08:00:47 <robcresswell> #startmeeting horizondrivers
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08:01:54 <robcresswell> Just in case anyone is around:
08:02:27 <robcresswell> #topic 800 UTC Meeting Cancellation
08:02:36 <robcresswell> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-June/098515.html
08:03:00 <robcresswell> There's been no response to this email thread, so I'll be cancelling this meeting slot going forward
08:03:25 <robcresswell> #info 800 UTC slot to be cancelled, as there were no responses to the email sent out, nor the previous IRC discussions.
08:03:49 <robcresswell> #info Horizon Drivers and Horizon meeting will be combined in to one meeting slot, every Wednesday at 2000 UTC
08:04:23 <robcresswell> #info Email confirming cancellation (and link to patch updating the calendar) will be sent out later today
08:05:05 <robcresswell> #endmeeting