17:00:18 <dtantsur> #startmeeting ironic
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17:00:40 <dtantsur> hi all!
17:00:50 <dtantsur> our agenda as usual is at:
17:00:52 <dtantsur> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Ironic
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17:02:01 <dtantsur> #topic Announcements / Reminder
17:02:06 <rpioso> o/
17:02:11 <dtantsur> #info Ironic 9.1.0 (Pike) release is finally out!
17:02:14 <dtantsur> w000t!
17:02:21 <stendulker> o/
17:02:22 <rpioso> \o/
17:02:24 <dtantsur> thanks all for your hard work, especially during the release week(s)
17:02:25 <jlvillal> woo hoo :)
17:02:26 <fellypefca> \o/
17:02:26 <rloo> yay! thanks everyone!
17:02:34 <vdrok> :)
17:02:50 <rloo> I was surprised how much we got done, given the loss of bodies
17:02:55 <anupn> o/
17:02:57 <dtantsur> yes, this is really impressive!
17:02:59 <dtantsur> good job everyone
17:03:05 <pas-ha> 0/
17:03:30 <dtantsur> #info we have OSC baremetal documentation: https://docs.openstack.org/python-ironicclient/latest/cli/osc_plugin_cli.html#command-reference
17:03:49 <dtantsur> I really love it btw, now we can just link people to commands
17:04:00 <rloo> yes, that was a pleasant surprise!
17:04:21 <jlvillal> Cool
17:04:29 <dtantsur> #info Ironic-ui and BFV meetings will resume next week
17:04:32 <vdrok> cool stuff
17:04:34 <milan> o/
17:05:25 <dtantsur> #info New bug dashboard address: http://dashboard-ironic.7e14.starter-us-west-2.openshiftapps.com/
17:05:30 <dtantsur> well, I have a shorter version
17:05:41 <dtantsur> #link http://tinyurl.com/ironic-dashboard
17:05:49 * rloo was almost afraid to click on it, worried it was spam :)
17:05:55 <dtantsur> tl;dr OpenShift 2 is sunsetting, so I had to move to OpenShift 3
17:06:12 <dtantsur> now we're on k8s like serious people :D
17:06:14 <rloo> thx dtantsur!
17:06:44 <dtantsur> per my PTL promise, I'll be improving this dashboard in the coming months
17:07:00 <dtantsur> anything else to mention?
17:07:19 <rloo> next monday, is there going to be a meeting?
17:07:26 <rloo> is it only US/Canada that has a holiday?
17:07:34 <dtantsur> it's not a holiday here, at least
17:07:44 <vdrok> neither in ukraine
17:07:51 <rloo> dtantsur: ok, i'm happy if you meet and work :)
17:07:55 <TheJulia> I'll be on regardless :)
17:08:09 <dtantsur> well, we can try having a meeting anyway
17:08:16 <TheJulia> well, I do need to go look for places for a gathering...
17:08:26 <jlvillal> Today is bank holiday Monday in the UK, I think
17:08:28 <dtantsur> it's the last one before the PTG, I'd like to leave the opportunity for random people to come and ask questions
17:08:40 <rloo> makes sense
17:09:02 <dtantsur> moving on?
17:09:18 <rloo> ++
17:09:20 <dtantsur> #topic Review subteam status reports (capped at ten minutes)
17:09:32 <dtantsur> not much to review, but please take a look:
17:09:48 <dtantsur> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/IronicWhiteBoard starting with line 124
17:10:11 <dtantsur> I guess we will clean up the priorities list right after the PTG..
17:10:30 <rloo> can we delete 'nova resource class...' L144?
17:10:44 <dtantsur> yeah, I think we can
17:10:52 <rloo> also BFV? TheJulia?
