12:00:48 <robcresswell> #startmeeting horizon
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12:01:03 <robcresswell> o/
12:01:10 <r1chardj0n3s> o/
12:01:26 <amotoki> hi (but on a train)
12:01:41 <tsufiev> o/
12:02:08 <robcresswell> Hi all. Couple of notices first.
12:02:10 <itxaka> o/
12:02:39 <robcresswell> I've a patch up to move the 1200 meeting to 800UTC
12:02:51 <robcresswell> And I'll email once that merges
12:03:28 <robcresswell> Should be by next week, so hopefully thats a little better for those further east :)
12:03:58 <robcresswell> Next up is session topics; I've reorganised the etherpad to try and find common topics
12:04:07 <robcresswell> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/horizon-newton-summit
12:04:41 <robcresswell> amotoki: NA attendance in 1200 UTC meeting is low already, and its very difficult  for those around UTC > +7 to attend any meetings currently.
12:04:48 <robcresswell> Hoping to make it more inclusive.
12:05:31 <robcresswell> So re: session topics, I'm planning on using the fishbowl for ops and plugin feedback, and the meetup for open discussion/ priorities spillover.
12:05:53 <robcresswell> We then have 7 working group sessions, but so far only about 5/6 clear topics it seems.
12:06:28 <itxaka> robcresswell, is the plan to broadcast/rocord the sessions still up?
12:07:40 <robcresswell> Potentially. It seems like adequate h/w may be an issue from previous discussions.
12:08:51 <robcresswell> Anyway, if you have any other suggestions for topics, please add them as I'll be filling out the sessions topics officially this week.
12:09:46 <robcresswell> Thats it for notices, and the agenda is empty
12:09:52 <robcresswell> #topic Open Discussion
12:10:18 <itxaka> django 1.9 patch, what is missing and how can we move forward with it?
12:10:55 <robcresswell> AFAIK its done, needs testing and reviews.
12:11:03 <robcresswell> There was a -1 which I believe I've fixed
12:11:20 <tsufiev> I'll review it soon, in 1-2 days
12:11:37 <robcresswell> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/280222/
12:11:52 <itxaka> nice!
12:11:59 <robcresswell> For cores in the meeting, it could use attention. We need to move on to 1.10 swiftly.
12:12:13 <robcresswell> There is also https://review.openstack.org/#/c/280901/ to solve the logspam.
12:12:31 <r1chardj0n3s> rgr that robcresswell
12:12:34 <robcresswell> logspam from 1.9 that is (you'll know what I mean when you test it ;) )
12:12:37 <robcresswell> thanks r1chardj0n3s
12:12:59 <robcresswell> Bug day cleaned a smooth 100 off the backlog. We're now <250 to triage.
12:13:16 <tsufiev> what shall we do about *npm-run* issue?
12:13:26 <r1chardj0n3s> tsufiev: which issue?
12:13:34 <robcresswell> r1chardj0n3s: Gate is kaput
12:13:35 <r1chardj0n3s> the one where it's constantly failing in the gate?
12:13:37 <r1chardj0n3s> yeah
12:13:43 <r1chardj0n3s> I was about to bring that up :/
12:13:55 <robcresswell> So there is/was an issue against NPM, that has been closed.
12:14:31 <robcresswell> https://github.com/npm/npm/issues/12196
12:15:00 <r1chardj0n3s> I think we really need to start talking npm mirroring with infra
12:15:03 <r1chardj0n3s> "we"
12:15:04 <r1chardj0n3s> ;-)
12:15:32 <robcresswell> Actually, looking at logs I've just noticed infra is on it, I guess they saw my message this morning (or someone elses)
12:16:08 <robcresswell> Yeah, they changed the Horizon topic to it :)
12:17:04 <robcresswell> From digging through the NPM bug report, its unclear to me exactly how we fix it. Most of the answers seem to be "just upgrade lolz"
12:17:11 <robcresswell> Which isn't terribly helpful.
