19:02:12 <fungi> #startmeeting infra
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19:02:17 <hashar> o/
19:02:19 <fungi> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/InfraTeamMeeting#Agenda_for_next_meeting
19:02:30 <fungi> #topic Announcements
19:02:52 <jhesketh> o/
19:02:56 <waynr> o/
19:03:06 <rcarrillocruz> o/
19:03:08 <fungi> #info Reminder, Gerrit server maintenance on review.openstack.org is scheduled for 20:00 UTC on Monday, April 11
19:03:17 <fungi> #topic Actions from last meeting
19:03:22 <fungi> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/infra/2016/infra.2016-03-29-19.03.html
19:03:30 <fungi> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/gerrit_server_replacement yolanda draft a maintenance plan for the gerrit server replacement
19:03:38 <fungi> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-April/091274.html
19:03:39 <fungi> yolanda send maintenance reminder announcement to the mailing list on April 4
19:03:45 <fungi> er, stray newline
19:03:48 <fungi> #undo
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19:03:58 <fungi> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-April/091274.html yolanda send maintenance reminder announcement to the mailing list on April 4
19:04:03 <fungi> so those were both done
19:04:08 <yolanda> yep, done
19:04:08 <pleia2> thanks yolanda
19:04:09 <fungi> thanks yolanda!!!
19:04:27 <fungi> #topic Specs approval
19:04:33 <yolanda> so i'd like to get feedback about the plan in the etherpad
19:04:50 <fungi> yolanda: happy to
19:04:56 <yolanda> thanks
19:05:17 <fungi> we don't have any new specs up for final council voting on this week
19:05:41 <anteaya> yolanda: it looks good to me, perhaps you can add the actual commands to be executed so folks can copy and paste?
19:05:48 <fungi> as a reminder, feel free to pester me if there are specs administrivia changes which need approving and aren't themselves specs or substantial changes to approved specs
19:05:49 <amrith> ./
19:05:49 <AJaeger> fungi, one question on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/284049/ - this one is just a clarification.
19:05:58 <AJaeger> fungi: Does it need voting?
19:06:09 <AJaeger> It documents how the translation setup was done
19:06:35 <AJaeger> Or should I pester you outside of the meeting for this? ;)
19:06:47 <yolanda> fungi, i have a question about when to update dns entries... because we need to test that zuul, git mirrors, etc.. can recognize new gerrit entry
19:06:48 <fungi> AJaeger: i think we can just review that like a normal change. it seems to be documenting reality, not changing a plan
19:07:12 <AJaeger> fungi: correct
19:07:13 <fungi> AJaeger: i've approved it now
19:07:22 <AJaeger> thanks, fungi
19:07:22 <hashar> have to announce the new Gerrit IP ahead of time for third parties
19:07:32 <anteaya> hashar: we have
19:07:40 <hashar> corporate world would need to update some firewall rules
19:07:42 <hashar> anteaya: \O/
19:07:45 <anteaya> hashar: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-March/088985.html
19:07:49 <fungi> hashar: yeah, provided a month heads-up
19:07:52 <fungi> and reminders
19:07:55 <anteaya> posted march 10th
19:08:17 <fungi> yolanda: i'll double-check your plan but usually it needs to be changed at the start of the maintenance window and we should make sure ttls are low (300s)
19:08:18 <anteaya> hashar: good thinking
19:08:30 <fungi> anyway, moving on
19:08:30 <AJaeger> speaking of gerrit downtime: We have one rename request for a project. Do we want to do it at the same time?
19:08:34 <yolanda> thanks fungi
19:08:46 <jeblair> i'd rather not do the rename with the move
19:08:53 <anteaya> I agree
19:08:53 <AJaeger> https://review.openstack.org/299192 - an ansible repo
19:08:57 <anteaya> one thing at a time
19:09:01 <fungi> yeah, these things should be separate windows
19:09:09 <fungi> otherwise we complicate roll-back
19:09:28 <fungi> #topic Priority Efforts
19:09:31 <AJaeger> ok, works for me
19:09:46 <fungi> nothing specific called out on the agenda this week, so skipping this in the interest of available time
19:09:58 <fungi> #topic Scheduling a StoryBoard bug day and low-hanging-fruit tagging (pleia2)
19:10:05 <zaro> o/
19:10:10 <anteaya> zaro: there you are
19:10:11 <fungi> #link https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2000534 First low-hanging-fruit tag!
