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12:01:10 <david-lyle> any horizon folks around?
12:01:19 <mrunge> yes!
12:01:26 <mrunge> good morning david-lyle !
12:01:43 <david-lyle> good afternoon mrunge
12:02:24 <robcresswell> Afternoon
12:03:22 <robcresswell> So.. 3 of us?
12:03:27 <david-lyle> I don't see many others online right now, so yeah
12:03:37 <mrunge> makes decisions easier ;-)
12:03:55 <masco> good morning all
12:04:43 <mrunge> david-lyle, have you had the time to look at blueprints?
12:05:06 <david-lyle> So as discussed in last weeks Horizon team meeting, we wanted to clean up the blueprint backlog in horizon and get back to the point where we can provide more immediate feedback on new blueprints proposed. And to clean out ones that are obsolete or don't make sense any more
12:05:06 <mrunge> or did anyone found out, which blueprints need to be discussed?
12:05:15 <david-lyle> just wanted to record that for other
12:05:17 <david-lyle> s
12:05:36 <david-lyle> mrunge: I am open to plans of attach
12:05:36 <mrunge> yes, we have way too many bps to act on
12:05:40 <david-lyle> *attack
12:05:46 <robcresswell> Yup. Now would be a good time if anyone has a blueprint they are active on, to mention it.
12:06:18 <mrunge> masco, I know you were about to open a bp
12:06:30 <mrunge> did you already do it actually?
12:06:31 <david-lyle> unfortunately, we can't sort bps by date
12:06:39 <david-lyle> which would be nice
12:07:09 <masco> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/replace-sorteddict-with-ordereddict
12:07:42 <tsufiev> o/
12:07:47 <mrunge> tsufiev, o/
12:08:03 <mrunge> masco, yes! That's something fitting into django-1.8 as well
12:08:07 <masco> mrunge, it was created by my fellow developer https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/service-chaining-support
12:08:20 <mrunge> keeping it separate makes sense as well
12:08:39 * mrunge was talking about https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/replace-sorteddict-with-ordereddict
12:08:40 <david-lyle> I think the bp masco linked makes perfect sense and is non-controversial as python 2.7 is the minimum in OpenStack
12:08:55 <mrunge> yes
12:09:09 <robcresswell> Yup. Also 1.9 is supposed to be supported by the M release, so this needs to be done.
12:09:19 <david-lyle> I don't see a reason not to approve, anyone?
12:09:27 <masco> it doesn't need much work, but i need you guys approval to start
12:09:29 <mrunge> no, makes sense
12:09:42 * robcresswell is getting confused by all the double negatives
12:09:44 <mrunge> and about prio here?
12:09:58 <david-lyle> I put medium
12:10:04 <mrunge> great
12:10:23 <masco> thanks!
12:10:25 <robcresswell> It's a blocker for 1.9 support it seems, so med or high IMO.
12:10:36 <david-lyle> masco are you thinking Liberty or M for that?
12:10:54 <masco> i can submit in Liberty
12:11:18 <mrunge> just added that
12:11:44 <david-lyle> ok, one down :)
12:11:48 <david-lyle> thanks masco
12:11:59 <masco> thanks all
12:12:02 <mrunge> masco had another one: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/service-chaining-support
12:12:22 <david-lyle> ok looking
12:12:44 <mrunge> this is a bit more controversial, at least, it's not that simple
12:12:45 <masco> me and mohan developing together on this, it in well progress
12:13:09 <david-lyle> masco this does not require neutronclient changes?
12:13:14 <david-lyle> or neutron changes?
12:13:18 <masco> it needs
12:13:29 <david-lyle> those would be "outside dependencies"
12:13:37 <masco> that is under developing
12:13:53 <masco> not sure it may up for review
12:14:06 <mrunge> we can not rely on unreleased features
12:14:38 <masco> agree,
12:14:58 <david-lyle> please update with patches if available, or at least not that changes are needed in neutron and neutronclient
12:15:05 <david-lyle> *note
12:15:11 <robcresswell> IMO, that bp cannot be targeted yet as it is waiting on unmerged changes to Neutron
12:15:21 <mrunge> yes
12:15:25 <david-lyle> right
12:15:33 <masco> i added here to get confirmation from the cores and avoid the duplicate work
12:15:52 <masco> i will add a note as you said david-lyle
12:15:57 <mrunge> on the other side, it's no question, we should support that, once its implemented in neutron
12:16:09 <david-lyle> priority?
