19:01:14 <jeblair> #startmeeting infra
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19:01:30 <zul> helo
19:01:36 <jeblair> can we comment when we use #link ?
19:01:46 <fungi> zul: ehlo will provide a lot more options
19:01:54 <jeblair> like #link agenda http:// ...?
19:02:09 <fungi> i thought that didn't work
19:02:09 <olaph> o/
19:02:13 <jeblair> #help
19:02:14 <zul> fungi:  if sendmail wasnt broken then it might
19:02:31 <zaro> o/
19:02:44 <jeblair> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/InfraTeamMeeting
19:03:03 <jeblair> #topic actions from last meeting
19:03:07 <jeblair> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/infra/2013/infra.2013-06-04-19.01.html
19:03:17 <jeblair> mordred made a signup thingy for bootcamp!
19:03:27 <mordred> Indeed!
19:03:29 <jeblair> mordred: but i think it's still missing some people, right?
19:03:34 <BobBall> Quick Q - do you prefer us to raise items for AOB now, or wait until the open discussion to raise them?
19:03:38 <mordred> I'm assuming that to be the case
19:03:47 <jeblair> mordred: aren't there supposed to be some people from mirantis?
19:04:15 <mordred> jeblair: yes. and also possibly dell and ibm (not sean) and piston
19:04:22 <pleia2> BobBall: typically at the end (unless you have time constraints)
19:04:40 <BobBall> no, that's fine :) Just some people prefer the other way - was just asking :)
19:04:42 <jeblair> BobBall: there's an open discussion time at the end (sometimes), but the agenda is open, so you can add items to https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/InfraTeamMeeting before the meeting too
19:04:42 <mordred> jeblair: so, I tihnk it's going to be a crowd!
19:04:55 <jeblair> excellent
19:05:07 <BobBall> oh drat - wish I had edited the agenda to put what I want to talk about at the start :D
19:05:13 * BobBall will wait patiently :)
19:05:31 <clarkb> jeblair: you don't like wearing hats to meetings?
19:05:33 <jeblair> reed did summarize the trystack thing, but i haven't seen any responses
19:05:51 <reed> yeah, no response
19:05:52 <lloydde> signup thingy for bootcamp?
19:06:22 <mordred> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZV1Ct6GlaTioWajEVoBcahRNBHRDfBRxiLRYgmQj_lg/viewform
19:06:25 <anteaya> meetings need hats
19:06:29 <mordred> #link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZV1Ct6GlaTioWajEVoBcahRNBHRDfBRxiLRYgmQj_lg/viewform
19:06:39 <ttx> hats need signup thingies
19:06:49 <jeblair> lloydde: a bootcamp for people who would like to become serious regular contributors to openstack-infra
19:06:58 <lloydde> rgr
19:07:28 <fungi> defined as people who fix at least as much stuff as they break ;)
19:07:36 <fungi> (hopefully)
19:07:45 <jeblair> zul is working on a py3k ppa; though i think at the moment we're looking at f18 for testing py3k...
19:08:11 <jeblair> fungi: careful, we don't want to recklessly change the criteria and lose mordred.  :)
19:08:15 <fungi> i think zul posted the link for that in #-infra on friday?
19:08:17 <fungi> ha
19:08:29 <fungi> sometimes you eat the bug, and sometimes the bug eats you
19:08:36 <zul> fungi:  yeah its ready to be tetsed
19:08:52 <fungi> zul: that was quantal-sane but not for precise, right?
19:08:57 <clarkb> zul: can you #link it here?
19:09:02 <jeblair> reed: ping
19:09:03 <zul> fungi:  precise sane
19:09:11 <zul> clarkb:  just a sec
19:09:38 <zul> #link https://launchpad.net/~zulcss/+archive/py3k
19:09:42 <fungi> aha. so that gives us the opportunity to do tox -epy33 as long as we stop pip-installing things system-wide
19:09:44 <reed> sorry folks, being dragged in multiple conversations
19:09:55 <zul> its suacy python3 rebuilt for precise
19:10:13 <zul> (because im running saucy)
19:10:22 <zul> like a good boy
19:10:40 <jeblair> #topic Mailing list
19:10:48 <jeblair> reed: anything going on with the general mailing list move?
