13:01:48 <Luzi> #startmeeting image_encryption
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13:02:04 <Luzi> #topic Roll Call
13:02:14 <redrobot> \o
13:02:46 <fungi> greetings
13:02:57 <Luzi> hi redrobot, hi fungi
13:03:12 <redrobot> Hi Luzi!
13:03:29 <Luzi> #topic Barbican Consumer API Update
13:03:38 <Luzi> are there any news from barbican side?
13:04:28 <redrobot> No sorry, a couple of our gates are broken
13:04:39 <redrobot> it appears they're still running on 2.7 instead of 3.x
13:04:56 <redrobot> so I've been distracted with that, and didn't get a chance to finish the consumers patch
13:06:25 <Luzi> ah don't worry
13:06:35 <Luzi> #topic Image Encryption Specs/WIP
13:07:12 <Luzi> my work also piled up last week, and i had no chance to work on upstream patches :(
13:07:56 <Luzi> its a lot more meetings when everyon is having home office :D
13:08:16 <Luzi> are there any questions or topics you want to talk about?
13:09:23 <redrobot> Haha, yeah, gotta love the video chat meetings
13:10:29 <Luzi> yeah... they are all using a different tool... and i have to install too many of them...
13:11:25 <Luzi> moguimar is still in Brazil, right?
13:11:30 <moguimar> yep
13:11:42 <fungi> thankfully i already worked from home so this has been no real change for me (but yes, plenty of work, more than usual it seems)
13:12:36 <moguimar> and no clue about when I'll be able to get back home
13:13:23 <fungi> sorry to hear that! :/
13:13:42 <Luzi> fungi, i sadly have a very small flat and moguimar that's really messed up :/
13:13:49 <moguimar> at least my girlfriend made it
13:13:54 <moguimar> and she is taking care of the cats =D
13:14:08 <Luzi> yay :D
13:14:29 <moguimar> they are prolonging the state of emergency in the Czech Republic
13:14:45 <moguimar> and I need it to be over so I can go to the consulate get some papers
13:14:48 <moguimar> to cross the border
13:15:05 <moguimar> the consulate is not operating during the state of emergency
13:15:10 <Luzi> well I have another topic: there will be no meeting on next monday due to easter "holidays"
13:15:14 <moguimar> not issuing the visa I need
13:15:20 <moguimar> ack
13:15:54 <fungi> noted, thanks Luzi and i hope you manage to enjoy some holiday time somehow
13:17:16 <Luzi> i hope you all have well the best holidays you can get in this pandemic :D and no one gets sick :)
13:17:45 <Luzi> and moguimar i hope that you will get a flight back soon :)
13:17:53 <Luzi> see you all in two weeks
13:18:07 <Luzi> #endmeeting image_encryption