19:03:34 <fungi> #startmeeting infra
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19:03:42 <fungi> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/InfraTeamMeeting#Agenda_for_next_meeting
19:03:49 <fungi> #topic Announcements
19:04:12 <fungi> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-May/094540.html Newton Summit Infra Sessions Recap
19:04:19 <fungi> (as promised)
19:04:29 <fungi> #topic Actions from last meeting
19:04:53 <fungi> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/infra/2016/infra.2016-05-03-19.02.html
19:05:01 <fungi> jeblair investigate mail filtering by recipient options for infra-root@o.o inbox
19:05:17 <fungi> did you come to any conclusion on that topic?
19:05:22 <jeblair> fungi: i was not here for that meeting
19:05:27 <zaro> o/
19:05:44 <jeblair> though i do recall discussing it at the summit
19:05:47 <pleia2> it was carried over from the meeting you were at
19:05:47 <jeblair> i will start looking at it soon
19:05:58 <pleia2> (I thought)
19:06:08 <jeblair> at any rate, no :)
19:06:18 <fungi> yeah, this was carried over from an action item at the meeting before the summit. anyway, cool, i'll carry it forward ;)
19:06:24 <jeblair> i've been... busy traveling
19:06:29 <fungi> #action jeblair investigate mail filtering by recipient options for infra-root@o.o inbox
19:06:39 <mordred> o/
19:06:45 <fungi> #topic Specs approval
19:07:17 <fungi> we don't have any new ones yet, though the wip on on task tracking is probably going to show up ready for council vote next week
19:07:38 <fungi> it's linked in my recap
19:07:39 <clarkb> is that the one that thierry proposed?
19:07:41 <fungi> yeah
19:07:54 <olaph> o/
19:07:58 * AJaeger has one spec up to mark as completed...
19:08:10 <fungi> AJaeger: what's the link? i'll approve
19:08:23 <AJaeger> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/305426/
19:08:35 <fungi> thanks
19:08:43 <fungi> #topic Priority Efforts
19:09:03 <AJaeger> thanks, fungi
19:09:26 <fungi> since i didn't get around to posting the summit recap until today, let's give this one more week for discussion to conclude before we revisit priorities for the coming cycle
19:09:49 <pabelanger> We're pretty close to closing out 'Use Diskimage Builder in Nodepool'
19:09:52 <fungi> #topic Golang infra needs for swift (mordred, notmyname)
19:10:08 <fungi> i've seen the ml thread!
19:10:12 <notmyname> wheee
19:10:13 <mordred> so notmyname and I were talking a bit
19:10:14 <fungi> this is exciting stuff
19:10:40 <mordred> about what would need to be done from an infra pov to support go in things
19:10:52 <mordred> and thought it would be a good idea to chat with folks here - cause I probably forgot things
19:10:54 <nibalizer> o/
19:11:13 <anteaya> is there any kind of list started with items?
19:11:18 <anteaya> like an etherpad?
19:11:19 <mordred> investigation and implementation around dealing with mirroring/caching dependenices is the big one I can think of
19:11:44 <mordred> there are smaller issues like what to do with docs building (likely a combo of sphinx and godoc)
19:11:45 <fungi> do we have any initial jobs that exercise go compilation/testing?
19:11:46 <notmyname> from my perspective, I'm looking for questions -infra needs answers to and info swift can provide to -infra as this process moves forward
19:11:49 <mordred> anteaya: not really
19:11:54 <anteaya> mordred: okay
19:11:56 <AJaeger> I have a question on reproduceability: If golang builds download unversioned tarballs, how can we ensure that everybody can reproduce the build? Do we need to limit what gets included in a build? Mirror it?
