16:00:55 <markvoelker> #startmeeting interopwg
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16:01:05 <markvoelker> #chair eglute hogepodge
16:01:05 <openstack> Current chairs: eglute hogepodge markvoelker
16:01:12 <eglute> o/
16:01:18 <markvoelker> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/DefCoreRoble.21 Today's Agenda
16:01:31 <hogepodge> o/
16:01:34 <zhipeng> o/
16:01:46 <Rockyg> o/
16:01:59 <catherineD|2> o/
16:02:30 <mguiney> o/
16:02:34 <markvoelker> Hi folks, take a quick look over today's etherpad and add anything we missed
16:03:27 <markvoelker> #topic 2017.08 Guideline
16:04:00 <markvoelker> First up, Nova
16:04:40 <hogepodge> I've made no changes
16:04:48 <hogepodge> since last week :-/
16:05:03 <mrhillsman> o/
16:05:03 <markvoelker> hogepodge: we had some notes last week about suspend/resume not being implemented across virt drivers.  I didn't see anything else in the patch that raised eyebrows for me.
16:05:06 <zhipeng> I posted the comments in the last meeting
16:06:08 <hogepodge> I'll get it done today.
16:06:14 <markvoelker> excellent
16:06:32 <hogepodge> markvoelker: question, do we have the new repo? Do we need to adjust out git review to account for that?
16:07:11 <markvoelker> Anything else on hogepodge: Yes, we do have a new repo.  But I think the outstanding patches were migrated over automatically, so should be a no-op
16:07:23 <eglute> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/interop,n,z
16:07:32 <markvoelker> That patch for nova scoring is already against openstack/interop instead of openstack/defcore for example
16:07:55 <hogepodge> ok, cool
16:07:57 <hogepodge> thanks
16:08:04 <markvoelker> Anything further on nova?
16:08:09 <hogepodge> nope
16:08:14 <zhipeng> nope
16:08:33 <markvoelker> On to Cinder then
16:08:47 <markvoelker> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/456440/ Cinder scoring
16:09:54 <markvoelker> I think here again the changes were pretty noncontroversial...I'll +2/+A if nobody has any final remarks
16:10:38 * markvoelker hears crickets
16:10:56 <markvoelker> Ok, in it goes
16:11:02 <markvoelker> On to Glance
16:11:09 <mguiney> no changes there
16:11:11 <markvoelker> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/451167/ Glance scoring
16:12:17 <markvoelker> On this one we're not actually introducing any new required/advisory capabilities, so unless someone strongly thinks there's something missing I think we're about ready to go
16:12:39 <markvoelker> Anything folks want to discuss?
16:13:30 <markvoelker> OK then, I'll leave it to eglute or hogepodge to land it when they're ready then
16:13:41 <mguiney> cool!
16:13:46 <markvoelker> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/460105 Neutron scoring
16:13:53 <eglute> thanks mguiney!
16:14:07 <eglute> markvoelker Neutron patch looks good to me!
16:14:18 <eglute> if others review it, we can land it today.
16:14:36 <markvoelker> Nothing very controversial here.  I may still do a follow-up patch for the LBaaS stuff but I'm tusseling a bit with the Octavia/classical LBaaS split
16:14:55 <markvoelker> I'm sort of tempted to make that a note in the BoD report actually
16:15:14 <eglute> oh actually there is a typo i think
16:15:19 <eglute> year should be 2017.08?
16:15:30 <zhipeng> could we leave it open for review at least before the end of the week ?
16:15:55 <eglute> zhipeng sure
16:15:55 <markvoelker> Doh, you're right
16:16:05 <zhipeng> thx :)
16:17:13 <markvoelker> fixed
16:17:22 <eglute> thanks markvoelker!
16:17:59 <markvoelker> On to Swift?
16:18:07 <eglute> sure
16:18:09 <markvoelker> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/453453/ Swift Scoring
16:18:11 <eglute> no updates tehre
16:18:40 <markvoelker> Yep, here again just some score changes and no capability changes.  If no final objections I'll land it.
16:19:06 * markvoelker pauses dramatically
16:19:08 <eglute> thank you markvoelker
16:19:38 <markvoelker> OK, done
16:19:48 <markvoelker> On to Keystone
16:20:23 <markvoelker> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/456774/ Keystone scoring
16:21:01 <markvoelker> This is another minor scores tweak (but needs rebasing)
16:21:26 <eglute> i think it is missing .json update
16:21:33 <eglute> some advisory moving to required?
16:22:43 <markvoelker> There is one advisory capability (list projects) in 2017.01
16:23:46 <markvoelker> luzC: any reason not to move that to required?
