19:02:23 <jeblair> #startmeeting infra
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19:02:27 <jeblair> #link agenda https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/InfraTeamMeeting#Agenda_for_next_meeting
19:02:28 <jeblair> #link previous meeting http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/infra/2015/infra.2015-05-05-19.03.html
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19:02:28 <zaro> o/
19:02:34 <jeblair> #topic Actions from last meeting
19:02:35 <jeblair> fungi check our cinder quota in rax-dfw
19:02:39 <mmedvede> o/
19:02:55 <jeblair> i love that we're task tracking that here ;)
19:03:00 <rbradfor_> o/
19:03:07 <fungi> ohai!
19:03:14 <SpamapS> \o/
19:03:15 <fungi> trying that right now ;)
19:03:25 <jeblair> cool, we'll tune back in later :)
19:03:31 <jeblair> #topic Infrastructure project process changes (jeblair)
19:03:32 <jeblair> #link https://review.openstack.org/182811
19:03:37 <beagles> ls
19:03:41 <beagles> whoops
19:03:43 <beagles> sorry
19:03:57 <nibalizer> o/
19:04:06 <mtreinish> jeblair: ooh, I like the sound of infra council
19:04:10 <yolanda> beagles, that happens :)
19:04:13 <mtreinish> do you get hooded robes?
19:04:15 <jeblair> i inserted this topic before the usual bits in the meeting because i think normally i would expect us to start talking about priority efforts, etc, now...
19:04:37 <jeblair> mtreinish: yeah, we've just about run out of names for groups of people around here :)
19:04:46 <jeblair> mtreinish: hoodies?
19:05:01 <mordred> jeblair: I think we need robes
19:05:15 <fungi> 24264/51200gb sata, 1124/25600gb ssd
19:05:38 * fungi has no idea why cinderclient insists on a redundant tenant id for quota-usage
19:05:49 <mtreinish> jeblair: heh, hoodies aren't quite as cool
19:05:49 <jeblair> anyway, what i'd actually like to do is spend the next week working on getting all of that in place and hopefully running a spec through that process by next week
19:05:54 <jeblair> i updated that change this morning in a way that i think addresses all the comments
19:06:08 <jeblair> fungi: w00t, thx!
19:06:39 <jeblair> so if folks could take a look at https://review.openstack.org/182811 today, that would be great
19:07:03 <jeblair> and in general, does that sound like a good plan to proceed?
19:07:08 <yolanda> jeblair, i like that updates
19:07:30 <pleia2> wfm
19:07:34 <anteaya> did I miss the discussion where we decided we needed a council?
19:07:46 <anteaya> or is this it?
19:07:51 <SpamapS> Indeed I think it addresses most of my concern which was the broadness of focus that it seemed was required to make progress toward infra core.
19:07:52 <fungi> anteaya: 182811 is the discussion
19:08:54 <pabelanger> I had a chance to read it over the weekend, seems like a sane approach
19:08:55 <clarkb> I have opened teh change and it will be next up in my review queue
19:09:20 <fungi> ti definitely feels like it formalizes a lot of what we already have in place informally (for current situations like jjb, project-config, devstack-gate, et cetera)
19:09:28 <mordred> jeblair: great updates. +2
19:09:32 <pleia2> fungi: that's how I felt upon reading it too
19:09:56 <fungi> and empowers those groups to give them more say in overall direction of the infra project
19:09:58 <jeblair> so i'll spend the week working on the acl changes needed for that, and working on the specs repo
19:10:07 <nibalizer> woot
19:10:43 <jeblair> i also have this up, which is marginally related
19:10:45 <jeblair> #link https://review.openstack.org/183337
19:12:47 <jeblair> anything else on this subject?
19:13:06 <mordred> jeblair: super excited about both changes
19:13:27 <jeblair> thx
19:13:33 <jeblair> #topic Priority Efforts (Upgrading Gerrit)
19:14:04 <asselin> o/
19:14:05 <clarkb> upstream thinks they have narrowed down the jgit problem
19:14:08 <mordred> I heard that someone may have found a maybe cause to this?
19:14:09 <zaro> i think there's a test case we want to test out.  upload large files with lots of changes?
