18:01:37 <jroll> #startmeeting ironic-api-v2
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18:01:41 <jroll> anyone around?
18:01:42 <openstack> The meeting name has been set to 'ironic_api_v2'
18:02:11 <cdent> i am, but don't have anything to say or add
18:02:21 <jroll> I don't have anything new this week either
18:02:24 <rpioso> likewise
18:02:33 <jroll> rloo isn't here, devananda or mat128 you around?
18:02:33 <cdent> also the gate is really slow
18:02:41 <jroll> cdent: and for that I applaud you!
18:02:44 <mat128> yes I'm here
18:02:46 <jroll> (the responsibility, not the gate)
18:02:54 <mat128> just noticed a conflicting meeting right now
18:03:00 <jroll> no worries
18:03:10 <mat128> will listen to the downstream one but will try to read here once in a while :)
18:03:11 <cdent> whenver the gate is slow I have this sinking feeling of dread that I did it.
18:04:16 <jroll> heh
18:04:28 <jroll> ok let's just loop back next week if nobody has anything
18:04:34 <jroll> thanks for popping in :)
18:04:43 <jroll> #endmeeting