13:00:14 <Luzi> #startmeeting image_encryption
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13:00:29 <Luzi> #topic Roll Call
13:01:17 <redrobot> o/
13:01:20 <mhen> o/
13:02:33 <Luzi> hello :)
13:02:58 <Luzi> fungi, are you there too? or reading it later?
13:04:55 <Luzi> well lets start
13:04:57 <Luzi> #topic Barbican Consumer API Update
13:05:11 <Luzi> redrobot, are there any news from the barbican side?
13:07:54 <redrobot> heya! ... sorry coffee hasn't taken effect yet
13:08:00 <redrobot> no news from our side
13:08:17 <moguimar> o/
13:08:24 <moguimar> yep, no news
13:08:46 <Luzi> redrobot, no problem - thank you for joining, you too moguimar
13:08:57 <Luzi> #topic Image Encryption Specs
13:10:30 <Luzi> due to several reasons we abandoned our work in nova until ephemeral storage encryption is implemented (which is just a great idea right now - no one is driving this)
13:10:59 <redrobot> hmmm...
13:11:30 <Luzi> yeah... i was talking to mdbooth at the summit about this
13:12:04 <Luzi> so we will focus on glance and cinder now
13:12:10 <Luzi> thats all
13:12:39 <Luzi> are there any questions regarding the specs?
13:13:30 <Luzi> #topic Open Discussion
13:13:54 <Luzi> are there any other topics you would like to discuss?
13:14:01 <redrobot> Nothing on my end.
13:14:25 <Luzi> i have one thing more:
13:14:49 <Luzi> i will be on vacation from wednesday until january
13:15:40 <redrobot> Luzi, nice!  Enjoy your time off
13:15:44 <Luzi> so i would like to skip the next weeks due to christmas ans new year and meet again on January the 6th
13:15:54 <Luzi> redrobot, i will :D
13:17:13 <Luzi> i will write a mail to the ml also
13:17:20 <Luzi> thats all from my side
13:17:29 <Luzi> thank you for joining the meeting
13:17:41 <Luzi> #endmeeting image_encryption