19:14:17 <fungi> #link https://git.eclipse.org/r/48288
19:14:21 <clarkb> zaro: and shorten the diff timeout
19:14:27 <jeblair> yeah, i stuck this on here because i had an idea at the summit, which i communicated to zaro but wanted to discuss here
19:14:28 <fungi> that seems to be the current change to watch which supposedly addresses this
19:14:37 <nibalizer> all things that can be done on review-dev it sounds like
19:14:46 <clarkb> tl;dr is if you get a diff timeout while processing a packfile jgit will treat that as being a corrupted pack and remove it from the list
19:14:54 <mordred> which is not good
19:14:59 <jeblair> which was, that if it is triggered by the diff timeout, we may be able to trigger on review-dev (without moving production data) just by uploading some changes with huge diffs
19:15:02 <jeblair> nibalizer: exactly
19:15:10 <zaro> i was wondering if we should just get a copy of review data instead ?
19:15:11 <fungi> yeah, all i/o exceptions are not created equal it seems
19:15:48 <clarkb> jeblair: ++ but also shorten the timeout
19:15:52 <jeblair> zaro: our current plan was to sync review -> review-dev; but i'm suggesting we might be able to reproduce without doing that and it might be simpler.  i'm okay with either approach.
19:15:57 <clarkb> jeblair: zaro but that should be very easy to prove on review-dev
19:15:57 <jeblair> clarkb: good idea
19:16:28 <zaro> ok. i was just thinking that we might need to do that anyway
19:16:44 <zaro> i mean run test against review data
19:16:49 <jeblair> zaro: yeah, but maybe keep working on that in the background after this?
19:17:11 <zaro> sure.  i said i would test this but just haven't gotten around to it yet.
19:17:14 <fungi> ahh, right, drop cache.diff.timeout to something like 1s or lower
19:17:24 <zaro> will start it today.
19:17:27 <fungi> defaults to 5s according to the docs
19:17:55 <clarkb> yup and the logs say we hit it at 5s on review.o.o
19:18:02 <jeblair> zaro: cool, no problem.  it would be crazy if you had found time to do it since the summit.  :)  i just wanted to discuss it here so that it wasn't just something we talked about over lunch that one time.  :)
19:18:07 <clarkb> its set in milliseconds iirc so easy to do subsecond values
19:18:10 <fungi> so that's suspiciously coincidental
19:18:33 <fungi> yeah, seems to support subsecond values
19:19:00 <zaro> jeblair: agreed, good to discuss.
19:19:34 <jeblair> #action zaro configure review-dev for subsecond diff timeouts and test that "large" diffs trigger the jgit error
19:20:09 <jeblair> anything else regarding priority efforts we should discuss?
19:20:50 <fungi> no new blockers i'm aware of
19:21:37 <fungi> mostly trying to figure out where i left things before the conference amnesia set in
19:21:39 <clarkb> maybe the swift uploads?
19:21:43 <pleia2> I think I discussed everything out at summit, so I'm good
19:21:47 <clarkb> we are still not passing through non log data cleanly
19:22:03 <clarkb> and it seems like every time we try to tackle that there is a suggestion to do more and more unrelated work
19:22:15 <zaro> i think there was discussion at summit to stand up a phabritcator.  new priority effort?
19:22:20 <clarkb> its not bad work it just doesn't get us closer to the goal of host data that isn't logs in swift
19:22:27 <fungi> zaro: would probably be a new spec
19:22:35 * mordred has spec for that on his TDL
19:22:36 <krotscheck> o/
19:22:38 <jeblair> #topic Priority Efforts (Swift logs)
19:23:02 <jeblair> clarkb: yeah, i spoke with jhesketh about that -- i think he's writing that change?
19:23:02 <clarkb> quick update is: we need a way to have os loganalyze pass through data in swift somehow
19:23:09 <clarkb> jeblair: he is
19:23:31 <clarkb> but what has happened is we went from that to saying we should have os loganalyze be a devstack plugin so we can run integration tests with swift against changes to it
19:23:51 <clarkb> which has lead to lets fix devstack's handing of requirements so that os loganalyze can have requirements not in global reqs
19:24:14 <jeblair> that sounds like a swell idea, but i'm not sure we need to block on that.  so let's have a chat with jhesketh when he's around and see if we can't separate those two efforts.
