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15:01:15 <rloo> o/
15:01:28 <mgoddard> \o
15:01:37 <TheJulia> Our agenda can be found on the wiki: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Ironic#Agenda_for_next_meeting
15:01:59 <TheJulia> #topic Announcements / Reminders
15:02:18 <stendulker> o/
15:02:31 <rpittau> o/
15:02:50 <iurygregory> m-1 py2.7 drop is over, now we can drop py2.7 from clients =)
15:03:41 <TheJulia> \o/ irccloud locking up my browser
15:03:44 <rpittau> what a nice news to close the year with :)
15:03:58 <mkrai> iurygregory +1
15:03:59 <rpittau> not the locking thing, the py27  thing :P
15:04:10 <TheJulia> #info This is our last meeting of 2019 - We will resume meetings on Jan 6, 2020.
15:04:25 <TheJulia> \o/
15:04:38 <iurygregory> \o/
15:04:42 <TheJulia> Is there anythign else anyone would like to announce ?
15:05:55 <TheJulia> I guess not :)
15:06:05 <TheJulia> #topic Review action items from previous meeting
15:06:59 <TheJulia> We had two action items last week - One for me to follow-up on third party CI's and the other to reach out to the foundation regarding case studies.
15:07:44 <TheJulia> I emailed the iRMC maintainer and have not heard back yet, and I chatted with the xclarity folks. I also sent out an email regarding the ibmc driver.
15:08:13 <TheJulia> I also a "we're working on it" response from the foundation, so hopefully I'll have more after the new year.
15:08:26 <TheJulia> #topic Review subteam status reports
15:09:27 <TheJulia> looks like the py27 drop is going well. As iury indicated, we can drop from clients now.
15:09:53 <kaifeng_> as well as testing tools
15:10:12 <TheJulia> Indeed
15:13:11 <TheJulia> arne_wiebalck: looks like the retirement section may need a revision
15:13:44 <arne_wiebalck> TheJulia: yes, will update it
15:15:11 <arne_wiebalck> TheJulia: next step is to put up some code
15:15:33 <TheJulia> \o/
15:16:06 <arne_wiebalck> I still did not get round to look at the UEFI RAID code, still on the list for this week
15:16:17 <TheJulia> Things look relatively up to date beyond that. I'm good with proceeding forward to priorities and then likely directly to open discussion.
15:16:31 <TheJulia> arne_wiebalck: I figured that when I glaned at the changes this morning :)
15:17:37 * arne_wiebalck had to observe how Ironic reacts to a power cut on 2000 nodes
15:17:48 <TheJulia> oh.. no
15:17:55 <arne_wiebalck> scheduled powecut
15:18:03 <TheJulia> Well, at least that is... good
15:18:04 <arne_wiebalck> but still, some nice graphs :)
15:18:10 <TheJulia> I'm sure the after effect was... interesting.
15:18:15 <TheJulia> arne_wiebalck: posted? :)
15:18:22 <arne_wiebalck> anyway, I'll try to look a the patches from Raphael
15:18:23 <iurygregory> graphs \o/
15:18:51 * arne_wiebalck will post graphs after the meeting
15:19:02 <TheJulia> Awesome
15:19:07 <TheJulia> I guess we shall proceed?
15:19:28 <iurygregory> ++
15:20:06 <TheJulia> #topic Priorities for the coming weeks
15:20:14 <TheJulia> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/IronicWhiteBoard
15:20:29 <TheJulia> Starting at line 183
15:21:12 <TheJulia> Since we're going to be away the next few weeks, It is generally okay if people add/update items to this list while we're off all getting some much needed breaks :)
15:21:39 <TheJulia> Some stuff merged this past week, so I'll go ahead and remove items.
15:22:15 <TheJulia> mgoddard: by chance have you glanced at https://review.opendev.org/#/c/697271/ ?
15:22:15 <patchbot> patch 697271 - python-ironicclient (stable/rocky) - Fix AttributeError in negotiate_version - 1 patch set
15:22:46 <mgoddard> TheJulia: hmm, no. But I will
15:23:40 <TheJulia> Does anyone have anything they would like to add to the list now?
