13:00:58 <Luzi> #startmeeting image_encryption
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13:01:14 <fungi> ohai!
13:01:17 <Luzi> #topic Roll Call
13:01:18 <Luzi> hi fungi
13:01:38 <Luzi> lets wait for dmendiza[m] or someone from barbican
13:02:05 <dmendiza[m]> 🙋‍♂️
13:02:08 <Luzi> hi
13:02:16 <Luzi> so let's start
13:02:27 <Luzi> #topic Barbican Consumer API Update
13:02:44 <Luzi> are there any updates dmendiza[m] ?
13:02:47 <dmendiza[m]> Making progress on the client patches
13:03:03 <dmendiza[m]> I'm actually pair programming with some folks from my team
13:03:08 <dmendiza[m]> and hope to get something by the end of the week
13:03:18 <dmendiza[m]> (unless I have to unexpectedly take leave this week)
13:03:47 <Luzi> oh okay, thank you dmendiza[m]
13:03:58 <Luzi> i hope it's nothing bad
13:04:16 <dmendiza[m]> Nope, my wife and I are expecting our first child
13:04:17 <Luzi> #topic Image Encryption WIP-Patches
13:04:25 <dmendiza[m]> :D
13:04:34 <Luzi> uh :D
13:04:47 <Luzi> so it would be positive news :)
13:06:24 <Luzi> back to the patches: i was involved in other work so I have no updates after the ptg
13:07:30 <Luzi> do you have any other topics you would like to talk about?
13:07:51 <fungi> i didn't
13:08:11 <fungi> but i've been following the barbican patches and it's nice to see progress on that front
13:08:22 <Luzi> yeah
13:08:37 <Luzi> okay: thank you for joining this meeting and have a nice week
13:08:44 <fungi> thanks Luzi!
13:08:48 <Luzi> and all the best to you and your wife, dmendiza[m] :)
13:08:53 <fungi> and good luck dmendiza[m]!
13:09:03 <Luzi> #endmeeting image_encryption