19:01:17 <fungi> #startmeeting infra
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19:01:39 <fungi> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/InfraTeamMeeting#Agenda_for_next_meeting
19:02:25 <fungi> to start out, clarkb and i are trying to get through the heartbleed impact and reset a lot of account creds, so keeping this short will be in our best interest
19:02:32 <fungi> #topic Actions from last meeting
19:02:44 <fungi> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/infra/2014/infra.2014-04-01-19.02.html
19:02:53 <fungi> jeblair delete puppet-dashboard.o.o server and dns
19:02:59 <fungi> i believe that has happened
19:03:07 <fungi> jeblair send revised repo rename list to tc
19:03:09 <clarkb> DNS definitely happened
19:03:11 <fungi> anybody know if that happened?
19:03:20 <clarkb> fungi: yes, I believe he started a thread about it
19:03:24 * clarkb digs it up
19:03:25 <fungi> good enough
19:03:41 <mordred> o/
19:03:59 <clarkb> hrm maybe not. The thread I see is from before the last meeting to the infra list
19:04:04 <nibalizer> o/
19:04:32 <fungi> better safe than sorry
19:04:36 <fungi> #action jeblair send revised repo rename list to tc
19:04:45 <fungi> nibalizer propose change to lower puppetboard 'unresponsive' timeout to 30 mins
19:04:52 <nibalizer> done, merged
19:04:54 <fungi> that got proposed, merged
19:04:55 <fungi> great
19:05:09 <fungi> thanks nibalizer!
19:05:11 <fungi> mordred make an abbreviated projects.yaml with only projects using storyboard as their primary tracker
19:05:28 <fungi> still a thing?
19:05:55 <krotscheck> o/
19:06:30 <fungi> mordred: if you're still around ^ (or krotscheck if you happen to know)?
19:07:07 <krotscheck> It hasn’t happened yet to my best ability.
19:07:16 <krotscheck> Sorry
19:07:19 <fungi> krotscheck: thanks! good enough
19:07:20 <krotscheck> to my best knowledge
19:07:20 <fungi> #action mordred make an abbreviated projects.yaml with only projects using storyboard as their primary tracker
19:07:30 <fungi> nibalizer write lp->storyboard migration script
19:07:52 <nibalizer> not done
19:07:57 <fungi> need any help with that? or should i be reviewing something already?
19:08:03 <nibalizer> i haven't even gotten my dev storyboard up
19:08:09 <fungi> okay, no rush
19:08:11 <nibalizer> my first angular js app
19:08:17 <fungi> #action nibalizer write lp->storyboard migration script
19:08:23 <fungi> we just carry forward
19:08:27 <nibalizer> ya sorry, if this is very pressing might not be for me, but i am making slow steayd prograess and having a fun time
19:08:31 <fungi> that covers the action items from the last meeting
19:08:56 <fungi> #topic Dealing with puppet changes (jeblair)
19:09:28 <fungi> i think this is the thing where we want to make sure that any large changes don't get approved without someone (doesn't have to be the approver or even a core) watching puppetboard to make sure it worked
19:10:02 * mordred will do it - sorry - got busy
19:10:06 <fungi> in case it's not, i'll leave it on the agenda for next week and jeblair can discuss whatever he wanted to discuss
19:10:32 <fungi> anybody know whether that was indeed the case, or if we need to talk about anything with regard to it?
19:10:44 <SergeyLukjanov> fungi, I think that I'm following this rule ;)
19:11:07 <nibalizer> fungi: i dont know
19:11:08 <fungi> SergeyLukjanov: i hope that i am, but i am also a very forgetful creature
19:11:23 <fungi> okay, moving along...
19:11:32 <fungi> #topic Using storyboard (jeblair)
19:11:47 <nibalizer> I have to step out, sorry
19:11:54 <fungi> i think we decided to start using storyboard for some smaller infra-related projects, but i don't think we've done so yet
19:11:54 * nibalizer will read scrollback
19:12:02 <SergeyLukjanov> fungi, yup, that's a problem sometimes for me too ;)
19:12:23 <fungi> did anybody have any updates specific to this they wanted to impart?
19:12:30 <SergeyLukjanov> fungi, we need to complete "make an abbreviated projects.yaml with only projects using storyboard as their primary tracker" first
19:12:34 <SergeyLukjanov> IIRC
19:12:47 <fungi> SergeyLukjanov: okay, good to know. prerequisite
19:12:57 <fungi> then that's probably all we have for updates on that topic
19:13:03 <SergeyLukjanov> it sounds like this action item == this topc
19:13:14 <fungi> agreed. i'll leave it on the agenda for next week
19:13:20 <fungi> #topic Project renames
19:13:39 <krotscheck> There’s a patch to update task statuses as well, but I’m on that and a new patch should be up for review as soon as I get to an internet that opens gerrit ports.
19:13:51 <fungi> thanks krotscheck!
19:13:53 <fungi> stackforge/barbican -> openstack/barbican needs to happen at some point... anybody know the timeline?
