15:02:11 <amotoki> #startmeeting horizon
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15:02:21 <amotoki> #chair e0ne
15:02:22 <openstack> Current chairs: amotoki e0ne
15:02:35 <amotoki> hi horizon folks
15:02:45 <e0ne> hi
15:04:14 <amotoki> let's wait for a couple of mins
15:04:37 <e0ne> amotoki: congrats with a new role!
15:05:03 <amotoki> e0ne: thanks. I will do my best :)
15:05:12 <e0ne> :)
15:06:18 <amotoki> okay, let's start
15:06:24 <amotoki> #topic announcement
15:06:47 <amotoki> Train release is officially announced! http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-announce/2019-October/002024.html
15:07:01 <e0ne> that's great!
15:07:16 <amotoki> thanks all for your great work!
15:08:28 <amotoki> the next one is about PTG
15:08:48 <vishalmanchanda> e0ne: amotoki :hi
15:09:07 <e0ne> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/horizon-u-ptg
15:09:08 <amotoki> our etherpad is https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/horizon-u-ptg and we have good topics already, but feel free to add topics you would like to discuss.
15:09:34 <amotoki> it is a good place to collect Ussuri topics
15:09:45 <e0ne> +1
15:11:24 <amotoki> although I don't have a pointer, I heard Shanghai PTG venue does not have enough power supply and you need to charge your mobile notes in your hotels...
15:11:41 <e0ne> but we can move tables!
15:11:52 <amotoki> hehe
15:12:01 <e0ne> amotoki: AFAIR, it was announced in some mail
15:12:23 <amotoki> perhaps I just missed that. will check it later.
15:12:33 <vishalmanchanda> no coffee and tea as well.
15:13:06 <amotoki> vishalmanchanda: really bad news :p
15:13:33 <amotoki> another thing I would like to share is that I updated https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/horizon-release-priorities
15:14:07 <amotoki> you can see some new sections like "Bugs that need attensions", "Reviews that need attentions" and "Horizon plugin wide topics/reviews/bugs".
15:14:31 <amotoki> I am thinking to review this etherpad in our meetngs.
15:14:41 <e0ne> +1 on it
15:15:10 <amotoki> so it would be a kind of the agenda of the meeting. feel free to add what you want.
15:15:39 <vishalmanchanda> +1.
15:16:38 <amotoki> I would cover topics in the etherpad in this meeting as "#topic'
15:16:45 <amotoki> is there any other announcement to the team?
15:18:15 <e0ne> nothing from me
15:18:35 <amotoki> ah, I forgot one thing to mention.
15:19:05 <amotoki> I proposed https://review.opendev.org/#/c/688628/ (assume features from N-4 release)
15:19:18 <amotoki> e0ne and vishalmanchanda just approved it.
15:19:31 <amotoki> it is the policy change, so it is worth sharing here.
15:20:13 <amotoki> Considering Ubuntu Cloud archive lifecycle and live upgrade, we need to consider upgrades from N-4 to N release.
15:20:34 <amotoki> let's keep it in our mind when reviewing patches!
15:21:15 <amotoki> moving on
15:21:28 <amotoki> we will cover the etherpad https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/horizon-release-priorities
15:21:35 <amotoki> #topic Community Goals
15:21:58 <amotoki> thanks e0ne for updating the status of mox->mock migration
15:22:24 <e0ne> I put it as a top priotity for me to finish this task asap
15:22:38 <amotoki> e0ne: great
15:22:57 <e0ne> I'm sorry that I do this stuff too slow:(
15:23:00 <amotoki> AFAIK after dropping keystone v2 support, it would be much simpler
15:23:13 <e0ne> +1
15:24:06 <amotoki> e0ne: if you cannot have enough time, feel free to upload pending patch(es). I can help it.
15:24:32 <e0ne> ok, thanks for the help
15:25:00 <amotoki> the next one is "Drop python 2.7 support".
15:25:24 <amotoki> as you may know, the discussion happened in the TC meeting.
15:25:39 <amotoki> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/drop-python2-support captures the current plan
15:25:40 <e0ne> finally, let's remove it!
15:25:52 <vishalmanchanda> +1.
15:25:56 <amotoki> +1
15:27:02 <amotoki> according to the plan, individual teams including us can drop python 2.7 support in  Ussuri-1 milestone
15:27:04 <e0ne> I'll update my patch to return pep8 job https://review.opendev.org/#/c/688865/
15:27:54 <amotoki> yeah, but I think it needs a discussion around the whole openstack community
15:28:06 <amotoki> as the project template is used by all projects
15:28:36 <amotoki> I first would like to clarify which project template will cover 'pep8' job.
15:29:14 <amotoki> one idea is to keep openstack-python-jobs and drop other py27 stuffs
15:29:49 <e0ne> I'm going to update openstack-python-jobs-horizon to use py3 as a short-term solution for us
15:29:57 <vishalmanchanda> amotoki: sounds good.
15:30:47 <amotoki> e0ne: it only affects horizon plugins.
15:30:53 <e0ne> yes
15:31:24 <amotoki> I think openstack-python-jobs-horizon should follow changes in openstack-python-jobs
15:31:50 <amotoki> so it sounds a bit tricky to use py3 only in openstack-python-jobs-horizon
15:32:07 <e0ne> fair enough
15:32:09 <amotoki> is it better to raise it to TC etherpad?
15:32:14 <amotoki> I can do it
15:32:27 <vishalmanchanda> great.
15:32:55 <e0ne> I added a topic about backports to the TC etherpad
15:33:27 <amotoki> e0ne: around L.58?
15:33:35 <e0ne> yes
15:33:48 <amotoki> good question
15:35:02 <amotoki> it is not easy to keep py27 compatible after dropping py27 tests, so some guideline would be really nice.
