16:01:24 <primeministerp> #startmeeting hyper-v
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16:01:35 <primeministerp> hi all
16:01:40 <luis_fdez> hi
16:01:43 <primeministerp> hey luis
16:01:58 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: I just sent out the agenda
16:02:03 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: but you're high on my list
16:02:17 <luis_fdez> hehe
16:02:30 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: i've got resources to add on it, and they should be starting on itby the end of the week
16:02:52 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: so we need to touch base as to where all your refactoring is
16:02:59 <primeministerp> and what needs to be addressed immediately
16:03:18 <primeministerp> do you want to have the discussion now?
16:03:38 <luis_fdez> yeah, it's ok for me... as you wish
16:03:45 <primeministerp> #topic puppet work
16:04:16 <primeministerp> so I know the vswitch parts are in place and you did work to clean up the part retrieval and python stack integration
16:04:17 <luis_fdez> ok, the last PR I sent is the one that adds the creation of the service itself
16:04:27 <primeministerp> yes you moved it to sc
16:04:33 <luis_fdez> yes, I have to test it
16:04:44 <primeministerp> so my guys should be testing it now
16:04:49 <primeministerp> but I have to follow up
16:04:51 <luis_fdez> I had problems iwth our puppet infra , but now itÅ› fixe so I'll be albe to test it this week
16:05:00 <primeministerp> ok
16:05:02 <luis_fdez> aah , perfect also!
16:05:06 <primeministerp> so also
16:05:24 <primeministerp> I want to dedicate one of them towards building from source
16:05:41 <primeministerp> starting at python
16:05:45 <luis_fdez> ok, it's a good one
16:05:52 <primeministerp> luis_fdeso
16:05:54 <primeministerp> er
16:05:59 <primeministerp> so the python stack is complete
16:06:03 <primeministerp> you're saying
16:06:17 <primeministerp> just needs to be tested
16:06:23 <luis_fdez> yes, it can be improved (in terms of passing parameters more efficiently) but all the elements are there
16:06:29 <primeministerp> sure
16:06:43 <luis_fdez> we can even start think about spliting
16:06:48 <primeministerp> so I have been
16:06:56 <primeministerp> i wanted to talk about a winlib
16:06:59 <primeministerp> for functions
16:07:07 <primeministerp> that are common
16:07:10 <primeministerp> across windows
16:07:17 <primeministerp> or think of it
16:07:21 <primeministerp> sorry
16:07:22 <luis_fdez> like a "windows tool kit"module?
16:07:25 <alexpilotti> Hi guys
16:07:25 <primeministerp> yes
16:07:25 <alexpilotti> sorry, my Colloquy frooze
16:07:29 <primeministerp> that's it
16:07:31 <primeministerp> for example
16:07:36 <luis_fdez> yes, I think it's a good idea
16:07:38 <primeministerp> all the misc powershell tidbits
16:07:56 <primeministerp> at puppet conf I spoke w/ some guys who were doing a lot of powershell/puppet work
16:08:06 <primeministerp> rather than having all these modules
16:08:08 <luis_fdez> my point of view is that a lot of modules in the forge are to small (for windows case)
16:08:11 <primeministerp> for powreshell commands
16:08:19 <primeministerp> have one good one
16:08:27 <primeministerp> w/ the most useful ones
16:08:28 <luis_fdez> I agree
16:08:31 <primeministerp> ok
16:08:34 <primeministerp> then
16:08:43 <primeministerp> I want to start a thread
16:08:47 <primeministerp> w/ the puppet folks
16:08:52 <primeministerp> and get thier buy in
16:09:02 <primeministerp> bc i'm sure they have stuff they could add
16:09:18 <primeministerp> but basically i'm thinking powershell -> wintools? -> hyper-v
16:09:24 <primeministerp> as a start
16:09:31 <primeministerp> bc the base functionality
16:09:33 <primeministerp> of some of that
16:09:36 <primeministerp> can be moved
16:09:42 <primeministerp> or integrated into other modules
16:09:47 <primeministerp> additionally
16:09:47 <luis_fdez> ok, yes
16:09:52 <primeministerp> should things like ntp
16:09:59 <zehicle_at_dell> I'm here - sorry I was late
16:09:59 <primeministerp> be moved into upstream ntp module
16:10:03 <primeministerp> and add windows support
16:10:05 <primeministerp> np rob
16:10:10 <primeministerp> just talking puppet work
16:10:18 <luis_fdez> the ntp is in my todo list as I'd like to integrate at cern
16:10:24 <primeministerp> ok
16:10:27 <primeministerp> perfect
16:10:35 <primeministerp> i'm sure we have most
16:10:37 <primeministerp> of it already
16:10:43 <primeministerp> it's just matter of formalities
16:10:57 <luis_fdez> there is also the vswitch forge moduel, I don't know if we could mix it easily
16:10:58 <primeministerp> of moving the code and adding params
16:11:02 <primeministerp> hmm
16:11:04 <luis_fdez> is focuse in ovs but
16:11:07 <luis_fdez> ... i dont know...
