15:00:21 <TheJulia> #startmeeting ironic
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15:01:02 <TheJulia> Our agenda can be found on the wiki
15:01:03 <TheJulia> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Ironic#Agenda_for_next_meeting
15:01:15 <TheJulia> #topic Announcements/Reminders
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15:01:51 <TheJulia> #info the OpenInfra Shanghai Summit CFP closes tomorrow!
15:02:21 <TheJulia> Does anyone have anything else to announce or remind us of?
15:03:32 <TheJulia> It looks like we had no action items when we last met, so it seems we can proceed directly to Review subteam status reports
15:04:05 <TheJulia> Hopefully everyone is busy working on their CFP submissions! :)
15:04:35 <stendulker> iLO third party CI would be offline for maintenance from 8th July for a week. Hardware is being shifted to another location.
15:06:10 <TheJulia> stendulker: Thanks for the heads up
15:06:12 <TheJulia> #topic Review subteam status reports
15:06:21 <TheJulia> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/IronicWhiteBoard
15:06:37 <TheJulia> Starting around line 248
15:08:37 <TheJulia> Seems like software raid is done
15:08:42 <arne_wiebalck> I think Software RAID can be removed (for now), no?
15:08:49 <arne_wiebalck> :)
15:09:03 <arne_wiebalck> TheJulia: yes
15:09:06 <TheJulia> And power state changes + redfish enhancements seem to be moving forward
15:09:09 <rloo> TheJulia: maybe I missed something, what is the 'Candidates for backport' part meant to convey? (L261)? Is it for info, or something to discuss or ?
15:09:43 <TheJulia> I don't think I added that
15:10:02 <TheJulia> I think we need to backport that, it was likely just added in the wrong section.
15:10:03 * TheJulia moves it
15:10:18 <rpittau> rloo: that's an idea that came out last week, to add patches that should be backported there
15:10:46 <rpittau> since we often forget backports :/
15:10:48 <rloo> rpittau: so... for info, or to get folks to review or ??
15:11:04 <rpittau> rloo: that would be info/suggestion
15:11:07 <rloo> rpittau: isn't it the same as 'normal' patches that need reviews?
15:11:16 <TheJulia> Okay moved up to where it should be in the review queue
15:11:44 <TheJulia> rloo: It is more... "oh, we need to cherry pick these once they merge" reminder
15:11:52 <rpittau> rloo: this ^
15:12:06 <rloo> OH, so that's the master Patch, not the cherry-picked patches?
15:12:12 <TheJulia> correct!
15:12:13 <rpittau> rloo: exactly
15:12:21 <rloo> gotcha. thx for clarifying.
15:12:23 <mjturek> o/
15:12:43 <rpittau> rloo: np, taht was me putting it in the wrong section :P
15:13:00 <rloo> so potential candidates? (I mean, sometimes someone wants to backport, but we deem it not backportable)
15:13:07 <rpittau> rloo: yeah
15:13:10 <TheJulia> Looks like wsme is going to need some additional attention :\
15:13:11 <rloo> or candidates (we've vetted already)
15:13:46 <TheJulia> rloo: exactly, we just need to take that patch a little further tracking wise so we don't completely forget about it
15:13:49 <rpittau> rloo: I'd say candidates should be ok in both cases ?
15:13:58 <TheJulia> heh
15:14:17 <arne_wiebalck> It'd be great if the power sync patch gets some additional reviews.
15:14:33 <arne_wiebalck> I think it is pretty well advanced.
15:14:39 <TheJulia> mgoddard: any updates on deploy steps?
15:15:01 <rloo> rpittau: well, someone could add PRs to that, and someone else could look/help by doing the cherry-picks, even though they shouldn't be backported. just trying to get clarification.
15:15:09 <TheJulia> arne_wiebalck: ++ I started looking at it while I was flying back from europe over the weekend... somewhere my brain broke or required sleep. Not sure where :)
15:15:19 <mgoddard> TheJulia: no :( hoping to get time for the spec next week, then can start impl
15:15:22 <arne_wiebalck> TheJulia: cool, thx!
15:15:33 <TheJulia> mgoddard: ack
15:16:02 <TheJulia> rloo: It is a both scenario, but really for the reviewers to make sure that we don't drop a patch on the floor when it likely needs to be backported.
15:16:21 <rloo> ok, i'll add a note to that effect, TheJulia
15:16:26 <TheJulia> Thanks
15:18:22 <TheJulia> The doc stuffs seems... problematic :(
15:18:49 <rpittau> TheJulia: pdf ?
15:19:18 <TheJulia> yeah
15:19:48 <rpittau> TheJulia: I think kaifeng found the way to convert svg to png on the fly, but still missing some other stuff
15:19:58 <kaifeng> I think the real problem is in ironic and inspector
15:20:00 <rloo> good work on ipv6! :)
15:20:13 <TheJulia> rloo: mainly it has been bashing my head into the computer
15:20:25 <TheJulia> kaifeng: yeah, the non-numbered references seem... like an issue as well
15:20:59 <kaifeng> non-numbered references can be easily fixed, but :doc: :ref: is difficult..