19:11:56 <mordred> but is probably a good idea
19:11:57 <notmyname> ie stuff I need to be working on putting together
19:12:10 <mordred> AJaeger: so - golang deps are git repos essentially
19:12:18 <mordred> which means there is no central registry we can mirror
19:12:25 <mordred> there is a tool called godep
19:12:42 <mordred> that can be used to make a dependency manifest similar to what npm and rust have
19:12:57 <fungi> yeah, not being familiar with how go dependencies are ultimately declared, i have to assume they let you specify a git ref or something for reproducibility
19:13:03 <mordred> and if we used that, we could do a thing similar to our old pypi mirroring scheme to mirror the things we depend on
19:13:07 <mordred> they do
19:13:18 <mordred> you can reference shas or tags or whatever
19:13:39 <mordred> but this is completely new territory, so there is only a basic design from the dark corners of my brain, and we all know how that tends to go
19:13:58 * AJaeger prefers released code instead of random git repos but this might be a way to go...
19:14:04 <mordred> I think the mailing list also brought up supported versions of go - but to me that seems clear to be "whatever is in xenial"
19:14:06 <fungi> presumably the discussion of unversioned dependencies was more in regard to a lot of go libs not actually tagging anything, so people using git shas instead a lot of the time?
19:14:22 <mordred> fungi: yah. that seems to be a non-abnormal practice
19:14:40 <mordred> anybody have any additional things they can think of that we should point notmyname at?
19:14:41 <jeblair> mordred: what about build artifacts?
19:14:54 <rockyg> might consider inviting monasca folks in for extra info/help on defining this stuff
19:15:07 <mordred> jeblair: that's an excellent question
19:15:18 <mordred> so far we're not in the business of publishing built binaries
19:15:22 <anteaya> rockyg: they are welcome to attend any meeting or participate in any mailing list
19:15:28 <mordred> and source tarballs don't really seem to be a thing in go lnad
19:15:33 <fungi> openstack should probably be a "good" upstream and not be one of those who don't tag releases, at least
19:15:33 <anteaya> noone needs an invitation
19:15:35 <mordred> so our "releases are tags" might work "well"
19:15:51 <clarkb> my biggest concerns are avoiding dep hell
19:15:55 <clarkb> since Go is pretty notorious for it
19:16:03 <fungi> any worse than node/npm?
19:16:07 <clarkb> fungi: much supposedly
19:16:11 <jeblair> mordred, notmyname: so when swift tests with hummingbird, it will need to build hummingbird first?
19:16:18 <clarkb> fungi: you end up doing things like making a new repo for major version changes to libs
19:16:21 <clarkb> fungi: for example
19:16:48 <mordred> clarkb: I think I actually like that better
19:16:48 <notmyname> jeblair: yes, definitely for functional tests. honestly i don't know how unittests work in a compiled language yet
19:16:48 <clarkb> fungi: it works great in googles one tree world but falls apart quickly when you have many trees
19:17:01 <fungi> clarkb: that sounds more like someone avoiding making tags
19:17:12 <clarkb> fungi: well its beacuse there is no way in Go to respect "tags"
19:17:13 <mordred> clarkb: it's certainly better than the hipster-semver world view of "I bumped the major version why are you angry that I broke everything"
19:17:16 <clarkb> fungi: or wasn't until every recently
19:17:24 <clarkb> mordred: oh well most Go projects do that
19:17:31 <clarkb> mordred: the smart ones make a new repo can call it foo2
19:17:51 <mordred> notmyname: in rust at least, part of running unittests is compiling the project, and then also compiling the unittests against the project
19:17:54 <clarkb> anyways there is a pretty famous rant out there on how it is impossible to ever reproduce builds of Go at stages in the past
19:17:57 <clarkb> I should dig it up
19:17:58 <mordred> notmyname: so I'd expect similar in go
19:18:13 <fungi> interesting. so anyway we should probably be prepared for the "list" of dependencies to change with some frequency if creating new repos for releases is a common pattern
19:18:17 <mordred> clarkb: so this is one of the problems godep solves
19:18:33 <mordred> clarkb: with godep, the godep tool handles the git cloning and stuff
19:18:50 <mordred> and makes a local "vendor" tree that we would not commit to our git repos
19:19:02 <clarkb> mordred: transitively too? AIUI the issues had to do with now we are 5 levels deep and someone never published the exact version of bar lib they needed and now we have to check all 5k commits to bar lib until something works
19:19:03 <mordred> but is a reproducable tree as it does respect refs and tags
19:19:05 <mordred> yah
19:19:07 <mordred> clarkb: yes
19:19:16 <anteaya> one of the things I saw Tim Bell bring up was the ability for operators to use distro packages
19:19:31 <clarkb> mordred: ok sounds like they have addressed hte major issues then
19:19:37 <anteaya> so would we be testing using distro packages?