19:24:41 <clarkb> right I think the work is valuable its just not helping us solve the problem hosting fiels in swift
19:24:46 <mtreinish> clarkb: there should be a call in devstack to install from pip without g-r
19:25:00 <clarkb> mtreinish: sdague made it sound like there wasn't one that would work, but maybe there is
19:25:10 <fungi> yeah, i think it cropped up because the last time that change was attempted it broke serving logs, so "get some testing" was a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to not breaking again
19:25:42 <mtreinish> clarkb: hmm ok, I can take a look at it in a bit
19:25:45 <clarkb> fungi: and that would be great if it wasn't snowballing into rewriting half the infrastructure
19:26:09 <jeblair> i think sdague is away this week?
19:26:14 <mordred> yes. he's out
19:26:14 <tchaypo> keep in mind that jhesketh is in aus so it’s currently 5:26am for him
19:26:21 <mordred> tchaypo: and for you too
19:26:32 <mordred> tchaypo: I'm guessing we can blame jetlag for you being awake? :)
19:26:39 <tchaypo> yes, but not everyone is an early bird like me
19:26:45 <mordred> heh
19:26:46 <tchaypo> no, I usually get up about this time anyway
19:26:55 <clarkb> but I think theer is a trivial change we can make to os loganalyze which is if root url is not htmlify/ then pass data through untouched
19:27:20 <tchaypo> clarkb: sounds pretty triial
19:27:22 <clarkb> and hopefully that is not controversial and we can just make that change to os loganalyze with the testing that we do have today (which we do have)
19:27:44 <jeblair> clarkb: cool, let's discuss that with jhesketh and mtreinish later, and do that if we can
19:27:52 <fungi> i take it the earlier attempt which got reverted was nontrivial and so had unanticipated side-effects
19:28:08 <clarkb> fungi: yes it was much more "correct" at the expense of being more complicated
19:29:03 <clarkb> jeblair: sounds good
19:29:19 <jeblair> #topic Open discussion
19:29:37 <fungi> the rename requests are starting to pile up
19:29:47 <jeblair> mordred: so... "action mordred write a spec to move infra bugs to maniphest" ?
19:29:58 <mordred> yah. I have several spec writing tasks for this week
19:30:01 <mordred> that's one of them
19:30:02 <jeblair> fungi: oh, yeah, should put scheduling those on the agenda
19:30:08 <jeblair> #action mordred write a spec to move infra bugs to maniphest
19:30:31 <mordred> fungi: I think we should finish up my "rename projects" playbook before we do any sets that involve the puppet or chef repos
19:30:52 <fungi> mordred: great idea
19:30:55 <jeblair> i just saw a governance change that looks like ironic-discoverd may also want to change its name
19:30:55 <SpamapS> Should we add infra-cloud as a priority effort to the agenda?
19:31:09 <mordred> fungi: maybe I'll grab you east coast morning and we can figure out how to test it
19:31:17 <jeblair> SpamapS: i'll write a spec for infra cloud this week
19:31:25 <SpamapS> jeblair: splendid
19:31:32 <anteaya> I thought the documentation was the spec?
19:31:34 <fungi> not sure how i feel about the stackforge/ironic-discoverd -> openstack/ironic-discoverd rename when https://review.openstack.org/185442 is also proposed
19:31:45 <clarkb> mordred: should be possible to use review-dev et al as a test bed
19:31:49 <fungi> seems like we should maybe avoid renaming that twice in a short timeframe
19:31:52 <jeblair> SpamapS: since the technical bits are happening over in system-config, i believe it will just describe the process and should be simpler
19:31:54 <jeblair> anteaya: ^
19:32:05 <pleia2> I mentioned this, but wrt infra-cloud docs, the tense on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/180796/ is getting confusing
19:32:22 <pleia2> maybe we can even this all out while writing the spec
19:32:23 * mordred is also going to write a spec on shade - because it needs one
19:32:27 <mordred> pleia2: ++
19:32:31 <jeblair> something like "we will run a cloud, it will do this, these are the major steps that will happen, etc"
19:32:34 <mordred> pleia2: I think it's because it's part docs, part spec right now
19:32:38 <pleia2> mordred: yeah
19:32:45 <mordred> pleia2: and should be all docs
19:32:45 <SpamapS> pleia2: It is supposed to be present tense, but a spec would definitely make it easier to write in future tense.
19:32:53 <pleia2> SpamapS: nods
19:32:56 <jeblair> yeah, i'll look at that too and try to help sort it out
19:33:16 <SpamapS> also specs tend to read more like logical tests than docs. "Infra-cloud shall xxx" can apply to the future or the present.
