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14:00:37 <Rockyg> o/
14:00:48 <tongli> good morning everyone.
14:00:56 <gema> o/
14:01:01 <DrorG> morning
14:01:02 <GheRivero> o/
14:01:05 <skazi_> o/
14:01:29 <rohit404> 0/
14:01:36 <tongli> brad can not make to today's meeting, I will have started the meeting for us today.
14:01:37 <vkmc> o/
14:02:21 <tongli> @tamara, good morning, thanks so much for joining in today.
14:02:31 <Tamara_> morning!
14:02:42 <eeiden> o/
14:02:49 <tongli> @tamara, brad can not make to today's meeting.
14:03:03 <tongli> @lsell, Lauren, good morning.
14:03:16 <tongli> @lsell, thanks for joining.
14:03:32 <lsell> good morning! of course, happy to join
14:03:33 <jkomg> o/
14:04:07 <rarcea> o/
14:04:14 <tongli> ok. let's get started. first is to review the action items from last meeting.
14:04:23 <tongli> please see the page here
14:04:40 <tongli> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/interop_challenge/2016/interop_challenge.2016-10-05-14.01.html
14:05:03 <Jason____> @tongli
14:05:59 <tongli> last week, we basically ask to update the wiki page and confirming the participation of the on-stage live demo.
14:06:20 <luzC> o/
14:06:52 <tongli> we have sent many emails and a lot of companies have committed to be on stage and placed the demoer's name in the last column.
14:07:11 <Jason____> @tongli, we have updated the results at wiki
14:07:15 <Jason____> pls check it
14:07:23 <tongli> please see the list here.
14:07:34 <Jason____> any problems , let me know pls
14:07:41 <tongli> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Interop_Challenge#How_to_Join
14:08:12 <Jason____> @tongli, BTW , I have two questions need confirm with you
14:08:16 <tongli> @Jason____, I saw that. it looks fine.
14:08:42 <tongli> @Jason____, let's go through the agenda today first, then we can have free discussion.
14:08:43 <Jason____> thanks, but , could you mind check the email from me just now
14:08:47 <tongli> today's etherpad is here.
14:08:56 <Jason____> thanks
14:09:00 <tongli> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/interop-challenge-meeting-2016-10-12
14:09:33 <tongli> so I am very glad that we have Lauren and Tamara here with us today.
14:09:53 <tongli> let's move on to the next items on the agenda.
14:10:38 <tongli> @Tamara_, @lsell, can you start talking about the on stage demo, and how it will be done?
14:10:52 <lsell> Sure, I'm happy to talk through it at a high level
14:11:16 <Jason____> same questions, what's the workload will be run on demo?
14:11:32 <Jason____> LAMPstack or Dockerswarm , or both
14:11:44 <lsell> Basically, we plan to have all 16? interop challenge participants on stage at the same time building the app on their own public or private clouds
14:11:56 <tongli> @Json____, hold your question and let Lauren finish.
14:12:00 <lsell> just LAMP
14:12:00 <lsell> for the on-stage demo
14:12:39 <Jason____> OK, do we need to prepare the problem by ourselves ?
14:12:40 <lsell> Brad Topol and Jonathan Bryce will kick off the segment, explaining how the challenge came about, who is involved, the significance, what we've learned, etc.
14:12:57 <lsell> we have about 12 minutes for the entire segment, so it's going to be quick like all keynotes :)
14:13:23 <garloff> And the camera will go from one participant to another ... ?
14:13:25 <lsell> the demo participants will have started their builds before brad and jonathan's intro since it seems to take most folks 8-12 minutes
14:13:41 <lsell> Yes, so after the intro, Jonathan and Brad will walk around and engage with the different participants
14:14:12 <lsell> Each participants laptop will be able to be shown on the big screen, so we'll check in with participants at different milestones and let them describe what's happening
14:14:28 <tongli> on the signal from Johnathan, all the testers kick off the test.