19:19:40 <clarkb> mordred: I think another issue was anyone can delete that repo from github and now yo ulose
19:19:42 <fungi> in theory they still can use distro packages of this. distros are packaging projects written in go
19:19:43 <mordred> anteaya: yah- I think as long as we have the ability to do reproducible builds, then the distros should be able to do that too
19:19:53 <clarkb> mordred: or delete the tag or rebase and force push changes ot history
19:19:58 <anteaya> mordred: okay thank you
19:20:00 <clarkb> but those were less common grumps
19:20:07 <mordred> perhaps we should make our "source tarballs" include the 'vendored' code
19:20:08 <bkero> reproduceable builds are hard if they contain any compiled binaries
19:20:10 <mordred> in any case ...
19:20:15 <fungi> we almost certainly want to take some cues from what the distro pain points with go are so that we can find/follow conventions for avoiding those
19:20:28 <bkero> The only distro who has it as a priority right now is Debian IIRC.
19:20:30 <mordred> this is one of the big/hard tooling design issues that needs to be addressed
19:20:40 <clarkb> bkero: its also part of doing CI
19:20:45 <mordred> and we're probably not going to solve it right now
19:20:48 <clarkb> bkero: we support software for 18 months right now
19:21:01 <mordred> I think it's more important for us to come up with a list of things that need to be solved before we're comfortable with such a thing
19:21:11 <bkero> clarkb: I'm talking byte-for-byte reproduceable. Compilers and system libraries just don't do it yet.
19:21:11 <fungi> so to get the discussion a little back on track, what are the questions we have specifically for the swift/hummingbird devs?
19:21:26 <clarkb> bkero: I am talking build release x.y.z 9 months from now
19:21:32 <mordred> fungi: they have the question from us "what do we need them to help us work on solving"
19:21:36 <mordred> s/from/for/
19:21:41 <fungi> i don't want this to turn into a rathole about go language shortcomings specifically
19:21:45 <krotscheck> o/
19:21:48 <mordred> like, we know there will be an infra cost that someone is going to need to solve
19:21:52 * krotscheck totally forgot about this.
19:22:06 <mordred> but we need to flesh that out so that someone can go work on solving it
19:22:12 <clarkb> mordred: swift/designate should own the devstack/d-g changes to properly install their thing
19:22:13 <jeblair> mordred: yeah, i think as a brainstorming session, we've identified the high points; could probably do with writing them up next.
19:22:31 <notmyname> clarkb: "d-g"?
19:22:33 <clarkb> they should decide on a common dep handling machinery
19:22:36 <mordred> notmyname: devstack-gate
19:22:56 <mordred> notmyname: it's the thing that sets things up for devstack
19:23:05 <notmyname> is devstack a requirement?
19:23:13 <notmyname> ie for the testing image?
19:23:17 * persia notes that none of the other toolchains (npm, python, C) are currently entirely reproducible, and suggests that such discussion is better done at a toolchain level than an OpenStack level
19:23:29 <mordred> notmyname: we use devstack for integration tests
19:23:33 <mordred> notmyname: so, yeah
19:23:54 <mordred> anteaya had a good idea earlier ... so: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/golang-infra-issues-to-solve
19:23:55 <notmyname> mordred: yeah, but there's also the concept of different servers in one gate job (eg rolling upgrade tests)
19:23:57 <mordred> how about we collect things
19:24:05 <anteaya> mordred: thank you
19:24:21 <mordred> notmyname: yah - multi-node devstack jobs is the usual solution to that currently
19:24:41 <notmyname> mordred: not that I'm opposed, just figuring that this might be an opportunity for "if we could do it over again, we'd do ..."