19:33:44 <mordred> I feel an infra spec spec coming on ...
19:33:46 <jeblair> #action jeblair write infra-cloud spec with SpamapS
19:34:06 <mordred> jeblair: while we're on that topic
19:34:39 <mordred> we started poking at getting full inventories for things - there are scripts to do this - but I'm not sure where/if they should live
19:34:49 <jeblair> fungi, mordred: so let's kick rename discussion till next week's meeting, and poke the ironic folks about updating the change for discoverd
19:35:09 <jeblair> mordred: if we ever get a new region, we might use them again, yeah?
19:35:10 <mordred> at the moment, they're adhoc "please troll the machines for datas" scripts - so I'm thinking doing them live and checking them in later as docs is appropriate?
19:35:13 <mordred> jeblair: yah
19:35:17 <mordred> they're useful in general
19:35:27 <nibalizer> also what do you do with the resulting data? throw that in a git repo too?
19:35:29 <jeblair> mordred: or stick them in the tools/ dir?
19:35:39 <jeblair> (of system-config)
19:35:46 <mordred> yah
19:35:49 <clarkb> tools/ dir seems like a good home
19:35:52 <mordred> or the playbooks dir (they're playbooks)
19:36:14 <greghaynes> mordred: one issue is they are now tied to machine-information.json schema
19:36:28 <mordred> greghaynes: well, that's still likely useful
19:36:32 <greghaynes> not sure how we want to deal with that interface, but its important that we pull ipmi info from somewhere
19:36:35 <mordred> greghaynes: as we'll want things to consume that in the future
19:36:39 <jeblair> nibalizer: i imagine the resulting data should either show up in documentation ("this is the hardware we have") or config files ("do these things on this hardware")
19:36:42 <tchaypo> If we make the data public we need to exclude things like ipmi password
19:36:42 <jeblair> mordred: ^ ?
19:36:48 <greghaynes> sure, if we want to say machine-information.json is the schema for that
19:36:50 <mordred> jeblair: yes
19:36:56 <tchaypo> And if we don't we need to store that separately
19:37:02 <mordred> greghaynes: I think it probably will be- but we'll need a thing that merges passwords from hiera
19:37:28 <fungi> jeblair: i've updated the project renames section of the agenda with ironic-inspector, and also noted that whoever originally added that item linked the stackforge->openstack governance change for the repo, not a project-config change
19:37:28 <mordred> the data all wants to be public, we probably want to write a thing taht turns it into nice looking sphinx docs tbh - and also ipmi passwords want to go into hiera
19:37:30 <mordred> however
19:37:39 <nibalizer> remember that you can always just call 'hiera keyname' from shell if that makes hacking easier
19:37:42 <mordred> I dont' think we need to deal with hiera ipmi password merge in the first pass
19:37:55 <greghaynes> yeaa, isnt hiera keyed by hostname too?
19:38:03 <mordred> greghaynes: not in the way this will be using it
19:38:07 <greghaynes> ok
19:38:18 <mordred> greghaynes: the values will all be associated with the hostname of the bastion host, most likely
19:38:19 <nibalizer> greghaynes: you can call 'hiera keyname filter=value filter=value'
19:38:32 <mordred> "these are the ipmi passwords for the machines taht bastion host A wants"
19:38:36 <nibalizer> if you need to inspect like that, but infra-hiera is amazingly flat++
19:38:52 <greghaynes> yea, so then key them by mac like we are now?
19:38:55 <clarkb> mordred: you could use a hash in there to line up with the hosts
19:39:07 <mordred> and then the public data (the machine list) will get merged with that hiera data and the results will be puppet writing a machine-inforation.json file to disk on each bastion host
19:39:19 <mordred> it's possible this is not the right forum to design this
19:39:21 <clarkb> mordred: so bastion: { ipmi: { host1: passwd, host2: passwd } }
19:39:29 <mordred> clarkb: yes. that's exactly right
19:39:46 <greghaynes> Asking about that because we dont have permanent hostnames for these yet
19:39:50 <mordred> I mainly brought it up to point out that there may be some useful scripts being hacked live at the moment that want to end up in system-config
19:40:09 <greghaynes> we can move to #infra though
19:40:10 <mordred> greghaynes: right. that's why I think hiera merging is premature currently - these arent' REALLY part of the world yet
19:40:13 <SpamapS> probably want the serial of the box as the key for 'host1/host2' there, as that is the thing that will remain constant, but yeah, not a thing to meeting-ize.
