16:02:26 <primeministerp> #startmeeting hyper-v
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16:02:50 <primeministerp> hi guy
16:02:51 <primeministerp> s
16:03:12 <primeministerp> zehicle_at_dell: hi rob
16:03:18 <zehicle_at_dell> hi
16:03:22 <pnavarro> hi primeministerp
16:03:26 <alexpilotti> hi guys
16:03:31 <primeministerp> hey pedro
16:03:37 <pnavarro> hi everybody !
16:03:57 <luis_fdez> hi
16:04:00 <primeministerp> hey luis
16:04:02 <primeministerp> great
16:04:06 <primeministerp> we have quorum
16:04:31 <primeministerp> let's begin
16:04:34 <primeministerp> #topic
16:04:44 <primeministerp> #topic new patches
16:05:01 <primeministerp> I know alex has been hard at work
16:05:17 <primeministerp> bunch of patch have submitted for wmi v2
16:05:22 <primeministerp> and vhdx is on the way
16:05:36 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: any additoinal comments, on that
16:05:39 <alexpilotti> sure
16:05:52 <schwicht> hi everyone!
16:05:57 <alexpilotti> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/39195/
16:06:03 <primeministerp> schwicht: hello frank
16:06:07 <alexpilotti> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/39194/
16:06:17 <alexpilotti> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/39164/
16:06:30 <alexpilotti> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/38160/
16:06:43 <alexpilotti> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/38791/
16:07:03 <alexpilotti> plus we have a bug fix that got merged
16:07:19 <alexpilotti> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1203059
16:07:20 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1203059 in nova "Hyper-V versions before 2012 are not properly recognized" [Undecided,Fix committed]
16:07:45 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: thank for the infomation
16:07:54 <pnavarro> from my side, nothing new, I'd like to start coding this week
16:07:54 <alexpilotti> I'm trying to back port it to Grizzly as well
16:07:59 <alexpilotti> VHDX is on the way
16:08:09 <zehicle_at_dell> what version(s) of HyperV are being targeted?
16:08:09 <alexpilotti> we have to fix the tests and it's ready for review
16:08:23 <primeministerp> zehicle_at_dell: 2012 up
16:08:35 <zehicle_at_dell> kk, thanks for confirming
16:08:48 <schwicht> (I assume that is becaise of WMI v2?)
16:08:56 <primeministerp> yes
16:09:11 <alexpilotti> 2012 R2 does not have V1
16:09:26 <alexpilotti> also we needed V2 for VHDX and other stuff introduced in 2012
16:09:30 <schwicht> yep we need to look forward
16:09:36 <primeministerp> *nod*
16:10:01 <primeministerp> ok
16:10:15 <primeministerp> pnavarro: do you have any updates on the cinder works
16:10:29 <pnavarro> no, I'd like to start this week
16:10:48 <primeministerp> pnavarro: ok
16:10:59 <primeministerp> pnavarro: keep us posted on your progress
16:11:03 <pnavarro> sure !
16:11:48 <primeministerp> pnavarro: are you still interested in ephermal storage?
16:12:56 <primeministerp> pnavarro: will you have time to do work on the ephermal storage as well?
16:13:12 <pnavarro> well, I shouldn't be very difficult..
16:13:31 <pnavarro> I'd like to try
16:14:23 <primeministerp> pnavarro: ok, we want to get in for sept, let us know if you need help
16:14:35 <pnavarro> perfect, thanks !
16:14:56 <alexpilotti> pnavarro: tx!
16:14:58 <alexpilotti> :-)
16:15:13 <primeministerp> ok
16:15:26 <primeministerp> are we good on active development bits?
16:15:35 <primeministerp> #topic summit sessions
16:16:12 <primeministerp> the summit deadline was I belive friday
16:16:33 <primeministerp> hopefully everyone got thier sessions in
16:16:40 <primeministerp> who was planning on giving one
16:16:56 <primeministerp> I know alexpilotti has submitted 2 sessions
16:17:04 <primeministerp> and I also submitted 2 sessions
16:17:22 <alexpilotti> yep, one workshop on windows + cloudbase-init, all possible deployments
16:17:33 <primeministerp> so first question to the group are any of the other hyper-v folks planning on attending the summit?