19:14:08 <fungi> is that one critical or just waiting for a convenient window?
19:14:20 <clarkb> I haven't heard
19:14:25 <clarkb> guessing convenient window
19:14:28 <fungi> DinaBelova: any new word on the climate rename? was a new name chosen yet?
19:14:34 <SergeyLukjanov> fungi, the same was done in several weeks after the incubation approved for sahara
19:14:47 <DinaBelova> fungi, yep, it was chosen
19:14:50 <DinaBelova> I
19:14:53 <SergeyLukjanov> fungi, it's still not checked by foundation folks :(
19:14:54 <fungi> and the winner is...
19:14:56 <fungi> oh
19:15:07 <DinaBelova> have contacted with foundation..
19:15:07 <fungi> okay, well, we'll pretend it's not chosen for now
19:15:19 <fungi> until you get final approval
19:15:27 <SergeyLukjanov> DinaBelova, the candidate is Blazar?
19:15:31 <DinaBelova> the best candidate was blazar, will hope it'll be the winner
19:15:33 <DinaBelova> yep
19:15:43 <fungi> sounds good--i can't wait
19:15:47 <DinaBelova> ;)
19:15:47 <fungi> #topic Fedora gate support (ianw)
19:15:57 <ianw> hi
19:16:13 <SergeyLukjanov> fungi, it'll be great to combine barbican, climate and attic changes
19:16:14 <fungi> ianw: did you have some specific bits you wanted to talk about? i see clarkb and mordred added a couple sub-topics for it
19:16:21 <fungi> SergeyLukjanov: agreed
19:16:29 <ianw> i added those on their behalf after a discussion on friday
19:16:29 <clarkb> fungi: basically is it ok for us to ignore hpcloud 1.0 for fedora testing
19:16:47 <clarkb> fungi: we cannot add our own images to hpcloud 1.0 and we need to build fedora images
19:16:55 <clarkb> because no one has up to date fedora images for us
19:17:17 <clarkb> so mostly looking for some consensus on what cross cloud compat is required for us to take on new testing
19:17:18 <SergeyLukjanov> re attic, I don't see ay responses to the jeblair's follow up in tc ml - http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-tc/2014-April/000608.html
19:17:59 <fungi> i'm also a little fuzzy on what testing we would shift to fedora nodes, to avoid exploding the test matrix and quota burn unnecessarily
19:18:28 <clarkb> fungi: ya, mordred suggested something like the postgres test, but I think it could be any of the more "fringe" tets
19:19:12 <SergeyLukjanov> good question re test matrix...
19:19:24 <ttx> o/
19:19:43 <fungi> okay, so the thought is that we could potentially start testing on fedora without exploding our node count and without effectively losing any existing test coverage
19:19:55 <SergeyLukjanov> ttx, evening
19:20:29 <fungi> however, there are also concerns around being able to switch from fedora20-fedora21 (for example) within minimal effort in the time between when one reaches end of support and the other is available for use
19:21:32 <clarkb> fungi: right, so my comment about that was we would need to have dib working then the people wanting to test on fedora would be responsible for updating dib
19:21:44 <clarkb> fungi: if they don't we switch $test to ubuntults
19:22:06 <fungi> and also there was the suggestion that we would consider dropping the requirement that we keep testing stable branches of openstack on the versions of fedora they were tested on at release time (which possibly means not supporting testing stable releases on fedora at some point in the cycle)
19:22:15 <fungi> gah, lag
19:22:22 <clarkb> correct
19:22:37 <clarkb> I think the fedora folks are ok with that because that version of fedora would not be supported either
19:22:40 <clarkb> so testing on it isn't a big win
19:22:50 <mordred> ++
19:22:55 <fungi> mainly because backporting bug fixes and reqs changes to stable so as to work on newer fedora is probably out of scope
19:22:55 <clarkb> which makes this a concern on our side. eg are we worried about losing coverage of our stable branches
19:23:04 <clarkb> fungi: exactly
19:23:39 <fungi> and the work required to switch, say, postgres+qpid from fedora to trusty when the time comes
19:23:51 <clarkb> fungi: we wouldn't switch
19:23:55 <clarkb> we would just drop the test
19:24:04 <clarkb> which is why we would make it a more fringe tes
19:24:13 <fungi> that feels like stable regressions waiting to happen
19:24:13 <clarkb> at least that is what I would argue for
19:24:25 <clarkb> fungi: I agree, but they already happen in ways we can't keep up with
19:24:33 <fungi> that is true
19:24:36 <clarkb> fungi: so this doesn't really make the current situation better or worse
19:24:52 <ianw> what if fedora tests ran on a separate cloud?  could that work
19:25:10 <ianw> and have them as a separate test, so they can be dropped per the concerns above
19:25:24 <clarkb> ianw: no, anything in the gate needs multiple clouds
19:25:41 <ianw> ok
19:25:52 <fungi> mainly so that a cloud provider outage doesn't block our ability to test and merge changes
19:26:44 <ianw> what about only running a separate fedora job for certain projects ... mainly changes to devstack.  there's only a few of them per-day
19:27:17 <clarkb> ianw: that should be doable. Similar to how tripleo testing happens
19:27:54 <fungi> another alternative might be periodic bitrot jobs, though those have a tendency to bitrot, as irony would have it
19:28:08 <ianw> starting with that job, keeping it separate seems low risk
19:28:52 <clarkb> ianw: so maybe we start there and avoid most of these layer 8 problems. Prove that it works then make it gating
19:29:09 <fungi> it seems like it might be worth investigating in that direction with more of a poc
19:29:10 <clarkb> ianw: should help the decision making around gating too especially if we can point at reliable test
19:29:18 <clarkb> ++
19:29:26 <ianw> yeah, exactly
19:29:30 <fungi> maybe the existing fedora testing pleia2 and others have been doing have us pretty close to what we would need for that already?
