19:01:09 <jeblair> #startmeeting infra
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19:01:16 <jeblair> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/InfraTeamMeeting
19:01:22 <jeblair> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/infra/2014/infra.2014-02-11-19.01.html
19:01:37 <jeblair> so we have a packed agenda and i'm sure we won't get through it.  :(
19:01:46 <jeblair> actions from last meeting are not very interesting
19:02:02 <jeblair> #topic trove testing
19:02:05 <jeblair> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/69501/
19:02:11 <jeblair> I think that's still the status of that
19:02:39 <jeblair> #topic  Tripleo testing (lifeless, pleia2, fungi)
19:02:40 <SergeyLukjanov> I'd like to have 2 mins for savanna testing/infra update at the end of meeting if possible
19:02:52 <lifeless> hi
19:03:18 <jeblair> so the news here is that we have pulled the tripleo cloud from nodepool and zuul
19:03:51 <jeblair> we've identified two specific improvements we need to make on the infra side to deal with a cloud that may not always be available
19:04:30 <jeblair> this week is the feature proposal freeze
19:04:36 <pleia2> I don't really have any specific updates otherwise, just chugging along on other pieces
19:04:37 <jeblair> and the week after that is the feature freeze
19:04:43 <jeblair> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Icehouse_Release_Schedule
19:05:19 <SergeyLukjanov> my option is to try to polish cloud (HA is prefered) using 3rd party testing
19:05:29 <SergeyLukjanov> jaypipes makes a good doc about how to setup it
19:05:30 <jeblair> because it's a critical time for openstack development, i think we should wait until after i3 (march 6) before we add it back
19:05:50 <jeblair> we generally try to soft-freeze our systems around these times
19:06:24 <fungi> which means now is the time when we're cramming to finalize scalability improvements to cope with the coming onslaught
19:06:38 <jeblair> yes, that's why i was working yesterday.  :/
19:07:18 <lifeless> so there there are two problems AIUI
19:07:24 <pleia2> so our tripleo sprint is that week, hopefully the high bandwidth time we have then (mar 3-7) will put is in a good position to help with further bugs
19:07:26 <lifeless> one is that there is a chicken and egg situation with stability
19:07:40 <lifeless> the second is that we're now without CI
19:07:44 <lifeless> for the feature freeze
19:07:51 <lifeless> which is a pretty bad time to be without
19:08:08 <jeblair> lifeless: what's the chicken and egg situation?
19:08:47 <jeblair> lifeless: i thought the cloud that you were plugging into nodepool was supposed to be stable (eg, not necessarily CD, at least, not to start)
19:09:11 <lifeless> jeblair: to be stable we have to have worked through any emergent issues from being used in the infra workload (e.g. https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1271344 )
19:09:12 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1271344 in tripleo "neutron-dhcp-agent doesn't hand out leases for recently used addresses" [Critical,Triaged]
19:09:21 <lifeless> jeblair: to be added back you want us to be stable.
19:09:52 <lifeless> jeblair: so it is as far as we know stable
19:09:56 <lifeless> jeblair: we're not changing it
19:10:02 <lifeless> jeblair: not upgrading, not reconfiguring.
19:10:16 <lifeless> jeblair: the two outages so far were a) I fucked up and deleted the damn thing
19:10:31 <jeblair> lifeless: so this isn't a case of deploying a new rev that was broken; but rather something that was thought to be stable was, after all, not; and that wasn't exposed except under load.
19:10:43 <lifeless> jeblair: and b) we encountered a love timebomb bug which we've now applied a workaround for so it won't come back
19:10:55 <jeblair> lifeless: okay, i certainly understand that.  a lot of infra isn't testable except under load either.
19:10:56 <lifeless> jeblair: right
19:10:56 <fungi> well, there was an outage a few weeks before the deletion too which lasted a couple days, when you replaced the previous test provider with the ci one
19:11:07 <lifeless> fungi: that was the 'robert deleted it'
19:11:37 <lifeless> fungi: the delay bringing it back was that I chose given all the variables t the time, to delay bringing it back by hand and fix automation to bring it back bigger
19:11:51 <lifeless> fungi: which is why it now has 10 hypervisor nodes (each with ~96G of ram, 2TB of local disk)
19:11:58 <fungi> well, there was something a few weeks prior to the deletion too. anyway i recall it wasn't something likely to recur
19:12:08 <lifeless> fungi: that was the neutron bug I linked above
19:12:17 <lifeless> fungi: where you weren't getting IP addresses
19:12:23 <fungi> ahh, yep
19:12:27 <lifeless> anyhow, point is - this is a static deployment
19:12:53 <lifeless> specifically because a moving target would be bad
19:13:02 <jeblair> lifeless: okay, thanks, that reassures me we are on the same page.  and i'm more or less convinced that we're at the point that we should be experimenting with the tripleo cloud...
