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20:01:25 <david-lyle> o/
20:01:30 <pkarikh_> hi!
20:01:32 <bpokorny_> o/
20:01:43 <TravT> o
20:01:57 <tyr_> o/
20:02:14 <robcresswell> Hi everyone
20:02:34 <robcresswell> There's a couple things to discuss before looking at blueprints
20:02:42 <robcresswell> #topic Notices
20:03:19 <robcresswell> I'm planning the midcycle with some Cisco folk, will send out a list of potential dates this week. If anyone else would also like to volunteer to host, let me know.
20:03:29 <robcresswell> Options are always good :)
20:03:59 <TravT> we can always host in fort collins.
20:04:08 <TravT> just as an option
20:04:24 <david-lyle> I can do Santa Clara or Hillsboro
20:04:45 <david-lyle> *can offer
20:05:02 <robcresswell> ha, I read that as "I will only go to these two locations"
20:05:17 <robcresswell> Great, thanks. Will add that to the email.
20:05:21 <david-lyle> if I'm not hosting, I'm not coming :P
20:05:30 <hurgleburgler> LOL
20:05:35 <robcresswell> So for those who missed the summit, the etherpads are here:
20:05:38 <robcresswell> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Design_Summit/Newton/Etherpads#Horizon
20:05:58 <robcresswell> The priorities and feedback ones are especially import IMO.
20:06:07 <robcresswell> I'd recommend reading through the notes.
20:06:57 <robcresswell> I've also brought back the weekly bug report idea and linked it in the Horizon IRC room topic
20:07:00 <robcresswell> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Horizon/WeeklyBugReport
20:07:22 <robcresswell> If you only get time to do a handful of reviews each week, pick up those patches first so we can move quickly on them.
20:07:45 <robcresswell> Anyone can add to it, and I'll be curating it too so it doesnt turn into Launchpad No.2
20:08:30 <robcresswell> re: launchpad, a lot of bugs have relevant tags now, such as a service name, or a particular focus like ux or angular.
20:08:48 <robcresswell> So if you have some particular knowledge that will help you filter better :)
20:09:07 <TravT> yes, those tags are helpful
20:09:21 <TravT> i looked through the angular ones yesterday.
20:09:28 <TravT> found one with a review up and reviewed it
20:09:44 <robcresswell> Sounds good
20:10:04 <robcresswell> #topic Earlier feature freeze
20:10:30 <robcresswell> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-April/093525.html
20:10:54 <robcresswell> The chain seems to have got lost, but that email and the first reply are the ones with the majority of the discussion anyway.
20:11:42 <robcresswell> It's been a fairly common theme that we're making too many breaking changes too late, and given the growing plugin architecture we should consider FF a week earlier.
20:12:22 <robcresswell> This would likely be R-6 instead of R-5, just to give others a week to fix things.
20:12:26 <TravT> so, frameworky things vs core services in horizon may need to be treated differently
20:12:42 <robcresswell> Yeah, the main discussion is how we want to scope this
20:12:57 <robcresswell> We could restrict horizon/ for example
20:13:02 <TravT> e.g. cinder panel vs reusable widget
20:13:07 <robcresswell> Yep
20:13:42 <robcresswell> Long term we may pursue a more official split repo, but its not a priority for now.
20:14:17 <robcresswell> Thoughts/
20:14:19 <robcresswell> ?*
20:14:56 <david-lyle> re: FF or scope of the FF?
20:15:34 <david-lyle> FF: good
20:15:41 <david-lyle> FF scope: broad
20:16:24 <david-lyle> if we want core things in late, let's make explicit exceptions
20:17:21 <robcresswell> My internet gave up for a moment there.
20:17:44 <TravT> well, we got it all figured out.
20:17:49 <TravT> so what's next?
20:17:59 <TravT> ;)
20:19:07 <david-lyle> robcresswell: is your modem plugged in?
20:19:36 <robcresswell> Right, I caught up
20:20:52 <robcresswell> david-lyle: "broad" meaning you'd like to FF on horizon and o_d?
