16:02:54 <primeministerp> #startmeeting hyper-v
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16:03:08 <primeministerp> Hi all
16:03:20 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: hi there
16:03:23 <luis_> hi primeministerp
16:03:27 <primeministerp> hi luis
16:03:39 <primeministerp> luis_: how are things?
16:03:44 <primeministerp> luis_: glad you made it
16:03:53 <primeministerp> luis_: we can catch up on module stuff
16:03:54 <alexpilotti> hi guys!
16:03:57 <luis_> perfect :)
16:04:05 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: hey alex
16:04:13 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: figured we'd have some quick updates
16:04:21 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: talk about puppet modules
16:04:24 <alexpilotti> primeministerp luis_ hi guys, nice to see you!
16:04:38 <primeministerp> and then get back to the 90 other meetings
16:04:43 <primeministerp> ;)
16:05:01 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: do you want to start?
16:05:13 <alexpilotti> well, from here to the summit it’s the best time to collect suggestions for the next BPs
16:05:36 <primeministerp> #topic blueprint ideas
16:05:54 <alexpilotti> Ah, and since we have a new Nova PTL maybe it’s a good moment to catch up, if timezone permits
16:05:57 <alexpilotti> mikal: hi
16:06:19 <alexpilotti> in the meantime, let me fetch the looong list of blueprint ideas :-)
16:06:58 <alexpilotti> do in random order:
16:07:02 <primeministerp> well the first i can think of is smb3 support in cinder
16:07:10 <primeministerp> for the cern folks
16:07:19 <luis_> hehe
16:07:20 <alexpilotti> smb3, yep
16:07:27 <alexpilotti> x509 auth
16:07:38 <alexpilotti> nova host power actions
16:07:46 <alexpilotti> nova soft reboot
16:08:15 <alexpilotti> nova hyper-v clustering
16:08:34 <alexpilotti> nova serial console
16:08:39 <alexpilotti> nova rescue
16:08:41 <primeministerp> ahh good one
16:08:48 <alexpilotti> nova get-disgnostics (v2)
16:08:59 <alexpilotti> Hyper-V generation 2 VMs
16:09:35 <alexpilotti> ok, I skipped the non Nova ones for now :-)
16:09:43 <primeministerp> that's fine
16:09:52 <luis_> sounds good :)
16:10:00 <primeministerp> it's a start
16:10:03 <alexpilotti> teh idea is to get them all together, gop to the summit, give them a priority and start the bp process
16:10:16 <alexpilotti> the bp process changed btw
16:10:28 <primeministerp> we'll gauge the audience in atlanta
16:10:31 <primeministerp> as well
16:10:31 <alexpilotti> now we first have to submit a document in gerrit for each bp
16:10:56 <alexpilotti> which is gonna be discussed by the Nova core folks and anybody else interested
16:11:12 <primeministerp> *nod*
16:11:16 <alexpilotti> and then once approved the usual implementation starts
16:11:40 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: perfecto
16:11:46 <alexpilotti> my 2c, w/o the need of a crystal ball is that the cluster one will have a VERY hard life to pass :-D
16:11:58 <luis_> hehe
16:12:09 <primeministerp> well, thing is there is customer demand
16:12:26 <alexpilotti> at least by looking at how the equivalent vSphere driver is mistreated… ;-)
16:12:48 <alexpilotti> luis_: are you gonan be at the summit?
16:12:56 <luis_> yes, this time
16:13:00 <luis_> I'll go :)
16:13:04 <primeministerp> luis_: great!
16:13:06 <alexpilotti> cool!
16:13:26 <primeministerp> so
16:13:33 <primeministerp> let's move onto the puppet stuff
16:13:39 <primeministerp> alexpilotti: thanks for your time
16:13:44 <alexpilotti> I hope that in Paris we’ll see finally both you and Jose at the same time!
16:13:57 <alexpilotti> primeministerp: np!
