15:00:02 <dtantsur> #startmeeting ironic
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15:00:07 <dtantsur> hey all, meeting time!
15:00:10 <etingof> o/
15:00:12 <rpittau> o/
15:00:15 <rloo> o/
15:00:16 <kaifeng> o/
15:00:19 <bdodd> o/
15:00:19 <dtantsur> I'll have to run quite soon, will pass my chair rights to mgoddard then
15:00:21 <dtantsur> #chair mgoddard
15:00:22 <openstack> Current chairs: dtantsur mgoddard
15:00:32 <jroll> \o
15:00:35 <dtantsur> the empty agenda is located at:
15:00:37 <dtantsur> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Ironic
15:00:38 <mgoddard> lo
15:00:40 <rpioso> o/
15:01:12 <dtantsur> #topic Announcements / Reminder
15:01:32 <dtantsur> #info This week we must have stable/train for all our branched project
15:01:39 <dtantsur> #link https://releases.openstack.org/train/schedule.html
15:01:43 <cdearborn> o/
15:01:51 <arne_wiebalck> o/
15:01:57 <dtantsur> #info We're in feature freeze, please hold on approving features until the branches are created
15:02:04 <rpittau> it's release-3 week
15:02:14 <openstackgerrit> Mark Goddard proposed openstack/ironic master: Update release mappings for Train  https://review.opendev.org/683984
15:02:44 <dtantsur> good call ^^^
15:02:50 <dtantsur> anything else to announce?
15:02:56 <mgoddard> semi-plug, semi-useful info, I wrote a blog about bios, raid, scheduling, deploy steps and deploy templates: http://www.stackhpc.com/bespoke-bare-metal.html
15:03:12 <mgoddard> based on the talk I gave in denver
15:03:22 <mgoddard> not really an announcement, but hey :)
15:03:24 <dtantsur> #link http://www.stackhpc.com/bespoke-bare-metal.html
15:03:26 <dtantsur> why not :)
15:03:42 <arne_wiebalck> nice!
15:04:05 <dtantsur> well, kind of an announcement: our CI feels better, please try not to break it :)
15:04:15 <dtantsur> any ideas for further improvements are very welcome
15:04:35 <dtantsur> anything else?
15:05:04 <rloo> dtantsur: we may get to it, but if we don't. before you take off. please let us know what you think needs to land before we cut a train rc1.
15:05:38 <dtantsur> I'm not aware of anything that MUST land
15:05:39 <rloo> also, I don't know if we did this, but I want to congratulate (and THANK!) TheJulia for being Ussuri PTL.
15:05:46 <rpittau> and when we are cutting train RC1 :)
15:05:55 <mgoddard> rloo: you could #thank
15:05:57 <dtantsur> however, I have a few fixes for ironicclient, that seem quite urgent
15:06:04 <dtantsur> rpittau: for us RC1 == stable/train
15:06:18 <jroll> rloo: +1000
15:06:26 <dtantsur> we don't do proper RCs, so the last release before branching is an RC
15:06:30 <rloo> dtantsur: i suspect rpittau wants to know what day we'll be cutting that.
15:06:40 <dtantsur> Thursday the latest
15:06:42 <mkrai> o/ sorry I am late
15:06:44 <rpittau> rloo: yeah
15:06:49 <rpittau> dtantsur: thanks
15:06:55 <dtantsur> doing it later may cause us troubles if grenade gets branched
15:07:05 <dtantsur> actually, I'm doing to check tomorrow if we can release or not
15:07:09 <rloo> #thank TheJulia for volunteering to be the PTL for ussuri
15:07:11 <dtantsur> so consider it happening at any point
15:07:20 <dtantsur> unless somebody brings up anything blocking
15:07:25 <dtantsur> #topic Review subteam status reports (capped at ten minutes)
15:07:40 <dtantsur> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/IronicWhiteBoard line 266
15:07:53 <dtantsur> I don't expect a lot of changes, but there's been some progress around IPA-builder and RAID
15:08:23 <openstackgerrit> Merged openstack/ironic stable/queens: devstack: wait for conductor to start and register itself  https://review.opendev.org/683902
15:08:24 <openstackgerrit> Merged openstack/ironic-inspector master: Docs for ironic inspector with tooz  https://review.opendev.org/674542
15:08:28 <openstackgerrit> Merged openstack/ironic-python-agent master: Revert "Software raid: mbr/gpt partition table alternative"  https://review.opendev.org/683421
15:09:02 <rloo> ooo. reduced rfe bugs by 5 :)
15:09:16 <rloo> well,not bugs. stories i guess.