19:13:51 <jeblair> lifeless: but having said that, i think part of experimentation is realizing when something doesn't work and backing off...
19:14:22 <lifeless> jeblair: so, if it wasn't working for unknown reasons I'd totally agree with you
19:14:46 <jeblair> lifeless: so even when we get those two problems with nodepool and zuul sorted, is the period from now through i3 really a good time to be dealing with the churn from this, and finding the _next_ problem?
19:15:16 <lifeless> jeblair: the benefits to tripleo are substantial; we hope the benefits to other programs will be too
19:15:46 <lifeless> jeblair: there is a risk; perhaps we should talk about how we can mitigate it?
19:16:00 <fungi> also, was there an updated status/eta on the rh-provided region?
19:16:16 <jeblair> lifeless: i'm mildly concerned about the infra load, but i'm more concerned with the potential impact to the operation of the gate during this time...
19:16:58 <jeblair> as an example, having 50 jobs stuck in the check queue is counter to the expectations of people monitoring the overall throughput, looking from problems, etc.
19:18:10 <lifeless> fungi: dprince assures me its been escalated
19:18:13 <SergeyLukjanov> jeblair, I remember that lifeless have a patch to move all this stuff to experimental-tripleo pipe
19:18:39 <lifeless> fungi: but realistically it will still take a little time to bring up a ci-overcloud region there and address multi-region layout etc.
19:18:55 <lifeless> fungi: I don't think we'll have multi-region live in the next two weeks.
19:19:29 <fungi> okay, just curious
19:19:34 <lifeless> jeblair: yes, I can see that. Would making a tripleo-check queue specifically - same config etc, just only tripleo jobs in it - help with that?
19:19:42 <lifeless> or check-tripleo
19:19:48 <jeblair> SergeyLukjanov: i thought the experimental pipeline was for testing other projects (eg nova), but that tripleo would still want some check jobs
19:20:11 <lifeless> jeblair: not as a long term strategy, but as a reduce-cognitive-load *in the event* that something goes wrong ?
19:21:00 <SergeyLukjanov> and there was an issue that nodepool couldn't start with offline provider
19:21:29 <lifeless> SergeyLukjanov: yup, derekh was poking at that last night, I should have an update in a couple hours I expect
19:21:37 <jeblair> lifeless: a dedicated check queue may help with that and also work around the fact that the check queue is required for gate; which would help you in case of problems.
19:22:06 <lifeless> jeblair: I presume thats basically the same patch as mine adding experimental-tripleo, + move the existing jobs from check -> check-tripleo ?
19:22:49 <jeblair> lifeless: yes.  mind you, i'm only addressing the technical aspects, not the question of whether we should do this.
19:22:55 <lifeless> also worth noting here while everyone is looking, there is a team of folk on the hook for supporting the ci-overcloud
19:23:05 <lifeless> http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/tripleo-incubator/tree/tripleo-cloud/tripleo-cd-admins
19:23:13 <lifeless> broad time zone coverage
19:23:36 <lifeless> and all have access to every machines console via IPMI etc; the only thing the non-HP folk can't do is file datacentre tickets
19:24:05 <lifeless> (but at that point the cloud is clearly not 'in a little trouble', so you'd be facing a big outage then regardless)
19:24:24 <SergeyLukjanov> and the full tz coverage in infra team to revert tripleo testing if it'll start failing
19:24:31 <jeblair> lifeless: basically, i think that adding this right now is contrary to the soft-freeze that we try to do around milestones and releases.  but it's a soft freeze and we can choose to waive it.
19:24:34 <SergeyLukjanov> if it'll be needed
19:24:43 <jeblair> lifeless: i'd like to get some others to weigh in on this
19:25:10 <jeblair> lifeless: people who are likely to be affected.  ttx, sdague, jog0, and perhaps some ptls.