20:21:10 <david-lyle> yes
20:21:16 <david-lyle> there is an exception process
20:21:22 <david-lyle> let's use it
20:21:28 <david-lyle> if necessary
20:21:50 <robcresswell> Yep
20:22:12 <robcresswell> There are not a lot of opinions in this room today. Guess everyone used them all up at the summit :)
20:22:25 <robcresswell> #topic Blueprint review
20:22:25 <r1chardj0n3s> o/
20:22:58 <TravT> robcresswell: if you want to move FFE process up a week, I'm okay with that
20:23:16 <robcresswell> Yeah, lets do it. Should help the plugins.
20:23:17 <hurgleburgler> yeah, me too
20:23:27 <robcresswell> on to blueprints.
20:23:32 <david-lyle> robcresswell: it will make your life easier lining up with global expectations
20:23:41 <robcresswell> This was carried over from the previous meeting:
20:23:54 <robcresswell> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/hierarchical-projects
20:24:10 <r1chardj0n3s> are heirarchical projects still a thing?
20:24:55 <david-lyle> r1chardj0n3s: yes and no
20:25:02 <david-lyle> yes in keystone, no beyond
20:25:11 <david-lyle> no quota support
20:25:11 <r1chardj0n3s> right :-)
20:25:42 <robcresswell> It looks like kenji was trying to resurrect it
20:25:46 <david-lyle> my previous stance was to wait for someone, anyone else to support it first
20:26:27 <david-lyle> it's a UX quagmire
20:27:00 <TravT> every time i got pulled into those discussions, i left confused
20:27:23 <david-lyle> the role inheritance alone will make you want to run
20:27:26 <robcresswell> Yeah I'm just scanning the linked blueprints
20:27:46 <david-lyle> I honest hoped the thing would die
20:27:51 <robcresswell> haha
20:28:22 <robcresswell> I don't see any reason to actively block it, but it doesn't seem like there's a big need for it.
20:28:34 <david-lyle> and with quota completely blocked it my be asphyxiated yet
20:28:49 <robcresswell> What was the issue there?
20:28:59 <david-lyle> the changes to certain views will be considerable
20:29:48 <robcresswell> Well, I'm adequately scared.
20:30:04 <david-lyle> the issue was things move slowly, quota can't be updated to support hierarchies because existing quota is flawed, adding more complexity to something already broken won't fix it
20:30:22 <david-lyle> so quota was to be fixed first then hierarchy
20:30:38 <TravT> robcresswell: my confusion was probably more of a lack of ability to really focus on it.  so don't be scared just by my statements.
20:30:45 <robcresswell> Gotcha. I wasn't aware of the quota - hierarchy link.
20:31:00 <robcresswell> TravT: Ha, I was just amused by two people immediately reacting with "oh no"
20:31:22 <david-lyle> all identity views get really complicated
20:31:30 <david-lyle> project selection gets complicated
20:31:41 <david-lyle> hierarchy navigation isn't even a thing yet
20:31:52 <robcresswell> #info https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/hierarchical-projects Left blocked, comments inline
20:32:49 <robcresswell> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/angular-registry
20:33:14 <robcresswell> So this has been properly split into its own blueprint
20:33:35 <robcresswell> We've already talked about moving forward with it, but wanted to highlight that it now has its own content
20:33:50 <robcresswell> Rather than the ever-growing angular-images bp :)
20:34:05 <r1chardj0n3s> \o/ for the split
20:34:30 <TravT> i think much of the content there could be pulled over into a documentation patch as well.
20:34:41 <r1chardj0n3s> nice idea
20:35:09 <robcresswell> That'd be good
20:35:39 <robcresswell> Does anyone have any blueprints they'd like to raise? Otherwise I'll just start picking from the pile.
20:37:15 <robcresswell> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/automated-test-coverage-reports
20:37:41 <robcresswell> We already have coverage running, so we can remove this afaik.
20:38:17 <david-lyle> yeah remove
20:40:32 <robcresswell> Struggling to find many new blueprints, so we can end the meeting early if there are no more to add.
20:41:46 <robcresswell> #endmeeting