15:24:05 <mgoddard> in-band deploy steps please :)
15:24:11 * mgoddard adds spec
15:24:26 <TheJulia> mgoddard: feel free to add all the links :)
15:24:35 <TheJulia> It may be a very quiet few weeks though
15:25:04 <mgoddard> it's mostly PoC stuff except for the spec, so I'll just add that
15:25:41 * kaifeng_ wants to add the ipxe but maybe there is not enough review resource in following days.
15:26:47 <TheJulia> mgoddard: that works
15:27:04 <TheJulia> kaifeng_: If you've got patches up, please go ahead and add them to the list
15:27:28 <TheJulia> I just added a few under Feedback needed
15:30:43 <TheJulia> I guess we're good to proceed to open Discussion?
15:31:08 <iurygregory> ++
15:31:24 <kaifeng_> TheJulia: thanks, added two patches which fixed the bug
15:31:37 <TheJulia> kaifeng_: excellent, is any backporting required?
15:31:40 <kaifeng_> others are code refactoring so can wait
15:32:12 <TheJulia> looks like the first two are bug related
15:32:21 <kaifeng_> TheJulia: may not back portable because of the grenade work
15:32:32 <TheJulia> Okay, thanks
15:32:40 <arne_wiebalck> Do we have presence at the London ops meetup?
15:32:58 <rpittau> arne_wiebalck: I'm still waiting for official confirmation
15:33:02 <kaifeng_> s/grenade work/grenade job/
15:33:10 <TheJulia> rpittau: I suspect that will get worked out this week, fwiw
15:33:20 <rpittau> TheJulia: I have the same feeling :)
15:33:26 <arne_wiebalck> rpittau: great, thanks!
15:33:38 <TheJulia> #topic Open Discussion
15:33:52 <TheJulia> Is everyone ready for the quietest time of the year?
15:34:02 <TheJulia> are cookies being baked?
15:34:30 * rpittau is swimming in cookies
15:34:37 <TheJulia> For all the cute, please see: https://twitter.com/ashinclouds/status/1206360630883540992
15:34:49 * iurygregory can't bake cookies =(
15:35:07 <mgoddard> TheJulia: yours?
15:35:17 * kaifeng_ can bake bare metals instead
15:35:28 <TheJulia> mgoddard: yes, picked him up Saturday, so my twitters will be full of cute corgi puppy photos for the holidays
15:35:37 <arne_wiebalck> TheJulia: Do you have a name already?
15:35:38 <TheJulia> kaifeng_: ohhh, that sounds fun :)
15:35:38 <mgoddard> you lucky thing :)
15:35:52 <TheJulia> arne_wiebalck: Gremlin is what my wife is calling him
15:36:01 <mkrai> TheJulia, cute :)
15:36:16 <mgoddard> Corgis are the Queen's choice. I'm no royalist but they're cute dogs :)
15:36:17 <iurygregory> cuteness overflow
15:36:29 <arne_wiebalck> TheJulia: That fits :-D
15:36:30 <rloo> TheJulia: awwww... how are the cats with the puppy?
15:36:56 <TheJulia> rloo: well, aside from a puffed tail like we've never seen on one of them when the puppy first came into the house, pretty good
15:37:13 <iurygregory> mgoddard, do you know how is the plan for kayobe to drop py2?