12:17:17 <r1chardj0n3s> hurm
12:18:29 <r1chardj0n3s> that seems to be a common response to node-related issues; it moves quickly :/
12:18:46 <robcresswell> Yup
12:18:51 <robcresswell> Sometimes bad, sometimes good.
12:19:20 <robcresswell> I don't really view disabling the tests as a viable option, since it just means we cant merge JS code with our tests down.
12:19:36 <r1chardj0n3s> indeed, that's a bad solution
12:19:46 <robcresswell> And its just ignoring the issue and hoping it goes away.
12:20:02 <tsufiev> I'm very worried that waiting the problem to solve itself (or for #infra to solve it for us) give us no time to merge Swift UI/Ceph patch prior to M release
12:20:24 <robcresswell> tsufiev: I spoke with david-lyle yesterday, and he doesnt believe its critical enough for an RC3.
12:20:58 <robcresswell> Mitaka is his call, so you'll need to take it up with him later in the day
12:21:30 <robcresswell> As I understand it, Ceph was broken before this anyway, so its not a regression, we just havent fixed it with the new UI.
12:21:59 <tsufiev> I can understand that. Well, merging it into stable/mitaka in 1-2 weeks is also okay to me
12:22:03 <r1chardj0n3s> it's a shame - I didn't even realise that the swift ui could be a ui over ceph
12:22:17 <amotoki> actually, Mitaka final RC call was last week.... and this week is reserved for release.
12:22:17 <r1chardj0n3s> (I don't even know what ceph is)
12:22:43 <tsufiev> r1chardj0n3s, I thought about testing it over Ceph during midcycle, but was distracted with something else
12:22:44 <robcresswell> r1chardj0n3s: Yeah, I only just found this out too.
12:23:48 <robcresswell> I'll be looking into it over the course of the day anyway tsufiev, we need the gate moving again.
12:24:27 <robcresswell> r1chardj0n3s: Is the yellow-ey colour on etherpad you? Could you tag your name?
12:24:37 <r1chardj0n3s> sorry, will do
12:25:03 <robcresswell> Just leave it inline so we can refer to it at the sessions. its good to know who said what.
12:25:05 <r1chardj0n3s> (I have colour turned off usually)
12:25:12 <amotoki> btw, is anyone running horizon with python3?
12:25:36 <robcresswell> amotoki: Not that I'm aware of. I wouldnt expect it to work
12:25:53 <robcresswell> UTs pass, but thats far from a function guarantee
12:26:07 <amotoki> when reviewing tsufiev's patch, I am not sure we need to take care of python3
12:26:17 <amotoki> https://review.openstack.org/279573
12:26:29 <robcresswell> r1chardj0n3s: Ah, I just meant next to the text itself; names arent carried between sessions or when people go offline it seems.
12:26:37 <r1chardj0n3s> righto
12:26:59 <robcresswell> Thanks r1chardj0n3s
12:27:46 <amotoki> i just would like to share our review policy at the moment.
12:27:55 <amotoki> "try to keep python3 work as possible but just do our best." right?
12:28:00 <tsufiev> amotoki, my approach here would be to solve problems as they arise... If Horizon doesn't yet guaranteed to work with py3, shy should we worry?
12:28:01 <robcresswell> amotoki: I'd have to dig through the code.
12:28:07 <tsufiev> but it's my patch anyways :)
12:28:41 <amotoki> tsufiev: you are working in one of the most tricky areas around py3.
12:28:50 <robcresswell> The easiest thing would be to make sure that code is tested and passes in py3
12:29:22 <robcresswell> If its not tested, thats a valid -1 anyway, and if the test works, I'd expect it to fall over in python 3.
12:29:25 <amotoki> it is tough area. actually what we haven't understood is what string should be returned.
12:30:30 <amotoki> Content-Disposition encoding is different from other mime encoding or url encoding.