19:11:34 <reed> no relevant progress to report yet :(
19:11:42 <jeblair> bummer
19:11:53 <jeblair> #topic gearman (for zuul)
19:12:02 <jeblair> hey i have to qualify that now.  that's cool.  :)
19:12:19 <jeblair> anyway, i think zuul-gearman and gearman-plugin are ready for use in production...
19:12:29 <clarkb> jeblair: ready today or ready after a couple more changes?
19:12:51 <clarkb> (it wasn't clear to me after you saw the null pointer exception and if the fix was sufficient)
19:13:52 <clarkb> also, I am super excited about getting gearman zuul going. So many shiny things can happen after that
19:14:19 <mordred> ++
19:14:23 <jeblair> i'd like to make the change during a slightly less busy time... perhaps some time friday
19:14:33 <fungi> that sounds great
19:14:40 <jeblair> and be prepared to roll the change back if it doesn't work out
19:14:43 <mordred> do it right now after I just pushed changes to every single core project!
19:15:11 <ttx> clarkb: you should blog about that gearman zuul thing
19:15:20 <jeblair> clarkb: i believe my fix for the npe is sufficient -- at least it should keep things going if something weird happens
19:15:27 <clarkb> jeblair: ok
19:15:33 <clarkb> ttx: no I think that honor goes to jeblair and zaro
19:15:54 <fungi> jeblair: do we want to conflate the zuul change window with the pending project renames/cleanup, or am i jumping ahead in the meeting agenda?
19:15:58 <ttx> clarkb: as long as they are as excited as you are, that works
19:15:59 <jeblair> clarkb: (even if it doesn't address the actual cause)
19:16:35 <jeblair> ttx: i am very excited.
19:16:40 <jeblair> this is my excited face.
19:16:48 <ttx> I want to feel the excitement too
19:17:01 * mordred is weirded out by jeblair's excited face
19:17:02 <zaro> jeblair: where will the other master be?:
19:17:02 <ttx> ^W oops too late
19:17:03 <jeblair> fungi: i was thinking it would be a good idea to combine them
19:17:03 <uvirtbot> ttx: Error: "W" is not a valid command.
19:17:18 <jeblair> zaro: what other master?
19:17:39 <zaro> jeblair: won't you setup with 2 masters or are you starting with just 1 ?
19:17:43 <fungi> okay, cool. i was going to draft up an etherpad with cut-n-pasty steps for the renames, so we can integrate the zuul upgrade/rollback steps
19:17:46 <jeblair> zaro: oh, just one.  :)
19:18:16 <jeblair> fungi: yeah, let's see if we can schedule all those at the same time. if we can't, oh well.
19:19:24 <jeblair> should we aim for friday morning, or friday afternoon? (vaguely us-time)?
19:20:02 <fungi> i'm good with either... afternoons tend to be pretty light on gate activity
19:20:09 <zaro> ++ morning
19:20:26 <fungi> mornings less so, but if we announce in advance then it seems fine with me
19:20:43 <fungi> poll?
19:20:52 <jeblair> clarkb, mordred: thoughts?
19:20:55 <clarkb> yeah I can do either, but afternoons are quieter and I don't mind spending time friday afternoon assisting
19:21:02 <mordred> jeblair: I could go either
19:21:11 <mordred> it might not be terrible to do morning though
19:21:20 <mordred> so that we can see it in action for a while while we're all still around
19:21:30 <mordred> since this is, well, a fairly fundamental change to the world order
19:21:45 <kiall> Hah - Yea, Friday afternoon deploys *always* result in a whole weekend off ;)
19:21:59 <kiall> Esp the major ones :)
19:22:20 <jeblair> i'm leaning toward afternoon....
19:22:28 <mordred> kk
19:22:35 <jeblair> because if we find that we have to do an immediate rollback, there's less mess to clean up.
19:22:43 <fungi> i'll be around well into the night (my time) if things break horribly and rollback isn't smooth
19:23:13 <jeblair> #topic project renames
19:23:18 <jeblair> hub_cap isn't around...