19:10:19 <pleia2> so, I don't want this to turn into a massive discussion (or ignore the great work that craige has done with maniphest)
19:10:41 <pleia2> but storyboard has improved a lot, email support was game-changing for me, and I was hoping we could get some others in the team to start poking at it again
19:10:42 <nibalizer> o/
19:10:55 <Zara> I am always in favour of that! :D
19:11:05 <anteaya> Zara: bring your lemur!
19:11:07 <jeblair> pleia2: ++ for the moment at least, it's still our bug tracker and any data we put into it should end up in maniphest anywy
19:11:07 <zaro> pleia2: i turned on mail but haven't gotten any :(
19:11:09 <clarkb> Zara: pleia2: I have tried and failed to get email working
19:11:12 <crinkle> fwiw the kanban board for infra-cloud has made things much easier to track
19:11:13 <pleia2> and as I've been working with it myself, a lot of the bugs are out-dated, the low-hanging-fruit tags we brought over from launchpad (I think?) need some review
19:11:20 <clarkb> Zara: maybe I should talk to you after meeting about it
19:11:26 <Zara> clarkb: sure
19:11:41 <anteaya> crinkle: yay, have you been updating it? I have lost track myself
19:11:52 <jeblair> (feel free to ping me if smtp debugging is needed)
19:11:54 <pleia2> so my proposal is to have a bug day where we evaluate the bugs and work on our low-hanging-fruit tags
19:11:58 <pleia2> probably after summit
19:12:03 <crinkle> anteaya: i haven't lately since we've been waiting for things on the dc side
19:12:05 <anteaya> pleia2: sounds good to me
19:12:10 <pleia2> in the meantime, perhaps we try and use it more :)
19:12:16 <anteaya> crinkle: understood, glad you find it useful though
19:12:25 <anteaya> pleia2: do you have a suggested date?
19:12:31 <pleia2> anteaya: no
19:12:42 <fungi> pleia2: i'm in favor of getting back to trying to whittle down our bug count. i think we've been mostly letting things fester for at least a year
19:12:47 <anteaya> I don't see why we need to wait until after summit, unless others do
19:12:51 <pleia2> fungi: yeah
19:13:04 <pleia2> anteaya: I think most folks are super busy
19:13:19 <anteaya> I don't hink after summit will be any different
19:13:47 <fungi> i also don't see any problem with some people doing something sooner than the summit, but i definitely don't have time to pitch in over the next two weeks before i leave
19:13:53 <pleia2> well, no, but it gives us some time to make space in our calendars :) summit is only a couple weeks away
19:14:00 <anteaya> I would be for doing something next wednesday, April 13
19:14:04 <anteaya> would I be alone?
19:14:27 <clarkb> I will be around and I think its a decent idea
19:14:32 <Zara> me and SotK should be around, if nothing else :)
19:14:36 <clarkb> we don't need 100% infra team participation to make it successful
19:14:39 <fungi> go for it, but getting answers out of lots of us next week may be tough if we're needed for input
19:14:47 <pleia2> ok, that's fine
19:14:52 <anteaya> great, so in storyboard channel okay for chat?
19:14:56 <Zara> wfm
19:14:59 <anteaya> or do we want the sprint channel?
19:15:11 <fungi> still, there's nothing stopping people who haev available time to devote to bug triage from coordinateing together or even going it alone at different times
19:15:23 <pleia2> I'll chat with zara and SotK about our options for getting a bug list like we did for lp (if that's possible, or makes sense)
19:15:25 <fungi> my typing just went to pot there
19:16:01 <Zara> cool
19:16:05 <anteaya> pleia2: do you want to do an email saying clarkb and I and Zara and SotK will be in storyboard next wednesday?
19:16:10 <rcarrillocruz> i'm happy we are looking at Storyboard again
19:16:12 <rcarrillocruz> :-)
19:16:12 <anteaya> or shall I?
19:16:19 <anteaya> pleia2: it is your idea
19:16:19 <pleia2> anteaya: I'll announce it and see who wants to join in
19:16:19 <clarkb> anteaya: I think the sprint channel would be more appropriate if we are looking at infra bugs
19:16:26 <anteaya> pleia2: awesome thank you
19:16:31 <jeblair> clarkb: ++ sprint or infra.