16:11:10 <primeministerp> i say we keep that in the hyper-v module
16:11:23 <luis_fdez> ok, better
16:11:36 <primeministerp> as it's specific to the hyper-v virtual switch
16:11:41 <primeministerp> once we have the ovs work complete
16:11:53 <primeministerp> maybe integrate w/ the upstream ovs module there
16:12:05 <primeministerp> however short term
16:12:16 <primeministerp> let's move towards a common tools lib
16:12:32 <primeministerp> virt functionality in the hyper-v module
16:12:34 <luis_fdez> ok, I like the idea
16:12:45 <primeministerp> including hyper-v virtual switch
16:12:50 <primeministerp> I think as a rule
16:13:03 <primeministerp> if the bits can be used in core windows
16:13:06 <primeministerp> and not just hyper-v
16:13:18 <primeministerp> put it in this tools module or something else
16:13:42 <luis_fdez> yes, if the tools module gets big... we can split it again
16:14:02 <luis_fdez> the python part is one that should be also reused
16:14:27 <primeministerp> yes
16:14:29 <primeministerp> definately
16:15:39 <luis_fdez> can we have a meeting by the end of the week in #openstack-hyper-v to coordinate also with the new resources?
16:15:59 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: i would like to do that
16:16:37 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: I was hoping at least tim would be on this one today
16:16:57 <primeministerp> however there's still some rampup in progress so bare with us
16:17:11 <luis_fdez> are they there at MS?
16:17:14 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: i'll schedule something for this week
16:17:16 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: yes
16:17:19 <primeministerp> all ms
16:17:20 <primeministerp> people
16:17:21 <luis_fdez> ok
16:17:27 <primeministerp> 5 of us total
16:17:29 <primeministerp> now
16:17:39 <primeministerp> they are transitioning from the lis side of things
16:18:01 <iben> wow!  Congrats Peter - your team there is growing?
16:18:08 <primeministerp> yes
16:18:09 <primeministerp> it has
16:18:15 <primeministerp> so
16:18:25 <iben> that's a great validation of what we're doing!
16:18:30 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: what time works for you
16:18:47 <primeministerp> iben: there's validation coming from all over the place ;)
16:19:03 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: our biggest issue is they are in redmond
16:19:12 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: so time zones can be difficult
16:19:17 <luis_fdez> ummm what time is there now?
16:19:42 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: so it's noon on 12:20pm in cambridge and 9:20 in redmond
16:19:54 <luis_fdez> wops...
16:20:07 <primeministerp> that's 9:20am
16:20:09 <primeministerp> so
16:20:27 <primeministerp> what works best for you
16:20:43 <primeministerp> i'll get them to attend
16:21:09 <luis_fdez> the same time as the meeting is ok? later?
16:21:15 <primeministerp> let's shoot for that
16:21:25 <primeministerp> tomorrow work?
16:21:29 <primeministerp> or thurs?