12:30:52 <amotoki> robcresswell: agree with you. it is better to be covered by test
12:31:03 <r1chardj0n3s> it should definitely be tested, yes
12:31:59 <tsufiev> I would prefer looking at live Horizon on py3 to be 100% sure
12:31:59 <robcresswell> Aaaand -1. Sorry tsufiev :p
12:32:11 <robcresswell> tsufiev: Need both.
12:32:42 <robcresswell> Tests must pass, but they are not a guarantee of function
12:32:51 * r1chardj0n3s is curious to run Horizon in py3k now :-)
12:33:18 <robcresswell> I think doug-fish is lurking in the meeting...
12:33:28 <doug-fish> possibly
12:33:36 <doug-fish> *waves*
12:33:41 <robcresswell> haha
12:33:42 <r1chardj0n3s> ohai
12:34:51 <doug-fish> I've just returned back to work after a few days off. It's surprising how many things happen in 3 days.
12:35:25 <robcresswell> all the emails
12:35:30 <r1chardj0n3s> I concur - I took all of last week off
12:35:52 <amotoki> hope you all enjoyed your off :0
12:35:58 <amotoki> ** :)
12:36:00 <r1chardj0n3s> yes, actually ;-)
12:36:09 <doug-fish> yep. same here.
12:37:53 <robcresswell> doug-fish, amotoki: now that zanata works for the recent stable, can we backport string fixes?
12:37:59 <robcresswell> Things like missing translations etc.
12:38:15 <amotoki> robcresswell: yes, i think so.
12:38:32 <robcresswell> Its unclear to me if stable-policy overrules us or not
12:38:43 <doug-fish> you can certainly change the previous stable release
12:38:44 <amotoki> robcresswell: what we need to do is to merge pending import patch before releasing stable update.
12:39:13 <amotoki> robcresswell: before migrating zanata, I proposed import patches manually before stable releases.
12:39:18 <doug-fish> we did this during stable/liberty in horizon - added almost the entire Italian translation
12:39:39 <r1chardj0n3s> there are some issues with some angular-gettext translations that are being looked into also.
12:39:41 <robcresswell> doug-fish: What I meant was introducing or fixing new strings
12:39:56 <doug-fish> oh - introducing new strings
12:40:01 <robcresswell> For example, some strings are wrapped with <translate> but not transalting properly
12:40:01 <doug-fish> that's less clear
12:40:25 <amotoki> yes, some <translate> strings are not extracted
12:40:28 <robcresswell> I don't know if stable-policy prevents us from fixing those issues or not
12:40:45 <doug-fish> I think the key there has to be that we have no regressions - that is we shouldn't change an existing, successfully translated string
12:40:58 <robcresswell> Sure
12:40:59 <amotoki> and some strings are extracted and translated but not displayed.
12:41:05 <amotoki> doug-fish: agree.
12:41:05 <robcresswell> Yes, amotoki
12:41:20 <robcresswell> There are about 20 outstanding i18n bugs, many of which are very trivial.
12:41:23 <doug-fish> I'd expect fixing untranslatable english only strings would always be acceptable
12:41:30 <amotoki> for new strings, i think we can fix them because there are no changes.
12:41:32 <r1chardj0n3s> yep, there might be some issues with the message extraction thing we added to babel
12:41:37 <r1chardj0n3s> it's still being investigated though
12:41:45 <robcresswell> r1chardj0n3s: It seems to be stumbling over nested HTML
12:41:51 <r1chardj0n3s> yeah
12:42:10 <robcresswell> Like <span translate>Some text <b> some more text </b></span
12:42:34 <robcresswell> https://bugs.launchpad.net/horizon/+bugs?field.tag=i18n if anyone is interested
12:44:38 <robcresswell> I think we can call the meeting there, unless anyone has anything else?
12:44:51 <robcresswell> Again, please add discussion points to https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/horizon-newton-summit
12:45:47 <robcresswell> #endmeeting