20:00:23 <ying_zuo> #startmeeting horizon
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20:00:31 <ying_zuo> Hi everyone o/
20:00:51 <e0ne> hi
20:01:59 <ying_zuo> Happy Valentine’s Day :)
20:02:11 <ying_zuo> #topic Queens-RC2 release next week
20:02:26 <ying_zuo> that will be the final release candidate for Horizon Queens
20:02:49 <ying_zuo> thanks everyone for your contribution during this cycle :)
20:03:04 <rdopiera> o/
20:03:15 <ying_zuo> #topic Open Discussion
20:05:38 <e0ne> any thought about removing nose from horizon?
20:05:54 <e0ne> it's not a big deal for us, but it could affect plugins
20:06:15 <ying_zuo> is it causing any problems?
20:06:47 <e0ne> originally, I looked at selenium job
20:07:15 <e0ne> for now, it passes almost every time but it's totally broken
20:07:34 <e0ne> we don't see any errors because of nose bug #link https://github.com/nose-devs/nose/issues/984
20:07:46 <e0ne> that's why I started nose removal
20:07:48 <ying_zuo> oh, do you know why it's not reporting the errors?
20:09:04 <ying_zuo> I see
20:09:16 <rdopiera> e0ne: can't plugins install nose when they need it themselves?
20:09:34 <e0ne> rdopiera: I hope they do it
20:09:44 <rdopiera> e0ne: if not, that's a bug
20:09:57 <e0ne> I'll send a mail to openstack-dev, once my patch will be ready
20:10:20 <rdopiera> that's for Rocky, right?
20:10:34 <ying_zuo> yes
20:10:55 <e0ne> yes
20:10:59 <ying_zuo> right now the changes will be in Rocky by default
20:11:11 <ying_zuo> unless we cherry pick them to stable/queens
20:11:39 <e0ne> there are some issues with our tests and django test runner #link http://logs.openstack.org/96/544296/1/check/openstack-tox-py27/05cbfa1/job-output.txt.gz#_2018-02-14_12_57_10_208666
20:11:54 <e0ne> but I figuread out why it's happening and fixing it
20:12:22 <e0ne> I didn't submit a blueprint yet
20:12:28 <e0ne> will do it a bit later
20:12:50 <ying_zuo> cool. thanks
20:13:39 <e0ne> btw, here is my test patch for seleium job #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/544250/
20:14:08 <e0ne> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/544296/ - WIP. Use default django test runner instead of nose
20:18:45 <ying_zuo> at least it's showing the tests failed
20:21:24 <ying_zuo> interesting it doesn't show the same errors as in other reviews
20:22:09 <e0ne> yes, we've got some issues with out unit tests
20:22:24 <e0ne> some time, it's depend on execution order:(
20:23:57 <ying_zuo> yes, the tests pass on some reviews
20:24:16 <ying_zuo> I wonder if we need to manually check the test results before merging the code now
20:24:36 <ying_zuo> but the errors may not be caused by the changes on the reviews
20:25:06 <ying_zuo> but I think we should check the unit test results before merging now
20:26:10 <e0ne> I almost completed patch to fix this issue
20:26:30 <e0ne> it will be ready this week
20:26:37 <ying_zuo> thank you
20:26:51 <e0ne> np
20:27:32 <ying_zuo> anything else to discuss?
20:27:41 <e0ne> nothing from me
20:29:08 <ying_zuo> thanks everyone for joining
20:29:14 <ying_zuo> enjoy the rest of your day
20:29:22 <ying_zuo> #endmeeting