19:23:25 <jeblair> but kiall is.
19:23:44 <jeblair> kiall: did you decide you wanted to do the moniker->designate rename now?
19:24:06 <kiall> So - If Gerrit is going down anyway, lets rename.. That way if the incubation proposal is rejected, no need to schedule another downtime.
19:24:37 <mordred> kiall: if it is accepted, we can always rename you to the openstack org whenever we rename quantum to mutnauq
19:24:44 <jeblair> kiall, ttx: if designate is incubated, when would it be accepted?
19:24:54 <mordred> jeblair: it would be at least 2 weeks out
19:25:06 <kiall> 25th or so would be the TC meet
19:25:17 <ttx> yeah minimum in +2weeks
19:25:17 <fungi> i just pinged hub_cap in #-trove
19:25:19 <jeblair> okay, if we do the rename now, there is the potential to have two renames in fairly rapid succession... :/
19:25:19 <mordred> andit might take us more than one meeting to decide
19:25:41 <jeblair> kiall: but that mostly affects you...
19:25:50 <jeblair> kiall: so i'm okay with it if you are.  :)
19:26:12 <kiall> Ah, we'll survive 2 renames.. The less we have to take gerrit down, the better IMO.
19:26:40 <kiall> So - whatever causes the least disruption to overall set of projects.
19:27:00 <jeblair> kiall: is friday afternoon us-time okay with you?  that'll be a hard cutover for developers where they'll have to update remotes, etc, afterwords.
19:27:19 <kiall> Yea, that's fine.
19:27:39 <fungi> the trove crowd says they think hub_cap is afk all day
19:28:08 <fungi> i asked him to hit us up in #-infra whenever he can to talk about the possibility of getting renamed friday afternoon
19:28:14 <jeblair> fungi: cool, thx
19:28:20 <mordred> ttx: any chance mutnuaq will be accepted by friday?
19:28:35 <zul> mutnuaq?
19:28:47 <mordred> zul: it's what jeblair and I decided quantum should be renamed to
19:28:47 <kiall> <aside>I hope not ;) That's an awful name IMHO!</aside>
19:28:51 <ttx> mordred: the new name might be in by Friday
19:29:01 <zul> mordred: ah
19:29:02 <ttx> mordred: I thought we would get it today tbh
19:29:03 * markmcclain is still waiting on legal feedback from the latest list
19:29:09 <mordred> cool
19:29:16 <ttx> jeblair: did Mark say anything at the staff call ?
19:29:34 <jeblair> ttx: mark and jbryce were not on it; no one else had heard anything.  :(
19:29:47 <fungi> it was a quick call
19:30:01 <fungi> so anyway, mutnuaq soon come
19:30:01 <ttx> heh
19:30:19 <jeblair> #topic Hosting gitweb on another machine
19:30:45 <jeblair> so gerrit's been being affected by web spiders a lot recently...
19:30:56 <jeblair> well, one spider (bing)
19:31:01 <mordred> thanks microsoft!
19:31:19 <jeblair> so perhaps we should run gitweb (or gitblit or something) on another machine
19:31:23 <clarkb> how important is gitweb? do we need to run it at all? (I only use it to look at acl files)
19:31:27 <pleia2> does anyone use that gitweb?
19:31:28 * ttx 's train running, may disappear unexpectantly
19:31:34 <clarkb> pleia2: o/
19:31:35 <mordred> I have used it before
19:31:36 <ttx> clarkb: +1
19:31:49 <mordred> but I usually use github
19:31:56 <jeblair> pleia2: it gets lots of hits.  :)
19:32:04 <mordred> jeblair: from not bing?
19:32:04 <kiall> pleia2: yea, more often than I would have thought I would..
19:32:14 <fungi> i think it dovetails nicely into wanting to have somewhere to point people to get copies of our git repos which aren't a commercial closed-source proprietary service
19:32:30 <pleia2> fair enough
19:32:33 <jeblair> so a lot of projects you know, maintain a git.project.org where they run git and gitweb or cgit or gitblit...
