17:00:00 <jroll> #startmeeting ironic
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17:00:10 <NobodyCam> o/
17:00:11 <jroll> #chair NobodyCam devananda
17:00:12 <openstack> Current chairs: NobodyCam devananda jroll
17:00:12 <davidlenwell> o/
17:00:13 <jroll> sup!
17:00:18 <thiagop> o/
17:00:26 <vdrok> o/
17:00:28 <dtantsur> o/
17:00:35 <JayF> o/
17:00:40 <krtaylor> o/
17:00:44 <jlvillal> o/
17:00:58 <jroll> I expect most people are out for easter monday today
17:01:04 <jlvillal> wazzup!
17:01:09 <jroll> let's jump right in
17:01:12 <NobodyCam> ah yes!
17:01:19 <jroll> #topic announcements and reminders
17:01:39 <jroll> first things first, apparently y'all are stuck with me again this cycle
17:01:46 <devananda> o/
17:01:47 <NobodyCam> Contrats jroll
17:01:53 <TheJulia> o/
17:01:54 <jroll> :P
17:01:57 <mjturek1> o/
17:02:07 <thiagop> ah yeah, well! I think I might endure that... :D
17:02:12 <jlvillal> :)
17:02:16 <thiagop> congratz jroll
17:02:18 <jroll> next up - we released all the things last week, they're all here
17:02:18 <devananda> jroll: grats :)
17:02:19 <jlvillal> And also TheJulia !!!!!!!
17:02:20 <jroll> #link http://releases.openstack.org/mitaka/index.html
17:02:22 <krtaylor> +1
17:02:24 <NobodyCam> and we have a new person...
17:02:34 <davidlenwell> yay!
17:02:41 <jroll> and we welcomed TheJulia as our newest core \o/
17:02:46 <krtaylor> congrats!
17:02:55 <thiagop> wow, congratz TheJulia !
17:02:59 <jlvillal> :)
17:03:00 <TheJulia> Thank you everyone
17:03:08 <rpioso> o/
17:03:11 * jroll thanks folks for the congrats as well
17:03:43 <jroll> another thing - our stable/kilo gate is green again, thanks goes to mriedem for fighting that
17:03:44 * thiagop thinks he missed a lot from last week...
17:03:51 <dtantsur> congrats jroll, TheJulia :)
17:04:10 * NobodyCam gives congratz to everyone for the work that went into the release
17:04:11 <dtantsur> jroll, one thing about this Kilo gate-fixing: it's sad that we've lost the pxe_ipa job
17:04:21 <dtantsur> I see it as kind of a dangerous situation
17:04:24 <jroll> and newton is open for development
17:04:29 <krtaylor> yea newton!
17:04:35 <jroll> dtantsur: it wasn't stable at all :/
17:04:40 <[1]cdearborn> \o
17:04:46 <jroll> dtantsur: maybe we don't deprecate bash ramdisk until kilo EOL then
17:04:57 <jroll> s/deprecate/kill/
17:04:58 <dtantsur> jroll, I think we already agreed on that :)
17:05:05 <jroll> right
17:05:08 <jroll> so I think it's okay
17:05:38 * dtantsur checks if killing the bash ramdisk is on the list of summit topics
17:05:49 <jroll> oh, one more gate thing, the IPA post job to publish ramdisks is currently broken, hoping https://review.openstack.org/297796 will fix it
17:06:09 <jroll> I've been grinding on that, will continue until it's fixed - then making stable tests actually use the stable ramdisk
17:06:39 <dtantsur> oh, good
17:06:44 <jroll> more newton things: summit ideas go here:
17:06:46 <jroll> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ironic-newton-summit
17:06:58 <jroll> and starting on priorities here:
17:07:00 <jroll> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ironic-newton-priorities
17:07:10 <jroll> I expect to finish that during the summit
17:07:33 <jroll> we need to finish the session planning by mid-april
17:07:39 <dtantsur> I think this list is more than complete :D
17:07:46 <jroll> summit schedule has been posted here:
17:07:48 <jroll> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-March/090606.html
17:07:57 <jroll> that's a pdf attachment, so check your actual email for the schedule
17:08:08 <jroll> dtantsur: finish trimming it down, I should say :)
17:08:14 <dtantsur> hehe
17:08:28 <jroll> so that's a million announcements from me in no particular order. anyone have anything else?
17:09:16 <JayF> jroll: has these ever been another version of that newton summit etherpad?