14:14:32 <lsell> it will be kind of a game show format, walking around and having a quick dialogue with the participants
14:14:35 <Jason____> Do we need to make the workload ready by ourselves or brad?
14:15:23 <tongli> @Jason____, Johnathan will give everybody a signal to kick off the test.
14:15:35 <Jason____> OK
14:15:48 <tongli> every tester on stage will kick off the test at the same time.
14:16:01 <lsell> one thing we want to be careful about is not making it feel like a race. we definitely want to make sure a few folks finish before the end of the segment so we can showcase the wordpress landing page, but it shouldn't be obvious if some of the participants are unable to finish within the time
14:16:46 <lsell> what am i leaving out @tongli?
14:16:58 <tongli> @lsell, good point. it is not a race.
14:17:36 <gema> yep critical since we cannot know the load of any of those clouds nor we are controlling that
14:17:57 <gema> and servers are all different
14:18:01 <tongli> @lsell, it is clear to me. @all fire away your question to Lauren if you have any
14:18:19 <DrorG> Do we want to standardize the internal network name (as it must be manually pre-created) ?
14:18:19 <tongli> @gema, that is exactly right.
14:18:46 <tongli> it is not a race, it is about interop, we want to see the results not care how long it takes.
14:18:46 <Tamara_> I can answer any logistics questions you have --rehearsal times, etc.
14:18:48 <lsell> each participant will be visible on stage and will have their organizations' loo on the front of their laptop, and i think it will be a really powerful show of community / collaboration
14:18:52 <tongli> network can be a big factor.
14:19:22 <gema> lsell: is it ok to run the workload from a VM on the cloud?
14:19:25 <Jason____> How we can connect the private cloud by internet ?
14:19:33 <gema> my arch linux doesn't play very well with the ansible xD
14:19:46 <tongli> any other questions on how the show will go?
14:19:53 <Jason____> network is the potential problme
14:20:05 <Rockyg> ++  one reason why rehearsal there will be critical for success
14:20:15 <tongli> @Jason____, you will use your own laptop so I assume that you can connect to your private cloud, right?
14:20:19 <garloff> Will the folks on stage have an own WLAN that works even if the Conf-WIFI is bogged down?
14:20:27 <fredli> tongli:
14:20:29 <fredli> yes
14:20:30 <Jason____> I am not sure
14:20:34 <lsell> yes, we absolutely want to everyone to test running the workload using the stage network at least twice
14:20:39 <fredli> Huawei will use our own laptop
14:20:46 <lsell> yes, there will be a dedicated network for demos
14:20:47 <fredli> I can confirm. Jason____
14:20:54 <Jason____> yes , we will use our laptop
14:21:02 <gema> lsell: but this is a separate network from the conference one, right? i.e. when everyone is in the room with their devices that won't affect us
14:21:03 <lsell> @tamara_ will it be a hardline for each computer or the dedicated wifi?
14:21:05 <Tamara_> @tongli - good point about network - -we would like to connect everyone (or most people) via ethernet if possible. You will have an opportunity to run the demo at rehearsal
14:21:06 <tongli> @garloff, good question, not sure if we can get demo network. @lsell, do we have dedicated network for demos?
14:21:19 <Daniela_> is it possible to test network/wifi this before the demo
14:21:22 <lsell> yes, separate from the conference network
14:21:30 <Tamara_> we have a demo network for stage
14:21:34 <lsell> and yes we will be testing with the demo network we're using for the show
14:21:34 <gema> Tamara_: great, thanks
14:21:38 <tongli> @lsell, great. I like that a lot.
14:22:15 <tongli> @lsell, you wanna talk about that testers will be on stage behind a curtain first to get everything ready.
14:22:19 <tongli> ?
14:22:57 <lsell> yes, that is our plan, and a good idea from tonsil :)
14:22:59 <tongli> so that testers will have enough of time to prepare.
14:23:06 <lsell> if we can get everyone set up beforehand, we won't have any issues with computers going to sleep, etc.
