15:59:12 <primeministerp> #startmeeting hyper-v
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15:59:57 <primeministerp> hi everyone
16:00:19 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: you around
16:00:22 <iben> peter?
16:00:37 <primeministerp> pnavarro: you here?
16:00:37 <alexpilotti> hi guys!
16:00:39 <primeministerp> iben: hi there
16:00:50 <pnavarro> hi all
16:02:25 <pnavarro> primeministerp: I'm here
16:03:54 <iben> is there an agenda?
16:05:24 <iben> woops - didn't mean to scare Peter away...
16:05:32 <primeminsterp> ok
16:05:33 <primeminsterp> i'm back
16:05:35 <iben> welcome back!
16:05:51 <primeminsterp> crappy connection to day guys
16:05:51 <primeminsterp> so
16:05:51 <primeminsterp> iben meet alexpilotti
16:05:56 <primeminsterp> alexpilotti: iben is going to be trying hyper-v shortly
16:06:10 <primeminsterp> let's proceed w/ the meeting
16:06:29 <primeminsterp> #topic RDP proxy
16:06:43 <primeminsterp> alexpilotti: do you have a status iben update on the rdp proxy?
16:06:56 <alexpilotti> working on it
16:07:11 <primeminsterp> alexpilotti: heheh
16:07:23 <primeminsterp> alexpilotti: will we have testable code any time soon?
16:07:26 <alexpilotti> moved to the 1.1 FreeRDP codebase
16:07:38 <alexpilotti> not before G3 :-)
16:07:50 <primeminsterp> that's ok
16:07:54 <primeminsterp> we'll move on then
16:07:57 <alexpilotti> the gateway will be available for testing sooner
16:07:57 <primeminsterp> #topic nova refactor
16:08:12 <alexpilotti> this one is almost done
16:08:42 <alexpilotti> I finally got rid of all the dragons and design issues on the original cloud.com code
16:09:07 <alexpilotti> all the WMI code has been moved to separate classes, that can be finally be mocked
16:09:26 <alexpilotti> pnavarro volunteered for helping with testing all this work
16:09:44 <alexpilotti> transition to V2 APIs will be also easier now
16:09:57 <alexpilotti> as we'll have to work on a very delimited area
16:10:35 <primeministerp> back again
16:10:40 <primeministerp> wow bad connection
16:10:40 <primeministerp> ok
16:10:48 <alexpilotti> I'm very glad that this is almost over. We were building a skyscraper on top of very shaky foundations ;-)
16:11:02 <primeministerp> so no more cloud.com code
16:11:02 <primeministerp> yes
16:11:02 <primeministerp> this is awesome
16:11:06 <primeministerp> actually
16:11:11 <alexpilotti> yes, finally
16:11:21 <primeministerp> when do you expect to start commiting the changes upstream?
16:11:31 <alexpilotti> this week for sure
16:11:40 <primeministerp> awesome
16:11:43 <alexpilotti> I'm going to start testing the code today
16:11:47 <primeministerp> great news
16:11:59 <alexpilotti> I expect a lot of minor fixes, due to the big amount of work involved
16:12:22 <primeministerp> i would imagine
16:12:22 <primeministerp> i guess i just quit
16:12:30 <primeministerp> hehe
16:12:33 <primeministerp> ok, moving on then
16:12:33 <alexpilotti> primeministerp: ?
16:12:55 <primeministerp> is there something you need?
16:14:10 <primeministerp> #topic quantum
16:14:10 <alexpilotti> primeministerp: I was wondering about your comment :-)
16:14:10 <alexpilotti> Quantum plugin is very alive and well :-)
16:14:10 <primeministerp> there was an alert in my irc
16:14:10 <primeministerp> that I quit the session
16:14:10 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: good
16:14:10 <alexpilotti> We added the agent to our installer as well
16:14:10 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: I had to poke redmond folks last night for the msdn bits btw
16:14:10 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: great
16:14:10 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: good news
16:14:33 <alexpilotti> work on NVGRE is going on, although a bit slowly
16:14:39 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: ok
16:14:45 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: good to know
16:14:46 <alexpilotti> dur to the priority on Nova refactoring / resize
16:15:03 <primeministerp> i wasn't sure if it had progressed
16:15:03 <primeministerp> ok
16:15:03 <alexpilotti> I spoke w pnavarro lately about L3 details
16:15:10 <primeministerp> pnavarro: any comments?
16:15:12 <alexpilotti> and with goongysh
16:15:30 <pnavarro> nothing to add
16:15:37 <alexpilotti> goongysh is our quantum core mantainer for the plugin at the moment
16:15:58 <alexpilotti> I sent him the Powershell scripts to show how it works
16:16:15 <alexpilotti> he's very helpful as usual
16:16:17 <primeministerp> ok
16:16:18 <primeministerp> good to know
16:16:18 <primeministerp> then the msdn acct was very important
16:16:24 <alexpilotti> definitely
16:16:37 <primeministerp> ok
16:16:52 <alexpilotti> primeministerp: do you think we can start offering MSDN on the dev list to any core reviewer that can help in testing the Hyper-V code?