19:32:36 <fungi> sticking a web interface on top of that becomes gravy
19:32:56 <clarkb> yeah ok. I am not against it just wondering what the use case was. sounds like there is a good one
19:33:20 <jeblair> it's also good for automated testing...
19:33:34 <fungi> and since gerrit has gitweb links baked in (and a way to massage the urls for them?) gitweb is probably an easy sell to keep that integration intact
19:33:35 <kiall> Is a better solution to rate limit and/or block spiders from hitting the UI?
19:33:57 <pleia2> kiall: the first robot.txts file was installed yesterday :)
19:33:58 <fungi> kiall: already done, belt and braces
19:34:03 <jeblair> i'd rather have peoples test rigs hammering at git.openstack.org than gerrit, even with our local caching mirror
19:34:18 <mordred> ++
19:34:37 <jeblair> fungi: yeah, the gitweb links are pretty flexible; mediawiki links them to their gitblit server
19:34:53 <fungi> in addition to the robots.txt which tells bing to cool its heels, we're still actively dropping connections from their bots with iptables
19:35:05 <jeblair> fungi: maybe about time to remove that...
19:35:14 <kiall> fungi: lol, how are they going to read the robots.txt then? ;)
19:35:37 <fungi> the robots.txt is for when the iptables rules get undone
19:36:14 <fungi> and yeah, i can carefully undo those after the meeting
19:36:20 <mordred> jeblair: so, external seems good- pending long bikeshed conversation about which git server thign to run
19:36:33 <jeblair> mordred: yes.  any quick thoughts on that?
19:37:08 <jeblair> i guess we should look at gitweb, and probably gitblit because wikimedia use it; though that means running another java app.  however, it's fast and pretty.
19:37:14 <mordred> jeblair: not really. gitlab is pretty, but also heavy weight. gitweb is what we're using now. people like cgit. gitblit is java
19:38:15 <jeblair> kernel.org uses cgit
19:38:53 <jeblair> okay, so i'll file a bug and suggest that whoever takes it look at those 4 options.
19:39:04 <mordred> kk
19:39:11 <mordred> I'd be fine with any of them I think
19:39:30 <mordred> I do like that git.wikimedia.org and git.kernel.org give indexes
19:39:39 <mordred> the git.kernel.org index looks friendly to our org structure
19:39:42 <jeblair> the wikimedia folks apparently chose gitblit at least partially because it efficiently produces tarballs
19:40:12 <mordred> ah. well, I do not care about that feature
19:40:14 <jeblair> i don't think that's really a requirement for us, since we currently produce branch-tip archives
19:40:24 <mordred> in fact, I want to avoid people thinking that's a feature
19:40:44 <pleia2> I can probably look at those 4 and draft up some pros/cons for our next meeting
19:40:47 <jeblair> that's good to know.  that could be an anti-requirement.
19:40:52 <fungi> yeah, people already want to download tarballs of our stuff from github, and that's a recipe for disaster
19:41:00 <clarkb> yeah
19:41:03 <jeblair> (either don't support that or be able to turn it off)
19:41:07 <mordred> ++
19:41:34 <jeblair> pleia2: cool, you want to go ahead and file the bug and assign it to yourself, at least for the first part of this?
19:41:41 <pleia2> jeblair: will do
19:42:10 <jeblair> pleia2: any toci things to discuss?
19:42:24 <pleia2> just quick progress update
19:42:26 <jeblair> #action pleia2 file bug and look into gitweb-style options
19:42:31 <jeblair> #topic  TripleO Testing (TOCI) (pleia2)
19:42:46 <pleia2> not a ton of news, but I can now boot the dib-created image in LXC
19:42:56 <mordred> whee!
19:42:59 <clarkb> pleia2: does that perform much better?
19:42:59 <pleia2> working out some networking issues now for proper testing to make sure all the pieces actually work
19:42:59 * anteaya applauds
19:43:07 <pleia2> (I have dnsmasq chaos happening on my desktop right now)
19:43:20 <mordred> mmm. desktop dnsmasq makes everything better
19:43:22 <pleia2> clarkb: yeah, lxc is zippy on hpcloud :)
19:44:00 <pleia2> that's it for now
19:44:11 <jeblair> #topic open discussion
19:44:24 <jeblair> BobBall: ?
