13:00:24 <Luzi> #startmeeting image_encryption
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13:00:37 <Luzi> #topic Roll Call
13:00:54 <redrobot> \o
13:01:23 <Luzi> hi redrobot :) lets wait a few minutes for others to show up
13:01:29 <redrobot> Sure
13:01:36 <fungi> aloha
13:02:30 <Luzi> hi fungi
13:04:04 <Luzi> ok lets start
13:04:06 <Luzi> #topic Barbican Consumer API Update
13:04:22 <Luzi> are there news from the Barbican side?
13:04:43 <redrobot> I have not made as much progress as I wanted to the last couple of weeks. Going to carve out some time this week to finish the microversions patches
13:05:33 <Luzi> that sounds good :)
13:05:39 <Luzi> thank you redrobot
13:05:55 <Luzi> #topic Image Encryption WIP-Patches
13:06:24 <Luzi> i was occupied by other week the last week, so no progress on my side :/
13:06:39 <Luzi> the first week should be work
13:07:57 <Luzi> #topic Open Discussion
13:08:12 <Luzi> are there any other topics you would like to discuss?
13:09:05 <fungi> i had nothing
13:10:11 <Luzi> oh btw redrobot, should I talk to nearyo about a presentation of the Barbican UI ? He also has a lot to do, but maybe he could present it at the ptg or so...
13:14:01 <Luzi> ok I will raise this question again tomorrow in the Barbican meeting
13:14:13 <Luzi> thank you for joining and have a nice week
13:14:16 <rosmaita> sorry i am late
13:14:24 <rosmaita> was sitting here not paying attention
13:14:34 <rosmaita> just read the scrollback, i have nothing to talk about either
13:14:36 <rosmaita> :)
13:14:40 <Luzi> nothing happened rosmaita :)
13:14:43 <Luzi> no worries
13:14:47 <rosmaita> ok, have a good week!
13:14:49 <fungi> thanks Luzi!
13:14:53 <Luzi> #endmeeting image_encryption