19:41:24 <ttx> jeblair: just arriving. Did you mention irc-meetings ?
19:41:53 * jeblair has the irc lag
19:42:13 <jeblair> ttx: no, but i have been working on cleaning that up
19:42:24 <jeblair> ttx: we didn't quite get everything right, but it's almost there :)
19:42:53 <jeblair> ttx: i manually fixed the current state on eavesdrop, should be okay to declare it in production and start publicising it
19:43:19 <ttx> Cool. I'll sync with tonyb and make sure he has all the meetings in
19:43:48 <fungi> yeah, http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/ is looking usable now
19:44:03 <ttx> oh, needed a force-reload
19:44:20 <mordred> nice job everyone
19:44:28 <pabelanger> fungi, nice!
19:44:37 <zaro> ++
19:44:40 <ttx> well "nice" is not the way to describe that current page
19:44:52 <clarkb> I bet it renders great in w3m
19:44:55 <clarkb> thats worthy of a nice :)
19:44:55 <pleia2> hehe
19:44:57 <ttx> it's "ugly", hopefully enough for someone with skillz to fix it
19:45:09 <pabelanger> HTML 1.0 FTW
19:45:18 <fungi> it's ugly enough to encourage someone to beautify it very soon, i'm sure
19:45:23 <ttx> pabelanger: yes, guess who wrote that template
19:45:29 * taron 's design senses are tingling
19:45:44 <ttx> At the very minimum a TOC would be nice :)
19:46:00 <taron> could probably use some bootstrap or something of the sort as well
19:46:07 <fungi> effective workflow: build something intentionally ugly, publicize it, wait for improvements from irritated web designers
19:46:26 <nibalizer> pabelanger: timrc any grafana things to talk about?
19:46:40 <nibalizer> free time in the infra meeting is such a treat, jeblair++ for wizardry
19:46:45 <timrc> Nope.  Not on my end, pabelanger is doing all the work :)
19:46:54 <pabelanger> Hmm, grafyaml is up in governance right now
19:47:03 <pabelanger> so, that is moving forward
19:47:11 <mordred> all hail the new grafyaml overlords
19:47:15 <nibalizer> timrc: excellent, we can profit from his persperation
19:47:23 <mordred> eww
19:47:32 <nibalizer> i also know that timrc has been kicking the tires on a public grafana module which is sweet
19:47:35 * timrc slowly backs away from nibalizer
19:47:48 <fungi> pabelanger: though we can add it to project-config before governance rubber-stamps since jeblair has already +1'd
19:48:04 <pabelanger> I also have puppet-grafana rolling too: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/179208/
19:48:07 <timrc> The bfraser-grafana is pretty decent.
19:48:08 <pabelanger> but some work left to do on it
19:48:20 <pabelanger> fungi, roger
19:48:39 <timrc> pabelanger, Did you figure out a way to add datasources and organizations programmatically?  Was not sure if those things could be added through the API.
19:48:51 <timrc> If not, that could present a bootstrapping challenging.
19:49:08 <timrc> challenge*
19:49:13 <pabelanger> timrc, no, not yet.  I need to do some sql magic to make them bits work.  Right now, it is a race to log in as admin / admin to change password once puppet launches the node
19:49:35 <mordred> pabelanger: does the node need to be launched to generate the admin user?
19:49:48 <timrc> pabelanger, You can control those settings from the puppet module.
19:49:48 <mordred> pabelanger: like, could the puppet install pre-seed an admin user in the db?
19:50:19 <pabelanger> mordred, I need to check if the package support that, I don;t think so right now.
19:50:28 <timrc> pabelanger, So if you deploy with bfraser-grafana you can create a grafana.conf which allows you to set things like a secret key, admin credentials, default org, etc.