19:44:25 * BobBall peers round the corner
19:44:28 <BobBall> hi :)
19:44:42 <BobBall> So - I sent an email to the list a few days ago about XenServer gating trunk
19:44:55 <BobBall> I just wanted to pop in to have a chat with a few of you to see what you thought the best way forward was
19:45:03 <BobBall> and what I can do to make some progress :)
19:45:18 <fungi> what platform requirements would the tests have?
19:45:39 <fungi> as compared with the current qemu-based testing i mean
19:45:39 <BobBall> We can run on the RS cloud - but I've not tested on the HP cloud (XenServer on top of KVM would be ... interesting!)
19:46:41 <pleia2> BobBall: actually, it would be interesting if that worked (kvm on kvm doesn't work), I can test if you have some instructions for how I'd go about it
19:46:49 <pleia2> ^^ in hpcloud
19:46:50 <BobBall> perhaps I don't understand enough about the current system - what do you mean by qemu based?
19:46:50 <uvirtbot> pleia2: Error: "^" is not a valid command.
19:46:57 <mordred> so, dprince has automation around doing this we can look at, right?
19:47:13 <BobBall> dprince's automation is running on physical
19:47:15 <mordred> also, we need a xenserver instance to exist outside of the context of the openstack install, correct?
19:47:32 <jeblair> BobBall: we're currently only running the devstack-gate tests on hpcloud because rs got very slow a while back... i think we saw something like 150% of hpcloud's runtime...
19:47:46 <clarkb> jeblair: > 200% in many cases
19:48:08 <mordred> I wonder what xenserver on top of xenserver performance in rax cloud would look like?
19:48:16 <BobBall> pleia2: Sure thing - got an email addr I can send some details to?  It's basically "install and set tgt=off" for XS but I don't know what'd work for KVM.  It's running under Qemu in both cases, with no PV, so it _should_ work...
19:48:29 <pleia2> BobBall: lyz@princessleia.com - thanks!
19:49:00 <BobBall> Performance wouldn't be great - disk access and network would be emulated rather than PV but we might be able to mitigate with a small ram disk for the SR
19:49:23 <mordred> BobBall: I have no idea what PV or SR mean
19:49:31 <clarkb> does xenserver require licensing?
19:49:31 <BobBall> and yes, mordred, nova runs in a VM for a XenServer install - might make it easy(?) to re-use VMs rather than install XS each time
19:50:06 <BobBall> no clarkb - no licensing - Free edition does everything that's needed and as of the next version of XenServer there will be no paid-for licenses (within the month)
19:50:15 <pleia2> cool
19:50:16 <mordred> BobBall: I think we're going to need to learn more about XenServer
19:50:22 <fungi> got it. so this wouldn't necessarily be an all-in-one devstack vm with xenserver installed in the same base vm i guess
19:50:34 <mordred> BobBall: part of the problem I'm having right now is that I'm asking questoins based on words I've heard people say in passing
19:50:53 <BobBall> No problem at all :)
19:51:00 <BobBall> There are other options too that we might consider
19:51:03 <mordred> that's an excellent question from fungi - is this something accomplishable via devstack?
19:51:29 <mordred> in an all-in-one? or is this something that our other work on multi-machine deployments might be needed for?
19:51:31 <BobBall> I'm mainly interested in XenAPI - XenServer is the ideal, but we can also install XenAPI-like packages on many other bases (e.g. CentOS, Ubuntu etc)
19:51:47 <BobBall> Yes, devstack installs on XS - but it takes a while because it sets up a Ubuntu VM
19:52:00 <fungi> i was more wondering whether xenserver can be integrated within devstack itself
19:52:13 <fungi> in other words, can xenserver run within a devstack machine
19:52:24 <mordred> well, I know lifeless has a todo list item to talk to rackspace about getting their xenserver install done via tripleo
19:52:38 <BobBall> I don't see a reason why not fungi
19:52:44 <BobBall> not tested that though
19:52:48 <mordred> so, it's entirely possible that we might have a decent story for how this works once we have a story for how testing anything via tripleo works
19:52:56 <BobBall> but after all it's just a VM running in qemu!