19:25:42 <anteaya> just from the point of view of having gone through a few feature freezes
19:25:43 <jeblair> and, oh maybe some more people on the infra team :)
19:26:02 <anteaya> I am for anything that stablizes the gate now and then introduces changes after ff
19:26:24 <anteaya> we _will_ encounter unpredicted circumstances in the next two weeks
19:26:25 <clarkb> the only major thing that bothers me is nodepool not being able to start properly when a cloud is gone
19:26:39 <SergeyLukjanov> fwiw fix of nodepool to work with offline provider + check-tripleo pipeline are sounds like it'll not affect other projects => it's ok
19:26:46 <fungi> i'd mainly like to see the nodepool exceptions rooted out before readding providers, just because having everything stop when there's a provider outage (any provider) is sort of painful. the zuul job timeout patch seems less critical to bringing tripleo back online, as long as zuul's now able to drop those jobs when they're unconfigured
19:26:47 <anteaya> we need to have the personal stress minimized to survive it
19:26:51 <clarkb> I don't find the jobs that hangaround to be too bothersome as it only really affects tripleo anyways
19:27:20 <clarkb> fungi: ya, agreed. If nodepool can be made more happy in the event of unexpected derp then it is fine from my end
19:29:32 <jeblair> so it seems like there's some consensus in infra that we'd be okay with the nodepool fix and dedicated tripleo pipelines as hard requirements; the zuul fix is something we should do soon, but not critical.
19:30:04 <jeblair> ttx isn't around today.  i'd like to give jog0, sdague, and mtreinish a chance to weigh in since they would be affected by problems too.
19:30:06 <fungi> agreed
19:30:34 <lifeless> ok. I'll put up the pipeline patch (merged with the experimental one I guess if that hasn't landed yet)
19:30:39 <lifeless> regardless
19:30:41 <jeblair> so let's see if we can catch up with them today, and if they don't jump up and down on their hats, we'll proceed with that.
19:30:50 <lifeless> thank you
19:31:16 <jeblair> lifeless: thank you.  i'm still really excited by this.
19:31:36 <jeblair> #topic  Requested StackForge project rename (fungi, clarkb, zhiwei)
19:31:44 <jeblair> have we heard from zhiwei ?
19:32:05 <fungi> yes, he's eager to have it happen as soon as we're able to do the rename
19:32:09 <clarkb> zhiwei has pinged at PST night time. I suggested we would bundle it with the next openstack related downtime (savanna?)
19:32:19 <jeblair> sounds like a plan
19:32:22 <clarkb> right zhiwei would like to get this done soon so they can cut an icehouse branch
19:32:44 <clarkb> but savanna is votign on stuff now so I expect that to move along at a good pace now
19:32:46 <clarkb> SergeyLukjanov: ^ ?
19:33:12 <jeblair> fungi, clarkb: can you update the wiki and indicate the old and new names of the project or projects that need renaming?
19:33:13 <fungi> i thought the vote was scheduled to end yesterday?
19:33:20 <SergeyLukjanov> clarkb, I hope that we'll have a couple of discussed options at the end of this week
19:33:22 <fungi> jeblair: definitely
19:33:32 <SergeyLukjanov> clarkb, than we'll wait for foundation to check them
19:33:34 <clarkb> fungi: it got extended
19:33:44 <clarkb> jeblair: defnitely (on the meeting agenda?)
19:33:45 <fungi> oh, got it
19:34:05 <jeblair> clarkb: yeah, let's drop it to the bottom and collect projects there until we do a rename
19:34:13 <jeblair> #topic  Ongoing new project creation issues (mordred)
19:34:21 <clarkb> jeblair: will do
19:34:27 <jeblair> anteaya, fungi: you've been working on this, what's the latest?
19:34:29 <SergeyLukjanov> fungi, the initial vote will end today, but it's a first round to filter really bad options :)
19:34:43 <jeblair> SergeyLukjanov: filter the bad ones out or in? :)
19:35:02 <SergeyLukjanov> jeblair, I mean filter out :)
19:35:04 <anteaya> mostly there is logging available, plus patches for more
19:35:06 <fungi> jeblair: bug is updated with most recent findings, but in short we do capture tracebacks in the syslog when puppet tries to add project which don't import an existing repository
19:35:18 <SergeyLukjanov> jeblair, heh, we'd like the most bad name ever
19:35:25 <SergeyLukjanov> to have*
19:35:29 <fungi> and also we've spotted a race condition between when create-cgitrepos runs on the git servers and when gerrit is told to replicate
19:35:44 <jeblair> fungi: that pretty much needs to be solved with salt, right?