17:11:17 <rloo> Rolling upgrades has some updates
17:11:26 <TheJulia> We'll resume planning BFV work next week, so there is no update at present
17:11:31 <dtantsur> we have one more nova patch, but I guess it's not a priority (unless we decide it is on the PTG)
17:11:39 <rloo> we must leave driver composition until those promised docs are available ;)
17:12:01 <dtantsur> yes, shame on me :)
17:12:15 <dtantsur> though, I'd appreciate if people maintaining drivers submitted their upgrade guide ;)
17:12:18 <rloo> dtantsur: we should have made you promise that if you are ptl. or did you promise? :)
17:12:47 <rloo> we should try to get the py3.5 compat stuff done now
17:12:55 * dtantsur denies everything
17:13:14 <rloo> and jlvillal, the tempest plugin. is the next month a good time?
17:13:18 <vdrok> rloo: I thought ironic part is done?
17:13:29 <dtantsur> vdrok: the job is not voting, and IPA is on python 2
17:13:39 <rloo> vdrok: not sure. there is something there about. oh yeah, testing ironic-inspector
17:13:40 <vdrok> ah right ipa
17:13:49 <jlvillal> rloo, I think so. They want us to submit a git repo to infra with all the changes. I will work with infra and dtantsur on it
17:13:58 <rloo> thx jlvillal!
17:14:16 <dtantsur> yeah, let's cook it on github first, I guess
17:14:22 <jlvillal> Having a patch with 92 patches in the chain is a DoS on the build system :(
17:14:22 <rloo> dtantsur: can we move the tempest stuff (L244) up. or do you want to wait til after ptg?
17:15:14 <rloo> I think we also want refactoring of code to access other services, L267
17:15:22 <dtantsur> rloo: I'd wait til the PTG, yes
17:15:29 <stendulker> dtantsur: Wht kind of information is expected in the driver upgrade guide?
17:15:30 <dtantsur> just to avoid confusion
17:15:32 <rloo> dtantsur: ok
17:15:44 <dtantsur> stendulker: mapping between a classic driver and hardware type + interfaces
17:16:00 <dtantsur> stendulker: essentially, populate the table at https://docs.openstack.org/ironic/latest/admin/upgrade-to-hardware-types.html with your drivers
17:16:34 <stendulker> dtantsur: Ok. Only those 2 things?
17:17:06 <dtantsur> I think it's one thing :) but yes, only this table
17:17:22 <rloo> stendulker: i think shiv may have done it: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/496480/
17:17:23 <rpioso> stendulker, dtantsur: ty
17:17:38 <rpioso> rloo: You,too :)
17:17:48 <rloo> rpioso: yw :)
17:18:21 <stendulker> dtantsur: In iLo driver have also added section related to that to show equivalence. Also another patch updating the above said doc is in progress
17:18:43 <dtantsur> ah, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/496480/4/doc/source/admin/upgrade-to-hardware-types.rst right
17:18:50 <dtantsur> this is what I was asking for
17:19:04 <stendulker> dtantsur: yes :)
17:19:38 <rloo> dtantsur: i updated the whiteboard with the ilo hw patch
17:19:52 * dtantsur wonders if mgoddard is up for updating his VIF refactoring chain in the near future
17:19:54 <dtantsur> thanks rloo
17:19:55 <stendulker> dtantsur: thank you
17:20:20 <rloo> i'm ready to move on
17:20:48 * dtantsur too
17:20:53 <dtantsur> everyone done?