19:53:04 <fungi> in which case we already have a way to roll devstack onto a vm and run things and gate on that
19:53:05 <pleia2> mordred: yeah, I'm thinking this is all closely related
19:53:21 <mordred> pleia2: yes. I think I'd like to avoid solving this as a special case
19:53:30 <mordred> pleia2: and instead deal with it as part of the general case
19:53:34 * pleia2 nods
19:53:35 <BobBall> Yeah - I read the comments about tripleo but I didn't really understand the bigger picture of how it fitted together :)
19:53:49 <lifeless> pleia2: cool news
19:54:02 <mordred> lifeless: any thoughts on the above re: xenserver?
19:54:09 <lifeless> mordred: quick synopsis?
19:54:21 <mordred> lifeless: BobBall wants to test xenserver in the gate
19:54:41 <mordred> lifeless: there are logistical issues (we need to install xenserver somewhere)
19:55:00 <mordred> lifeless: and it seems like somethign that we might want to solve as an iteration of pleia2's work on tripleo testing
19:55:03 <BobBall> install either as VM or physical
19:55:08 <lifeless> cool; both devstack and bootstack will require a VM with a XenServer image in it to do that.
19:55:17 <lifeless> or a physical machine with ditto
19:55:23 <mordred> yah
19:55:34 <lifeless> tripleo is probably a better harness for doing it on physical
19:55:35 <mordred> well, let's leave physical machien out of the loop for now
19:55:42 <lifeless> as we're targeting that end2end
19:55:46 <jeblair> mordred: so devstack-gate supports multiple image types...
19:55:58 <jeblair> mordred: perhaps it's a matter of doing this: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/XenServer/InstallDebianUbuntu#Installing_XCP_on_Ubuntu_12.04
19:56:01 <lifeless> devstack knows how to setup such a VM already I think? If so thats the lowest cost path to get going.
19:56:41 <BobBall> hmmm - just thinking out loud... it should be quite easy to generate an image that has an installed XS with a prepared devstack VM (minus the repos of course) already installed... Then that can just be restored, started, and it's all ready
19:57:06 <mordred> BobBall: well, we have machinery to do image saving and all of that
19:57:25 <jeblair> BobBall: the devstack-gate tests run devstack on prepapred images...
19:57:29 <mordred> the thing we need to sort is what content are we putting in to the images we're going to boot in the cloud and whatnot
19:57:38 <BobBall> I see
19:57:41 <jeblair> BobBall: the test itself runs devstack because we want that to be part of the test
19:57:44 <lifeless> mordred: so my thoughts are that it doesn't seem all that coupled to tripleo||devstack, other than like tripleo it wants a different content on the root image
19:57:59 <lifeless> mordred: and tripleo thanks to lxc doesn't need that anymore.
19:58:07 <mordred> agree
19:58:13 <mordred> I thought it was more complex originally
19:58:20 <jeblair> BobBall: but we prepare images for it by caching things devstack needs onto it
19:58:37 <BobBall> understood
19:58:43 <jeblair> BobBall: I believe we could also prepare a variant with xen already installed
19:59:13 <jeblair> BobBall: so then the test would be "spin up vm from previously prepared image with xen installed.  run devstack.  run tempest"
19:59:27 <jeblair> BobBall: would that general approach work?
19:59:34 <mordred> yup. the main question will be around performance
19:59:48 <mordred> of running that image that has xen installed on a vm in the cloud
19:59:48 * olaph pretends to be a timer.  ding!
20:00:02 <jeblair> BobBall: https://github.com/openstack-infra/devstack-gate/blob/master/README.rst
20:00:05 <mordred> but I think it's a worthwhile path forward to investigate
20:00:07 <BobBall> yes - with one minor comment - as I said, with devstack running in a VM under Xen we'd need to set that VM up too and include it in the base image
20:00:26 <jeblair> BobBall: you may want to read that to familiarize yourself with devstack-gate's process
20:00:43 <fungi> i think we can go over if we want, since i believe ttx cancelled the tc meeting (that's what would be following this, right?)