15:21:09 <rpittau> the color-codes as well is.... fun
15:21:34 <TheJulia> kaifeng: by chance do you have any reference patches up for what we'll need to do to transform the docs to use as an example?
15:21:50 <kaifeng> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ironic-pdf-gen
15:22:06 <kaifeng> proposed poc patches are tracked here
15:22:51 <TheJulia> Hmm, I guess we should choose a few and carefully look through them for any issues?
15:22:54 <kaifeng> it can be checkout to build locally
15:23:16 <TheJulia> would it make sense to add a couple to the review priorities for the week. Maybe like IPA and ironic-lib?
15:23:41 <kaifeng> the pdf patches? I don't think it's ready to land
15:23:57 <TheJulia> okay then
15:24:09 <TheJulia> Are we good to proceed then?
15:24:54 <kaifeng> +1
15:25:05 <TheJulia> Everyone else good to proceed?
15:25:30 <rloo> ++
15:25:56 <rpittau> yep
15:27:56 <TheJulia> #topic Deciding on priorities for the next week
15:28:07 <TheJulia> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/IronicWhiteBoard
15:28:10 <TheJulia> Starting around line 128
15:28:14 * TheJulia starts by removing merged things
15:29:25 <TheJulia> etingof: is there more clarity on physical hardware testing for the redfish virtual media patch?
15:30:02 <etingof> I am still going through message registry bug in sushy - that's what is on my way
15:30:56 <etingof> but I learned that my target machine might be a bit fishy, that is not fully redfishy
15:31:36 <etingof> that makes me think that may be standard redfish boot interface might not work with my hardware as-is
15:31:59 <TheJulia> Okay, list cleaned up, how does that look for everyone?
15:32:15 <TheJulia> etingof: okay
15:32:29 <TheJulia> stendulker: Would you be in a position to help validate if the code works for your hardware type?
15:32:36 <radez> TheJulia: maybe I need to use the port uuid and not it's name? http://paste.openstack.org/show/753725/
15:32:57 <stendulker> I can test, but HPE is also not full Redfish
15:33:09 <TheJulia> radez: oh yeah, doh
15:33:38 <TheJulia> stendulker: no hardware vendor really is, but at least some clarity on if it would work or what path we would need to take to have redfish virtual media in a working shape would be excellent
15:33:40 <radez> TheJulia: heh, yea that worked... ok onward I march :) thx
15:33:46 <TheJulia> I'll keep it the same on the list
15:33:59 <stendulker> TheJulia: Sure.
15:34:07 <TheJulia> Is everyone okay with the list this week? Are we good to proceed to discussion?
15:34:39 <rpioso> TheJulia: There was a brief mention of Redfish OEM entrypoints at the PTG. Perhaps that's a way forward.
15:35:14 <TheJulia> possibly :\
15:35:47 <radez> TheJulia: though it succeeded for a non-trunk port, it failed for a port that has been designated as trunk. I'll dig into logs
15:35:56 <TheJulia> we should understand the low level differences/gotcha's first. This might be one of those few cases where the code just has to know "if x, do y, if z do y and z
15:36:13 <TheJulia> radez: sounds like you may have patches for us next week then :)
15:36:24 <radez> hehe, yup
15:40:31 <TheJulia> Anyway, lets move on to Discussion
15:40:33 <TheJulia> #topic Discussion
15:40:45 <TheJulia> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-June/007038.html
15:41:04 <openstackgerrit> zhaixiaojun proposed openstack/ironic master: Bump openstackdocstheme to 1.20.0  https://review.opendev.org/663474
15:41:48 <TheJulia> I started a discussion regarding changing our meeting format to be more of a email collaboration back and forth with some light process, and I believe we should give it a try next week. If there are no objections and then see if it works for a few weeks?
15:42:06 <TheJulia> Maybe try and do a "mid-cycle" style call to discuss as a larger group in a month or so?
15:43:19 <arne_wiebalck> Yes, I think it'd be good to have a checkpoint.
15:44:22 <rloo> I'm game to try it. what are the office hours?
15:44:56 <kaifeng> No problem from me as long as I am not replying emails in dreams :)
15:45:02 <TheJulia> I think we keep our existing monday timeslot as an office hour and try to find something apac friendly for Wednesday
15:45:23 <rloo> hmm, what does 'office hours' mean?
15:45:30 <TheJulia> kaifeng: If I did, it might be a bit bizzar. It would be good reason to power off the computers.
15:45:45 <TheJulia> rloo: more like, try and actively be present in irc for potential discussion
15:45:59 <TheJulia> It gives people a time when they know they could come chat with other contributors
15:47:19 <rloo> ok.