19:16:34 <clarkb> don't want to clutter the storyboard channel with a bunch of off topic stuff but ya happy to poke at that and try to cleanup
19:16:34 <fungi> did some people want to announce a small-scale/impromptu infra bug squash a week from tomorrow?
19:16:37 <anteaya> I'll get the sprint channel set up
19:16:38 <pleia2> let's do sprint
19:16:48 <anteaya> very good
19:16:52 * anteaya books the channel
19:16:52 <fungi> i doubt the sprint channel is much in use this time of the cycle
19:17:30 <anteaya> yeah it is free I'll book it
19:17:42 <pleia2> #action pleia2 to announce small-scale/impromptu infra bug squash on apr 13
19:17:57 <fungi> #info Interested bug triagers are welcome to an impromptu Infra bug sprint in #openstack-sprint on Wednesday, April 13
19:18:00 <pleia2> that's all, thanks fungi
19:18:12 <fungi> thanks!
19:18:21 <fungi> #topic Debian packaging CI (zigo)
19:18:40 <fungi> (after this topic, i'll dive into summit session discussion phase of the meeting)
19:18:41 <zigo> Well, what is missing from https://review.openstack.org/#/c/294022/ ?
19:18:58 <zigo> What can I do to make it approved?
19:19:05 <zigo> I'd really like to get it going.
19:19:13 <zigo> That's first.
19:19:22 <zigo> Does anyone have something to say about it?
19:19:30 <pabelanger> o/
19:19:40 <zigo> pabelanger: Let me know, by all means! :)
19:19:48 <fungi> it looks like AJaeger has already reviewed and is in favor
19:20:02 <zigo> Yup, he's been very helpful.
19:20:08 <AJaeger> zigo: it took several iterations to get it in the current state...
19:20:13 <zigo> Yes.
19:20:17 <AJaeger> fungi, I think it's worth a try...
19:20:41 <zigo> Once concern that I have though, is about branching.
19:20:49 <zigo> I've been told that by default, we get "master".
19:20:49 <pabelanger> I can review today too
19:21:06 <zigo> This is in opposition to the current workflow.
19:21:11 <AJaeger> zigo: you get the change checked out that you use when submitting a change
19:21:43 <zigo> Oh, so if I change something in debian/mitaka, that's going to be what will be in the repo by default?
19:21:46 <zigo> Perfect ! :P
19:21:59 <AJaeger> zigo, sure. We test what you submit ;)
19:22:06 <AJaeger> Or better the CI tests it...
19:22:25 <zigo> Ok, so let's say we get this CR merged, the next step will be to publish the built artifacts in a Debian repo.
19:22:44 <zigo> I know how to do it at home, on my laptop, on a server, etc., but no clue how I'll do it on upstream infra.
19:22:55 <zigo> Will we get a special VM ?
19:23:11 <zigo> How is it going to work? What would you guys advise?
19:23:44 <pabelanger> well, I think that will take more discussion honestly.
19:23:45 <fungi> zigo: generally you would run a job like that either after the change merges (post pipeline) or after you push a tag for it (tag/pre-release/release pipelines)
19:23:57 <pabelanger> especially if you are wanting openstack infra to host them
19:24:05 <pabelanger> but first thoughts would be using the AFS mirror
19:24:21 <fungi> but yes, the design would start with some mock-up of the sequence of steps you take to do it by hand now
19:24:24 <zigo> AFS ?
19:24:32 <fungi> afs is an implementation detail here
19:24:34 <AJaeger> I agree with pabelanger: This needs some better understanding of CI in general and shouldn't be discussed here.
19:24:40 <zigo> What means AFS ?
19:24:46 <rcarrillocruz> andrew file system, iir
19:24:49 <rcarrillocruz> c
19:24:50 <pabelanger> http://docs.openstack.org/infra/system-config/afs.html
19:24:51 <zigo> Ah...
19:25:13 <rcarrillocruz> distributed filesystem, to avoid doing sync scripts on mirrors and all
19:25:17 <fungi> easiest would probably be to generate the packages and push them somewhere like tarballs.o.o, then have another job which indexes them to update a cohesive package repository
19:25:17 <rcarrillocruz> that link explains rationale
19:25:21 <zigo> If I'm given a VM, I can setup something like mini-dinstall or something similar.