17:21:03 <vdrok> yup
17:21:06 <dtantsur> #topic Deciding on priorities for the coming week
17:21:22 <dtantsur> so, the release is done
17:21:39 <dtantsur> pas-ha's patch chain can still stay, I guess
17:21:50 <dtantsur> and I'd still appreciate people reviewing specs
17:22:18 <rloo> dtantsur: it would be useful to put links to specs that we plan on discussing at ptg, when/if we know which ones
17:22:32 <vdrok> along with pas-ha 's patches there is this one that should make our lives a bit easier https://review.openstack.org/359061
17:22:34 <dtantsur> yep, I'll try to find them when preparing the final schedule
17:23:03 <dtantsur> aha, true, we should get back to it
17:23:31 <dtantsur> dunno if people think it's a priority though, but I've put it on my list
17:23:39 <rloo> yeah, we're gonna bump the client anyway, so might as well include this
17:23:48 <pas-ha> yes please :)
17:23:58 <vdrok> (I still have not done any removals, just so that people can state their opinions on that)
17:24:04 <pas-ha> together with dropping OSC from requirements
17:24:26 <rloo> pas-ha lives for the day... ^^
17:24:29 <dtantsur> hehe
17:24:41 <dtantsur> dropping OSC from requirements is an easy win, I guess
17:25:01 <dtantsur> mmm, 3 priorities, we may try to get more
17:25:10 <dtantsur> rloo: anything from upgrades to take?
17:25:25 <rloo> dtantsur: oh yes.
17:25:41 <dtantsur> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/497666/ ?
17:25:47 <rloo> dtantsur: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/497666/
17:25:50 <rloo> dtantsur: yeah, you beat me to it
17:25:54 <dtantsur> hehe
17:26:34 <rloo> we do need to get the 2nd patch in that series done, to disallow ocata -> queens, before we approve something that mucks it up.
17:26:39 <vdrok> change 666666 is close!!
17:26:42 * milan screenshots an all-green CI  patch ;)
17:26:58 <dtantsur> milan: wow, impossible. was it docs-only? :D
17:27:13 <TheJulia> dtantsur: We could also be in the twilight zone
17:27:18 <rloo> vdrok: what is 666666?
17:27:22 <milan> actually 497666
17:27:24 <milan> ;)
17:27:25 <jlvillal> rloo: I'm guessing a joke
17:27:37 <vdrok> change number heh
17:28:02 <rloo> vdrok: heh, cuz there is no 666666 and some folks don't like 6...
17:28:14 <dtantsur> okay, how is the list looking? :)
17:28:40 <rloo> dtantsur: +1
17:28:58 <vdrok> lgtm
17:29:11 <dtantsur> okay, there is certainly stuff to discuss, so let's move on
17:29:17 <dtantsur> #topic PTG planning
17:29:22 <dtantsur> first items are more like FYI
17:29:30 <dtantsur> #info Team photo on the PTG: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18DmI9ydq6dKr4hAcoAN83vYXWn8TV1NEvy09Ll02_Y0/edit#gid=0
17:29:42 <dtantsur> our slot is Wed 11:00
17:30:25 * jlvillal will remember to wear his best swag t-shirt :)
17:30:35 <dtantsur> #info Team dinner/beers at the PTG? https://doodle.com/poll/nvavg9ab9ebq2e4v
17:30:47 <dtantsur> this is the poll about the times
17:30:58 <dtantsur> is there anybody here who did not participate so far?
17:31:15 <rloo> dtantsur: darn, i would have liked the team dinner earlier rather than later. (to get synergy, etc). looks like it'll be thurs...
17:31:19 <dtantsur> I think we should decide on the date already to avoid booking a venue too close to the place
17:31:29 <dtantsur> well, actually, I can cancel my plans for Monday
17:31:36 <rloo> dtantsur: + to cancel!
17:31:42 <dtantsur> and I feel that I should to avoid excluding a team member (Arkady)
17:32:02 <rloo> dtantsur: yes, do it
17:32:05 <dtantsur> so, let me phrase it like this: any objections to having an ironic team dinner on Monday?
17:32:21 <jlvillal> Not from me.
17:32:39 <pas-ha> nope
17:33:05 <dtantsur> okay
17:33:23 <dtantsur> #agreed We will try planning the team dinner at the PTG on Monday, Sep 11th
17:33:36 <dtantsur> now, we need volunteers to find a place and/or help TheJulia find a place
17:33:38 <rloo> oh, 9/11...