19:35:58 <fungi> the latter, yes or something driven from the gerrit server anyway
19:36:03 <SergeyLukjanov> looks like we could move on and approve more create-project patch with upstream
19:36:32 <anteaya> so the logging was needed to determine the next steps for solving, correct?
19:36:36 <jeblair> fungi: so is that the _only_ problem at this point?
19:36:39 <fungi> SergeyLukjanov: yes it seems like the ones i approved which imported an existing repository worked fine
19:36:48 <anteaya> shall I move to working with salt, or is it still too early?
19:36:59 <fungi> jeblair: the only two problems?
19:37:04 <jeblair> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-ci/+bug/1242569
19:37:06 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1242569 in openstack-ci "manage-projects error on new project creation" [Critical,In progress]
19:37:28 <clarkb> fungi: jeblair SergeyLukjanov maybe a pre replicate configureable optional shell out step in manage-projects
19:37:42 <clarkb> then have that trigger salt, or ssh in a for loop or puppet even
19:38:17 <fungi> anteaya: i still have an open etherpad where utahdave was going to provide us with clearer examples of using reactors, if you wanted to take over and try to figure that part out
19:38:32 <SergeyLukjanov> it should fix the non-ustream creation issue I hope
19:38:35 <anteaya> I can do that, yes
19:38:37 <jeblair> clarkb: yeah, it seems like having manage-projects run salt commands is a good architecture.  it could even "import salt", right?
19:38:37 <fungi> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Salt-Event-System
19:38:47 <anteaya> would this be a candidate for a reactor do you think?
19:39:10 <jeblair> clarkb: but i don't understand reactors, so maybe that's better?
19:39:14 <fungi> anteaya: apparently anything which needs to happen as a result of something else happening successfully requires a reactor, from what i'm led to believe
19:39:35 <clarkb> jeblair: yup import salt and talk directly
19:39:46 <anteaya> fungi: let me gather my thoughts on this and then get back to you
19:39:48 <jeblair> that at least i can understand and reason about.  ;)
19:40:00 <fungi> import salt and talk directly to what?
19:40:00 <anteaya> I don't want to offer an opinion before I am ready
19:40:15 <SergeyLukjanov> fungi, to salt I think :)
19:40:17 <fungi> have the gerrit server be a salt master and the git servers be salt minions?
19:40:20 <anteaya> what I am hearing is explore how salt can help manage-projects
19:40:25 <clarkb> anteaya: ya
19:40:30 <anteaya> that is what I will go on
19:40:41 <jeblair> fungi: i don't think it has to be a master, but we can let gerrit run the create-cgit-repos command via salt
19:40:50 <clarkb> anteaya: mostly I am leaning down that road beacuse it might reduce the amount of additional infrastructure necessaryto trigger the pre replication steps
19:40:55 <jeblair> fungi: where gerrit in that sentence really means 'manage projects running on review.o.o'
19:41:04 <anteaya> clarkb: yes, I am leaning the same way
19:41:18 <fungi> jeblair: oh, i see, just using salt as a proxy for "ssh to these machines and do this" (didn't realize you didn't need a salt master to be able to do that)
19:41:28 <anteaya> no
19:41:36 <anteaya> salt trigger can feed commands to master
19:41:44 <anteaya> if that is the best option
19:41:51 <anteaya> and we have salt trigger up and running
19:42:02 <jeblair> fungi: i think you need the master, but you can grant minions access to run specific commands; i think that was the idea of having the jenkins salt slave trigger something
19:42:14 <anteaya> yes, what jeblair said
19:42:40 <fungi> anteaya: well, that's for config repository changes, and its design apparently depends on having a working reactor implemented on the master to get any cascading work done (update git repo in one place, run puppet apply in another)
19:43:06 <anteaya> fungi: I will have to look more deeply into the reactor part
19:43:22 <fungi> this is what utahdave was working on getting us good examples for, because he said dependent activities aren't well covered in the documentation
19:43:23 <anteaya> it is for config changes since that is how we have it triggered
19:43:34 <anteaya> it can trigger on anything we decide to trigger on
19:43:41 <jeblair> fungi: so aside from 'cgit repos not created in the right order' what's the other bug?