19:25:25 <fungi> but that can be worked out in design phase
19:25:59 <zigo> I don't want to install a full dak, but there's alternatives to that.
19:26:12 <zigo> Is it possible to do something like this?
19:26:19 <fungi> zigo: it would just be another job (or multiple jobs) run on existing workers or some similar to our existing workers, which are built via automation
19:26:22 <zigo> Can I be given a virtual machine with root access?
19:26:27 <AJaeger> zigo, let's do a spec. Write up what you want, give a proper problem statement and then we can chime in and help with the missing pieces.
19:26:52 <zigo> Well, the point is, I'm not sure what I should ask for, and I need to know what's possible or not.
19:27:20 <zigo> There's a million way to do things... what do you guys think should be done?
19:27:22 <fungi> it wouldn't be a system people log into and run things on. it would be a system deployed from a template (either existing for the duration of only one job, or used for multiple jobs but which could be redeployed as needed)
19:27:26 <pabelanger> well, since infra-cloud is possible to run custom packages, it might be worth talking about it at the summit
19:27:29 <AJaeger> zigo: what do you need to do? Define your problem first and leave blanks to fill in - including questions.
19:27:31 <pabelanger> since there is some overlap
19:27:33 <fungi> there are no manual steps involved on our job workers
19:27:57 <pabelanger> so far, reprepro has been working well for us
19:28:10 <zigo> pabelanger: From my past experience, the summit doesn't solve issues, we will *all* be very busy.
19:28:37 <zigo> I need to get all built packages published on each merge.
19:28:50 <zigo> Available to all the new jobs.
19:29:16 <AJaeger> Fedora and SUSE have their own build services for this - and Debian has as well AFAIK.
19:29:28 <zigo> So, the .deb, .changes, .orig.tar.xz, etc. would need to be pushed to a filesystem, then we run a script to scan all packages of a given OpenStack release.
19:29:37 <pabelanger> and other projects like delorean too
19:29:38 <fungi> i think that's doable, but step #1 is getting packages built. consuming them in other jobs is a separate step. best to work on one phase of this project at a time
19:29:43 <AJaeger> What you propose sounds like reimplementing such a service in Jenkins and I'm not sure that's the best way.
19:29:45 <angdraug_mobile> Ideally, you want packages published on each patch set
19:29:51 <zigo> I got the scripts to generate the Packages.gz files and all already.
19:30:15 <zigo> fungi: I don't want to wait, it's taking already A WAY too much time.
19:30:16 <fungi> zigo: i understand. but generating the package repository indices is the _easy_ part
19:30:18 <angdraug_mobile> So that you can use them to run tests anywhere
19:30:51 <zigo> fungi: IMO, it'd be best to think about next step already right now.
19:30:53 <fungi> zigo: also your impatience is causing you to try to plan too many steps ahead, which means you get caught up in things you aren't even sure how will work yet
19:31:28 <zigo> fungi: I don't agree I'm lacking patience.
19:32:03 <fungi> designing something like this to work in a completely hand-off automated ci system is completely different than writing some scripts you can run locally on your own machine
19:32:11 <zigo> fungi: The project entered the big tent last summer.
19:32:46 <zigo> Ok, moving on, is there someone volunteering to work on the design with me?
19:32:53 <zigo> And by the way, where's Monty? :)
19:33:27 <nibalizer> on a plane
19:33:38 <zigo> ok
19:33:40 <nibalizer> or probably in a security line headed to a plane
19:34:40 <zigo> fungi: What do you advise, is AFS a good idea? Do we have that already available in the current infra?
19:35:01 <fungi> zigo: afs is an implementation detail, as i said. best not to get confused by that right now
19:35:28 <zigo> fungi: So what should I get working on then?
19:35:42 <fungi> tying this into local package mirrors in our providers is likely one of the last steps to be concerned with
19:36:33 <fungi> zigo: making sure the jobs you have to test building packages do so successfully, with results you can inspect to be able to troubleshoot when things go wrong there
19:36:37 <zigo> igorbelikov: What's your view?
19:37:01 <fungi> zigo: then work on a job which can build packages after merge and upload them somewhere durable
19:37:22 <fungi> the steps after that will depend somewhat on the design you end up with for those previous steps
19:37:32 <fungi> anything else on this topic that needs the full attention of the entire infra team (minus those on internet-less airplanes)?