19:25:03 <fungi> swift's functional tests also use devstack-gate for setup, right?
19:25:11 <clarkb> fungi: yes
19:25:14 <notmyname> yeah IIRC
19:25:17 <clarkb> with a post gate hook
19:25:31 <clarkb> notmyname: I would really rather we not reinvent the entire wolrd all at once...
19:25:36 <notmyname> :-)
19:25:44 <fungi> so basically something that adds in the "build hummingbird and run it" step into the current integration and/or functional jobs
19:25:44 <clarkb> notmyname: Go is a new thing is a big enough transition
19:25:56 <pabelanger> clarkb: ++
19:28:03 <clarkb> I think my biggest concerns are 1) that designate and swift will decide on two different ways to do things and 2) that infra will get all the work dumped in its lap
19:28:34 <clarkb> happy to help, we do have a lot of experience dealing with lang devtest envs, but I don't think qa or infra should have to update devstack for example
19:28:43 <notmyname> those "things" are what I want to see a list about, so that we don't do them differently
19:29:05 <fungi> which unfortunately is a list of mostly unknowns until we encounter them
19:29:19 <fungi> i expect a lot of this will be learned through trial and error
19:29:21 <clarkb> right, I think the best thing we can say is swift and designate will work together to reach common decisions
19:29:28 <clarkb> rather than try and figure it all out upfront
19:29:29 <notmyname> ok
19:29:54 <notmyname> clarkb: +1000 to that
19:29:54 <AJaeger> agree with clarkb
19:30:00 <fungi> we can't really serve as the arbiter between swift and designate teams. luckily they're great people who will have no trouble cooperating toward a common goal
19:30:18 <fungi> thanks notmyname!
19:30:37 <fungi> anything else urgent on this topic before i move on?
19:30:47 <notmyname> thank you for your help, -infra
19:30:57 <notmyname> I kinda expect to keep needing it for this :-)
19:31:04 <mordred> :)
19:31:07 <mordred> notmyname: thanks for coming and chatting
19:31:15 <notmyname> i'll keep up with the etherpad and work there
19:31:22 <fungi> #topic Publish logs for mirror-update.o.o (pabelanger)
19:31:28 <pabelanger> ohai
19:31:47 <pabelanger> so, we had a request from the release team a few days ago to expose some of our mirror-update logs.
19:31:48 <fungi> anything sensitive in them we should worry about? can we just do teh same trick we're doing for nodepool image builds?
19:32:01 <jeblair> i think they are long and boring :)
19:32:16 <clarkb> the only sensitive thing I can think of is the kerberos auth creds
19:32:21 <pabelanger> Ya, I think what we do for nodepool.o.o is a good start
19:32:21 <fungi> it's much more likely what the release team would actually be interested in is status info
19:32:51 <jeblair> also, we could just write them into afs :)
19:33:01 <fungi> great point
19:33:13 <pabelanger> I would be okay with that
19:33:14 <clarkb> which will then be served via the mirror hosts for easy access
19:33:14 <fungi> (logs or status details. or even both)
19:33:15 <clarkb> I like that
19:33:47 <fungi> are there some good afs stats we would want to periodically dump to a file in each volume?
19:34:02 <fungi> do we already have an updated timestamp file?
19:34:10 * mordred approves of writing them to AFS
19:34:19 <clarkb> I want to say reprepro gives a summary we could write out
19:34:24 <jeblair> fungi: vos examine will give you updated timestamps for RO and RW volumes
19:34:25 <fungi> that's probably the one thing they want to know more than anything: "when did this volume last get updated"
19:34:26 <clarkb> bandersnatch might?