15:09:18 <dtantsur> yep :)
15:09:56 <mkrai> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/665835/ do we need this one for train?
15:09:56 <patchbot> patch 665835 - ironic - Block port deletions where vif is present - 3 patch sets
15:10:47 <dtantsur> I'm not sure how I feel about a behavior change after feature freeze
15:10:54 <dtantsur> is it critical for anything mkrai?
15:11:49 <rloo> wrt Software RAID, L361. The 2 patches. I think we're punting those to U.
15:12:14 <dtantsur> seems so
15:12:18 <arne_wiebalck> rloo: yes
15:12:24 <mkrai> dtantsur, Not urgent if team thinks so.
15:12:36 <openstackgerrit> Dmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/ironic-python-agent-builder master: DIB: do not use /tmp for a virtualenv in the source build  https://review.opendev.org/683929
15:13:38 <rloo> am going to delete the "power state callbacks to Nova" section (L369ish)
15:13:46 <dtantsur> yep
15:13:53 <dtantsur> are we still going to land https://review.opendev.org/#/c/651785/ in train?
15:13:54 <patchbot> patch 651785 - ironic - Add indicators REST API endpoints - 16 patch sets
15:13:55 <arne_wiebalck> shall we remove all the "old" s/w RAID lines 350-363 ?
15:14:03 <dtantsur> mgoddard: this ^^ may affect release_mappings
15:14:08 <dtantsur> arne_wiebalck: likely
15:14:38 <mgoddard> dtantsur: I didn't think we were aiming for landing indicators?
15:14:50 <dtantsur> mgoddard: it's probably a bit too late, yes
15:14:58 <mgoddard> hasn't had a +2 yet
15:15:15 <rloo> Yay, we now have pdf docs!
15:15:23 <dtantsur> we have landed https://review.opendev.org/#/c/649675/, but it's not user-visible
15:15:23 <patchbot> patch 649675 - ironic - Add indicator management harness to ManagementInte... (MERGED) - 13 patch sets
15:15:50 <dtantsur> let's hold on the API until we release then
15:16:09 <dtantsur> anything else on the statuses?
15:16:12 <mgoddard> I guess we'd need the redfish implementation patch too to make the API useful?
15:16:59 <dtantsur> mgoddard: they're ordered correctly now, the API one goes last
15:17:06 <mgoddard> right
15:17:23 <kaifeng> rloo: it doesn't look nice for some projects :)
15:17:48 <rloo> kaifeng: well... as long as the info is there, that's better than nothing. now people can pretty-ify them :D
15:17:50 <dtantsur> kaifeng: PDF docs? well, now people may start improving them
15:18:20 <kaifeng> i expect there would some common tooling for the purpose
15:18:25 <rloo> and many thanks kaifeng, for working on the pdfs!
15:18:45 <dtantsur> kaifeng++
15:18:46 <rpioso> Thank you for reviewing the idrac changes. Two of them have merged \o/
15:19:13 <dtantsur> np
15:19:16 <dtantsur> are we ready to move on?
