrielhurley> #topic overview
22:05:42 <gabrielhurley> I'm guessing this will mostly be a short meeting
22:06:01 <gabrielhurley> There was no OpenStack Project meeting today, so we're mostly in an "off week"
22:06:07 <gabrielhurley> just letting the projects get work done
22:06:25 <gabrielhurley> I went through the entire Horizon bug list and did a triage on things that needed to be closed and things that should be in RC1
22:06:38 <gabrielhurley> I think I added about a dozen or so items to the RC1 bug list
22:06:39 <lcheng> hello
22:06:42 <gabrielhurley> nothing horrific though
22:07:12 <gabrielhurley> the current count stands at 27 fixed and 29 open/in progress
22:07:16 <gabrielhurley> so we're more than halfway there
22:07:24 <gabrielhurley> very good shape all things considered
22:07:44 <gabrielhurley> I'll try and tackle some of these bugs in the next week myself, but feel free to grab things as you see fit
22:08:05 <gabrielhurley> if anything is mis-triaged, feel free to comment and re-target as is appropriate
22:08:27 <gabrielhurley> besides the bug stuff, I don't think there's much going on right now officially
22:08:32 <gabrielhurley> the translation effort is going well
22:08:37 <gabrielhurley> I've seen lots of emails about that
22:09:04 <gabrielhurley> summit submissions are still open at summit.openstack.org
22:09:14 <gabrielhurley> we've got 6 sessions proposed currently, which is a reasonable number
22:09:18 <gabrielhurley> more are still welcome
22:09:43 <gabrielhurley> I think that's it for project overview stuff.
22:09:56 <gabrielhurley> there are no specific bugs or blueprints that need mentioning, so I'll just go straight to open discussion
22:09:59 <gabrielhurley> #topic open discussion
22:10:14 <david-lyle> should the real-time work/plan be revisited in a session at the summit?
22:10:22 <gabrielhurley> yep, we should do another planning session
22:10:32 <gabrielhurley> especially now that we've got people with hands-on experience
22:10:39 <gabrielhurley> (myself and Tomas Sedovic)
22:11:06 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, quick question about Ceilometer blueprints for I1
22:11:10 <gabrielhurley> go for it
22:11:28 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, would you have time to quickly go through them?
22:11:34 <gabrielhurley> (fwiw I've hardly spent any time thinking about what goes into what milestone in I, btw)
22:12:13 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, I have added bunch of blueprints, trying to track everything we need, just want to know if it make sense :-)
22:12:23 <gabrielhurley> I generally do the triage of the next cycle's blueprints right around when the RC1 is cut for the current cycle, 'cuz that's when master reopens for new work
22:12:29 <gabrielhurley> until then the focus is still on current things
22:12:35 <gabrielhurley> but I'll absolutely look at them
22:12:40 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, our plan (tuskar team) is to have them all implemented at the end of october
22:12:56 <gabrielhurley> wow, that's ambitious
22:12:59 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, so we can use them in tuskar :-)
22:13:04 <gabrielhurley> of course
22:13:16 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, well the plan is to have them in tuskar in November
22:13:36 <gabrielhurley> well, hopefully trunk will re-open in another 1-2 weeks, so landing stuff in october is probably doable
22:13:50 <jcoufal> that is ambitious
22:13:52 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, of course there will be a lot of stuff not finished in Ceilometer, so it might not be 100%, but the important stuff should be there
22:13:59 <gabrielhurley> gotcha
22:14:05 <gabrielhurley> we'll have to take it case-by-case
22:14:38 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, I have already started to work on some of them
22:14:38 <gabrielhurley> can you send out an email with links to the ones you're particularly concerned with to the horizon-core team? (you can do this from launchpad)
22:14:56 <gabrielhurley> that way we all know which are which and can offer feedback as we have it
22:15:37 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, ok will try to find it, you should be able to click through dependencies :-) I have connected them all
22:16:05 <gabrielhurley> great, thanks!
22:16:30 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, also jcoufal should prepare some wireframes, so UX community can start discuss what is the best
22:16:53 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, that gives us time to finish the underlying APIs
22:17:11 <gabrielhurley> all of this sounds perfect
22:17:21 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, great, thank you very much
22:17:32 <gabrielhurley> jcoufal: you good on helping with that?