19:34:30 <mordred> yah - reprepro keeps info in a db
19:34:50 <clarkb> so we can write out mirror content infos and volume status infos
19:35:14 <jeblair> (also, vos examine needs no creds, so anyone can run it anonymously)
19:35:48 <pabelanger> okay, neat.
19:35:53 <fungi> on the other hand, writing vos examine details out to a file periodically or something does avoid them needing to install a kernel module to find that out
19:36:12 <fungi> no idea if that's a show-stopper for them
19:36:20 <jeblair> fungi: no kernel mod needed
19:36:39 <fungi> oh?
19:37:28 <fungi> ahh, right, just the afs client and krb5
19:37:38 <mordred> don't even need krb5
19:37:44 <jeblair> http://paste.openstack.org/show/496612/
19:37:48 <jeblair> here's the output
19:37:50 <krotscheck> the npm mirror actually includes a status file that's updated with every run.
19:37:52 <morgan> mordred: kinit!
19:38:04 <mordred> krotscheck: woot!
19:38:07 <krotscheck> http://mirror.dfw.rax.openstack.org/npm/-/index.json
19:38:21 <fungi> indeed, that's simple
19:38:26 <jeblair> so you can see the last update time for both the RW and the RO volumes (they are the same, so RW has not changed since the last vos release)
19:38:57 <krotscheck> Both the date and the two seq parameters are relevant on that file.
19:39:37 <jeblair> centos has updated since the last vos release: http://paste.openstack.org/show/496613/
19:39:57 <fungi> okay, so the decision is to start by writing the mirror-update logs into a subdirectory of their respective volumes?
19:40:03 <krotscheck> Would it make sense to create a single directory with symlinks to the files so that the release team has a single place where they can look?
19:40:11 <jeblair> fungi: i'd write to a different volume
19:40:30 <fungi> ahh, and then serve it under a different docroot/alias
19:40:31 <jeblair> probably just a readwrite volume with no replica
19:40:47 <fungi> oh, right, we serve the parent of the volumes from apache anyway
19:40:58 <mordred> yup
19:41:02 <jeblair> krotscheck: and yeah, could be organized like that
19:41:23 <jeblair> have a directory for each mirror type with appropriate acls
19:41:43 * krotscheck could write a pretty UI Dashboard.
19:42:11 <jeblair> krotscheck: with afs that usually means uing "========", but i'm guessing you mean something else :)
19:42:22 <krotscheck> :-P
19:42:24 <clarkb> --------
19:42:26 <clarkb> ?
19:43:04 <fungi> since this is devolving into restructuredtext jokes, we're probably ready for the next topic?
19:43:18 <krotscheck> I mean, let's be honest here. We're one blog post away from other large orgs using our mirrors internally.
19:43:18 <anteaya> I am
19:43:26 <pabelanger> sure, I think we have a plan to start
19:43:40 <AJaeger> krotscheck: Let's not start to discuss team blogs ;)
19:43:40 <jeblair> krotscheck: ++
19:43:44 <jeblair> pabelanger: ++
19:43:53 <fungi> #topic Trusty upgrade schedule (fungi)
19:44:14 <fungi> i'm squeezing this in so we don't run out of time, since we punted on it last week without enough people around to decide
19:44:38 <fungi> we said r16 was probably the best time to arrange to burn through the trivial upgrades. did anyone else have any opinions?
19:44:54 <jeblair> what's that in the old calendar?