15:35:30 <amotoki> let's continue the discussion
15:35:30 <e0ne> that's why I've added this topic
15:36:05 <amotoki> I plan to join the next TC office hour at Oct 24
15:36:47 <amotoki> can we move on?
15:37:24 <amotoki> #topic Django 2.2 in horizon plugins
15:37:56 <amotoki> thanks vishalmanchanda for volunteering this topic
15:37:59 <e0ne> vishalmanchanda: do you need any help on this?
15:38:19 <amotoki> any updates or topics to be raised here?
15:39:00 <vishalmanchanda> e0ne: yeah it's failing in 3 projects i.e. heat-dashboard, monasca-ui and sahara-dashboard.
15:39:20 <e0ne> vishalmanchanda: ok, will take a look on them tomorrow morning
15:39:21 <vishalmanchanda> e0ne: any help would be really appreciated.
15:39:29 <vishalmanchanda> e0ne: thanks.
15:39:35 <e0ne> np
15:40:45 <amotoki> looking at the failure mode in heat-dashbaord, it just looks like a minor change in HTML rendering.
15:41:36 <amotoki> we can look into the detail on what happens
15:41:57 <vishalmanchanda> amotoki: ok. thanks for the help.
15:43:28 <amotoki> on monasca-ui one, I am not sure what happens right now.
15:43:51 <vishalmanchanda> amotoki: me too.
15:44:17 <amotoki> I captures the dependences around django 2.2/1.11 and python 2.7 stuffs in the PTG etherpad https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/horizon-u-ptg
15:44:40 <amotoki> I think we can drop python 2.7 separately from Django 1.11 drop
15:45:10 <e0ne> agree
15:45:21 <amotoki> on the other hand, Django 2.2 support must be done before dropping django 1.11 support.
15:45:39 <e0ne> we need to finish django 2.2 related tasks before we can drop 1.11
15:45:57 <vishalmanchanda> amotoki: I am going to ask monasca team for the help.
15:46:58 <amotoki> vishalmanchanda: it is good to ask them and we can dig into the detail too. perhaps we are more familiar with this.
15:47:25 <vishalmanchanda> amotoki: yeah.
15:47:53 <vishalmanchanda> Karbor-dashboard cores are not active.
15:48:15 <amotoki> group-based-policy-ui too I think
15:48:15 <vishalmanchanda> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/687607/
15:49:01 <amotoki> we can judge activeness of each plugins by looking at review history
15:49:17 <amotoki> no quick response is not a good criteria.
15:49:56 <vishalmanchanda> hmm.
15:50:12 <amotoki> vishalmanchanda: why do you think karbor-dashboard is not active?
15:50:48 <amotoki> one or two weeks with no reviews is not surprising in minor projects
15:51:03 <vishalmanchanda> last patch merge in karor-dashboard is on 12th september.
15:51:19 <vishalmanchanda> if i am not wrong.
15:52:08 <e0ne> it's not so bad
15:52:21 <e0ne> we can ask core team in their IRC channel
15:52:44 <amotoki> but yours is the first one in the master branch since Sep 12th, so we need to communicate with them
15:53:42 <vishalmanchanda> amotoki: +1. ok will ping cores after the meeting.
15:53:53 <amotoki> that's the difficult point when we work on horizon plugins
15:54:03 <vishalmanchanda> :(
15:54:12 <amotoki> and e0ne added a nice topic on this to the PTG etherpad
15:54:22 <e0ne> amotoki: thanks
15:55:04 <amotoki> to clarify it, what I mean is "Horizon plugins maintainance" in https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/horizon-u-ptg
15:55:04 <e0ne> I think, it'll help us in such efforts like new django or some critical and breaking horizon changes
15:55:33 <e0ne> actually. we've got +2 on some plugins already (e.g. manila-ui)
15:55:36 <amotoki> e0ne: I totally agree with your poit
15:55:46 <e0ne> I'll add a full list onto the etherpad
15:55:57 <vishalmanchanda> e0ne: +1.
15:56:17 <amotoki> I have another short topic today. let's move on
15:56:28 <e0ne> amotoki: if you as PTL ok with it, I'll send some e-mail before the PTG to raise this topic
15:56:28 <amotoki> #topic Bugs that need attensions
15:56:43 <amotoki> #undo
15:56:44 <openstack> Removing item from minutes: #topic Bugs that need attensions
15:56:53 <amotoki> e0ne: thanks. please go ahead
15:57:15 <amotoki> e0ne: it is based on your PTL experience, so it would be nice if you can send it.
15:57:23 <e0ne> ok, will do it
15:57:44 <amotoki> e0ne: thanks
15:57:55 <amotoki> #topic Bugs that need attensions
15:58:10 <amotoki> one last thing is https://bugs.launchpad.net/horizon/+bug/1847959
15:58:10 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1847959 in OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon) "nova list-extensions is abandoned" [High,Triaged] - Assigned to Akihiro Motoki (amotoki)
15:58:31 <amotoki> novaclient will drop list-extensions in the next release
15:58:48 <amotoki> it is not surprising and I will take care of it.
15:59:21 <amotoki> one point which hits me is when we should bump the minimum version
15:59:35 <amotoki> it would be a good PTG topic and I added to the topics.
15:59:42 <amotoki> *added it to*
15:59:52 <amotoki> it is just a reminder.
16:00:16 <e0ne> btw, I'll bump the minimum cinderclient version for horizon soon
16:00:39 <amotoki> we have similar needs :)
16:00:46 <e0ne> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/675894/ - this requires new (already released) python-cinderclient
16:00:47 <amotoki> okay, we are out of time.
16:01:15 <amotoki> we had a really good discussion today.
16:01:21 <amotoki> thanks for joining :)
16:01:25 <amotoki> #endmeeting