19:44:20 <fungi> projects which don't import an existing repository fail to get created, and spew a traceback from gerritlib trying to create-project through the ssh api
19:44:58 <fungi> and i noted the resultant state of the jeepyb scratch repository, but without adding more logging to the script it's hard to know what else might have gone wrong
19:45:00 <jeblair> fungi: is that where this comes from? https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-ci/+bug/1242569/comments/13
19:45:02 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1242569 in openstack-ci "manage-projects error on new project creation" [Critical,In progress]
19:45:03 <SergeyLukjanov> is it really critical to be able to create projects w/o upstream?
19:45:07 <fungi> jeblair: yes
19:45:50 <jeblair> ok.  thanks.
19:46:17 <fungi> jeblair: it seems that something (nice and vague, huh) is preventing the initial repository in the gerrit homedir from getting fully created. script dies somewhere between that and building the jeepyb scratch repo
19:46:29 <jeblair> that should be a recreatable and diagnosable problem with a local gerrit.
19:46:40 <clarkb> weird that it only affects empty projects?
19:46:45 <clarkb> since all gerrit projects start that way
19:46:45 <anteaya> fungi: will my additional logging patches help id the something?
19:46:53 <clarkb> then later on manage-projects force pushes into the blank repo
19:47:20 <jeblair> clarkb: yeah, i was thinking the same.  that may both suggest a bug in jeepyb and help narrow the location.
19:47:29 <fungi> i believe that the previous blind testing was inconclusive because we actually had (at least) two different bugs, so the results were hard to correlate
19:47:36 <jeblair> clarkb: but i don't have the jeepyb code loaded in my brain.
19:47:44 <anteaya> I still have gotten nowhere on setting up a local gerrit, I am not very good at sorting out the modules from config and implementing them
19:47:52 <anteaya> my failure here
19:49:05 <jeblair> #topic  Discuss about using compute nodes in LXC container for multi-node setup (matrohon, jgallard)
19:49:12 <matrohon> hi
19:49:16 <jeblair> matrohon: what's up?
19:50:01 <matrohon> we would like to enhance neutron testing especially with ML2 and overlay networks
19:50:13 <clarkb> isn't this a non starter for the reasons that pleia2 and jaypipes have discovered? I suppose we can test less cinder (but then we lose test coverage)
19:50:27 <lifeless> clarkb: and less nbd
19:50:41 <pleia2> I still have my notes from a few months back here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tripleobaremetallxc2013 (it's tripleo-specific, but a lot carries over into more general multi-node)
19:50:55 <lifeless> clarkb: which means you have to have a working guestfish, because nova really likes mounting disks.
19:51:09 <clarkb> lifeless: whcih doesn't work on precise :/
19:51:13 <lifeless> right
19:51:16 <matrohon> I saw jaypipes issues, and we could potentially have the same with ovs
19:51:27 <matrohon> but not with linuxbridge
19:51:33 <anteaya> matrohon: is the multi-node part the important part?
19:51:33 <lifeless> for multinode - I'd point folk at tripleo-gate personally.
19:51:34 <pleia2> matrohon: if you see the etherpad, ovs works ok if you load in the modules
19:51:41 <anteaya> or the lxc part?
19:51:52 <matrohon> pleia2 : thanks
19:52:11 <matrohon> tgeh multi-node part is the most important for our gates jobs
19:52:13 <clarkb> if we can get lxc to work I think that would be great, but having poked at it with pleia2 I don't have high hopes
19:52:24 <jaypipes> matrohon: yes, runnign jenkins slaves that need to install OVS or iscsi is a non-starter.
19:52:31 <sdague> so what about going back to the multinode + openvpn l2 that we talked about at summit
19:52:33 <pleia2> iscsi was our stopping point
19:52:40 <anteaya> matrohon: okay, so I suggest you focus on that part and then let discussion unfold about how to do that
19:52:48 <sdague> just start 2 actual cloud guests and build them a layer 2
19:52:55 <sdague> then proceed from there
19:53:02 <pleia2> if anyone wants to fix iscsi.. :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxc/+bug/1226855
19:53:03 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1226855 in lxc "Cannot use open-iscsi inside LXC container" [Undecided,Confirmed]
19:53:04 <matrohon> anteaya : ok
19:53:07 <jaypipes> pleia2: right, and OVS isn't installable in a shared-kernel VM either... at least, I've tried and can't do it..