19:44:57 <pleia2> http://releases.openstack.org/newton/schedule.html
19:44:58 <clarkb> last time I sort of threw out R-19
19:45:17 <pleia2> and my recollection was R-19 as well, May 23-27
19:45:18 <clarkb> R-16 is june 13-17
19:45:32 <fungi> d'oh, right
19:45:36 <fungi> i had them backwards
19:45:44 <fungi> r19 was the emerging consensus
19:45:54 <anteaya> r-19 is what I remember
19:45:55 <pleia2> I'll be away in moose land thurs-friday of that week, but happy to help mon-wednesday
19:46:06 <anteaya> I'm around that week
19:46:17 <anteaya> pleia2: watch out for the meese
19:46:23 <pabelanger> Ya, monday doesn't look good for me, but good rest of week
19:46:29 <fungi> yeah, i expect this is going to just be dogpiling on the easy ones for some of the week and also trying to plan out the more involved upgrades (which may end up in subsequent separate weeks)
19:46:39 <pleia2> fungi: nods
19:46:40 <nibalizer> i am around those dates
19:46:48 <fungi> so being around for part of that week should still be plenty of opportunity to help knock some out
19:46:52 <jeblair> i should be around then
19:46:53 * AJaeger will be offline R19 and R20
19:46:58 <clarkb> I will be semi around, turns out I might actually be buying a house R-20
19:47:07 <anteaya> AJaeger: for a well deserved holiday!
19:47:13 <fungi> better than buying a moose
19:47:15 <anteaya> clarkb: congratulations
19:47:25 <anteaya> yeah moose aren't house trained
19:47:31 <pleia2> fungi: hard to say which is more trouble, really
19:47:43 <fungi> okay, any objections to r19 (may 23-27)?
19:47:43 <clarkb> can I get a vodka drinking bear?
19:47:50 <pleia2> fungi: let's do it
19:47:50 <fungi> ask mirantis
19:48:00 * mordred will be on vacation may 23-27
19:48:03 <anteaya> fungi: no objections from me
19:48:07 <anteaya> mordred: yay
19:48:08 <mordred> but has no objections
19:48:25 <mordred> I will attempt to not help
19:48:34 <mordred> I may be unsuccessful
19:48:35 <fungi> #agreed Mass server upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 will ensue the week of May 23-27
19:49:16 <fungi> we can discuss further as the date draws closer
19:49:29 <anteaya> I'll see if I can book the sprint channel
19:49:29 <fungi> #topic Tier 3.14159265359 support (pabelanger)
19:49:33 <anteaya> so we can work in there
19:49:37 <fungi> thanks anteaya
19:49:44 <anteaya> welcome
19:49:48 <fungi> okay pabelanger, what is this about? do you want us to get you a pager?
19:49:48 <pabelanger> So, this is a results of our zuul issue that happen on friday, see http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/%23openstack-infra/%23openstack-infra.2016-05-06.log.html#t2016-05-06T12:27:39 for some history
19:50:17 <pabelanger> but TL;DR, I was hoping we could have some sort of out-of-band contact list for infra-root.
19:50:31 <fungi> i have a lot of opinions on this, but will boil them down to one or two
19:50:40 <AJaeger> So, a chance for yolanda and myself to wake up everybody? ;)
19:50:58 <pabelanger> anteaya: did a great job keeping the openstack-infra channel working, but I was looking to get some additional active from infra on how to proceed with the zuul issue at hand
19:51:18 <fungi> generally, when our root admins are available to assist troubleshooting/fixing something (i.e. not sleeping or on vacation) we're in irc keeping an eye on what's happening
19:51:36 <anteaya> well after fungi finishes I have some thoughts to share on the topic, and thanks for the acknowledgement pabelanger
19:52:16 <fungi> when the only root admins around are unfamiliar with the thing that's broken, that's an unpleasant experience but it's how most of us have had to get deeper familiarity with these systems in the past
19:53:12 <AJaeger> And we have some times where no root admin is around - and have so far accepted that there is an occasional hickup that takes a few hours...
19:53:14 <pabelanger> Right, for me, I think I was just looking for validation to move forward with the plan at hand (restarting zuul). But, yes that was related to inexperience
19:53:29 <pabelanger> anteaya: thoughts?