17:09:26 <JayF> jroll: I feel like I added something to a completely different etherpad
17:09:29 <jroll> JayF: not that I know of
17:09:31 <jroll> heh
17:10:10 <NobodyCam> there was a netwon section onthe midcycle pad
17:10:16 <jroll> ooo yeah
17:10:19 <NobodyCam> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ironic-mitaka-midcycle
17:10:32 <JayF> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mitaka-ironic-design-summit-ideas is the other etherpad
17:10:36 <JayF> that wasn't linked here
17:10:37 <NobodyCam> line 299
17:10:42 <JayF> oh, mitaka vs newton
17:10:44 <jroll> JayF: that's last summit heh
17:10:45 <JayF> oy
17:11:19 <jroll> okay, moving on then
17:11:29 <jroll> #topic subteam status reports
17:11:35 <jroll> I don't expect too much here
17:11:44 <jroll> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/IronicWhiteBoard
17:11:46 <jroll> line 98
17:12:04 <jroll> we'll need to update this for newton soon, once we figure out priorities
17:12:13 <jroll> any questions/comments/concerns here?
17:12:43 * jroll waits about 2 minutes
17:14:32 * jlvillal hums Jeopardy theme song to himself...
17:14:37 <NobodyCam> lol
17:14:48 <jroll> heh
17:14:51 <jroll> moving on then
17:15:03 <jroll> #topic RFE review
17:15:21 <jroll> so I've added this section to the agenda, to discuss RFEs and if they need a spec
17:15:26 <jroll> I just have one this week:
17:15:32 <jroll> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ironic/+bug/1561100
17:15:32 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1561100 in Ironic "[RFE] Centralize config options in Ironic" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to Ramamani Yeleswarapu (ramamani-yeleswarapu)
17:15:48 <jroll> so this references a nova spec, and something nova has already been working on
17:16:05 <jroll> there's also a cross-project spec in review right now:
17:16:07 <jroll> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/295543/
17:16:32 <jroll> so I'm thinking this can be approved without a spec, but perhaps we wait for the cross-project spec to land?
17:16:47 <TheJulia> I think that would be a good idea
17:17:10 <jlvillal> As a note, we discussed the config stuff two weeks ago: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/ironic/2016/ironic.2016-03-14-17.00.log.html
17:17:39 <jroll> right, so that's about using oslo-config-generator, which we should do first
17:17:45 <jlvillal> It was decided: "we will move to oslo config gen in newton, followed by nova-style refactor of config opts"
17:17:45 <jroll> but this is an additional thing
17:17:51 <jroll> oh. heh.
17:17:57 <jroll> fair enough
17:18:14 <jroll> I still think we should wait for the cross-project spec
17:18:26 <jroll> which, btw, is being discussed in the cross-project meeting tomorrow, iirc
17:18:32 <jroll> that is 2100 utc tomorrow
17:18:40 <dtantsur> ++ we already have experience doing a big thing without waiting for a cross-project agreement ;)
17:18:56 * dtantsur never misses a chance to mention microversioning
17:18:56 <jroll> ya, let's wait it out this time
17:18:59 <TheJulia> Agreed on waiting
17:19:05 <jroll> hah
17:19:07 <jroll> ok cool
17:19:14 <jlvillal> Added spec link to the RFE bug
17:20:01 <jroll> cool
17:20:06 <jroll> I posted a note on holding off for approval
17:20:31 <jroll> #topic open discussion
17:20:37 <NobodyCam> now that newton is open would love to get eyes on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/275726 (Dynamic allocation of nodes for OneView)
17:20:46 <jroll> I feel like I had a thing here but not sure what it was now :)
17:21:01 <JayF> NobodyCam: I looked at that, was a little put off by the use of an external daemon :)
17:21:15 <JayF> NobodyCam: but didn't wanna rain on the parade of a driver I'll never use :)
17:21:38 <NobodyCam> JayF: I beleieve it is worth a comment on the spec thou
17:21:49 <jroll> I do want to point out that I'm working on using the stable builds of the agent, and getting tempest-full running. I made rfes for them to track it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ironic/+bug/1561756 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ironic/+bug/1561760
17:21:49 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1561756 in Ironic "[RFE] Use stable branch of agent when testing stable branches" [Wishlist,In progress] - Assigned to Jim Rollenhagen (jim-rollenhagen)
17:21:50 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1561760 in Ironic "[RFE] CI job to run full tempest suite against ironic" [Wishlist,Confirmed]
17:22:06 <JayF> NobodyCam: I mean, honestly, I think it's a not-awesome overall pattern; but I can't bring myself to care enough when it's isolated to the driver.