17:33:55 <dtantsur> well...
17:33:58 <rloo> good things happen on that date too
17:34:07 <TheJulia> dtantsur: I'm planning to get into Denver on Sunday morning, so I should be able to explore all that afternoon
17:34:14 <dtantsur> awesome, thanks TheJulia!
17:34:21 <dtantsur> if you have any tips, please let Julia know
17:34:29 <dtantsur> and especially let her know if you have any special requests
17:34:35 <TheJulia> ++++++
17:34:41 <rloo> thx TheJulia!
17:34:46 <jlvillal> https://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=Restaurants&find_loc=3801+Quebec+St,+Denver,+CO+80207  :)
17:35:06 <dtantsur> okay, let's now talk about the schedule
17:35:20 <dtantsur> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ironic-queens-ptg
17:35:31 <dtantsur> I've started building a schedule from the proposed topics
17:35:39 <pas-ha> most of mirantis folks leaves on Fri
17:35:48 <dtantsur> to be honest, I think the previous PTG layout worked well for us, so I keep the idea the same
17:35:55 <dtantsur> pas-ha: Fri morning/afternoon/evening?
17:35:59 <rloo> dtantsur: we're in the same room, right? similar size as last ptg?
17:36:01 <dtantsur> I leave in the evening, for example
17:36:14 <dtantsur> rloo: dunno about similarity, but it's promised to be a large room
17:36:25 <rloo> dtantsur: ok, that's good.
17:36:26 <pas-ha> dtantsur: Fri morning/afternoon (11:00 or 14:00 flights)
17:36:34 <dtantsur> I think I told the foundation we expect 20-30 people
17:36:58 <dtantsur> pas-ha: ok, noted. I'll move the inspector discussion somewhere...
17:37:10 <pas-ha> so for inspector stuff me and Anton might be available in the morning
17:37:16 <dtantsur> folks, what is good to discuss on Friday morning, given that some people will have left?
17:37:17 <pas-ha> yes
17:37:26 <jlvillal> My flight is Friday at 7pm
17:37:29 <TheJulia> Even then, the airport is 34-45 minutes from the venue if memory serves
17:37:56 <dtantsur> TheJulia: non-US people better arrive a few hours in advance just in case
17:38:03 <dtantsur> y'know, borders, formalities..
17:38:07 <TheJulia> ++
17:38:27 <vdrok> dtantsur: you mean which ones would be ok to move to fri out of the proposed topics?
17:38:47 <dtantsur> vdrok: yes, that's what I mean
17:38:51 <jlvillal> dtantsur, One nice thing about the US, we don't really have an exit check. The airlines check your passport. But no formal passport control to leave the country.
17:39:23 <dtantsur> the line can still be quite long afair
17:39:45 <jlvillal> Oh yeah, the security (TSA) lines can take awhile.
17:39:58 <dtantsur> mmm, maybe future of bare metal scheduling?
17:40:13 <dtantsur> it may end up a relaxed flame war topic :)
17:40:14 <TheJulia> that might... work
17:40:15 <rloo> pas-ha: do we need to discuss taking ansible driver in-tree? seems like the spec will be approved before PTG?
17:40:40 <dtantsur> rloo: we need to discuss whether we need the deploy steps work.. but we can do it at any time, including today
17:40:53 <dtantsur> otherwise I'm +1 on Just Do It
17:41:04 <rloo> dtantsur: i think we want it still? I need to update that spec. I don't know that we need to discuss.
17:41:20 <pas-ha> I hope to share some nice graphs on PTG re ansible-deploy :)
17:41:30 <TheJulia> dtantsur: I'm also willing to move client versioning to friday if necessary, we will still want to get the discussion out of the way regarding crossing versions with nova which this would relate.
17:41:38 <vdrok> openstack-wide goals? is there lots of things to discuss?