16:17:06 <alexpilotti> I mean, in Nova, Quantum, Cinder...
16:17:41 <hanrahat> alexpilotti: yes, we can make the licenses available to the core developers
16:17:52 <alexpilotti> hanrahat: thanks Tom
16:18:13 <alexpilotti> this is the best solution to have them getting out of their "Linux isolation"
16:18:44 <alexpilotti> and starting work with us, which ultimately will lead to a better Hyper-V community inside of OpenStack
16:18:58 <hanrahat> alexpilotti: same process as with goongsyh... it takes a little time but trust me we have the process down to as fast as possible here.
16:19:04 <alexpilotti> and most important, more attention to interoperability
16:19:18 <alexpilotti> hanrahat: I was actually impressed
16:19:29 <alexpilotti> hanrahat: thanks a lot for your effort
16:19:51 <alexpilotti> I know how much it took the first time I got one as MVP, so I know how complicated it can be
16:19:59 <hanrahat> :-)
16:20:26 <alexpilotti> primeministerp: still online? :-)
16:21:00 <AndChat|150689> Hetr
16:21:12 <alexpilotti> looks like we lost him :-)
16:22:01 <primeministerp> back again
16:22:04 <primeministerp> sorry
16:22:05 <primeministerp> about that
16:22:11 <alexpilotti> primeministerp: it's ok
16:22:15 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: ok let's get though this
16:22:23 <primeministerp> so
16:22:25 <primeministerp> yes
16:22:31 <primeministerp> anyone who wants to test
16:22:32 <primeministerp> can reach out to me
16:22:47 <primeministerp> and I will do facilitate them getting a msdn acct
16:22:49 <alexpilotti> cool. Do you think it's possible to send an email to the dev ML?
16:22:49 <primeministerp> er -do
16:22:59 <primeministerp> I just cannot promise that it's quickly
16:23:09 <alexpilotti> :-)
16:23:43 <alexpilotti> primeministerp: ping :-)
16:24:18 <alexpilotti> looks like primeministerp has some serious connectivity issues today
16:24:30 <iben> Hey guys - I have a question about this - why do we need msdn when hyper-v is free? Just asking… what other components are we testing here?
16:24:43 <primeministerp> i'm here
16:24:45 <primeministerp> just typing
16:24:50 <alexpilotti> hi iben good question
16:24:56 <primeministerp> iben: you technically don
16:24:58 <alexpilotti> iben: Hyper-V server is free
16:25:09 <primeministerp> t
16:25:12 <primeministerp> it's a good will gesture
16:25:17 <alexpilotti> iben: but you need a domain controller for testing live migration for example
16:25:40 <alexpilotti> iben: also teh full WIndows Server has GUI tools that people like to use during development
16:25:44 <pnavarro> alexpilotti: btw, with SMB 3.0 it will be possible to have a domain controller 100% open source ?
16:25:47 <iben> BTW - I have MSDN as do the other team members I'm working with but an overview of the current setup and next steps for a lab for testing would be helpful.  If a write up on this doesn't exist I'd like to volunteer to help document it
16:26:00 <alexpilotti> iben: we do 99% of the development on the free Hyper-V
16:26:23 <iben> and the actual openstack environment is the typical linux platform?
16:26:36 <primeministerp> iben: yes
16:26:42 <alexpilotti> iben: we have a free installer he: http://www.cloudbase.it/installing-openstack-nova-compute-on-hyper-v/
16:26:48 <iben> In Other words - and existing openstack or devstack users could test this
16:26:56 <primeministerp> iben: yes
16:26:57 <alexpilotti> iben: with all the step by step documentation
16:27:03 <iben> okay - I will review
16:27:03 <primeministerp> iben: you just point hyper-v at it
16:27:05 <primeministerp> iben: and make sure you have a vhd
16:27:10 <primeministerp> to deploy on hyper-v
16:27:22 <primeministerp> iben: you can also tweak your scheduler to place vm's properly
16:27:52 <iben> ok - I would like more details on that too
16:28:07 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: is that documented yet?
16:28:12 <alexpilotti> iben: we hare also ready mand VHDs for ubuntu 12.04, so contact me if you need a link
16:28:13 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: the scheduler bits?