15:37:23 * iurygregory asking because of https://review.opendev.org/#/c/698922/
15:37:23 <patchbot> patch 698922 - tenks - Py2 - Remove six and mock - 1 patch set
15:37:43 <rloo> TheJulia: envisioning a happy family this holiday!!! :D
15:37:48 <TheJulia> rloo: thanks
15:38:17 <TheJulia> iurygregory: One reason that I might not be able to immediately post some vagrant stuff is I started converting my local repo to py3
15:39:10 <iurygregory> TheJulia, no worries, I'm starting PTO today, but I'll be trying to play with bifrost, so far the problem is the the introspection gets timeout =)
15:39:38 <TheJulia> iurygregory: sounds like networking :(
15:39:46 <mgoddard> iurygregory: good question. we're a little behind on it because we're cycle-trailing
15:39:57 <iurygregory> TheJulia, yeah =(
15:40:05 <TheJulia> Anyway, If we have nothing else to discuss, we can likely call this meeting  over for the year
15:40:06 <mgoddard> iurygregory: if it blocks progress we can remove the kayobe job from tenks
15:40:38 <iurygregory> mgoddard, can switch to no-voting or if centos8 is available we would be able to keep running the job I would say =)
15:40:51 <kaifeng_> TheJulia: for uefi with grub in arch x86_64, the grub is looking for <ip>.conf right? It seems so from code because i have not no experience on it.
15:41:06 <TheJulia> kaifeng_: in older versions yes
15:41:18 <mgoddard> iurygregory: no centos8 support yet
15:41:36 <iurygregory> sad =(
15:41:46 <TheJulia> kaifeng_: I changed it to generate both an ip and mac links.... like a year and a half ago, and removed the IP only link like six months ago
15:42:02 <kaifeng_> what i observed from the arm64 is that, it's first looking for grub-<mac address>-, grub-<hex form ip address>, then finally grub.cfg
15:42:31 <TheJulia> wow...
15:42:34 <kaifeng_> and it seems we have no configuration option to construct such link for the arm64
15:43:01 <mgoddard> iurygregory: centos8 for kayobe depends on support in RDO, kolla, kolla-ansible, bifrost... :)
15:43:10 <TheJulia> kaifeng_: please file a bug and provide as much info as possible, including version of grub your using. I can always message a grub maintainer and go "what?"
15:43:48 <TheJulia> kaifeng_: the general grub.cfg should exist and cause it to load the mac based configuration
15:43:49 <kaifeng_> TheJulia: yeah, we have the <ip in decimal>.conf only
15:44:29 <TheJulia> if you don't have a grub.cfg in the folder, then your likely missing a part of the puzzle
15:44:42 <iurygregory> mgoddard, OMG!
15:45:09 <mgoddard> iurygregory: yeah
15:45:34 <kaifeng_> TheJulia: I have created a grub.cfg in the EFI/BOOT as the last fallback which is used for the inspection
15:46:18 <TheJulia> oh
15:46:19 <TheJulia> heh
15:46:37 <TheJulia> Yeah... that is the issue with grub, you can't fallback
15:46:37 <iurygregory> mgoddard, well let's see how it goes this the patch is not something mandatory =)
15:46:46 <kaifeng_> TheJulia: i am no expert on this, it seems you implying the grub.cfg should provide some different pathes?
15:47:10 <TheJulia> kaifeng_: not really, the ?centos? grub2 build only ever looks for /grub.cfg if memory serves
15:47:33 <TheJulia> kaifeng_: but, I may be remembering incorrectly
15:47:36 <kaifeng_> TheJulia: right, i think it's based on centos7
15:47:37 <mgoddard> iurygregory: it could be 1-2 months for kayobe centos8 support. Suggest we disable the job if you'd like to drop py2 before then
15:47:58 <iurygregory> mgoddard, we have time, let's wait =)
15:48:13 <mgoddard> sure
15:48:37 <TheJulia> iurygregory: eh.... making the bifrost side job non-voting seems to be okay to me since everything seems to interlock
15:49:39 <iurygregory> TheJulia, truth
15:51:09 <TheJulia> kaifeng_: hmm, if we need to make a change to allow differnet options, I think we should be fine as long as we can backport it
15:51:27 <TheJulia> Anyway, seems like we're done for the day, if there is nothing else, thanks everyone!
15:51:46 <kaifeng_> TheJulia: i will create a story to fill some information to it, do you know where can I get the grub version? I just copied from the distribution iso
15:52:25 <TheJulia> kaifeng_: hmm... I'd use the distribution packages and take it apart from there, those may be special grub binaries
15:52:49 <TheJulia> Thanks everyone!
15:52:53 <TheJulia> #endmeeting