19:37:34 <igorbelikov> zigo: I agree with fungi here. Let’s get the first steps going
19:37:43 <zigo> fungi: What I was asking is: where is this "durable somewhere" and how will it work...
19:38:04 <zigo> Ok.
19:38:13 <zigo> So probably we can move on...
19:38:16 <zigo> Thanks fungi.
19:38:38 <fungi> zigo: thanks, and let's continue this with interested participants in #openstack-infra
19:38:51 <fungi> #topic Design summit session planning
19:39:24 <fungi> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/infra-newton-summit-planning  Newton Summit Planning
19:39:53 <fungi> i haven't transcribed the days/times for our slots into this yet
19:40:34 <fungi> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/austin-2016/summit-schedule/global-search?t=Infrastructure: Summit Session Days/Times
19:41:21 <fungi> looks like we've got at least a few fishbowls proposed, but so far only one workroom
19:41:32 <anteaya> you have the colon but my clicking on it lost the colon
19:41:40 <fungi> weird
19:41:41 <anteaya> so glad I know to use the colon
19:41:53 <anteaya> yeah
19:42:02 <hashar> ;
19:42:17 <anteaya> can any of the fishbowls be workrooms?
19:42:19 <fungi> #undo
19:42:20 <openstack> Removing item from minutes: <ircmeeting.items.Link object at 0xb3fe390>
19:42:26 <fungi> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/austin-2016/summit-schedule/global-search?t=Infrastructure%3A Summit Session Days/Times
19:42:30 <fungi> better?
19:42:51 <pleia2> yep
19:42:53 <fungi> anteaya: some less popular fishbowls can move to workrooms
19:42:59 <anteaya> yes
19:43:00 <anteaya> thank you
19:43:09 <fungi> the main limitations there are space and seating arrangement
19:43:16 <jeblair> i could see mordred's groups fishbowl working as a workroom
19:43:37 <rcarrillocruz> ++
19:44:06 <anteaya> that works for me, mordred's thing as a workroom
19:44:19 <clarkb> I am sure I can come up with other workroom ideas
19:44:31 <clarkb> the ansible one has frustrated me semi recently so I threw it up there
19:44:45 <clarkb> I also don't want to be running half the sessions :)
19:45:04 <anteaya> ha ha ha
19:45:36 <anteaya> the ansible one looks like a good workroom topic
19:45:53 <fungi> also i'm going to need to squeeze in newton priorities planning somewhere. it could be a fishbowl though we're likely to get a lot of random (potentially distracting/irrelevant) input. on the other hand we could do a workroom but having it on the schedule may just draw the same crowd and see them all try to cram into a tiny space
19:46:17 <fungi> last time interested core reviewers broke away and found a quiet corner during the sprint day, which worked out pretty well
19:46:23 <anteaya> would it make sense ot have it on the friday?
19:46:36 <persia> Having it adhoc on the friday is likely to work best
19:46:54 <waynr> is anyone interested in the proposed JJB API fishbowl session?
19:47:11 <fungi> i think i'm leaning that way again. though we'll be hard-pressed to find as awesome a teahouse as we did in that courtyard in tokyo
19:47:33 <anteaya> fungi: yes I don't think austin teahouses are nearly as awesome
19:47:58 <fungi> i hear they put barbecued meat in the tea cups. so... depends on your preferences i suppose
19:48:09 <anteaya> yeah different
19:48:16 <rcarrillocruz> lol
19:48:43 <anteaya> waynr: I think some folks will be, though I personally don't have a lot of experience with the JJB API
19:49:46 <anteaya> so the item on line 40
19:49:49 <waynr> there's not much API to speak of in the sense of "this is really usable outside of the JJB command line context"
19:50:00 <anteaya> this was proposed by someone who won't be at the summit
19:50:12 <fungi> so looks like for fishbowls we have xenial upgrade planning. there's both the ci aspects of this for openstack itself, and also generally upgrading our servers. the latter can probably be deferred i think since we already mostly agreed not to plan for moving our services to xenial until ocata, if even that soon
19:50:20 <anteaya> so if anyone is interested in it, it will need a leader
19:50:48 <clarkb> fungi: the issue is we are still alrgely precise
19:50:59 <clarkb> fungi: so we need to either trusty first or jump straight toe xenial
19:51:06 <clarkb> and do it all before april next year
19:51:14 <fungi> yep, so upgrading our services to trusty might be a more useful discussion to have at this point than upgrading them to xenial
19:51:25 <bkero> Should we plan on a session for that?