12:16:11 <masco> yes
12:16:19 <mrunge> currently?
12:16:33 <david-lyle> no, I'd like to prioritize
12:16:48 <david-lyle> makes sifting through later easier
12:16:56 <mrunge> medium I'd say
12:17:10 <robcresswell> For now I would mark as Low. It's a very specific feature it seems, and can be reevalutated later?
12:17:24 <mrunge> sure
12:17:43 <david-lyle> I was thinking low to medium
12:18:08 <robcresswell> Either is fine.
12:18:08 <david-lyle> set to low, I agree with robcresswell, once it's concrete in neutron we can increase if necessary
12:18:14 <robcresswell> cool
12:18:24 <masco> :)
12:18:25 <mrunge> should masco try to get guidance from UX folks for this?
12:18:47 <mrunge> I think visualization might be tricky?
12:18:53 <david-lyle> That would probably be a good idea
12:18:59 <robcresswell> Yeah, if you have an idea on implementation, discuss the layout with Piet & co.
12:19:15 <robcresswell> Then when the code is merged to neutron, there is no arguing/ delay on design
12:19:27 <masco> sure, i will do
12:19:30 <mrunge> masco, if you need a pointer to Piet, I can make a contact
12:19:56 <masco> yes mrunge, i will ask you about this
12:20:02 <masco> thanks
12:20:06 <mrunge> will do that later
12:20:12 <masco> sure
12:20:49 <mrunge> looking at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon
12:21:02 <mrunge> I was just looking at high prio bps
12:21:16 <robcresswell> Is there an API for this? Interface is so useless >.<
12:21:28 <robcresswell> launchpad blueprints I mean :)
12:21:31 <mrunge> there's https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/api-capability-detection
12:21:50 <mrunge> maybe we should pull all bps into a google docs
12:21:59 <mrunge> just to be sure, we're looking at each just once
12:22:14 <robcresswell> heh, we just need some better filtering mechanisms
12:23:04 <david-lyle> that's an old bp
12:23:09 <masco> mrunge, the BP is already approved
12:23:19 <mrunge> yes, but nobody is working on it
12:23:43 <mrunge> I thought it was a candidate for removing
12:23:49 <david-lyle> I think it is
12:24:02 <david-lyle> until someone is ready to run with it
12:24:14 <david-lyle> there is no detail in there
12:24:29 <mrunge> let's drop it then?
12:24:41 <david-lyle> I think so
12:25:19 <robcresswell> Scrolling through started and unprioritised ones. This could be closed, it looks like it was solved in a patch: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/remove-unittest2
12:25:20 <masco> we just remove the assignee then only other ppl will try to pick
12:25:24 <mrunge> so, how to remove it...
12:26:00 <robcresswell> Mark Obsolete?
12:26:28 <masco> ho, i thought cores have permission ;)
12:26:35 <mrunge> yes, they have
12:26:46 <mrunge> but that is really obfuscated in launchpad
12:26:59 <david-lyle> ok marked and not added
12:27:05 <david-lyle> *note
12:27:10 <vgridnev> hey guys, there is an blueprint related for sahara https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/sahara-node-processes-tab ; implementation is already on review and well reviewed by sahara folks
12:27:22 <mrunge> yay two less to go
12:27:58 <robcresswell> vgridnev: Looking
12:29:07 <david-lyle> seems widely supported by the sahara team, looking at the patch
12:29:10 <robcresswell> Looks like a pretty small bp. I think Liberty, Low priority. It's just a layout redesign.
12:29:50 <mrunge> agree with robcresswell
12:29:51 <vgridnev> robcresswell, agreed
12:30:20 <masco> +1
12:30:46 <david-lyle> ok updated
12:31:01 <mrunge> thanks vgridnev for bringing this up
12:31:02 <david-lyle> thanks vgridnev
12:31:32 <robcresswell> You missed milestone btw
12:31:43 <david-lyle> that's after the fact now
12:31:50 <david-lyle> only set when completed
12:31:52 <mrunge> vgridnev, that reorg does not touch tests at all?