15:19:24 <kaifeng> np :)
15:19:31 <mgoddard> kaifeng++, especially since I shamelessly stole the patch for kolla :D
15:19:32 <rloo> ++ movin'
15:19:35 <dtantsur> heh
15:19:38 <dtantsur> #topic Deciding on priorities for the coming week
15:20:15 <kaifeng> mgoddard: the root source is from the doc team :)
15:20:39 <mgoddard> kaifeng: we're all thieves when it comes to it
15:22:30 <rloo> imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
15:23:18 * kaifeng quickly learns
15:23:42 <rloo> rpioso: are there still idrac changes that need to land in train?
15:23:52 <rloo> rpioso: *need* :)
15:23:53 <dtantsur> okay, I've cleaned up the list. is there anything that has to be there?
15:24:02 <rpioso> rloo: Glad you asked.
15:24:06 <dtantsur> note that "High Priority" is before branching, "Weekly Priorities" go after
15:24:40 <rpioso> We would truly like to land https://review.opendev.org/#/c/672498
15:24:41 <patchbot> patch 672498 - ironic - Add Redfish vmedia boot interface to idrac HW type - 20 patch sets
15:24:59 <rpioso> It's an idrac HW type change.
15:25:12 <dtantsur> I think this ^^ goes into after-train bucket, especially since it adds a dependency
15:25:26 <dtantsur> with this said, I have to go. I'm leaving finishing the list in mgoddard's capable hands :)
15:25:49 <mgoddard> ok. dtantsur's gone, chuck whatever you like into train :p
15:25:59 <dtantsur> hey!!
15:26:00 <mgoddard> (kidding)
15:26:00 <arne_wiebalck> :-D
15:26:01 <dtantsur> :D
15:26:05 * rpioso waves farewell to dtantsur
15:26:08 <dtantsur|afk> o/
15:26:09 <rpioso> ;-)
15:26:54 <mgoddard> I think it's the right call rpioso - we'd like to cut the release tomorrow ideally, so I think anything without at least one +2 at this point needs a solid argument behind it
15:27:36 <rpioso> mgoddard: There's high demand for it in Train.
15:28:04 <rpioso> mgoddard: It highly leverages an already merged change.
15:29:14 <rloo> rpioso: i haven't reviewed it; CI isn't happy and no +2. I guess if you can find two cores willing to review and approve before whenever the branch/rc1 is done...
15:29:29 <rpittau> rpioso: there are some comments that need still to be addressed
15:29:41 <rloo> rpioso: i don't know that it is a high priority though.
15:30:05 <rpioso> etingof and I are feverishly working on addressing the remaining comments.
15:30:15 <mgoddard> the addition of sushy-oem-idrac as a dependency could be risky
15:30:19 <rloo> rpioso: well, it IS a high priority from your point of view
15:30:32 <rpioso> rloo: Understood and understood.
15:30:50 <mgoddard> I think rloo has the answer here
15:31:18 <mgoddard> treat it as an FFE, and find two cores to sponsor
15:31:18 <rpittau> has sushy-oem-idrac actually been released yet ?
15:31:32 <mgoddard> unless the rest of the team thinks it is too risky
15:31:38 <rpioso> Whatever the community could reasonably do would be much appreciated.
15:32:12 <rpioso> We're willing to submit an FFE.
15:32:23 <mgoddard> I don't see any releases on https://github.com/etingof/sushy-oem-idrac
15:32:43 <rpioso> mgoddard: It's being published on PyPI as I keyboard.
15:32:51 <etingof> mgoddard need to reload his browser ;)
15:33:15 <mgoddard> nope
15:33:22 <rloo> that seems risky then. releasing a package just before this feature needs to land. not enough testing/feedback :-(
15:33:29 <mgoddard> ok
15:33:33 <mgoddard> I see i now
15:33:52 <mgoddard> it is a driver-req, so optional
15:33:57 <rpioso> The package is outside of OpenStack/OpenDev
15:34:31 <rpioso> Out-of-tree
15:34:33 <rloo> ok, let's take it to the mailing list then :)
15:34:38 <rpioso> +1
15:35:17 <mgoddard> rpioso: can you raise an FFE on openstack-discuss for this?