16:14:02 <primeministerp> topic #puppet
16:14:06 <primeministerp> gah
16:14:11 <primeministerp> #topic puppet modules
16:14:23 <primeministerp> luis_: so I still owe you a ton of commits
16:14:30 <luis_> hehe, no problem :)
16:14:46 <primeministerp> btw i have vijay starting to look into implementing the testing
16:14:57 <luis_> primeministerp, cool :)
16:15:06 <primeministerp> we need to get everthing atomically tested
16:15:20 <luis_> I think the testing part is the one we have to improve
16:15:37 <primeministerp> so we have a ton of infrastructure stuff going on
16:15:43 <primeministerp> in terms of adding more nodes
16:15:46 <primeministerp> better hardware
16:16:00 <primeministerp> that is all in process now
16:16:05 <luis_> great
16:16:22 <primeministerp> additionally it will allow us to put these tests on that same infra
16:16:28 <primeministerp> or a subset of it
16:16:43 <primeministerp> and start testing all modules on commit
16:16:46 <luis_> ok
16:16:58 <primeministerp> at least that's the goal
16:17:11 <primeministerp> so much work though
16:17:11 <luis_> it's a good one, I'll help as much as possible :)
16:17:15 <primeministerp> great
16:17:27 <primeministerp> are there critial ones I need to review
16:17:33 <primeministerp> if possible
16:17:38 <primeministerp> could you send me a list
16:17:44 <primeministerp> and I'll get to it this week
16:17:55 <luis_> I'll review what's pending and I'll update you
16:17:58 <primeministerp> great
16:18:06 <primeministerp> anything else?
16:18:08 <luis_> yes
16:18:11 <primeministerp> shoot
16:18:29 <luis_> I want to draft a first version of the cinder module... as I have to do some tests with cinder I'll do it with puppet
16:18:45 <primeministerp> perfect
16:18:57 <primeministerp> the space is there for you already
16:18:59 <luis_> apart from that,... if I have time... write more tests for the rest
16:19:00 <primeministerp> i believe
16:19:06 <luis_> yes, it's there
16:19:10 <primeministerp> ok
16:19:14 <primeministerp> btw
16:19:20 <primeministerp> we're going to be doing a from source
16:19:24 <primeministerp> soon
16:19:27 <primeministerp> well
16:19:31 <primeministerp> sooner than later
16:19:35 <luis_> ok
16:19:54 <primeministerp> might be helpful for your packaging
16:20:05 <primeministerp> and
16:20:13 <primeministerp> not sure if you saw the oneget news
16:20:18 <luis_> nop
16:20:30 <primeministerp> oneget is the new package mgmt layer that will eventually be shipping in windows
16:20:42 <luis_> Promising?
16:20:45 <primeministerp> ideally it will do all native types
16:20:52 <primeministerp> yes
16:20:57 <primeministerp> it supports chocately today
16:21:02 <luis_> oh cool
16:21:12 <primeministerp> it will get there
16:21:22 <primeministerp> but it's early, they just announced it at build
16:21:46 <luis_> it's good news anyway... wee need that
16:22:00 <primeministerp> let's plan on discussing smb3 in atlanta
16:22:09 <primeministerp> and I'll plan on ordering some shirts
16:22:11 <primeministerp> ;)
16:22:17 <primeministerp> i owe you a couple
16:22:27 <luis_> ok, perfect hehe :)
16:22:43 <primeministerp> that's all i have
16:23:00 <primeministerp> there probably will not be a meeting next week as I'll be travelling
16:23:11 <primeministerp> I'll follow up w/ others
16:23:20 <luis_> ok, I won't be available next week
16:23:22 <primeministerp> and see if one will be required
16:23:32 <primeministerp> then I'll plan on cancelling it
16:23:40 <primeministerp> thanks luis
16:23:47 <primeministerp> catch you in a couple weeks then
16:23:50 <primeministerp> #endmeeting