17:41:43 <rloo> pas-ha: ah, so a presentation. no red in graphs please :D
17:41:45 <TheJulia> Only 2...
17:42:01 <dtantsur> TheJulia: which of the topics, version negotiation in the client or the nova virt problem?
17:42:08 <pas-ha> rloo: :)
17:42:18 <dtantsur> vdrok: just make sure we don't miss anything
17:42:31 <TheJulia> dtantsur: they are intertwined, but the nova virtual problem should definitely be when more people are around
17:42:55 <rloo> wed looks like 'stuff we need/want to do that we've already discussed', thurs is the fun part?
17:42:55 <TheJulia> the exact mechanics of how will dictate the client versioning negation stuffs
17:42:58 <dtantsur> TheJulia: in my view it depends on the negotiation.. but yeah, let's try it this way
17:43:27 <TheJulia> dtantsur: we could always just combine them and try and time box it....
17:43:54 <dtantsur> ok, let's try it this way
17:45:02 <dtantsur> mmm, wdyt about swapping "Processes and tools" and "Pressing issues"?
17:45:10 <dtantsur> Thursday feels too packed the way it is now
17:45:58 <TheJulia> Yeah, I think that is a good idea
17:46:10 <rloo> dtantsur: i'm better in the morning so prefer contentious topics then, but otherwise, i'm fine
17:47:33 <dtantsur> rloo: IMO reasoning about new proposals is even harder than about difficult, but familiar, topics
17:47:46 <dtantsur> but this is probably not the same for all of us :)
17:47:54 <TheJulia> It is going to vary based upon how each of us are wired differently in our brains
17:47:55 <rloo> dtantsur: :)
17:48:41 <dtantsur> okay, please check the new version. wdyt?
17:48:53 <dtantsur> I've moved everything from Friday, but we will certainly find something to work on
17:49:04 <dtantsur> we may end up organizing small working groups
17:49:54 <TheJulia> lgtm
17:49:56 <dtantsur> TheJulia: thanks for talking to Sean! I'll remove this comment, and will keep it in mind
17:50:06 <TheJulia> dtantsur: ok
17:50:10 <rloo> there was something about console at the bottom L 220. is that discussed or did we decide not to?
17:50:25 <dtantsur> good catch, it was added after I built the list
17:50:47 <dtantsur> I'm fine with talking about it
17:50:51 <rpioso> dtantsur: What about "Follow-up to the driver composition"?
17:51:09 <dtantsur> rpioso: it is inside of "check status of Pike priorities"
17:51:10 <rloo> dtantsur: maybe we should add a new section for new topics, otherwise it will be hard to know what was added after today.
17:51:19 <dtantsur> I did not list everything there, we will just go over each item
17:51:34 <dtantsur> rloo: well, I asked people to ping me when adding stuff, but....
17:51:52 <rpioso> dtantusr: Okay.  And "future of inspection (especially OOB) after switch to resource classes"?
17:51:54 <dtantsur> I will just check it from time to time
17:52:00 <rloo> dtantsur: L16 --
17:52:19 <dtantsur> yeah, maybe it's my fault. I'll clarify
17:52:19 <rloo> dtantsur: maybe mention there to ping you, not sure.
17:52:35 <jlvillal> What's the plan for Monday and Tuesday?  My first PTG :)
17:52:43 <dtantsur> rpioso: "Inspection and resource classes"
17:52:44 <vdrok> rpioso: L39 I think
17:52:57 <dtantsur> jlvillal: x-project stuff
17:53:00 <rloo> dtantsur: well, might be clearer to add new section, 'potential topics not reviewed yet'
17:53:06 <rloo> dtantsur: or something like that
17:53:09 <rpioso> dtantsur, vdrok: ty
17:53:12 <dtantsur> jlvillal: there will be rooms like "API SIG", "releases", "QA", etc
17:53:14 <jlvillal> dtantsur, Well we document the Ironic x-project items?
