13:00:16 <Luzi> #startmeeting image_encryption
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13:00:24 <Luzi> #topic Roll Call
13:00:32 <fungi> ahoy!
13:00:39 <Luzi> hi fungi
13:01:10 <Luzi> lets wait a few minutes for other people to join
13:05:53 <Luzi> okay lets start
13:05:59 <Luzi> #topic Image Encryption WIP-Patches
13:06:09 <Luzi> https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/glance-specs/+/792134/
13:06:22 <Luzi> the spec-lite for glance has two +2s
13:07:14 <Luzi> abhishek added jokke_ and dansmith to review it
13:07:27 <Luzi> i hope they find some time this week :)
13:08:34 <fungi> that's some good progress
13:09:20 <Luzi> yeah
13:10:23 <Luzi> sadly i don't have much time for late UTC-timed meetings - so i currently cannot ask them in their project meetings
13:11:09 <fungi> you could probably add a request for a status update to their meeting agenda even if you can't be present
13:11:23 <fungi> and then check the meeting minutes the next day
13:11:52 <Luzi> good idea, i will do this
13:12:13 <Luzi> well thats all i have for this week
13:12:24 <Luzi> #topic Open Discussion
13:12:34 <Luzi> do you have any other topic?
13:12:52 <fungi> nope, just here to lend support and keep tabs on what's happening with the effort
13:13:47 <Luzi> okay, so thank you for joining this meeting and have a nice week :)
13:13:51 <fungi> you too!
13:13:55 <Luzi> #endmeeting image_encryption