19:30:16 <ianw> this is what i've been doing with the redhatci
19:30:40 <ianw> see -> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/86107/ for a comment example
19:31:08 <fungi> excellent. i agree that if there's enough community support and donated resources to keep it running, and it's all free software, there's no good reason to turn down the additional qa we get from it
19:31:09 <ianw> fedora has been quite stable with devstack changes, the job shouldn't be too much trouble
19:31:44 <fungi> we just need to make sure our stability needs are met, and that we don't put ourselves in a bad position if that situation changes
19:31:46 <ianw> but long term i'd like the gate testing the stable fedora, and redhatci testing the "next" version so that the transition is easy
19:32:59 <fungi> ianw: i think that's reasonable based on the current information we have
19:33:15 <fungi> any other opinions/input? next steps?
19:33:34 <clarkb> nope I htink that is a good start
19:33:45 <clarkb> will give us a lot more data to work with
19:34:22 <fungi> okay, so basically we'll see what transpires and reevaluate based on additional data
19:34:37 <fungi> and in the meantime, acknowledge that it looks useful and promising
19:35:19 <fungi> okay, enough of that for today
19:35:28 <fungi> #topic public service announcements
19:35:54 <fungi> we spent a good chunk of yesterday dealing with security updates
19:35:58 <fungi> #link http://heartbleed.com/
19:36:36 <fungi> anybody who reads bill's pundit's random computer blog probably knows about that, so no need to elaborate now
19:37:10 <clarkb> but plan on it severely impacting infras ability ot get normal work done for a bit
19:37:24 <fungi> still working on regenerating keys, credentials, passwords and so on in the wake of the security fixes getting applied yesterday, just to have an extra security assurance in case anyone did actually manage to leech sensitive data out of any servers
19:37:53 <fungi> and yes, we're notably absent from getting other things done, so sorry about that
19:37:53 <clarkb> yup, some of these changes may have user facing impact as well.
19:38:12 <clarkb> however we will announce those changes more formally if/when they happen
19:38:16 <fungi> correct. there will likely be further disruption with service restarts for new account auth data and such
19:39:09 <fungi> #topic Open discussion
19:39:36 <fungi> just a reminder, i'm gone all next week and the week after, and won't be around in irc or reading e-mail
19:39:44 <clarkb> have fun!
19:40:02 <fungi> jeblair is busy this week at pycon (mordred: are you there/going too?)
19:40:02 <SergeyLukjanov> fungi, have fun!!
19:40:06 <clarkb> I will be out monday morning until my eyeball can read text again (I get a second round of eye dilation)
19:40:10 <rockyg> Hi.  I'm with Huawei and we're exploring providing a nodepool to OpenStack, but I need a point of contact to get the prereq's figured out.
19:40:28 <clarkb> rockyg: jeblair (who is flying to pycon right now) is the person to contact
19:40:43 <clarkb> rockyg: you can ping him on irc and or send him email
19:40:55 <rockyg> Great!  will do.  Any idea on how many machines to start?
19:41:31 <phschwartz> I would like to propose for next week to start a small discussion point with infra in the meeting about the proposed Vinz review system.
19:41:32 <clarkb> rockyg: I'm not sure if there is a lower bound but the flavor size we look at is ~4core 8GB nodes
19:41:43 <fungi> rockyg: i think we've been targeting a minimum quota sufficient to run 100 instances with 4 or 8 cores (depending on core speed) and 8gb ram each
19:41:49 <clarkb> phschwartz: can you update the agenda with that? I will get you a link
19:42:13 <phschwartz> clarkb: will do
19:42:23 <rockyg> I'll email jeblair.  That way he can respond on his timeline.  The size is great info.  Thanks, again.
19:42:24 <clarkb> phschwartz: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/InfraTeamMeeting
19:43:47 <fungi> okay, i think that's it for this week
19:43:59 <fungi> you all get 15 minutes back ;)
19:44:08 <fungi> thanks everybody!
19:44:18 <fungi> #endmeeting