22:17:53 <jcoufal> gabrielhurley: surre, me and lblanchard are looking at those
22:17:57 * lsmola_ pointing a crossbow at jcoufal
22:18:02 <jcoufal> but fair to say, Novemebr sounds very optimistic
22:18:06 <lblanchard> yep I will be helping too :)
22:18:35 <gabrielhurley> heh. fair enough. I have no personal stake in it, so it's up to the folks doing the work to make reality match their ambitions
22:18:37 <lsmola_> agree it's optimistic but doable
22:19:04 <gabrielhurley> I have to say it's pretty uncommon for full feature blueprints to land before the summit, but it does happen sometimes and there's no reason it can't/shouldn't
22:19:05 <jcoufal> lsmola_, gabrielhurley: will see what we can do and how it goes
22:19:10 <lsmola_> if everything goes fine :-D
22:19:12 <gabrielhurley> yep yep
22:19:15 <gabrielhurley> :-)
22:19:21 <lblanchard> yes, I think we will introduce the basics and continue to improve the data over time
22:19:43 <lsmola_> lblanchard, yes, exactly
22:20:03 <jcoufal> yeah, depends on the scope, what we decide to cut off and leave for later on
22:20:13 <lsmola_> I do expect to improve it a lot, both from UX side and from Ceilometer side
22:20:57 <jcoufal> lsmola: but the whole graphing itself is a bit challenging part which will consume large portion of the time
22:21:16 <lsmola_> jcoufal, yes that is kind of nightmare for me :-D
22:21:29 <gabrielhurley> the more we leverage existing libraries for that the better
22:21:30 <jcoufal> that's why I'm a bit more psimistic here
22:21:41 <gabrielhurley> sadly my intern who was a data visualization genius left me :-(
22:21:46 <jcoufal> not having good background in libraries so far
22:21:50 <david-lyle> please excuse my ignorance, but is tuskar-ui horizon with an added infrastructure dashboard?
22:22:06 <jcoufal> david-lyle: unofficially yes
22:22:07 <gabrielhurley> good question ^^^
22:22:19 <david-lyle> is that the only real difference?
22:22:36 <jcoufal> sort of incubated project
22:22:53 <lsmola_> david-lyle, there will be only the infrastructure panel
22:22:53 <jcoufal> acutally we try to build it as plugin to current horizon
22:22:53 <gabrielhurley> I was just reading about tuskar... I'd heard the name but hadn't taken in what it did quite yet. That's an interesting problem to solve. I'd definitely like to see some cool UX work there.
22:23:04 <jcoufal> so we are not doing any changes in horizon itself
22:23:17 <david-lyle> so is the long term plan to keep it standalone or roll it into horizon?
22:23:35 <david-lyle> as a plugin type of dashboard?
22:23:40 <lblanchard> I think it all really depends on the use cases and how our users will want to access it...
22:23:49 <gabrielhurley> until it's at least incubated it doesn't belong being shipped with OpenStack Dashboard, but if we can do work to support them, we absolutely should.
22:24:10 <lblanchard> We need to do some research around if there is a user who will want to access both Project management and Infrastructure management
22:24:16 <david-lyle> I understand, I'm just curious what the long term direction was
22:24:20 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, the plan for us right now if to finish all ceilometer stuff in Horizon, while we wait for the Hardware Agent to be finished, then use it in Tuskar
22:24:28 <david-lyle> lblanchard: fair enough
22:24:29 <gabrielhurley> makes sense
22:24:48 <lsmola_> david-lyle, it is plugin right now
22:24:51 <jcoufal> david-lyle: so far, long-term goal is to roll it into horizon and help to improve horizon
22:24:59 <jcoufal> but need more research there as lblanchard said
22:25:05 <gabrielhurley> I find Tuskar interesting because it's closer to that original "core" IaaS mission, since it manages how the IaaS happens.
22:25:18 <david-lyle> ok the source on github has a duplicate copy of horizon and openstack_dashboard
22:25:27 <david-lyle> hence some of my confusion
22:25:31 <jcoufal> david-lyle: yeah, right now it does
22:25:41 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, yes exactly
22:25:46 <jcoufal> and it's still keeping this track
22:25:53 <david-lyle> jcoufal: there are cleaner ways to do that
22:26:09 <david-lyle> but, I assume the team is working on that
22:26:12 <gabrielhurley> in the future it'll be easy enough to slim down their repo into just the pluggable dashboard/panel
22:26:19 <jcoufal> david-lyle: we can discuss some suggestion later, would be great
22:26:33 <lsmola_> david-lyle, try the source on stackforge?? not sure whether the plugin stage is 100% finished
22:26:56 <david-lyle> jcoufal: sure
22:27:02 <jcoufal> david-lyle: https://github.com/stackforge/tuskar-ui
22:27:14 <lsmola_> david-lyle, But It should be a plugin, although it will be running in a separate instance as it is managing Undercloud
22:27:36 <david-lyle> ok, I was looking at the wrong source
22:27:44 <jcoufal> david-lyle: was older one I guess
22:27:51 * david-lyle better educated
22:28:15 <jcoufal> it's pretty new though
22:28:29 <jcoufal> david-lyle: anyway, will be happy if you have some suggestion later
22:29:59 <gabrielhurley> cool, other items on peoples' minds?
22:32:53 <lsmola_> that was all from me, just a quick thought :-D
22:33:19 <jcoufal> lsmola_: took actually almost half an hour :)
22:33:27 <gabrielhurley> lol
22:33:32 <david-lyle> plug for the navigation proposals on google+ that lblanchard and jcoufal have been working on
22:33:44 <david-lyle> really nice work
22:34:02 <david-lyle> I'd love to see the IA discussion begin as well
22:34:09 <gabrielhurley> +1 to that
22:34:13 <jcoufal> yes please, anyone interested in next navigation generation, please have a look
22:34:14 <lblanchard> :) thanks!!