15:35:34 <rpioso> mgoddard: Absolutely!
15:35:37 <mgoddard> thanks
15:35:45 <rpioso> Thank you!
15:36:22 <mgoddard> ok, priorities
15:36:36 <mgoddard> are we missing anything?
15:37:15 <rloo> no. i don't think so.
15:37:25 <rpittau> all the priorities from last week where addressed, in a way or another
15:37:31 <rloo> but it just occurred to me. didn't julia do something wrt shanghai forum or... something?
15:37:51 <mgoddard> she proposed two sessions AFAIK
15:37:59 <rpittau> rloo: she proposed some sessions for the forum
15:38:04 <rloo> ah, yeah. that. worth an announcement.
15:38:10 <mgoddard> operator feedback and one other about a specific feature request
15:38:43 <mgoddard> anyone have a link?
15:40:09 <mgoddard> snapshotting, that was it
15:40:38 * rpioso doesn't see it on https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Forum/Shanghai2019, yet.
15:40:48 <mgoddard> #info Two forum sessions proposed for Shanghai summit - Operator Feedback and snapshots requirements gathering
15:40:58 <mgoddard> http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/%23openstack-ironic/%23openstack-ironic.2019-09-19.log.html#t2019-09-19T18:37:14
15:41:09 <rpittau> yeah I don't think the schedule is up-to-date yet
15:41:50 <mgoddard> ok, no new RFEs to review
15:41:58 <mgoddard> #topic Open Discussion
15:42:11 <mgoddard> Has anyone got anything to discuss today?
15:42:37 <TheJulia> I have nothing but I need to go to airplane mode now
15:42:49 <rpittau> I should have told before when dtantsur|afk was also here, but if there
15:42:49 <tzumainn> hi! if anyone has time to take a look at this spec - https://review.opendev.org/#/c/681066/ - that would be great!
15:42:50 <patchbot> patch 681066 - ironic-specs - Expose node owner information to oslo.policy checks - 6 patch sets
15:42:50 <mgoddard> have a nice flight TheJulia
15:42:58 <TheJulia> Thanks
15:42:59 <rpittau> whoops
15:43:04 <rpittau> have a safe flight TheJulia
15:43:10 <TheJulia> tzumainn: I'll try this week
15:43:17 <rpioso> Safe and uneventful travels, TheJulia.
15:43:23 <tzumainn> TheJulia, thanks, no worries if oyu can't - I know this is a very busy time!
15:44:11 <kaifeng> have a safe travel TheJulia
15:44:48 <rpittau> anything that needs to be done for the releases, I would be glad to help :)
15:45:32 <mgoddard> rpittau: thanks. I'm going through the TODO list: https://docs.openstack.org/ironic/latest/contributor/releasing.html
15:45:36 <mgoddard> reviews appreciated
15:45:52 <rpittau> mgoddard: oh handy :)
15:47:06 <rpittau> mgoddard: I left a comment on the release-mappings update patch
15:47:10 <mgoddard> tzumainn: I'll add your spec to the list in our priorities
15:47:42 <tzumainn> mgoddard, thanks!
15:47:58 <mgoddard> should give it a bit more visibility
15:48:11 <mgoddard> rpittau: thanks, I'll respond
15:49:20 <mgoddard> I hear crickets
15:49:36 <mgoddard> thanks everyone
15:49:46 <rpioso> mgoddard: Thank you
15:49:52 <kaifeng> thanks mgoddard o/
15:49:53 <rpittau> mgoddard: thanks!
15:49:54 <mgoddard> with a little luck we'll have train behind us for the next meeting
15:50:01 <mgoddard> onto Ussuri!
15:50:04 <rloo> +++
15:50:08 <mgoddard> #endmeeting