12:31:56 <robcresswell> Oh, okay
12:32:03 <david-lyle> change this release
12:32:12 <robcresswell> Gotcha
12:32:17 <robcresswell> Is that the same with bugs?
12:32:20 <david-lyle> we realized planning was mostly futile
12:32:30 <david-lyle> robcresswell: for the most part
12:32:33 <robcresswell> Or should I still be targetting the merged ones
12:32:44 <david-lyle> bugs that need to be fixed before release should be targetted
12:32:53 <robcresswell> Sure okay
12:33:09 <robcresswell> Yeah I tend to target any merged ones or critical blockers
12:33:50 <masco> i have one more to review https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/instance-rescue-horizon-support
12:33:55 <david-lyle> At some point I would like to dig into a few of the angular related bps, but I think we need a wider audience for htat
12:33:58 <david-lyle> *that
12:34:11 <masco> implementation is done already
12:34:31 <robcresswell> david-lyle: We can do that next week. I'll get a list together.
12:34:42 <mrunge> awesome robcresswell
12:35:14 <david-lyle> thanks robcresswell, I think that work is too scattershot at this point, I would like to provide better focus
12:35:36 <david-lyle> masco: looking
12:35:56 <robcresswell> I think there is actually a fair amount of organisation behind the scenes, but it needs to be better shown to the community.
12:36:12 <masco> coming with list BP before meeting will be good
12:36:28 <mrunge> yes
12:36:29 <tsufiev> it this meeting meant as well for drawing attention to the bps which are approved and the code is complete, but not reviewed?
12:36:35 <david-lyle> unrescue instance
12:36:52 <david-lyle> that sounds strange
12:37:03 <mrunge> tsufiev, intention is to clean up abandoned blueprints, review new ones
12:37:24 <robcresswell> tsufiev: Not really, this is mainly for bp review and cleanup
12:37:32 <vgridnev> mrunge, since bp was approved, we can continue discussions on patch, right? btw, right now it's was tested manually. If you want to have tests there, I will add that
12:37:36 <tsufiev> mrunge, robcresswell: ah, okay
12:37:40 <david-lyle> tsufiev, no if the bp is approved already, it's outside the scope of this, unless you think it should be abandoned
12:37:41 <masco> nova command itself named as unrescue :)
12:37:43 <mrunge> we have alist of 297 blueprints. I'm confident, on all are being worked on
12:37:50 <tsufiev> got it
12:38:27 <masco> come out from rescue is unrescue
12:38:33 <david-lyle> masco: it's like I pulled you out of the flooded river and now I'm going to throw you back in
12:38:36 <mrunge> vgridnev, I agree, tests are out of scope for bp review. I still think, having tests would be beneficial
12:38:50 <david-lyle> just sounds odd
12:39:02 <masco> :)
12:39:04 <david-lyle> but word smithing can happen later
12:40:56 <david-lyle> so masco in your bp, we're just setting the state, and the repair happens elsewhere?
12:41:41 <masco> yes, it is just enabling the nova rescue cmd in horizon
12:41:54 <robcresswell> How is this different to logging in via the terminals that instances already expose btw?
12:42:23 <masco> if it went to error state you can't login robcresswell
12:42:55 <masco> so you can use other image to access the error instance and do repair
12:43:11 <robcresswell> Interesting
12:43:23 <david-lyle> seems reasonable to me
12:43:51 <robcresswell> Since this is already fully supported by nova, I think medium? Also, it may be sensible to reach out to UX and see if they have any ideas on display.
12:44:15 <david-lyle> robcresswell: I think we have a pattern here already for display
12:44:35 <mrunge> yeah, it's described in the bp
12:44:46 <david-lyle> it's just a modal saying here's you pass or ssh key to access the rescued instance
12:45:06 <david-lyle> I'm inclined to leave it a low
12:45:21 <david-lyle> not really a mainline feature
12:45:23 <mrunge> yupp
12:45:27 <robcresswell> Sure, I was drawing the comparison with the other feature in my mind
12:45:37 <robcresswell> but Low is fine
12:45:53 <david-lyle> updated
12:45:54 <david-lyle> next?
12:46:04 <robcresswell> woohoo! Is that.. 5 down?