19:51:34 <clarkb> I thin kwe can use the same session and just refine it a bit more
19:51:41 <jesusaur> fungi: i agree
19:51:59 <mordred> I have a thing?
19:52:10 * mordred is about to take off on a plane ... sorry for mssing things so far
19:52:11 <anteaya> mordred: someone signed you up for a thing
19:52:22 <fungi> i worry about mixing topics in that session. planning how to lay out our ci transition to test newton changes for openstack on xenial is likely a solid slot on its own
19:52:28 <jeblair> mordred: the ansible groups thing
19:52:33 <pabelanger> fungi: we should at minimal discuss upgrading our services to ubuntu-trusty
19:53:11 <mordred> jeblair: ah - neat. yes. workroom
19:53:16 <fungi> clarkb: do you think the job transition to xenial would be a good (maybe double) workroom topic instead?
19:53:32 <fungi> we could just, you know, try to "get it done" there
19:53:48 <pleia2> that seems like a reasonable use of a workroom
19:53:52 <clarkb> fungi: maybe, the only problem with that is if things go horribly wrong its hard to set it straight when outside of the workroom
19:53:56 <clarkb> I supose you just revert in that case
19:53:59 <pabelanger> well, our ubuntu xenial mirrors are online now, so that work could start anytime now :D
19:54:33 <fungi> clarkb: maybe we plan to get as far as having the jobs ready for cut-over immediately posty-summit
19:54:41 <fungi> er, post-summit
19:54:57 <jeblair> right before we get on a plane ;)
19:55:09 <fungi> well, maybe not _that_ immediate
19:55:14 <anteaya> ha ha ha
19:55:38 <fungi> my main concern with making it a workroom topic though is whether we can parallelize enough of that work to be able to engage 10+ contributors on it for an hour-ish
19:55:53 <anteaya> that's the tough part
19:56:11 <clarkb> fungi: we can probably get people testing different aspects
19:56:26 <clarkb> python unittests, doc builds, sdisting, and push changes for each one as they go?
19:56:34 <clarkb> we should go into it iwth a plan for how we handle the branch switching though
19:56:37 <clarkb> since that is messy
19:57:02 <fungi> i'm unconvinced as to whether we need a summit session for the trusty upgrades, though i suppose it could consist of trying to reach consensus on a sequence and approximate timeline for rebuilding various servers, as well as a status check as to where we're already at with it
19:57:06 <anteaya> 3 minutes remaining
19:57:12 <fungi> thanks anteaya
19:57:42 <fungi> clarkb: i suppose we could double-whammy xenial testing by doing design in a fishbowl wednesday and implementation in a workroom thursday
19:57:50 <pabelanger> but comment still remains, we should work on upgrading precise nodes to trusty first... since they have lagged this long
19:57:54 <fungi> but that might be monopolizing too much of our allotment
19:58:03 <pabelanger> s/nodes/services
19:58:04 <anteaya> I think being in sync with operating system plans and expectations would be a great way to start this release
19:58:12 <clarkb> fungi: ya and may make us go crazy
19:58:19 <clarkb> fungi: we could use sprint day for that if we wanted to split
19:58:41 <fungi> also, just to set expectations for today's meeting, my goal was mainly to discuss proposals and get ideas. we have until the end of next week to finalize our schedule
19:58:47 <jeblair> (btw, i think infra-cloud sprint is a great idea)
19:58:51 <anteaya> awesome
19:59:00 <fungi> clarkb: i think that's an excellent idea for one sprint group
19:59:30 <fungi> and yes, looks like timing will be ripe (hopefully!) to be able to infra-cloud either on sprint day or in a workroom (or both!)
19:59:31 <jeblair> (mostly because sprinting on operating a cloud *at the summit* with lots of openstack devs could be really cool)
19:59:46 <anteaya> agreed
19:59:47 <fungi> as long as hp doesn't hit any delays with the remaining cabling/routing anyway
19:59:56 <pleia2> fingers crossed
20:00:14 <fungi> okay, we're out of time today. add/refine topics on the etherpad for next week when we'll reach final decisions and i can schedule after that
20:00:19 <fungi> thanks everybody!
20:00:25 <fungi> #endmeeting