14:23:19 <lsell> but @tamara_ is working through logistics to make sure the curtain will work
14:23:27 <garloff> ... or running out of power ... :-O
14:23:33 <Jason____> I suggest we can have meeing before keynote to make the preparement
14:23:35 <lsell> if not, we'll have all the computers ready and lined up on stage, and then all of the participants will file out when the segment starts
14:23:54 <lsell> Jason, we will have two required rehearsals prior to the keynote
14:23:56 <Jason____> to make sure everybody know the rules
14:23:56 <vkmc> Jason____, there are two rehearsals afaik
14:23:57 <tongli> @lsell, @tamara_, thanks. that will make the show a lot smoother.
14:24:00 <Tamara_> We will need everyone backstage prior to keynote; will confirm exact time at your onstage rehearsal tuesday
14:24:38 <Tamara_> but plan no later than 8:30. It may be earlier if we feel we need more time/or want to run again prior to keynote start
14:24:43 <tongli> ok, if no more question about how the show will be performed, can we move on to next about logistics?
14:25:04 <lsell> Please add your information to this etherpad regarding rehearsals to help Tamara_, since she will be will be wrangling quite a few folks for this demo
14:25:04 <gema> tongli: my question as to whether we can run the workload from a VM somewhere
14:25:04 <lsell> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/interop-challenge-participant-info
14:25:08 <gema> is unanswered
14:25:20 <gema> (or I missed the answer)
14:25:37 <tongli> @gema, I do that myself. I use VBox VM to run the tests.
14:25:39 <rohit404> gema: i'm hoping to do the same...should be ok IMO
14:25:45 <tongli> I do not run it directly on my mac.
14:25:53 <tongli> so that gives you some options.
14:25:56 <gema> tongli, rohit404: cool
14:25:57 <Jason____> @tongli, could you mind send me email to tell me the time and location for the two rehearsals
14:25:58 <gema> thanks
14:26:09 <tongli> since it will run on your own laptop, you do wahtever you like.
14:26:16 <Tamara_> I will send logistics email to all with details
14:26:25 <tongli> we just want to see the script is rolling and the results.
14:26:27 <Jason____> I will ask our engineers to make the preparment
14:26:29 <Tamara_> location, time, etc.
14:26:41 <gema> tongli: great
14:27:25 <Tamara_> Please provide your info by this Friday Oct 14th on Etherpad and my team will follow up with all logistics details
14:27:34 <Jason____> @Tamara, could you mind copy one for me , jason.shi@huawei.com
14:27:35 <Jason____> thanks
14:27:35 <tongli> @Tamara_, you like to talk about the next item in the agenda?
14:28:02 <Tamara_> yes, happy to
14:28:29 <tongli> which is "On stage requirements"
14:29:05 <Tamara_> Please bring the following to rehearsal as well as the keynote: Laptop with power supply If laptop does not have HDMI out, bring adapter (i.e. Mini DP to HDMI) USB to Ethernet if your laptop does not have an ethernet port Prior to 1st rehearsal, disable all notifications, screen savers, etc. Settings: 1980x1020
14:29:46 <Tamara_> You have 2 options for the first rehearsal Sunday or Monday
14:29:58 <tongli> good point about the screen resolution, I think we suppose to use the mirror display.
14:30:17 <Jason____> @Tamara , where is the rehearsal?
14:30:17 <tongli> so whatever shows on your screen will show on the big screen. not the extended display.
14:30:43 <garloff> But then, @tongli, 1920x1080 will not work for most ...
14:30:45 <Tamara_> At that time, we will connect your laptop to our av system & make sure we can see your machine on screen
14:30:47 <tongli> @Jason___, that will be talked about later in the agenda.
14:30:48 <Jason____> we will join the rehearsal on Monday, I thing
14:30:54 <Jason____> ok
14:30:58 <Jason____> @tongli, thanks
14:31:24 <tongli> @Tamara_, you mean 1980x1080 not 1980x1020, right?
14:31:24 <Tamara_> If 1920x1080 will not work, please add the resolution that will work in the etherpad so we can prepare
14:32:03 <Tamara_> @tongli - yes! sorry!