15:48:08 <rloo> i am not sure what time would be good for the apac-friendly one. do we want the most bodies, or the most cores/knowledgable bodies?
15:48:37 <TheJulia> I can create a poll for those that would be likely to attend and we can kind of let them decide what works for them
15:48:55 <TheJulia> I'll follow-up with an email to the mailing list and setup the poll and all. I just have to run errands today before I do so
15:49:27 <rloo> ok. let's go with this time as office hour for now, and your proposal. then add apac office hours later when/if that works out.
15:49:43 <TheJulia> rpittau: random unrelated question, is the ironic-inspector errors, just test race conditions on the database unit tests?
15:50:17 * kaifeng think a larger time slot may help
15:50:18 <TheJulia> rloo: I think it will be good to naturally just let that occur. There would be no obligation from yourself or even myself to attend it. Just give those contribors a time when each other will be able to be on
15:50:25 <TheJulia> kaifeng: That is a super good point
15:50:59 <rloo> TheJulia: I wonder if there is already a 'naturally occurring time' when APAC folks are on irc/talking to each other :)
15:51:12 <rpittau> TheJulia: I think so, it's very random and I was able to reproduce locally only once :/
15:51:18 <TheJulia> rloo: good question, I'd need to look at logs
15:51:37 <rloo> I'd ask that APAC folks volunteer/provide that info?
15:51:39 <TheJulia> rpittau: UGH, that brings back some deja-vu memories. If you have a good link for it in CI logs send it over, it might jog some memories
15:51:49 <TheJulia> rloo: That was what I was going to do with a poll
15:51:53 <rpittau> TheJulia: also I saw it happening for python 3.x only so far
15:52:20 <TheJulia> rpittau: I had to split something in ironic's unit tests to reduce the same sort of thing now that I think about it
15:52:40 <TheJulia> hogepodge: Anything baremetal sig related to bring up?
15:52:47 <hogepodge> TheJulia: Hi, yes.
15:53:07 <TheJulia> So lets jump to baremetal sig for a little bit, and cover that, and I'll send a follow-up email regarding changing the meeting format
15:53:15 <hogepodge> aprice: is here today, she'll be coordinating with the OSF marketing team for publishing case studies
15:53:16 <TheJulia> And we'll go from there, sound good everyone?
15:53:24 <TheJulia> o/ aprice
15:53:25 <kaifeng> TheJulia I can remember clearly, but I think it's db sync test is saying model is not in sync
15:53:35 <kaifeng> s/can/can't/
15:53:40 <rpittau> TheJulia: dunno if you saw it already, but the test that is failing is ironic_inspector.test.unit.test_migrations.ModelsMigrationsSyncSqlite.test_models_sync
15:53:53 <aprice> o/
15:54:06 <TheJulia> 7 minutes left, so moving on
15:54:06 <hogepodge> I'm back from my last conference of the summer and can turn my attention back again.
15:54:09 <TheJulia> #topic Baremetal Sig
15:54:10 <rpittau> http://logs.openstack.org/99/668199/2/check/openstack-tox-py37/7dfe240/job-output.txt.gz#_2019-07-01_13_05_15_636506
15:54:49 <hogepodge> I need to communicate the next plans for the whitepaper to the mailing list, and start reaching out to companies.
15:55:11 <hogepodge> We have some examples from the summit which had a good balance of depth which we can share around.
15:55:22 <TheJulia> hogepodge: excellent!
15:55:25 <hogepodge> aprice: is there anything from the OSF marketing team we should be thinking about?
15:55:50 <aprice> right now, we are focusing on getting case studies from the remaining organizations who initially signed up for the bare metal program
15:56:02 <aprice> will be publishing some soon, but nothing from the marketing side for now
15:56:18 <aprice> definitely just want to work closely with the SIG on outlining the scope of the whitepaper
15:57:20 <rpioso> aprice, hogepodge: Are any Shanghai summit baremetal SIG programs being considered?
15:57:43 <TheJulia> Session submission for that I don't think has opened yet
15:58:02 <hogepodge> We definitely want to have the whitepaper finished by Shanghai, so we can promote it as part of the summit.
15:58:19 <rpioso> hogepodge: Thank you!
15:58:52 <hogepodge> So if you are part of an org that has a good use case, we can talk about that. We want to promote the usefulness and diversity of Ironic installations.
15:59:13 <TheJulia> ++
15:59:52 * rpioso suggests linking the whitepaper WIP
16:00:11 <TheJulia> So there is some emerging use case discussion but for new edge management functionality starting to occur, but it might not make sense to mention in a current tense, it oculd be the future though
16:00:14 <TheJulia> Just a thought
16:00:20 <TheJulia> Anyway, our hour is up
16:00:29 <TheJulia> Thanks everyone!
16:00:36 <hogepodge> Thanks TheJulia, I think that's a very valuable insight.
16:01:31 <kaifeng> Thanks Julia
16:01:33 <TheJulia> #endmeeting