12:46:34 <mrunge> 2 down from 297 bp overall
12:46:37 <masco> thanks all once again :)
12:47:07 <mrunge> we have https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/realtime-spec and https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/rpc-listener
12:47:25 <robcresswell> I meant from those that were not review/ prioritised, we've looked at several and obsoleted 2.
12:47:28 <robcresswell> So far so good.
12:47:30 <mrunge> I'd be inclined to obsolete both
12:47:36 <mrunge> agree, robcresswell
12:47:58 <david-lyle> yes, that still needs to happen but probably needs a new start
12:48:01 <mrunge> ah, and https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/realtime-communication on the same topic
12:48:06 <robcresswell> Agree with obsoletion.
12:48:13 <mrunge> so, obsolete all three?
12:48:26 <david-lyle> the last one had code
12:48:45 <mrunge> right
12:48:55 <robcresswell> First two, havent looked at third yet, one sec
12:49:15 <david-lyle> I remembered code
12:49:23 <mrunge> there was code
12:49:42 <mrunge> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/40198/
12:50:16 <tsufiev> david-lyle, I've heard from Travis that he was going to do some study in the realtime communications in M release (for SearchLight)
12:51:03 <robcresswell> Hmm. I still think this one (third one) could be obsolete. All of the code is 2 year old demo code with no merges. Would it be picked up again, or better to start over at this point?
12:51:05 <david-lyle> tsufiev: yes, just wondering of leveraging some of the work tomas started would be usefule
12:51:06 <tsufiev> but most likely nobody would be hurt if the old bp is obsoleted and a new one is created
12:52:39 <david-lyle> I marked all 3 as obsolete
12:52:51 <david-lyle> but bookmarked the one with code to look at again
12:52:57 <robcresswell> +1
12:53:02 <mrunge> great
12:53:07 <masco> agree
12:53:27 <david-lyle> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/user-registration
12:53:34 <david-lyle> won't happen
12:53:49 <mrunge> yes
12:53:56 <david-lyle> I had it as blocked, but I think it's best just to remove
12:54:00 <robcresswell> Nice. If we can keep covering 10 - 15 bps a week this could be very productive. I'll bring a list for angular next week so hopefully we can be even faster.
12:54:14 <mrunge> although has been requested several times, david-lyle
12:54:19 <mrunge> but I completely agree
12:54:43 <david-lyle> yeah I've been leaving as a "do not enter" sign
12:54:48 <masco> keystone will not allow to create
12:55:09 <david-lyle> masco: that's why it's blocked :)
12:55:25 <robcresswell> Oh, this does get mentioned often. But the bp itself is not useful/ relevant in its current state
12:55:39 <masco> :)
12:56:56 <david-lyle> obsolete
12:57:00 <mrunge> a last one?
12:57:00 <david-lyle> with note
12:57:09 <david-lyle> user-registration
12:57:12 <mrunge> yupp
12:57:15 <david-lyle> sure
12:57:22 <masco> +1
12:57:27 <david-lyle> misunderstood the question
12:57:42 <david-lyle> which one mrunge?
12:57:47 <mrunge> uhm, I was looking for a last bp to review/obsolete
12:57:57 <mrunge> e.g this one: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/scaling-trigger-ceilometer-integration
12:58:36 <mrunge> sounds useful; although it looks like a heat feature
12:58:58 <david-lyle> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/dashboards-decoupling has not seen any progress
12:59:39 <mrunge> yupp
12:59:45 <mrunge> obsolete both?
13:00:00 <robcresswell> Yes
13:00:05 <robcresswell> Neither has code
13:00:14 <robcresswell> Nor much detail :)
13:00:45 <mrunge> great
13:00:55 <mrunge> that was quite productive!
13:01:27 <robcresswell> Yup. Total reduced by 8 I think, and a few more prioritised.
13:01:37 <david-lyle> excellent
13:01:42 <robcresswell> I will prep a list of angular bps today so it's ready for next week.
13:01:53 <robcresswell> before I forget. Should only take a small while.
13:01:59 <robcresswell> Thanks all
13:02:00 <david-lyle> robcresswell: when you do, can you put it on the agenda for next week
13:02:00 <mrunge> awesome!
13:02:05 <robcresswell> Will do
13:02:31 <masco> sounds good
13:02:39 <david-lyle> thanks for your time and effort. I feel good about the progress.
13:02:45 <david-lyle> #endmeeting