16:21:36 <luis_fdez> I'm already at home but it's not a problem... meeting with sleepers is always confortable
16:21:48 <primeministerp> ok
16:21:54 <luis_fdez> tomorrow? ok
16:22:09 <primeministerp> sounds good, I'm going to send out a meeting request to the group involved
16:22:12 <primeministerp> ok
16:22:15 <luis_fdez> perfect
16:22:23 <primeministerp> one more thing related to this
16:22:34 <primeministerp> what should we call it
16:22:38 <primeministerp> the common module
16:22:59 <luis_fdez> windows_common? windows_toolkit?
16:23:19 <primeministerp> windows_common
16:23:22 <luis_fdez> ok
16:23:23 <primeministerp> sounds good
16:23:47 <primeministerp> ok
16:24:04 <primeministerp> let's move on
16:24:14 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: ping
16:24:17 <luis_fdez> ok
16:24:26 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: do you have anything else to cover
16:24:33 <alexpilotti> primeministerp: hey
16:24:34 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: before we do
16:24:36 <luis_fdez> not... well, just one more thing....
16:24:44 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: one sec
16:24:47 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: shoot
16:24:48 <luis_fdez> is your talk at puppetconf already available online? hehe
16:24:56 <primeministerp> o
16:24:57 <primeministerp> yes
16:25:00 <primeministerp> one sec
16:25:06 <primeministerp> i'll find the url
16:25:35 <luis_fdez> thanks :)
16:26:13 <primeministerp> #link http://puppetlabs.com/presentations/using-puppet-deploying-hyper-v-openstack-compute-nodes
16:26:21 <primeministerp> ok
16:26:22 <luis_fdez> ok, I'm done
16:26:27 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: ready
16:26:47 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: you wanted to discussion 2012r2
16:26:53 <alexpilotti> primeministerp: oki
16:27:02 <primeministerp> #topic 2012r2
16:27:10 <alexpilotti> just a quick note on the fact that 2012 R2 RTM is out
16:27:30 <alexpilotti> we updated the installer for 2012 R2 and we are doing heavy testing
16:27:52 <schwicht> alexpilotti: I thought we need new APIs to support R2 ?
16:27:57 <alexpilotti> additionally, ceilometer works at bed on 2012R2
16:27:58 <schwicht> (hi)
16:28:08 <alexpilotti> schwicht: hi there
16:28:08 <primeministerp> schwicht: we did the work
16:28:12 <alexpilotti> schwicht: we have them
16:28:20 <schwicht> contained in Havana?
16:28:24 <alexpilotti> yes
16:28:26 <schwicht> wow
16:28:40 <alexpilotti> we plan also to back port the Havana driver to Grizzly
16:28:44 <alexpilotti> outside of the tree of course
16:29:14 <schwicht> alexpilotti: Havana is fine for us ...
16:29:41 <alexpilotti> so, Hyper-V 2012R2 has some additional metrics for disk I/O  that are not available in 2012
16:29:54 <alexpilotti> Ceilometer uses them
16:30:04 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: good work btw
16:30:15 <alexpilotti> we're also updating the installer to add the Ceilometer agent
16:30:19 <alexpilotti> tx!
16:30:28 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: does that help you guys now?
16:30:36 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: the celometer support?
16:30:43 <luis_fdez> yeah of course, it's great alexpilotti
16:30:49 <alexpilotti> Ceilometer was largely done by claudiub, one of our guys @cloudbase
16:30:51 <luis_fdez> the linux side is already running ceiloemeter
16:30:52 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: perfect
16:31:03 <alexpilotti> I mean, the Ceilometer Hyper-V stuff
16:31:06 <luis_fdez> having it for windows will be perfect :)
16:31:33 <alexpilotti> luis_fdez: we'd love some help on testing Ceilometer with Hyper-V ;-)
16:32:02 <luis_fdez> ok alexpilotti, I'll do my test to have time to do it, :)
16:32:13 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: thanks luis_fdez
16:32:18 <alexpilotti> lol, lapsus?