16:17:38 <alexpilotti> and an entry level one, on CentOS + RDO + Hyper-V
16:17:46 <alexpilotti> (see latest blog post)
16:17:46 <zehicle_at_dell> we're talking about it - ours are still going through the corporate machine
16:18:08 <primeministerp> ok good
16:18:14 <primeministerp> I haven't booked anything yet
16:18:18 <primeministerp> but need to
16:18:18 <zehicle_at_dell> Dell will have a small team (5 engineers - if you count me)
16:18:20 <primeministerp> I know others have
16:18:30 <primeministerp> booked already
16:18:39 <alexpilotti> zehicle_at_dell: let me know if you'd like us to join you on stage for a Crowbar / Hyper-V demo :-)
16:18:41 <pnavarro> I'm planning to attend too
16:18:47 <zehicle_at_dell> I believe SUSE too
16:18:52 <primeministerp> pnavarro: execellent!
16:18:57 <zehicle_at_dell> alexpilotti: thinking......
16:19:00 <zehicle_at_dell> yes ;)
16:19:07 <alexpilotti> yeiii :-)
16:19:21 <primeministerp> so looks like there will be a good group
16:19:42 <primeministerp> zehicle_at_dell: I like the idea of that
16:20:13 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: who's attending from the CERN camp?
16:20:28 <zehicle_at_dell> wanted to talk about CB demos when we get to that topic
16:20:33 <luis_fdez> Jose and Belmiro are attending... and... I'm not sure if Jan or Tim
16:20:48 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: gotcha
16:21:24 <primeministerp> any other discussion for the summit
16:21:37 <zehicle_at_dell> question on the target distro: I'm assuming Havana.  We're starting to work on Havana using pull-from-source in September
16:21:51 <primeministerp> zehicle_at_dell: you can use grizzly
16:22:12 <zehicle_at_dell> good, that's what I'd like to be testing on right now
16:22:32 <zehicle_at_dell> Havana will take some baking - could be interesting at the summit
16:23:11 <primeministerp> #topic puppet-openstack-hyper-v
16:23:18 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: so
16:23:27 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: it's been a while since we've cought up
16:23:30 <luis_fdez> yeps
16:23:35 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: is that pull ready to be merged?
16:23:45 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: you said wait in your comments
16:23:48 <luis_fdez> yes, I think so... more testing is neede but it should work
16:23:55 <luis_fdez> yes, I updated today
16:24:00 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: ok perfect
16:24:12 <luis_fdez> I'll work the rest of the week on the refactoring
16:24:19 <primeministerp> great
16:24:20 <luis_fdez> next week I'll be out of the office
16:24:31 <primeministerp> I'll be able to test it w/in the next couple days
16:24:37 <luis_fdez> I'd to have the python environment polished and ready
16:24:50 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: is the python part ready?
16:25:14 <luis_fdez> well, with this refactoring it should be ready
16:25:21 <primeministerp> ok
16:25:23 <luis_fdez> it supports installing from exe, msi, pip...
16:25:37 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: can you make sure there's a from source option
16:25:43 <primeministerp> that's part is coming
16:25:48 <primeministerp> i'm getting some help
16:25:49 <primeministerp> ;)
16:25:54 <zehicle_at_dell> can someone explan the python / puppet integration?
16:26:03 <primeministerp> zehicle_at_dell: so
16:26:07 <primeministerp> to install openstack
16:26:12 <primeministerp> on hyper-v you need python
16:26:13 <primeministerp> currently
16:26:25 <primeministerp> you have a bunch of options on how to get that
16:26:33 <primeministerp> if we use the public binaries
16:26:43 <primeministerp> from the python community
16:26:45 <primeministerp> for the base msi
16:26:51 <primeministerp> of python 2.7
16:26:58 <primeministerp> we need to then
16:27:03 <zehicle_at_dell> ah, ok.  I get it.  it's about evironment prep.