20:00:45 <jeblair> BobBall: okay, i think i'm missing something because it sounds like you're talking about an extra level of virtualization than i'm considering
20:01:14 <BobBall> ok - so what actions do I need to take?  1) email pleia2 with how to test XS on HP's cloud, 2) read up on devstack-gate's process, 3) test performance of tempest in RS cloud
20:01:41 <clarkb> BobBall: well we already know the performance and we won't be able to gate on it. I think we need to see what we can do with hp cloud
20:01:46 <BobBall> jeblair: XenAPI is installed on the base OS (which could be virtual), but nova and the rest of devstack run in a VM on that host
20:01:54 <clarkb> unless xen makes everything magically faster
20:02:04 <pleia2> clarkb: yeah
20:02:06 <mordred> BobBall: why do they run in a vm?
20:02:19 <BobBall> clarkb: I meant the relative degredation of having xen virtualised for the tempest tests
20:02:34 <mordred> can xenapi and nova and the rest of devstack not both run on the same host?
20:02:44 <jeblair> BobBall: why do they run in a vm on that host?  the current system just runs devstack+nova on the cloud host.
20:03:00 <lifeless> mordred: its' not the xen way
20:03:10 <BobBall> There are a number of reasons we run in a VM - in theory we could run in dom0, yes, but that'd need quite a few changes.  Things like mounting the VMs disks is easier in a VM rather than dom0 - although doable
20:03:28 <lifeless> mordred: you have a privileged vm instead AIUI
20:03:34 <BobBall> the biggest reason is historical I'm afraid
20:03:44 <mordred> ok. so that sounds lke it's more work
20:03:53 <BobBall> *nod*
20:04:01 <mordred> because all of a sudden we're back to running devstack in a vm on the host that we're running on
20:04:05 <mordred> which our automation does not do right now
20:04:16 <BobBall> ahhh - understood
20:04:32 <jeblair> mordred: that's what lead you to think tripleo was a fit?
20:04:35 <mordred> yes
20:04:46 <mordred> because it's a similar problem space of layers
20:04:54 <mordred> not that we need tripleo for xen
20:05:20 <BobBall> So - in summary of that - it would be significantly easier if devstack+nova were running in dom0
20:05:24 <jeblair> mordred: yeah, in that case, i think pleia2's work would help, but if it could run in dom0, then it would be a pretty trivial devstack-gate change
20:05:49 <mordred> yes to both of you
20:06:02 <BobBall> We would definitely need xen-api changes to handle that, but it's eminently doable
20:06:03 <jeblair> mordred: (in fact, i think devananda added the hook for that already)
20:06:05 <mordred> so, let's have the takeaways be that BobBall and pleia2 talk about xenserver some more
20:06:11 <pleia2> great
20:06:20 <mordred> that BobBall learn a little bit about devstack-gate
20:06:25 <BobBall> *nod*
20:06:25 <mordred> and that all of us brainstorm a little bit
20:06:34 <clarkb> sounds good
20:06:38 <jeblair> ++
20:06:43 <fungi> agreed
20:06:50 <BobBall> Works for me
20:06:53 <mordred> whee!
20:06:54 <anteaya> is BobBall attending the infra bootcamp?
20:06:57 <BobBall> Sounds like I've got a fun week!
20:07:03 <mordred> BobBall: are you attending the infra bootcamp?
20:07:24 <BobBall> I get the feeling that I should have been paying more attention when you were talking about the bootcamp earlier
20:07:53 <BobBall> I'd like to say yes - this is an important thing for us
20:08:11 <BobBall> so I'll look into it with a very probable yes
20:09:02 <mordred> cool. tl;dr - June 27/28 NYC - the aim is to get people bootstrapped with the knowledge they need to start being core contributors to openstack infra
20:09:34 <BobBall> Wow - I'd get a trip to NYC out of it too! Now I'll definitely push for it.
20:09:46 <clarkb> ha
20:10:16 <jeblair> thanks everyone!
20:10:18 <jeblair> #endmeeting