13:00:22 <Luzi> #startmeeting image_encryption
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13:00:33 <Luzi> #topic Roll Call
13:02:27 <fungi> ahoy!
13:03:32 <Luzi> hi fungi
13:03:46 <Luzi> lets wait a few mor minutes for others
13:07:40 <Luzi> okay let's start
13:08:15 <Luzi> i don't have any news, and currently don't have much time to go to other meetings
13:08:34 <fungi> anything specific you need brought up in other meetings?
13:09:04 <Luzi> i will ask for the state of secret consumers tomorrow in the barbican meeting.
13:09:53 <fungi> yeah, i guess redrobot isn't in here right now
13:12:32 <Luzi> wednesday is a holiday in my state - and i still have to work on the cinde PoC patch
13:12:46 <Luzi> so i guess, there are now urgent things for the cinder meeting
13:14:16 <fungi> you're wanting to ask the cinder reviewers to take a look at the poc patch, or you have questions for them?
13:15:58 <Luzi> ah we discussed that cinder reviewers will take a look again at the old patch and how the spec-lite might affect this patch - but they also said it would be easier to review, if i can provide a PoC patch
13:16:05 <Luzi> i'm still working on that
13:16:32 <Luzi> i just would have liked to ask, if someone already had time to review the old spec
13:17:54 <fungi> i'll add it to my schedule for this week, it's an hour before the openinfra live keynotes start
13:19:26 <Luzi> that was all from my side
13:19:36 <Luzi> do you have anything else?
13:19:52 <fungi> what are the links to the old patch and the spec-lite?
13:20:05 <fungi> (for cinder)
13:21:41 <Luzi> https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/cinder-specs/+/608663
13:21:49 <Luzi> that's the cinder spec
13:22:28 <Luzi> and the spec-lite in glance: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/glance-specs/+/792134
13:23:26 <fungi> thanks, i'm making myself a reminder to ask them
13:23:34 <Luzi> thank you
13:24:33 <fungi> so you want to know if anyone has looked over old cinder spec 608663 and how the proposed implementation in glance spec-lite 792134 might impact it?
13:24:39 <Luzi> yes
13:25:18 <fungi> perfect, you should hopefully be able to check the cinder meeting log for an answer after you're back from your holiday
13:26:20 <Luzi> its just that one day :D
13:26:34 <Luzi> okay do you have any other topics to talk about?
13:26:52 <fungi> i did not, no
13:27:30 <Luzi> okay, thank you for joining this meeting and have a nice week
13:27:35 <Luzi> #topic Open Discussion
13:27:35 <fungi> thanks Luzi! you too
13:27:43 <Luzi> #endmeeting image_encryption