17:22:48 <TheJulia> JayF: I believe they commented on a previous revision that they intend to make that a periodic task at a later point in time since it is just a cleanup/reconsilliation thing
17:23:18 <JayF> TheJulia: my impression of it was the oppostie; they were going to use a periodic task but changed to a daemon so it could listen ont he event bus
17:24:09 <TheJulia> JayF: Acutal discussion with them seemed otherwise since they already had the daemon written
17:24:16 <thiagop> JayF: Nope, the intention is to use periodic task. That's on our roadmap
17:24:32 <jroll> thiagop: why wouldn't the spec show that then?
17:24:50 <TheJulia> thiagop: Could we get the spec to be a little more clear on that? :)
17:24:55 <JayF> If the spec said that I probably would've -1'd the intermediate state of having a separate daemon :)
17:25:27 <thiagop> jroll: that was discussed as a sugestion by lucas, I think we mentioned that we will do a follow up patch as soon as we figure out how to do that properly
17:25:34 <jroll> JayF: agree, we should not have that intermediate state imo
17:25:53 <jroll> why build in technical debt if we already have a plan to avoid it?
17:26:11 <jlvillal> +1
17:27:12 <TheJulia> Seems like the path forward then is to figure out how to properly have the periodic task
17:27:46 * jroll commented on the review
17:27:50 * JayF too
17:28:05 <jroll> yep, let's do that before we start building it otherwise :)
17:28:33 <dtantsur> I didn't have a chance to read this patch, but I still suspect we might want to agree on a common design for such things
17:28:41 <thiagop> jroll TheJulia ok then, we'll figure out how to do that now that Mitaka is out of our plans anyway
17:28:43 <dtantsur> it's not the only driver that will have such functionality
17:29:08 <thiagop> dtantsur: I saw the topic you had proposed to the summit, TY
17:29:17 <thiagop> dtantsur: it will be interesting
17:29:19 <NobodyCam> didn't we have a spec for per-driver tasks....
17:29:23 <jroll> dtantsur: yeah, I'm wondering that as well
17:29:33 <jroll> NobodyCam: yes, we have per-driver parallel tasks already :)
17:29:33 <dtantsur> NobodyCam, we do have per-driver tasks
17:29:38 <dtantsur> for a long time actually :)
17:29:44 <jroll> thiagop: thanks in advance for updating that
17:29:46 <NobodyCam> I was looking for hte spec for that
17:29:49 <dtantsur> the inspector inspection interface is using it
17:30:30 <dtantsur> NobodyCam, thiagop, e.g. https://github.com/openstack/ironic/blob/master/ironic/drivers/modules/inspector.py#L125-L140
17:30:31 <NobodyCam> found it
17:30:34 <NobodyCam> yep
17:30:43 <thiagop> we just thought that having that and evolving to periodic tasks later would be a good move
17:30:43 <NobodyCam> https://github.com/openstack/ironic-specs/blob/master/specs/kilo-implemented/driver-periodic-tasks.rst
17:31:18 <jroll> thiagop: I'd rather do it right the first time
17:31:31 <JayF> thiagop: when you think about how that requires documentation for the original way, then documentation on upgrading + new way, plus deprecation efforts and such
17:31:32 <jroll> which is why I'm inclined to wait and discuss a more general approach at the summit
17:31:32 <thiagop> jroll: a'righ
17:31:38 <JayF> thiagop: it makes a lot more since to get it 'right' from the start :)
17:31:50 <thiagop> JayF: makes sense
17:32:18 <jroll> anything else for open discussion?
17:32:42 <NobodyCam> thanks all
17:32:47 <NobodyCam> for ^^^
17:33:21 <JayF> I'll note that I'll be working on Rescue specs this week; if anyone has interest in it LMK, I'm always keen to get some help
17:34:02 <TheJulia> JayF: Ping me when you post the draft because that may have some implications on boot from volume
17:34:32 <JayF> TheJulia: I'd very much hope they are sufficiently detached, but there are already pretty completely specs on the ironic side
17:34:41 <jroll> TheJulia: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/171878/ :)
17:34:43 <JayF> TheJulia: just needs a little bit more love + all the nova side bp completed
17:34:50 <TheJulia> JayF: me too
17:34:57 <TheJulia> ty for the link
17:35:33 <jroll> ok, thanks all for showing up, good meeting
17:35:37 <jroll> #endmeeting