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17:40:38 <pramchan> Reviewed Openstack interoperability criterion
18:00:17 <pramchan> Resolved that all https://opendev.org/openstack/interop/  interop repos will be moved to osf namespace  https://opendev.org/osf (June 12)
18:02:33 <pramchan> Diff of 2020.06.json , dns.2020.06.json, orchestration.2020.json was presented wrt 2019.11.json files
18:04:13 <pramchan> vote in commitee - interop
18:05:36 <pramchan> Guidelines Draft is available for Board to aprove
18:06:00 <pramchan> The slides for Board presentaions were reviewed
18:08:30 <pramchan> #endmeeting