20:00:21 <robcresswell> #startmeeting horizon
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20:00:40 <tyr_> o/
20:00:44 <r1chardj0n3s> o/
20:01:01 <david-lyle> o/
20:01:09 <tsufiev> o/
20:01:22 <robcresswell> Hi all
20:02:14 <robcresswell> #Notices
20:02:17 <robcresswell> uhg
20:02:21 <robcresswell> #topic Notices
20:02:46 <robcresswell> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Sprints/HorizonNewtonSprint
20:03:05 <robcresswell> Reminder about the midcycle. Drop your name in if you'll be there, feel free to ping if you have any questions
20:03:48 <robcresswell> Agenda for today is empty
20:03:55 <robcresswell> #topic Open Discussion
20:04:24 <robcresswell> We're an open room if anyone has any topics they'd like to discuss
20:04:26 <tsufiev> I like the topic 'rechecks are futile' (see ML list) :)
20:04:41 <robcresswell> re: your earlier comment, yes we can use the room topic
20:04:59 <tsufiev> \o/
20:05:16 * tsufiev hoping that it won't be actual for more than few days
20:05:52 <robcresswell> Yeah, I'll be looking into that tomorrow morning, need to get things moving quickly
20:06:26 <robcresswell> I do have one blueprint to mention while there's an audience
20:06:30 <robcresswell> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/data-architecture
20:07:01 <robcresswell> This is intentionally vague, but wanted to get it in peoples heads and open up discussion before the midcycle to avoid wasting limited time.
20:07:33 <robcresswell> Its mostly just about how we want to lay out the project moving forward, from both a code and UX point of view. If you have any thoughts, please add them.
20:07:45 <tyr_> +1
20:08:25 <robcresswell> Its a topic that needs to be discussed before the N release, even if the decision is "keep it the same"
20:08:47 <david-lyle> I curmudgeon-ed that one already
20:09:26 <david-lyle> there are parts that are on target too
20:09:35 <r1chardj0n3s> david-lyle: I had a similar concern
20:09:37 <robcresswell> Haha, I saw. Good comments, just want to see what others views are
20:10:23 <tyr_> The project / admin distinction strikes me as reminding root he's root
20:11:18 <tyr_> on that line...perhaps Horizon is always 'project' scoped...but with an 'sudo' button :)
20:11:51 <robcresswell> It can get quite complex, and making it non-obvious resulting in data loss is not a good way of endearing us to deployers :)
20:12:16 <robcresswell> That said, it seems like there are some good ways we could reduce overhead visually and in terms of code maintenance.
20:12:32 <robcresswell> Its just whether that can be done in a reasonable manner, I suppose.
20:14:45 <robcresswell> Quiet today :) If there are no more items, everyone can have their time back.
20:15:15 <robcresswell> Make sure to get some reviews in on the blueprints here: https://launchpad.net/horizon/+milestone/newton-1
20:15:19 <robcresswell> Thanks all
20:15:29 <robcresswell> #endmeeting