16:27:06 <primeministerp> yes
16:27:11 <primeministerp> so
16:27:16 <primeministerp> when I did my last refactor
16:27:22 <primeministerp> I had it auto pull everything from the web
16:27:24 <alexpilotti> zehicle_at_dell: it's very similar to how we do it in Crowbar
16:27:41 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: is taking my brute force and cleaning it up to something more flexible
16:27:48 <luis_fdez> hehe
16:27:56 <zehicle_at_dell> I'm familiar w/ the problem - it's a pain to solve
16:28:40 <zehicle_at_dell> esp if you assume no route to the internet from the hosts admin network (which is what we assume)
16:28:53 <schwicht> you can have local pip sources ...
16:29:21 <luis_fdez> yeps we want to allow the user specify the sources or pull it from the web
16:29:24 <zehicle_at_dell> yy, that's what we do.  We have an approach for that (pull-from-source), but this is getting off topic
16:29:59 <zehicle_at_dell> did not mean to derail us
16:30:35 <zehicle_at_dell> gtr in 15 minutes
16:30:51 <primeministerp> exactly
16:34:07 <primeministerp> ok
16:34:16 <primeministerp> any thing else on the puppet side
16:34:18 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: ?
16:34:42 <luis_fdez> ummm, no, that's all...
16:34:47 <primeministerp> ok
16:34:56 <primeministerp> anyone else to go on?
16:35:00 <primeministerp> er
16:35:13 <primeministerp> anything else add?
16:35:48 <zehicle_at_dell> I'm here
16:36:01 <primeministerp> zehicle_at_dell: what's up
16:36:07 <primeministerp> zehicle_at_dell: anything else from your side?
16:36:11 <zehicle_at_dell> wanted to talk about setting up a CB HyperV demo w/ the cloudbase team
16:36:20 <primeministerp> zehicle_at_dell: let's talk
16:36:32 <alexpilotti> zehicle_at_dell: sure
16:36:46 <primeministerp> zehicle_at_dell: did you submit the session yet?  ;)
16:37:09 <zehicle_at_dell> was thinking to do it during the community CB design meeting next wed (8/7)
16:37:17 <zehicle_at_dell> not yet, but soon
16:37:55 <zehicle_at_dell> I
16:38:14 <alexpilotti> zehicle_at_dell: do you have some sponsors sessions that you can submit after the 31th?
16:38:22 <zehicle_at_dell> I've got two people from our OS team ready to test the CB-HyperV work on some servers - waiting for all the pulls to pass
16:38:33 <zehicle_at_dell> yes, we have 1
16:38:55 <alexpilotti> zehicle_at_dell: ok, let me know how you want to handle it
16:39:34 <zehicle_at_dell> I'll em you to set it up, the time is on the CB calendar (wed @ 10am central)
16:39:52 <alexpilotti> cool
16:40:20 <primeministerp> awesome
16:40:44 <zehicle_at_dell> I'm excited to see the integration pulls accepted and start testing on physical gear
16:40:52 <zehicle_at_dell> Grizzly btw
16:41:08 <primeministerp> ok
16:41:14 <zehicle_at_dell> alexpilotti: I'll introduce you to the team
16:41:24 <alexpilotti> great, tx!
16:41:26 <zehicle_at_dell> since I'm expecting they will work directly w/ you
16:41:35 <alexpilotti> sounds good
16:42:09 <zehicle_at_dell> that was my main topic - still recovering from OSCON
16:42:14 <primeministerp> hehe
16:42:25 <primeministerp> zehicle_at_dell: i pob should have put that on the list of confs
16:42:46 <primeministerp> any other topics?
16:42:53 <primeministerp> schwicht: ?
16:43:01 <primeministerp> schwicht: anything to add?
16:43:09 <schwicht> primeministerp: not for today
16:43:13 <primeministerp> ok then
16:43:17 <primeministerp> i'm calling it
16:43:21 <primeministerp> #endmeeting