16:28:34 <primeministerp> ok then
16:28:36 <alexpilotti> primeministerp: it's simply a glance property
16:28:41 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: yes
16:28:45 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: ok moving on
16:28:55 <primeministerp> #topic ci infrastructure
16:28:55 <alexpilotti> primeministerp: iben here you go: http://www.cloudbase.it/filtering-glance-images-for-hyper-v/
16:29:00 <iben> the main issue right now (hope to hear about this later) is the way to automate Windows VM provisioning including hostname and IP address assignment. Since typically openstack uses images - how do we inject this info?
16:29:08 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: thx
16:29:08 <primeministerp> iben: ->
16:29:31 <alexpilotti> iben: http://www.cloudbase.it/cloud-init-for-windows-instances/
16:29:32 <primeministerp> iben: do you have windows provisioning already in place?
16:29:50 <iben> yes - most customers are using SCCM for this with a PXE boot setup
16:29:59 <iben> there's a way to also use USB image
16:30:00 <primeministerp> iben:then you can still use that
16:30:21 <iben> okay - this is something I'd like to document as well
16:30:24 <primeministerp> iben: from a iron and making your master images perspective
16:30:29 <primeministerp> iben: perfect
16:30:39 <primeministerp> iben: I created the original docs
16:30:46 <iben> can we add it to a list and get a few people to work with me on it?
16:30:50 <primeministerp> iben: i.e. in the admin guide
16:30:59 <primeministerp> iben: definately
16:31:00 <primeministerp> EmilienM: ping
16:31:03 <iben> integration of sccm and openstack
16:31:07 <EmilienM> primeministerp: pong
16:31:16 <primeministerp> o
16:31:17 <primeministerp> one sec
16:31:22 <primeministerp> iben: I won't be using sccm
16:31:30 <primeministerp> iben: so I won't be able to help
16:31:34 <primeministerp> w/ sccm specific bits
16:32:00 <primeministerp> iben: however if it's related to core openstack stuff
16:32:04 <iben> right - I'd like to work with someone at MS or the OPenstack community on this
16:32:10 <primeministerp> please feel free to pubdate the other bits
16:32:20 <primeministerp> iben: that needs to be a discussion
16:32:31 <iben> understood
16:32:33 <primeministerp> iben: w/ the sccm folks
16:32:38 <iben> ok
16:32:49 <iben> let's move on - I don't want to take over teh meeting
16:32:53 <primeministerp> iben: i believe we have a talk tomorrow
16:32:56 <primeministerp> iben: let's start that discussion there
16:32:59 <hanrahat> primeministerp: i can help make the connection to the sccm team
16:33:01 <primeministerp> iben: and drive it inside msft
16:33:10 <primeministerp> just want to make sure we're clear
16:33:14 <iben> sure
16:33:33 <pnavarro> I have to guys, alexpilotti ping me as soos as you have something me to start testing
16:33:43 <alexpilotti> pnavarro: sure, tx!
16:35:48 <alexpilotti> primeministerp: should we move on to cloud-init?
16:36:00 <primeminsterp> ok
16:36:01 <primeminsterp> back again
16:36:02 <primeminsterp> sorry about that
16:36:12 <primeminsterp> just some updates on the ci
16:36:48 <primeminsterp> so this is a key link in the chain
16:36:56 <primeminsterp> I finally go the puppet reg working properly on the back side of the preseed
16:37:03 <primeminsterp> ociuhandu: any movement on the quantum automation?
16:37:16 <primeminsterp> ociuhandu: also I didn't get to look at the cert creation bits yet
16:37:25 <primeminsterp> ociuhandu: i'll try to look at those tonight
16:37:38 <ociuhandu> primeminsterp: quantum templates will be ready today
16:37:44 <primeminsterp> ociuhandu: great
16:37:58 <ociuhandu> primeminsterp: the install part is already in place
16:38:16 <primeminsterp> ociuhandu: I'm going to try to test the other bits today out of registration
16:38:20 <primeminsterp> ociuhandu: great
16:38:27 <ociuhandu> I hope that by tomorrow or the day after, the latest, I wil move to the network controller
16:38:31 <primeminsterp> ociuhandu: also I'll work on finalizing the windows provising
16:38:39 <primeminsterp> ociuhandu: awesome
16:38:45 <primeminsterp> ociuhandu: let's touch base tomorrow
16:38:48 <primeminsterp> ociuhandu: then
16:38:52 <ociuhandu> primeminsterp: sure
16:39:17 <primeminsterp> #topic hyper-v chef
16:39:27 <primeminsterp> so talking about chef modules today w/ Matt Ray from opscode
16:40:19 <primeminsterp> we'll see if we can make any progress
16:40:48 <iben> modules = cookbooks?
16:40:59 <iben> or actual ruby code bits?
16:47:09 <primeministerp> ok
16:47:13 <primeministerp> really shaky connection
16:47:16 <primeministerp> closing the meeting
16:47:18 <primeministerp> sorry guys
16:47:22 <primeministerp> #endmeeting