19:53:35 <fungi> so while we should be working to improve our important service documentation (always) i don't know that calling someone else to jump on irc is going to force that learning experience
19:53:42 <anteaya> well my thougts are that you handled the situation really well
19:53:46 <clarkb> as a data point, email or irc to me is usually just as good if not better way to contact me than phone calls or text messages. I don't tend to let my phone interrupt me and instead poll it like I poll email/irc
19:53:51 <anteaya> and that it wasn't a crisis
19:54:01 <anteaya> but I can understand the pressure you felt
19:54:13 <anteaya> and that no is sometimes the best answer to a situation
19:54:14 <fungi> i treat my phone similarly. i often forget it in another room of the house, sometimes for days
19:54:18 <anteaya> people don't like to hear it
19:54:29 <anteaya> but no can actually save folks time and trouble in the long run
19:54:43 <anteaya> pabelanger: I think you did everything right in the situation
19:54:53 <anteaya> we can't expect folks to have experience they don't have
19:54:57 <anteaya> that is unrealistic
19:55:10 <anteaya> we have to operate within the limits which we are comfortable
19:55:10 <pabelanger> Sure, I understand the need to not have contacting outside of IRC.  And happy to leave it at that
19:55:15 <pabelanger> anteaya: thanks
19:55:16 <fungi> so anyway, while collaboration with our peers is important, when there is an emergency try to carefully read documentation if it's available and then proceed with caution and remember that we all make mistakes
19:55:20 <anteaya> and then grow them with the opportunity arrises
19:55:24 <anteaya> pabelanger: welcome
19:55:51 <AJaeger> pabelanger: and have the courage to slow down and not panic - as you did.
19:55:55 <fungi> i have destroyed my share of our systems over the years. it's probably one of the main ways i've learned about them
19:56:04 <AJaeger> ;)
19:56:08 <mordred> it's also possible we've reached a point where we should revisit the level of service we're offering or striving to offer - and document it
19:56:45 <anteaya> mordred: I think that is a good idea
19:57:00 <rockyg> mordred, ++
19:57:05 <anteaya> ultimately any decison to move forward is up to the person who will have to fix it afterward
19:57:14 <anteaya> and that is personal and different for everyone
19:57:19 <mordred> yup
19:57:20 <fungi> i'm cool with that too, though i think we do a remarkable job of not letting the world burn around us already and documenting that we do that in an ad hoc manner with no off-hours escalation paths is likely to just frighten some people
19:57:34 <mordred> fungi: it might
19:57:48 <fungi> but i'm okay with us writing that down nonetheless
19:57:51 <mordred> fungi: but it might be better to frighten them in a proactive manner - than in a reactive manner when they panic
19:57:58 <anteaya> oh I'm not interested in frightening people
19:58:18 * jeblair assumes the escalation path is the same as everything else in tech -- twitter
19:58:19 <anteaya> but I agree with fungi's statement, as a team we do an awesome job
19:58:21 <persia> That isn't a bad thing: it is done extremely well
19:58:22 <mordred> "we'll get to it" can sound like we're blowing someone off in the midst of a crisis for them - which is not always what we're doing - but we don't always have the time to explain that in th emoment
19:58:40 <mordred> also agree with fungi
19:58:57 <pabelanger> jeblair: ack, that's how I contacted mordred
19:59:00 <fungi> we have a few more topics we're not getting to, (gerrit disk utilization, project renaming, vexxhost control plane hosting) so i'll put those first on next week's agenda
19:59:11 <anteaya> thank you
19:59:15 <jeblair> my joke isn't funny anymore :(
19:59:20 <rockyg> Setting expectations means that you almost always surpass them.  A good thing.
19:59:31 <fungi> jeblair: sadly accurate actually
19:59:33 <mordred> pabelanger: fwiw, I did not see that tweet until well after the situation was over
19:59:45 <pabelanger> mordred: pew
19:59:58 <mordred> so for the record, you contacted me via IRC :)
20:00:00 <fungi> okay, thanks everybody! see you all back in #openstack-infra
20:00:05 <fungi> #endmeeting