17:53:21 <dtantsur> rloo: I'm afraid people will miss them :)
17:53:23 <jlvillal> s/Well/will/
17:53:37 <vdrok> jlvillal: cross-project with nova are in nova's etherpad
17:53:43 <dtantsur> jlvillal: there is something in the bottom. somebody will have to stop by nova (probably vdrok and me)
17:53:44 <jlvillal> dtantsur, Ah, so not Nova/Ironic or Neutron/Ironic
17:53:45 <vdrok> not sure about this vm-bm sig
17:53:56 <vdrok> but I suppose the same
17:53:57 <dtantsur> the vm-bm sig is something not entirely clear to me as well
17:53:57 <jlvillal> Oh there is, okay
17:54:00 <dtantsur> but I'll try figuring it out too
17:54:01 <rloo> jlvillal: at the bottom, L295.
17:54:10 <rloo> maybe we shoudl move the related sessions part higher.
17:54:21 <dtantsur> I will
17:54:25 <jlvillal> Thanks!
17:55:17 <TheJulia> I looked at the vm-bm sig page last week and it went back, at least mentally, to the instance level credentials discussion of how as an instance do I obtain access to cloud resources without being pre-loaded with credentials, or how do I have a different set of credentials and permissions for my running process, not my administrative user.  It might be different now
17:55:19 <dtantsur> jlvillal: do you want to represent us in the QA room?
17:55:28 <rloo> fwiw, list of etherpads: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/PTG/Queens/Etherpads
17:55:30 <jlvillal> dtantsur: I can do that. Sign me up :)
17:55:41 <dtantsur> TheJulia: it seems so. I'm not sure why it's specific to BMs or VM-BM world..
17:56:02 <dtantsur> vdrok: would you like to check the nova room?
17:56:04 <TheJulia> Partially in that it needs to support config drive, or metadata service
17:56:09 <dtantsur> I will be there too, when needed
17:56:14 <TheJulia> dtantsur: but... *shrug*
17:56:29 <dtantsur> anyone wants to check this BM-VM thingy?
17:56:30 <vdrok> dtantsur: yeah I'll be there on related discussions I think
17:56:37 <dtantsur> I'm afraid I'll be with the API SIG most of the time
17:56:41 <TheJulia> dtantsur: I can
17:56:42 <dtantsur> (on Mon and Tue)
17:56:46 <dtantsur> TheJulia: thanks!
17:57:04 <rloo> oh yeah, i was thinking about being in the bm-vm thing too.
17:57:26 <dtantsur> we also have infra room, cli, skip level upgrades, stable
17:57:27 <rloo> if anyone goes to docs, please ask about red :)
17:57:34 <dtantsur> and many more, but these can be of interest
17:57:43 <jlvillal> dtantsur, GraphQL ?  http://graphql.org/  :)
17:57:46 <dtantsur> oh, and docs!
17:57:51 * dtantsur hides
17:57:58 <TheJulia> rloo: note taken
17:58:08 <rloo> thx TheJulia!
17:58:15 <dtantsur> rloo: you like upgrades: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/queens-PTG-skip-level-upgrades
17:58:17 <dtantsur> :D
17:58:19 <TheJulia> rloo: you mean the movie right?
17:58:20 * TheJulia ducks
17:58:38 <rloo> dtantsur: i don't actually like it and have wondered several times why i offered. and yeah, i saw that and am afraid.
17:58:47 * dtantsur is pretty sure that skipping Pike won't work for Nova/Ironic pair
17:58:47 <rloo> TheJulia: heh
17:59:10 <rloo> dtantsur: so i guess i should also attend that upgrades one...
17:59:40 <dtantsur> that may be of value
18:00:06 <dtantsur> okay, out of time
18:00:08 <dtantsur> thanks everyone!
18:00:12 <vdrok> thanks!
18:00:13 <dtantsur> #endmeeting