15:00:15 <primeministerp> #startmeeting Hyper-V
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15:00:22 <primeministerp> Hi all
15:00:43 <primeministerp> this going to be a quick meeting, as I'm packing up to head home and back to the office
15:00:54 <primeministerp> first of I'd like to introduce luis_fdez from cern
15:01:03 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: sorry for putting you on the spot
15:01:05 <primeministerp> ;)
15:02:16 <luis_fdez> jeje
15:02:17 <Hitesh> luis_fdez: Hi Luis
15:02:18 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: let us know if you need anything
15:02:23 <luis_fdez> Hi everyone :)
15:02:28 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: things are a bit scattered right now
15:02:29 <pnavarro> Hola luis_fdez ! Welcome to Hyper-V team
15:02:43 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: working to get everything in line in terms of docs etc
15:02:44 <luis_fdez> by the moment... i'll pay attention to all you say...
15:02:47 <primeministerp> hehe
15:02:57 <Hitesh> luis_fdez: haahh
15:03:07 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: alexpilotti and pnavarro are great resources
15:03:28 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: so feel free to aproach any of us w/ questions
15:03:32 <pnavarro> luis_fdez: and you know, we can even speak spanih and italian
15:03:33 <luis_fdez> ok, good to know it :)
15:03:37 <alexpilotti> hi luis_fdez!
15:03:48 <primeministerp> unfortunately i can not
15:04:02 <primeministerp> speak spanish or italian
15:04:05 <primeministerp> ;)
15:04:07 <primeministerp> ok
15:04:11 <luis_fdez> I'm spanish indeed...
15:04:14 <luis_fdez> jeje
15:04:19 <alexpilotti> primeministerp: ok, for this time only we'll stick with English ;-)
15:04:41 <pnavarro> luis_fdez: me too
15:04:43 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: things today will be slow, but please feel free to join us on #openstack-hyper-v
15:04:50 <primeministerp> the rest of the time
15:04:56 <primeministerp> er not slow but short
15:04:56 <luis_fdez> ok
15:05:01 <primeministerp> ok
15:05:04 <alexpilotti> luis_fdez: we managed to get HyperV back in time for the Folsom release
15:05:13 <primeministerp> #topic cinder
15:05:18 <primeministerp> pedro any updates?
15:05:31 <alexpilotti> luis_fdez: we have all the features required for a compute node in place
15:06:03 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: right now all of the features on the wiki are fully functional
15:06:05 <pnavarro> primeministerp: well, about cinder plugin, I'm finishing the tests
15:06:11 <primeministerp> pnavarro: nice!
15:06:36 <pnavarro> I have some issues with some WMI calls, that alexpilotti gave some ideas
15:06:51 <primeministerp> pnavarro: let me know as well
15:06:58 <primeministerp> pnavarro: and I can ping some folks inside
15:07:07 <primeministerp> pnavarro: if you hit roadblocks
15:07:13 <alexpilotti> luis_fdez: let us know if you need help to setup a working environment
15:07:20 <pnavarro> ok primeministerp, but so far I'm not really blocked
15:07:25 <primeministerp> pnavarro: ok
15:07:37 <pnavarro> it's just a matter of style of the code
15:07:42 <primeministerp> gotcha
15:07:45 <luis_fdez> ok alexpilotti ... the next days I plan to setup one...
15:08:04 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: i'll be online tomorrow to help
15:08:17 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: i can also provide some other assistance
15:08:26 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: in terms of puppet bits
15:08:33 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: that i've started
15:08:47 <primeministerp> for the python deps
15:08:50 <pnavarro> so, nothing more to add, after tests, I'll test the whole integration
15:08:59 <primeministerp> pnavarro: perfect
15:09:02 <alexpilotti> luis_fdez: I sent you a message w my email for help
15:09:07 <primeministerp> pnavarro: all set for the conference yet?
15:09:29 <luis_fdez> ok, thank you!! that's a warm welcome...
15:09:52 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: I believe you have my email also, please feel free to reach out anytime
15:10:02 <primeministerp> ok moving on
15:10:09 <pnavarro> primeministerp: yep, passport and flight is OK
15:10:23 <primeministerp> #topic general discussion
15:10:25 <alexpilotti> pnavarro: Esta?
15:10:58 <primeministerp> ok in general, we'll be trying to finalize documentation upon my return to the office tomorrow
15:10:59 <pnavarro> alexpilotti: I'll have my new passport, next week, so I'll be doing then
15:11:07 <pnavarro> because passport number changes...
15:11:41 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: anything to add!
15:11:47 <primeministerp> in general
15:12:13 <alexpilotti> well, we are going on quite fast with new features
15:12:25 <primeministerp> ideally our next efforts are will include a new installer
15:12:28 <primeministerp> for the current code
15:12:57 <alexpilotti> we'll prepare also some material for the S.Diego summit
15:13:03 <primeministerp> yes that as well
15:13:06 <primeministerp> demo's
15:13:09 <primeministerp> and slides galore
15:13:43 <alexpilotti> primeministerp: can you ping Steff to see if everything is ok with the sessions?
15:13:54 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: shoot me an email to remide me
15:14:02 <alexpilotti> oki
15:14:12 <primeministerp> i'll start sending emails tonight
15:14:14 <primeministerp> when I'm home
15:14:15 <primeministerp> ;)
15:14:47 <primeministerp> ok i'm ending the meeting short, i encourage further discussion on the openstack-hyper-v channel
15:14:50 <alexpilotti> ok, nothing else to add on my side
15:14:53 <primeministerp> I'll be back online later this eventing
15:14:56 <primeministerp> er evening
15:15:01 <Hitesh> primeministerp: ok..
15:15:17 <primeministerp> ok
15:15:19 <Hitesh> bye all
15:15:21 <primeministerp> #endmeeting