14:32:36 <Daniela_> I will arrive on Monday, so this would be preferred
14:32:46 <tongli> @Tamara_, not a problem, just want to make sure. in care you indeed want to use 1980x1020. I have seen some wired resolutions.
14:33:40 <Tamara_> The rehearsal is in the Forum at CCIB
14:33:53 <garloff> @Tamara_ if people using mirroring, then the resolution will be the native resolution of the panel peoples' laptops have, no? So we would need to go to a common lowest denominator like 1280x720 or so :-(
14:34:02 <Tamara_> On the keynote stage. We will send very detailed directions
14:34:30 <DrorG> @Tamara 1920x1080 is more common I believe
14:34:32 <gema> Tamara_: any particular dresscode?
14:34:49 <Jason____> @Tamara , what's the detial forum ?
14:35:08 <gema> Jason____: that is where the conference is
14:35:21 <Tamara_> @garloff - we can adjust the Picture in Picture size on screen. If everyone can let me know the native resolution in etherpad, that will help us plan
14:35:39 <lsell> yes, the rehearsal will be in the keynote room, which is the large auditorium at the CCIB
14:36:17 <Jason____> @Isell, thanks, How about the time?
14:37:01 <Tamara_> @jason - it's in the etherpad for easy reference
14:37:11 <Tamara_> 1) Tech Check on Sunday, October 23 between 10:45am-11:45am local time OR Monday October 24 between 3:45pm - 5pm local time.
14:37:18 <lsell> yes, please refer to the etherpad and add your details there
14:37:24 <Tamara_> 2) Tuesday rehearsal 4:45pm arrival for 5:15-5:45pm on stage
14:37:43 <Jason____> @Tamara, thanks very much
14:37:56 <tongli> hi, guys add your resolution in the etherpad.
14:38:10 <tongli> if different from 1980x1080
14:38:32 <tongli> sorry 1920x1080
14:38:34 <fredli> OK, we will update the etherpad tomorrow
14:39:17 <Tamara_> This is going to be a really exciting segment & we are excited to have you. As Tongli noted, it is important for you to attend both rehearsals in order to participate in keynote demo.
14:39:23 <lsell> great. anything else we can answer today?
14:39:29 <lsell> we really appreciate all of your work
14:39:37 <tongli> @Tamara_, you wanna talk about the desktop background pictures etc?
14:40:14 <tongli> not something kind strange or make people feel uncomfortable.
14:40:24 <Daniela_> dress code?
14:40:35 <Jason____> @Isell, we are booked the Monday reherasal on Monday
14:40:40 <Tamara_> Sure. If you can disable notifications, screen savers, etc., prior to rehearsal, that will help. And remember that everyone will see your desktop!
14:41:21 <tongli> yeah, dress code? jeans + polo shirt?
14:41:22 * rohit404 all should wear similar interop t-shirts or would that be too monotonous for the stage ?
14:41:47 <tongli> @rohit404, interop t-shirt? someone make some please.
14:42:00 <Jason____> Could we get T-shirts as well ?
14:42:11 <tongli> I would think each one will wear their company shirt.
14:42:57 <tongli> should not matter that much, right? @lsell @Tamara_
14:43:00 <Jason____> we have company shirt , but the logo is seens smaller at stage
14:43:12 <lsell> yeah i think if everyone wore the same shirt, it would be too monotonous
14:43:23 <lsell> i would recommend a company shirt or just your own clothes
14:43:23 <Tamara_> @jason we will provide a laptop cling with your company logo
14:43:55 <tongli> guys, this is exciting, any other questions for @lsell and @Tamara_?
14:43:58 <Tamara_> wear something you fell comfortable/confident in
14:44:05 <Tamara_> *feel*
14:44:07 <lsell> yes, all of the logos will be visible and consistent across all of the laptops
14:44:15 <tongli> @Tamara_, +2
14:44:36 <fredli> Tamara_: +1
14:45:14 <garloff> OpenStack gear from the last summits :-)
14:45:28 <lsell> yes!