22:34:27 <Toshi> +1!
22:34:28 <lblanchard> yeah, please feel free to comment more
22:34:48 <jcoufal> #link https://plus.google.com/115177641540718537778/posts/EEwGmhfDbHB (variant 1)
22:35:01 <jcoufal> #link https://plus.google.com/114338935017256814972/posts/coQqJ9e8hHJ (variant 2)
22:35:06 <lblanchard> thanks, jcoufal
22:35:09 <jcoufal> or vice-versa :) doesn't matter
22:35:11 <lsmola_> cool
22:35:37 <jcoufal> david-lyle: want to start the IA discussions soon
22:35:55 <david-lyle> great
22:35:59 <jcoufal> At least some initial effort, so we have some background fopr HK
22:36:10 <gabrielhurley> there's a lot to go through there already. I need to make some more time for that
22:36:17 <lblanchard> yeah, I hope to have some time to spend with jcoufal over the next few weeks to put together some initial thoughts to make for a great conversation at the summit
22:36:17 <gabrielhurley> but it's definitely good work
22:36:33 <david-lyle> I added a bunch of bps for Icehouse to finish out the RBAC implementation to assist in the IA work
22:36:40 <lblanchard> we can definitely propose some thoughts before the summit too if that would help take some load off of the summit week
22:36:45 <jcoufal> david-lyle: that's awesome, it will help the IA a lot
22:37:05 <lblanchard> david-lyle: awesome
22:37:11 <david-lyle> I think having a good proposal before the summit will make the summit session more beneficial
22:37:29 <lblanchard> david-lyle: agreed
22:37:32 <david-lyle> if we try starting from scratch in a 40 minute session we aren't going to make it very far
22:37:45 <lblanchard> haha, yes for sure :)
22:37:47 <jcoufal> david-lyle: agreed
22:38:03 <jcoufal> another thing is the askbot for UX discussions, we managed to run it on our internal servers, currently working on puppet scripts, so I hope we are closer to make it actually happen!
22:39:03 <gabrielhurley> that's awesome!
22:39:10 <jcoufal> will be possible to get a domain ux.openstack.org as the UX space then?
22:39:11 <jpich> Looking forward to it :)
22:39:29 <gabrielhurley> I'm sure we can petition the foundation/infra folks for that
22:39:37 <jcoufal> excellent
22:39:58 <gabrielhurley> once you've got it to a point you're happy with it let me know and I'll find out who to talk to and get the ball rolling
22:40:22 <jcoufal> that would be perfect, thanks, I will let you know with the progress then
22:40:27 <gabrielhurley> cool
22:41:02 <lsmola_> cool
22:41:48 <gabrielhurley> okay, last call on topics
22:42:11 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, maybe a little one
22:42:15 <gabrielhurley> go for it
22:42:38 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, I have added 3 bugs regarding ceilometer today, not sure if they should land in RC1
22:42:54 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, I have tagged them ceilometer I think
22:43:06 <gabrielhurley> I saw them. I targeted one to RC1, and the other two to looked more like work to build on in I
22:43:20 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, oh ok, great
22:43:28 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, thank you very much
22:43:34 <gabrielhurley> of course
22:43:45 <lsmola_> gabrielhurley, not it is truly all from me :-D
22:44:14 <amotoki_> hi
22:44:20 <amotoki_> i have a small quesiton.
22:44:23 <gabrielhurley> hi amotoki, got something?
22:44:24 <gabrielhurley> go ahead
22:44:48 <amotoki_> i asked from LBaaS team. can we add a one field in LBaaS pool creation form?
22:44:56 <gabrielhurley> sure
22:45:00 <gabrielhurley> should be easy enough
22:45:03 <gabrielhurley> is there a bug for it?
22:45:16 <amotoki_> not yet.
22:45:25 <gabrielhurley> (I assume this isn't a field that would have some difficult UX issue)
22:45:44 <amotoki_> i was asked from them it is a mini feature or it can be dealt with a bug?
22:46:08 <gabrielhurley> as long as the scope is small I'll let it slide as a bug
22:46:24 <gabrielhurley> go ahead and open the bug and target it to RC1, if it seems unreasonable we can discuss further
22:46:30 <amotoki_> thanks. anyway i will file a bug to clearify its scope.
22:46:33 <gabrielhurley> great
22:47:27 <gabrielhurley> okay, checking again on last call
22:47:30 <gabrielhurley> going once
22:47:46 <gabrielhurley> going twice
22:48:10 <gabrielhurley> gone! have a great week folks, keep up the bugfixing and reviews, and we'll check in again next week.
22:48:19 <gabrielhurley> thank you all, as always
22:48:22 <gabrielhurley> #endmeeting