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20:04:07 <jeremy_moffitt> o/
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20:04:08 <rdopiera> hey
20:04:09 <david-lyle> o/
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20:04:16 <choyj> \o/
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20:04:21 <robcresswell> So, the meeting bot might get muddled; I just started it in openstack-meeting by accident
20:04:34 <robcresswell> was wondering where everyone was :)
20:04:36 <jgravel> o/
20:04:40 <robcresswell> Hey everyone
20:04:57 <gugl> o/
20:05:16 <robcresswell> #topic Notices
20:05:29 <robcresswell> There's a couple of things I wanted to raise
20:06:25 <robcresswell> Firstly, I'll be away the next 2 weeks, so there'll be no meeting; I'll send out an email as well
20:06:38 <robcresswell> One of those weeks is the summit, so I would expect a lot of disruption anyway
20:07:12 <robcresswell> The second item is really an appeal for longer term contributors
20:07:42 <robcresswell> Despite Horizons activity levels seeming sort of high at a surface level, we're really struggling for people with long term commitments to maintain the codebase
20:07:59 <robcresswell> & who understand large portions of the code
20:08:44 <robcresswell> If you're interested in becoming core and have the time to commit from your employer etc, please get in touch
20:09:12 <robcresswell> I know a couple have messaged recently and I'll be following up with them too
20:09:13 <jeremy_moffitt> do you have any suggestions for how to build that expertise other than just spending more time on it for now?
20:09:56 <robcresswell> Things that I found really useful in terms of building relevant knowledge was reviewing the bug list itself, and then picking out items I knew almost nothing about and fixing them
20:10:37 <robcresswell> Reading the bugs gives you a much better grasp of what Horizon is really missing; there is tons of feedback and discussion in there.
20:10:47 <david-lyle> reviews help too, same idea pick an area you don't know much about and try to dig deep enough to feel comfortable with the review
20:11:13 <rdopiera> I find the comments of other people in the reviews very helpful
20:11:13 <david-lyle> very slow at first, admittedly
20:11:27 <david-lyle> ask questions
20:11:35 <robcresswell> Yeah. And please don't hesitate to give a +1 We totally understand that its a learning process and don't expect reviews to always be perfect/correct
20:11:53 <robcresswell> but if you do nothing, we have no way of gauging how to teach
20:12:27 <jeremy_moffitt> sound like good suggestions, thanks!
20:12:27 <robcresswell> So just review to the best of your knowledge, and then give that +/-1. Check the comments from other reviewers and you'll see what you missed :)
20:13:14 <robcresswell> Thats all from me anyway in terms of announcements; did anyone have anything else? Otherwise we can just have open discussion.
20:14:46 <robcresswell> #topic Open Discussion
20:14:52 <david-lyle> are people coming to the forum?
20:15:03 <gugl> you mean summit?
20:15:03 <david-lyle> do we have meeting times and rooms allocated?
20:15:11 <david-lyle> it's the forum now
20:15:17 <david-lyle> but yes
20:15:29 <david-lyle> because name changes = progress :)_
20:15:36 <rdopiera> "summit" was such a vulgar name
20:15:50 <gugl> I will be there ...do you have any events list for horizon?
20:15:52 <jeremy_moffitt> someone should update the url https://www.openstack.org/summit/boston-2017/  ;-)
20:16:11 <robcresswell> The only sessions we have are project/ops feedback and the project update
20:16:50 <ying_zuo> I will be there too :)
20:16:57 <robcresswell> \o/
20:16:59 <david-lyle> we should at least have a F2F
20:17:21 <gugl> cool
20:17:24 <robcresswell> F2F?
20:17:28 <robcresswell> face to face?
20:17:36 <david-lyle> yes
20:17:56 <robcresswell> ah
20:18:05 <robcresswell> something casual? bar?
20:18:21 <robcresswell> Or were you looking for a more formal event at the summit to chat Horizon
20:18:27 <david-lyle> both
20:19:19 <robcresswell> Not sure we'll be able to find official space at the summit at this point
20:19:37 <david-lyle> I'm sure there's place to meet
20:19:38 <robcresswell> but we could definitely all get together for dinner or something
20:19:51 <robcresswell> I'll get in touch with the foundation and see
20:20:01 <ying_zuo> \o/
20:20:23 <robcresswell> and send out an email about arranging an evening to get together
20:21:20 <david-lyle> thanks robcresswell
20:22:28 <gugl> sounds good!
20:23:18 <robcresswell> :)
20:23:45 <robcresswell> If anyone wants any further advice on reviewing, bug fixing, learning, other contribution, please just ask. I'm usually on IRC if I'm awake.
