20:00:30 <ying_zuo> #startmeeting horizon
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20:00:39 <ying_zuo> Hi everyone o/
20:01:39 <ying_zuo> #topic Queens-3 milestone will be released in two weeks
20:01:45 <ying_zuo> #link https://launchpad.net/horizon/+milestone/queens-3
20:02:19 <e0ne> hi
20:02:22 <ying_zuo> please try to review/work on the tickets that are targeted for the milestone
20:02:43 <ying_zuo> Hi e0ne
20:02:58 <e0ne> ying_zuo: do we need to release openstack_auth in Queens?
20:03:06 <ying_zuo> especially the patches for the blueprints since the feature freeze will start right after
20:03:09 <ying_zuo> no
20:03:32 <e0ne> ok, thanks for the confirmation
20:04:06 <ying_zuo> thanks for bringing it up
20:04:27 <ying_zuo> amotoki had a patch to remove the files in DOA
20:05:17 <ying_zuo> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/523928/
20:06:02 <ying_zuo> #topic Stable Pike release
20:06:12 <amotoki> if you see the whiteboard of the blueprint, you can find a number of patches on merging doa https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/merge-openstack-auth
20:06:26 <ying_zuo> thanks amotoki
20:06:49 <ying_zuo> I would like to make another release for stable pike
20:06:50 <amotoki> does anyone  have interest on announcing the retirement of doa?
20:07:25 <amotoki> we need to announce it to packagers (and possible horion plugin developers) officially?
20:07:44 <e0ne> amotoki: it would be great to do it
20:08:01 <ying_zuo> amotoki:  since you have been working on it. can you announce it?
20:08:28 <amotoki> I can, but I am not sure I can do it by the end of the next week.
20:08:47 <amotoki> is it okay?
20:09:02 <ying_zuo> I think that's fine
20:09:11 <e0ne> +1
20:09:16 <amotoki> sure. i will take care of it
20:09:18 <ying_zuo> is it just an email to the mailing list or is there something else?
20:09:49 <amotoki> what I am thinking is to send a mail to dev ML with [packaging] tag
20:10:07 <ying_zuo> sounds good
20:10:11 <ying_zuo> thanks amotoki
20:10:45 <ying_zuo> going back to the stable pike release
20:10:51 <david-lyle> perhaps operator list too?
20:10:56 <ying_zuo> would like to get this fix included
20:11:03 <ying_zuo> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/529052/
20:11:31 <amotoki> the operator list is also a good place to annouce.
20:11:34 <amotoki> thanks david-lyle
20:11:58 <ying_zuo> david-lyle can you take a look at the patch 529052?
20:12:46 <ying_zuo> #topic Open Discussion
20:13:30 <david-lyle> ying_zuo, sure
20:13:37 <ying_zuo> thank you
20:14:17 <ying_zuo> anything else that anyone wants to talk about?
20:14:39 <amotoki> ying_zuo: regarding the ngdetail refresh patch, how can we move it forward?
20:14:54 <amotoki> I don't think we can pass a dashboard info from django side.
20:14:56 <e0ne> ying_zuo: PTG planning?
20:15:58 <ying_zuo> amotoki: do you have a link?
20:16:14 <amotoki> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/520340/
20:16:26 <amotoki> and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/491346/
20:16:49 <amotoki> django side cannot return a dashboard info without URL info. there might be something remainng for refreshing ngdetail, but we will have the same issue when opening a ngdetail page directly via URL
20:17:55 <amotoki> the original bug report mentions only "refreshing" but I think we need to care direct link too. they are same problems.
20:19:06 <ying_zuo> amotoki: that's a good point. so it needs to work when opening the ngdetails directly
20:19:36 <ying_zuo> so the dashboard should be included in the url
20:19:48 <ying_zuo> project or admin
20:19:50 <amotoki> yeah, that's my understanding
20:20:56 <amotoki> in the case of refreshing, we might be able to retrieve the dashboard info (admin/project) from the history by JS, but it only works for refreshing a ngdetail page.
20:21:12 <ying_zuo> yes
20:22:12 <amotoki> so my suggestion is to land some workaround on ngdetail refresh in queens
20:22:51 <amotoki> and revisit whether we need to include the dashboard info in ngdetail URL in the next release
20:23:32 <e0ne> makes sense if we add some todo in the code too
20:25:14 <amotoki> pages in the project dashboard are used most by users, so it sounds reasonable to use 'project' as the default dashboard when refreshing or opening a direct link
20:25:29 <amotoki> as a workaround.
20:27:45 <ying_zuo> it's not ideal. will need to open a bug if it's merged
20:27:59 <amotoki> yeah, agree..
20:28:25 <amotoki> perhaps it would be worth a blueprint as it leads to several patches.
20:29:34 <ying_zuo> the workaround is better than 404 and there are many patches depending on it
20:30:00 <ying_zuo> I think that's why I removed my -1
20:30:22 <amotoki> nice
20:30:48 <rdopiera> I'm sorry for being late :(
20:31:01 <ying_zuo> np :)
20:31:03 <amotoki> ying_zuo and others: I hope you review patch series considering the current limitations discussed above
20:35:01 <ying_zuo> something else we should talk about?
20:35:58 <amotoki> i think e0ne raised a topic on PTG planning above
20:37:17 <ying_zuo> I think this time will be similar to the last time
20:37:48 <ying_zuo> I requested Monday and Tuesday for Horizon team
20:40:15 <ying_zuo> this is the note from the last PTG
20:40:20 <ying_zuo> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/horizon-ptg-queens
20:42:40 <e0ne> sounds good. it was productive in Denver last  time
20:43:41 <ying_zuo> yes, it's nice to get together
20:45:32 <ying_zuo> alright. if there's nothing else, see you here next week :)
20:46:01 <ying_zuo> thanks everyone for joining
20:46:05 <ying_zuo> #endmeeting