19:53:25 <anteaya> matrohon: so lifeless has a proposal up, tripleo-gate
19:53:33 <sdague> because I think lxc brings more problems than it is worth here, and I expect if this part isn't easy, we're going to find a ton of other issues down the road
19:53:59 <pleia2> jaypipes: lines 20-22 are how I got ovs working ok
19:54:04 <jeblair> sdague: yes.  i like that approach.  i think it will be moderately easier when we move from jenkins to non-jenkins workers....
19:54:10 <jeblair> sdague: but it is still probably doable with jenkins
19:54:14 <matrohon> jaypipes : but the idea is to use linux bridge instead, this would help us to test linuxbridge agent
19:54:28 <sdague> jeblair: yeh, I think it's something that we could do today, with the cloud resources we have.
19:54:40 <matrohon> anteaya : we will look at tripleo-gate too
19:54:50 <anteaya> matrohon: try to stay focused on one thing at a time, testing linuxbridge is a sub requirement
19:55:02 <sdague> I'm reluctant to just keep saying tripleo-gate will save the world, because it's not even self gating yet :)
19:55:05 <fungi> it "just" needs additional automation around grouping workers or proxying them and being able to grant workers to other workers
19:55:07 <anteaya> matrohon: if you stay focused on multi-node you now have two suggestions
19:55:34 <jeblair> matrohon: yes, keep in mind tripleo-gate doesn't exist yet.
19:55:35 <lifeless> sdague: I know, right! what are those tripleo folk thinking :)
19:55:38 <fungi> plus the tunneled networking implementation of course
19:56:15 <sdague> fungi: so tunnelled networking should be easy enough with openvpn L2, even between cloud providers
19:56:16 <matrohon> fungi : and the live-migration
19:57:00 <sdague> matrohon: so how much time do you have to devote here?
19:57:04 <jgallard> hi all, I would like to know what you think about to add LXC support in devstack as extra hook ?
19:57:14 <jeblair> matrohon: if you are willing to put in some work on the openvpn and how to get zuul and jenkins to assign multiple nodes to a task, i'd be happy to help point you at where to work on that.
19:57:23 <matrohon> jgallard is full time on it
19:57:28 <jeblair> matrohon: but it's going to be a good deal of infrastructure work, as none of that exists at the moment.
19:57:42 <jgallard> we started to work on that
19:57:47 <clarkb> jeblair: matrohon fungi sdague nodepool may be able to coordinate the openvpn setup with the features BobBall and firnds are adding to it for xen image creation
19:58:07 <jeblair> clarkb: true, that could be another useful tool
19:58:39 <sdague> jgallard: so lxc might solve a very limitted test scenario, but with the issues that were already run into, it can't be the generic multinode case
19:58:41 <jeblair> jgallard, matrohon: chat with us further in #openstack-infra
19:58:46 <jeblair> #topic  Savanna testing (SergeyLukjanov)
19:59:04 <matrohon> jeblair : ok thanks
19:59:08 <jgallard> ok, thanks a lot
19:59:16 <jeblair> SergeyLukjanov: real quick? :)
19:59:26 <SergeyLukjanov> there are several small updates - we're now have cli tests in tempest and so we'd like to gate together savanna and it's client
19:59:29 <SergeyLukjanov> jeblair, yup
19:59:38 <SergeyLukjanov> and we're moving client docs to client
19:59:57 <SergeyLukjanov> so, I'll really appretiate for review/approve https://review.openstack.org/#/c/74310/ and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/74470/
19:59:58 <SergeyLukjanov> end
20:00:01 <jeblair> cool, and i don't feel bad about running into the tc timeslot because i'm sure they're interested to see that.  :)
20:00:07 <jeblair> SergeyLukjanov: great, thanks
20:00:12 <markmc> hey
20:00:14 <jeblair> thanks everyone!
20:00:16 <markmc> roll up, roll up
20:00:17 <jeblair> #endmeeting