13:00:37 <Luzi> #startmeeting image_encryption
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13:00:51 <Luzi> #topic Roll Call
13:01:03 <rosmaita> o/
13:01:37 <Luzi> hi rosmaita
13:01:37 <redrobot> o/
13:01:44 <Luzi> hi redrobot
13:02:32 <redrobot> Hi Luzi!
13:04:27 <Luzi> #topic Barbican Consumer API Update
13:04:33 <Luzi> i think we can start
13:04:47 <Luzi> are there news from the barbican side?
13:05:07 <redrobot> Yeah, we've landed the Server side code for Secret Consumers
13:05:15 <redrobot> but we still have to add the microversions bits
13:05:58 <Luzi> cool, thats nice to hear :)
13:06:14 <Luzi> #topic Image Encryption Specs
13:06:17 <rosmaita> nice!
13:06:43 <redrobot> I think the only unknown now is how openstacksdk handles microversions
13:06:44 <Luzi> i finally found some time to update the glance spec :D
13:06:48 <moguimar> o/
13:06:53 <Luzi> hi moguimar
13:07:18 <moguimar> hi Luzi
13:08:12 <moguimar> I'm kinda overloaded with other stuff latelly, I'll be able to get back to consumers api after FOSDEM in February
13:08:20 <Luzi> redrobot, well i have no idea how sdk handles it
13:11:30 <Luzi> moguimar, have a good time at the FOSDEM :)
13:14:01 <Luzi> back to the topic: after updating the glance spec, mhen and i try to get some time to have a first draft of code for the glance side.
13:14:18 <rosmaita> good to hear
13:14:32 <Luzi> are there any other questions about the specs?
13:15:05 <rosmaita> i won't have time to review the glance spec until later in the week, but i don't recall that there were problems with it?
13:15:11 <redrobot> Luzi, could you post the link again?
13:15:52 <Luzi> rosmaita, just stating clear that the image has to be uploaded already encrypted.
13:16:02 <Luzi> so glance does neither encrypting nor decrypting
13:16:03 <rosmaita> ok
13:16:18 <rosmaita> that should be no problem then
13:16:27 <Luzi> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/609667/
13:17:12 <Luzi> anything else?
13:18:18 <rosmaita> not from me
13:18:44 <Luzi> #topic Open Discussion
13:18:55 <rosmaita> btw, i did retarget the cinder part of the spec to ussuri: https://review.opendev.org/702309
13:18:58 <Luzi> are there any other topics you would like to discuss?
13:21:09 <Luzi> thank you rosmaita :)
13:21:16 <rosmaita> np
13:22:19 <Luzi> it seems that there is nothing more for today
13:22:25 <Luzi> have a nice week :)
13:22:32 <Luzi> #endmeeting image_encryption