20:24:27 <gugl> ok...will bug ya
20:24:33 <rdopiera> I was thinking about proposing some kind of a mentoring program, but then I realized we will do that on IRC anyways
20:24:53 <robcresswell> Oh, and one thing I found reeeeally handy when I joined Horizon was just jumping in on IRC to dig into people's bugs. There were a number of things I found, or bugs confirmed just by quick discussions
20:24:54 <rdopiera> you just have to ask
20:25:07 <robcresswell> rdopiera: Yeah, we're generally one of the more responsive channels with helping people
20:25:33 <robcresswell> rdopiera and david-lyle are both cores too, if people didn't know
20:25:40 <robcresswell> although david is more like a grand-core...
20:25:50 <robcresswell> :D
20:26:02 <ying_zuo> :)
20:26:13 <diablo_rojo_phon> robcresswell: for a place to meet to talk about stuff there are the hacking rooms we have set aside.
20:26:20 <jeremy_moffitt> whats the preferred process for getting +2s on changes that have a lot of +1s? I understand this dovetails into the issue from earlier... feels inappropriate to pester the couple of cores that are around a lot about every change, but theres a big backlog on gerrit of stuff waiting for core reviews
20:26:26 <david-lyle> diablo_rojo_phon, perfect
20:26:37 <robcresswell> diablo_rojo_phon: oo, hacking rooms? Did I miss an email?
20:26:44 <rdopiera> jeremy_moffitt: pestering is the only way, though
20:26:49 <diablo_rojo_phon> robcresswell: I can pm you the link to sign up when I get back to my laptop :) It was in an email to the ml too.
20:26:56 <diablo_rojo_phon> Went out a few weeks ago.
20:27:04 <robcresswell> jeremy_moffitt: If its been sat a couple of weeks, pester
20:27:05 <diablo_rojo_phon> It's just an ethercalc
20:27:17 <diablo_rojo_phon> Setup like the reservable rooms at the ptg.
20:27:24 <robcresswell> diablo_rojo_phon: I'll have a look, thanks!
20:27:26 <rdopiera> *especially* if it has +1s already
20:27:30 <david-lyle> jeremy_moffitt, also raising wayward reviews in this part of the meeting is acceptable
20:27:40 <robcresswell> +1 david-lyle
20:27:42 <jeremy_moffitt> ok! I just dont want to become mosquito noise
20:27:58 <diablo_rojo_phon> Found the link: https://ethercalc.openstack.org/Boston_Forum_Hacking_Rooms
20:28:04 <diablo_rojo_phon> For the sign up anyway.
20:28:45 <david-lyle> jeremy_moffitt, honestly we overlook things, reminders are not bad.
20:29:00 <robcresswell> diablo_rojo_phon: Awesome, thanks
20:29:01 <david-lyle> hourly reminders are another story
20:29:11 <ying_zuo> lol
20:29:14 <jeremy_moffitt> great, thanks! delicate balancing act :)
20:29:40 <david-lyle> someone will politely let you know if it's too much
20:29:49 <robcresswell> Honestly, unless its been <48 hours or something, I would prefer noise and requests to silence and frustrated bug fixers.
20:30:05 <david-lyle> < or >
20:30:08 <david-lyle> ?
20:30:18 <david-lyle> which way is the alligator ?
20:30:23 <jeremy_moffitt> I got what he's saying, if the last pester was less than 48 hours ago, wait it out a smidge
20:30:37 <jeremy_moffitt> otherwise, gentle reminders are acceptable
20:30:40 <robcresswell> yeah :) or the patch is less than 48 hours old is actually what I meant :)
20:30:42 <david-lyle> robcresswell's tired, so I kid
20:30:51 <robcresswell> Yeah I did doubt myself haha
20:31:28 <robcresswell> I'll check when there are no obvious collisions and put something in the ethercalc for Horizon then
20:33:06 <david-lyle> that would be a great time to talk about future direction, so if you have things you're wanting in Horizon, that will be a great time to get agreement
20:33:27 <david-lyle> or at least raise awareness
20:34:45 <robcresswell> absolutely. We also have an ops/plugin feedback session, so if you're an operator or building a plugin, that would be a good thing to go to
20:35:39 <robcresswell> I think we can call it there, if nobody has anything further?
20:36:47 <robcresswell> Thanks everyone!
20:36:52 <david-lyle> thanks!
20:36:55 <gugl> thanks!
20:37:00 <robcresswell> #endmeeting