14:45:35 <luzC> +1
14:46:53 <Daniela_> @Tamara: the first rehearsal will be on Monday at 3:45pm. Right??
14:47:48 <Tamara_> yes, that is an option. if anyone can come on sunday, please do.
14:48:24 <tongli> @Tamara_, my flight has booked long ago, can not change it.
14:49:02 <Tamara_> you can arrive anytime between 3:45-4:45...we need about 15 min. with you to connect equipment, etc. & then we would like you to run the program & report the run time in the stage environment
14:49:16 <Tamara_> that will give us a good reality check
14:49:45 <Tamara_> @tongli - no worries! Sunday is an option, not a requirement.
14:50:10 <tongli> @Tamara_, so on Monday it will be from 3:45 to 4:45pm, if so, I will put that time on etherpad.
14:50:24 <Rockyg> You might want to see what setup times are with everyone trying to run at once, too.
14:50:37 <gema> Tamara_: how do you make it into that room on that day?
14:50:53 <gema> Tamara_: I remember the security people being quite unforgiving on past events :D
14:51:34 <Tamara_> I will send exact details via email but part of the reason we need participants names by friday is so we can get the proper credential that allows you early access to keynote room
14:51:35 <Rockyg> good point
14:51:42 <tongli> @Tamara_, I have put the time there on etherpad, if there is any change, please do update.
14:51:50 <gema> Tamara_: alright, thanks
14:52:30 <Tamara_> Please note--only you will have access; if you have an urgent request to bring someone with you to rehearsal, please email me tamara@fntech.com
14:52:40 <tongli> ok. I put the action item there , so that if one wants the access to the rehearsal, then your name and contact info must be in the etherpad.
14:52:44 <Tamara_> @tongli - perfect, thanks
14:53:47 <tongli> #action, everyone who does the test please put your name, company and contact in the etherpad so that OS foundation can give you access to the building on Monday.
14:54:34 <gema> tongli: which etherpad, we have two ongoing now
14:54:49 <Jason___> same question
14:54:59 <tongli> what?
14:55:06 <Jason___> which etherpad
14:55:07 <tongli> @gema, we have to going on, no.
14:55:16 <Tamara_> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/interop-challenge-participant-info
14:55:17 <gema> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/interop-challenge-participant-info <- this one?
14:55:19 <tongli> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/interop-challenge-meeting-2016-10-12
14:55:23 <gema> great, thanks
14:55:23 <fredli> Jason___: I know
14:55:27 <fredli> don't worry
14:55:43 <Jason___> @fredli ok
14:55:54 <tongli> ok. I was thinking the normal meeting etherpad.
14:56:06 <tongli> well, ok. use the one @tamara_ sent.
14:56:31 <fredli> thanks, @Tamara_ , @tongli
14:57:27 <Jason___> @fredli, pls leave both me and engineer information in the eherpad after IRC
14:57:50 <fredli> sure
14:58:31 <Tamara_> @tongli -I have both so will collect the info either way :-)
14:58:50 <tongli> ok.
15:00:16 <tongli> #action, please put your tester information here
15:00:25 <tongli> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/interop-challenge-participant-info
15:01:16 <tongli> guys,  I think we run out of the time.
15:01:22 <garloff> @tongli Do you prefer /me entering it right away or wait until we have ev'thing runnning successfully?
15:01:39 <tongli> I will ask Johanna to send out the email about this action and please do make sure you all have the info there.
15:02:24 <tongli> @Tamara_, @lsell, thanks so much.
15:02:35 <Jason___> thanks
15:02:41 <tongli> I think I need to end this meeting before someone kicks us out.
15:02:44 <lsell> thank you!
15:02:45 <Tamara_> thank you!
15:02:55 <Rockyg> thanks!
15:03:03 <fredli> thanks
15:03:03 <tongli> thanks guys.
15:03:09 <tongli> #endmeeting