19:50:36 <pabelanger> we _could_ add support into the package for that pretty easy with dbconfig
19:50:58 <pabelanger> timrc, Interesting. I just googled a puppet-grafana module, not sure which I am using
19:51:05 <pabelanger> Ooh
19:51:07 <pabelanger> using the same
19:51:12 <nibalizer> you're using the same :)
19:51:12 <jeblair> ya: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/179208/5/modules.env
19:51:20 <ParsectiX> hi
19:51:23 <pabelanger> Ya, so need to just expose the bits for that
19:51:58 <timrc> pabelanger, https://forge.puppetlabs.com/bfraser/grafana <-- that works pretty well
19:52:31 <pabelanger> timrc, Yup, using the same. Just need to see how to provision the admin user from the config file now
19:52:31 <timrc> But yeah, I _think_ we should add the end points to add datasources and organizations if they do not exist, rather than doing something hacky.  But that's my own opinion.
19:52:39 <pabelanger> ++
19:52:50 <timrc> So that is upstream grafana work.
19:53:15 <pabelanger> Yup, don't see that as an issue
19:53:35 <yolanda> how are you going to handle that? pull requests ? or forking the module?
19:53:56 <timrc> I would prefer pull requests.  But I've not worked with that community yet.
19:54:03 <jeblair> we should always try to work upstream
19:54:04 <ttx> jeblair: should future irc-meetings chances get picked up automatically ? Or will you have to manually publish a few more times ?
19:54:10 <ttx> changes*
19:54:12 <pabelanger> Ya, I don't want to fork the module
19:54:13 <yolanda> i worked with a pair of puppet modules, and it was super easy to engage people
19:54:36 <jeblair> ttx: until https://review.openstack.org/185677 and https://review.openstack.org/185678 land, changes to irc-meetings will probably actually break the site
19:54:53 <jeblair> ttx: so we should go ahead and merge those and make sure they work
19:55:07 * ttx has a quick look
19:55:10 <timrc> yolanda, This will be upstream grafana work.  I do not think at this time we have any upstream puppet work to do re: grafana.
19:55:23 <yolanda> ah ok
19:55:30 <timrc> But hey, these end points could actually already exist.  We just need to confirm one way or the other.
19:56:30 <rbradfor_> A open question before we run out of time.  Is there any common place, e.g. blah.o.o where one can store this fedora image used by magnum dsvm functional test I mentioned in channel this morning.
19:56:47 <ttx> jeblair: approved https://review.openstack.org/#/c/185678/
19:56:48 <jeblair> rbradfor_: if it is created by a job in our system, it can be published to tarballs.o.o
19:56:52 <ttx> and +1ed the other one
19:56:58 <jeblair> rbradfor_: this happens with, eg, heat and trove images
19:57:11 <fungi> rbradfor_: after you left clarkb suggested that magnum and heat should collaborate on using one fedora image if possible
19:57:12 <yolanda> timrc, looks like a challenging work
19:57:19 <pabelanger> Not sure the timelines that grafana has, but we could do both.  Inject data into SQL, if we find the API is taking too long to merge.  And honestly, I have no idea what is needed in grafana to add support for it. But it doesn't hurt to look upstream and see
19:57:22 <rbradfor_> jetblair: great I was going to suggest that.
19:57:34 <timrc> pabelanger, Here is the start of our grafana module downstream: http://paste.openstack.org/show/238414/
19:57:48 <clarkb> rbradfor_: yes my suggestion was that magnum determine what they need and determine how to make the existing fedora image caching work for magnum
19:57:48 <rbradfor_> fungi I'll reach out to somebody at heat and see what I can determine.
19:57:57 <clarkb> rbradfor_: but step 0 there is "what does magnum need from this image"
19:58:02 <fungi> rbradfor_: but since we lack insight currently into how that image is produced, i have no idea why it's special and not just the fedora image we already cache on our workers
19:58:26 <rbradfor_> clarkb, the image is used as the base for kubernetus containers
19:58:34 <clarkb> rbradfor_: yes but why is it special?
19:58:43 <clarkb> rbradfor_: we already cache a half dozen images that could be used for containers
19:58:50 <fungi> e.g., preinstalled kubernetes packages? customized kernel?
19:58:54 <clarkb> (give or take, I am not sure of the exact number)
19:58:58 <pabelanger> timrc, Nice, looks similar, so that is good.
19:59:21 <rbradfor_> clarkb, I am not that familiar. Can you point me to the images that are cached so I can ask of the project.
19:59:42 <jeblair> let's follow that up in #infra
19:59:45 <jeblair> thanks everyone!
19:59:47 <jeblair> #endmeeting