16:32:39 <alexpilotti> s/test/best/ I assume :-)
16:32:48 <luis_fdez> hehe yes
16:33:03 <alexpilotti> luis_fdez: tx, looking forward to hear from you :-)
16:33:32 <alexpilotti> primeministerp: we have a new commit going in today
16:33:50 <alexpilotti> Hyper-V agent API support in Neutron
16:34:11 <alexpilotti> it's necessary for ML2
16:34:30 <alexpilotti> that's why it's marked as bug and it will get into H-RC1
16:34:55 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: o good
16:35:16 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: for some reason I thought it was already in
16:35:38 <alexpilotti> nope, we were testing all the possible combinations
16:36:17 <primeministerp> great
16:36:43 <primeministerp> btw
16:36:59 <primeministerp> schwicht: great job on the snapshot bug fix
16:37:12 <schwicht> I will tell them
16:37:21 <primeministerp> schwicht: please do
16:37:31 <alexpilotti> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/31228/
16:37:45 <alexpilotti> yeah, thanks schwicht!
16:37:51 <alexpilotti> it took a bit but it looks good now
16:38:18 <alexpilotti> I reviewed it, we have a +2, we miss the last one
16:39:39 <primeministerp> do we have anything else to cover?
16:39:47 <primeministerp> zehicle_at_dell: anything you want to add
16:39:51 <luis_fdez> one question
16:39:55 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: yes
16:40:05 <zehicle_at_dell> no, I'm ok
16:40:29 <luis_fdez> alexpilotti, console/rdp access? what's the status ? I saw some bits under review
16:40:57 <alexpilotti> luis_fdez: they didn't manage to review it in time
16:41:31 <alexpilotti> actually there's a lot of discussion on management issues on this release for Nova, but that's another topic
16:41:31 <luis_fdez> is it feasible to test it in a grizzly deployment?
16:42:22 <alexpilotti> sure the code is complete, it can be backported
16:42:44 <luis_fdez> ok, thanks! I'll add it to my "teststack"
16:42:56 <alexpilotti> can you send me an email, I'm going to point you to the right repo
16:43:14 <luis_fdez> ok, perfect, I'll ping you when I have time for it
16:43:32 <primeministerp> great
16:43:40 <primeministerp> anything else?
16:43:49 <primeministerp> schwicht: zehicle_at_dell iben ?
16:44:13 <luis_fdez> primeministerp,
16:44:18 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: yep
16:44:46 <luis_fdez> I'm also working in a simple puppet module to deploy a flume agent on windows... we are using it now to send the compute logs
16:44:50 <zehicle_at_dell> no other issues
16:44:59 <primeministerp> hmm
16:45:01 <primeministerp> flume?
16:45:08 <primeministerp> you have a link never heard of it
16:45:24 <luis_fdez> http://flume.apache.org/
16:45:59 <luis_fdez> for monitoring... we are sending logs to HDFS, elasticsearch... and you can take a look and query it with kibana dashboard...
16:46:09 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: are you only sending compute? or eventlogs as well
16:46:23 <luis_fdez> only compute log now
16:46:32 <primeministerp> when you get there
16:46:46 <primeministerp> i've been using some code out of google summer of code project
16:46:49 <primeministerp> evt2syslog
16:46:54 <primeministerp> i belive is the name
16:47:02 <luis_fdez> ok, I'll take a look to it
16:47:27 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: let's talk more about this
16:47:35 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: I may be into using flume as well
16:47:43 <primeministerp> luis_fdez: I just started eyeing log solutions
16:47:56 <luis_fdez> this combination is like the open alternative to splunk...
16:48:42 <primeministerp> yeah looks like that
16:49:09 <primeministerp> ok
16:49:14 <primeministerp> if that's it
16:49:21 <primeministerp> i'll end it
16:49:38 <primeministerp> going once
16:49:43 <primeministerp> .
16:49:46 <primeministerp> 2x
16:49:51 <primeministerp> #endmeeting