16:24:51 <eglute> markvoelker luzC i think we can move it to required
16:24:54 <markvoelker> Hmm, Luz isn't around today.  Ok, eglute how about commenting on the patch and we'll take it up in Gerrit
16:25:14 <eglute> yes, i will!
16:26:13 <markvoelker> We also had talked a bit about catalog standardization here.  Hogepodge, guessing that's going to be a next-time-around thing so we can write a test?
16:26:44 <hogepodge> yup, I need to stop overestimating my ability to deliver on so much. Still haven't looked at the test
16:26:49 <markvoelker> Might be worth also including a note in the BoD report even if we don't try to write a test and make it advisory in the next <very small amount of time>
16:26:56 <Rockyg> just got a new comment on this one... says the capabilty flagged as admin only isnt
16:27:05 <hogepodge> i think that's a good idea
16:27:23 <markvoelker> Ok, anything else on scoring today?
16:28:26 <markvoelker> Alrighty then...
16:28:27 <eglute> Not from me! thanks everyone for working on scoring!!!
16:28:29 <markvoelker> #topic Name CHange
16:28:46 <markvoelker> Infra did the gerrit downtime and landed our name change patch last week!
16:29:07 <markvoelker> So note that our repo is now at git.openstack.org/interop rather than /defcore
16:29:22 <markvoelker> I took the liberty of updating a few outstanding things in the wiki once that landed
16:29:40 <markvoelker> I also did a cursory sweep of some of our in-tree docs and I think we're in pretty good shape
16:30:07 <eglute> thank you markvoelker for working on this!!!!
16:30:07 <markvoelker> If anyone spots anything remaining, please feel free to edit the wiki/submit a patch/shout so one of us can fix it
16:30:25 <eglute> thanks markvoelker!
16:30:38 <Rockyg> ++
16:31:03 <markvoelker> Anything else on the name change?  If not we can finally drop this off the agenda as a standing item I think. =p
16:31:19 <eglute> yay!!!
16:31:31 <eglute> thanks everyone!!!
16:31:42 <catherineD|2> RefStack has merged all the necessary patches for DefCore name changed
16:31:51 <catherineD|2> the website will be updated this Friday
16:32:14 <markvoelker> catherineD|2 excellent
16:32:41 <eglute> thank you catherineD|2!!
16:33:12 <markvoelker> #topic Summit
16:33:37 <markvoelker> Last call for session topics!
16:33:49 <markvoelker> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/InteropWGBostonSummit Session topics
16:35:07 <markvoelker> I think we've captured all the interop-related talks in today's meeting etherpad
16:35:16 <eglute> we will have 1.5 hours on thursday morning
16:35:20 <markvoelker> Please note that there will also be another interop challenge during the main keynotes
16:35:25 <eglute> i will be sending out invites to the mailing list
16:35:40 * eglute needs to prep for the challenge!
16:36:45 <markvoelker> Anything else on Boston?
16:37:13 <eglute> when are forum sessions?
16:37:47 <catherineD|2> about the RefStack related session https://www.openstack.org/summit/boston-2017/summit-schedule/events/18337
16:38:07 <catherineD|2> we discuss last week at the end of the meeting ...
16:38:20 <eglute> thanks catherineD|2
16:38:44 <catherineD|2> since this session is related to the Schema 2.0 which has not merged
16:39:06 <catherineD|2> personally, I feel like to cancel this session if possible ..
16:39:20 <hogepodge> catherineD|2: I think we can do the talk with the broad strokes of the new program structures
16:39:52 <catherineD|2> hogepodge: in that case do we need to change the description of the session ..
16:39:54 * markvoelker is not presenting this one and is happy to defer to those that are
16:40:59 <hogepodge> catherineD|2: speaker support can help us do that
16:41:10 <hogepodge> that does kgarloff think?
16:41:30 <catherineD|2> hogepodge: alright
16:41:46 <catherineD|2> hogepodge: I have not got any response from kgarloff:
16:42:17 <hogepodge> catherineD|2: want to talk about this after the meeting?
16:42:35 <catherineD|2> hogepodge: sure thx
16:43:06 <markvoelker> OK, anything else folks?
16:43:36 <markvoelker> If not I think we're pretty much at the end of the agenda
16:43:48 <Rockyg> woohoo!
16:44:17 <markvoelker> Hearing nothing, I move to adjourn. =)
16:44:48 <markvoelker> Alrighty then, I think we're done...thanks everyone!
16:44:51 <markvoelker> #endmeeting