08:00:07 <robcresswell> #startmeeting horizondrivers
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08:00:44 <tsufiev> o/
08:00:46 <robcresswell> Anyone around for drivers meeting?
08:00:50 <tsufiev> another quiet meeting
08:00:50 <robcresswell> morning tsufiev
08:01:01 <tsufiev> morning, robcresswell
08:01:25 <robcresswell> Yeah, there's no agenda again either. Probably could've cancelled the meeting had I checked earlier.
08:01:44 <tsufiev> oh, I have one item in case you don't mind
08:01:50 <robcresswell> of course, go ahead
08:01:55 <tsufiev> the question is if we have quorum :)?
08:02:19 <robcresswell> ha, might be better to bring it up in the evening meeting
08:02:34 <tsufiev> well, just in case, it's a pretty old one https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/add-policy-rules-to-workflow-actions
08:03:20 <tsufiev> now, with all the momentum around Angular stuff it's not clear even to me, if we should pursue improving some aspects of Django-based Horizon
08:03:38 <robcresswell> As always *it depends*
08:03:39 <tsufiev> 'even to me' - speaking specifically of this patch
08:04:07 <tsufiev> ok... so, move to evening discussion?
08:04:07 <robcresswell> I don't expect angular to replace all of Django within the next 2 cycles, probably. It doesnt have the momentum to do so.
08:04:30 <robcresswell> So, its usually beneficial to add improvements to the django side
08:04:42 <tsufiev> that's good to hear
08:05:47 <robcresswell> but yes, we can discuss further this evening
08:05:51 <tsufiev> I also had a couple of other changes that still seem to add value to Django and have been overlooked for some time
08:06:19 <tsufiev> what would you say if I added them to n-2 milestone, to draw more attention?
08:06:32 <robcresswell> which ones?
08:06:39 <tsufiev> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/144153/
08:06:42 <tsufiev> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/215277/
08:07:08 <tsufiev> not sure if they're eligible for discussion at a blueprint meeting, but anyways it's not stuffed with topics :)
08:07:40 <robcresswell> Ah interesting
08:07:47 <robcresswell> yep, go for it
08:08:01 <tsufiev> both are hanging in gerrit for quite a long time, I'd like to either merge or abandon them
08:09:01 <robcresswell> Sure, target to n-2
08:09:02 <tsufiev> so, Nova quotas change should be a useful patch in case Nova quotas are disabled
08:09:06 <tsufiev> okay, will do!
08:09:41 <wangbo> hi guys, I have a question here.
08:09:49 <wangbo> As I know openstack-sdk is a collection library to call openstack apis.
08:10:00 <wangbo> So do we think about to use openstack-sdk instead of ***-client in horizon?
08:10:25 <tsufiev> hm...
08:10:34 <robcresswell> There's no real reason to, right now. The support it does have is often not complete across services
08:10:38 <robcresswell> apart from keystone perhaps
08:10:57 <tsufiev> as for me, it's the first time I hear about the thing
08:11:09 <robcresswell> openstackclient?
08:11:20 <tsufiev> openstack-sdk
08:11:29 <wangbo> https://github.com/openstack/python-openstacksdk
08:11:32 <robcresswell> Yeah I think wangbo is referring to the unified client
08:11:46 <robcresswell> As in, openstack <do a thing> rather than neutron <do a thing> etc
08:11:53 <tsufiev> no, seems to be a different thing
08:12:07 <robcresswell> hmm
08:13:25 <robcresswell> wangbo: What would be the reasoning for using it?
08:14:56 <wangbo> it's easy to main the horizon code (openstack_dashbaord/api/), do not need to import all ***-client
08:15:57 <robcresswell> Why is that easier? Not sure I follow. Swapping lib has inherent risk.
08:16:29 <tsufiev> btw, there is another project aimed to provide support for different APIs, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/314313/
08:16:42 <tsufiev> and it's for JS ;)
08:18:45 <r1chardj0n3s> sorry I'm late and probably have missed the meeting
08:18:46 <robcresswell> I don't there is any immediate plan to use any other API handling right now
08:19:11 <robcresswell> There's a bunch of risk in swapping, and its just not really a huge issue for us right now
08:19:19 <tsufiev> r1chardj0n3s, o/
08:19:31 <robcresswell> The way it works isn't ideal, but its just far from top priority :)
08:19:34 <robcresswell> hey r1chardj0n3s
08:21:16 <robcresswell> Any other discussion points?
08:21:16 <wangbo> yes, openstack-sdk seems can not cover all functions what horizon need now
08:23:02 <robcresswell> think thats it for now, tsufiev we can bring up your points again in the evening meeting if you're around :)
08:23:05 <robcresswell> thanks all
08:23:09 <tsufiev> robcresswell, sure
08:23:18 <robcresswell> #endmeeting