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16:01:06 <Sukhdev> Welcome to our weekly meeting
16:01:11 <Sukhdev> who is out there?
16:01:35 <Sukhdev> jroll…are you here?
16:01:40 <jroll> hi
16:01:55 <Sukhdev> #topic: Agenda
16:02:05 <Sukhdev> #link: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Ironic-neutron
16:02:16 <Sukhdev> #topic: Announcements
16:02:34 <Sukhdev> I was at neutron mid-cycle sprint last week
16:03:07 <Sukhdev> had some discussion about ironic-neutron integration - I will cover under Open Discussion topic
16:03:24 <Sukhdev> Anybody would like to announce anything?
16:03:48 <Sukhdev> well, lets dive into the agenda..
16:03:59 <Sukhdev> #topic: Spec Reviews
16:04:23 <Sukhdev> #link: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/187829/
16:04:48 <Sukhdev> there are few new comments on this - jroll you may want to answer
16:04:49 <jroll> so dmitry has a couple valid points here
16:04:59 <jroll> I'll be responding / updating here later on today or tomorrow
16:05:13 * jroll just got back from vacation hence the lag :)
16:05:13 <Sukhdev> jroll: cool - thanks
16:05:33 <Sukhdev> jroll: wonderful….so, all relaxed :-)
16:05:42 <jroll> something like that :)
16:06:17 <Sukhdev> jroll: you were going to discuss with Ironic cores as well some nova folks?
16:06:27 <Sukhdev> jroll: any update on that front?
16:07:00 <jroll> Sukhdev: nova folks seem fine without a spec, I put up some wip patches there
16:07:09 <jroll> and still hoping to get ironic spec reviews :)
16:07:53 * devananda lurks
16:07:56 <Sukhdev> jroll: Isn't ironic weekly meeting after this meeting? Perhaps bring it up there
16:08:03 <Sukhdev> devananda: wecome
16:08:13 <jroll> Sukhdev: it's been brought up in the meeting, specs cores are busy
16:08:19 <Sukhdev> devananda: we can use your blessing on couple of specs
16:08:37 <jroll> .... we need reviews from all cores, not just the ptl
16:08:54 <jroll> it'll get done, just takes time
16:09:03 <Sukhdev> jroll: ah I see.. with Liberty-1 behind, we may be able to get some cycles now :-)
16:09:10 <devananda> Sukhdev: I bless a spec by sprinkling water on my screen while it's rendered, right?
16:09:13 <devananda> :)
16:09:37 <Sukhdev> devananda: something like that, yeah :-)
16:10:10 <Sukhdev> jroll: thanks jroll for being on top of things
16:10:19 <Sukhdev> The next spec
16:10:32 <jroll> np
16:10:33 <Sukhdev> #link: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/188528/
16:10:46 <Sukhdev> lauramoore: thanks for updating it
16:10:58 <Sukhdev> lauramoore: I reviewed it - it looks good as well
16:11:02 <lauramoore> sukhdev: thanks
16:11:26 <lauramoore> i don't think many others have looked at it yet
16:12:03 <Sukhdev> lauramoore: hopefully with in next few days - it is short week in US
16:12:05 <jroll> I need to review that, will do early this week
16:12:12 <viveknarasimhan> yes laura, would be great to give a day or two
16:12:41 <lauramoore> jroll and viveknarasimhan: thanks, that'd be good
16:12:49 <Sukhdev> anything on the specs - any questions? before we move to next topic
16:13:38 <Sukhdev> #topic: Bare metal physical connectivity Scenarios
16:13:57 <Sukhdev> Huge thanks to viveknarasimhan for putting together a document
16:14:07 <viveknarasimhan> Sukhdev: thanks
16:14:10 <Sukhdev> #link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B501-UCM_VGvVnB5LXJ4a3hhdE0/view?usp=sharing
16:14:33 <Sukhdev> viveknarasimhan listed all the scenarios that we discussed during the design summit
16:14:42 <viveknarasimhan> That covers Unsupported scenarios as well
16:14:48 <Sukhdev> Did folks have time to review this document?
16:15:05 <viveknarasimhan> Updated Link here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a-DX4FQZoX1SdTOd9w_Ug6kCKdY1wfrDcR3SKVhWlcQ/view?usp=sharing
16:15:24 <Sukhdev> I reviewed and provided feedback - and noticed viveknarasimhan  addressed my comments
16:15:26 * jroll looking now
16:15:39 <Sukhdev> viveknarasimhan: is this different version?
16:16:20 <Sukhdev> viveknarasimhan: I reviewed the one which is on the agenda
16:17:06 <Sukhdev> viveknarasimhan: I do not see scenario 3 & 4 in the link that you provided
16:17:29 <jroll> I don't see why 3 and 4 shouldn't be supported, seems trivial
16:17:41 <Sukhdev> viveknarasimhan: never mind - you moved them to the bottom
16:17:53 <Sukhdev> jroll: agree - I think we can support them
16:18:10 <jroll> I don't think we'll need to do anything special to support them
16:18:25 <jroll> same with 10 and 11, honestly
16:18:41 <jroll> maybe 11 needs work, idk
16:18:54 <jroll> ok and 10
16:18:56 <jroll> fair.
16:19:01 * Sukhdev looking
16:19:11 <jroll> it's the problem with matching nic to network
16:19:51 <lauramoore> jroll: yes i agree with your points, i think 3 and 4 should be ok but 10 and 11 need the nic to network matching
16:20:50 <Sukhdev> jroll lauramoore : I agree with your assesment
16:20:54 <viveknarasimhan> laura: scenario 3 and 4
16:22:40 <Sukhdev> During design summit - we agreed that scenario 3 will be considered same as scenario 2 - i.e. two ports going from same BM to same switch will be treated as LAG'ed ports
16:23:18 <Sukhdev> therefore, i am thinking we will treat scenario 2 and 3 as same
16:23:30 <jroll> are there repercussions to that?
16:23:48 <lauramoore> sukhdev, viveknarasimhan: i think what sukhdev says will be best to focus on for start
16:24:04 <lauramoore> the part i'm not too sure on is that currently Nova puts a network on one port at random
16:24:35 <Sukhdev> jroll: I can't think of any - perhaps cloud operators can comment
16:25:02 <jroll> Sukhdev: I'm thinking in the "guest"
16:25:16 <jroll> I'm not sure if LAG vs non-LAG behaves differently or whatever
16:25:36 <jroll> Sukhdev: I think we'll probably want to treat them differently
16:25:51 <jroll> idk how it looks switch side either, I may need to talk to some folks
16:26:23 * jroll does it
16:26:30 <Sukhdev> lauramoore: Do you know how you plan on deploying it?
16:27:01 <lauramoore> sukhdev: our use case was for LAG'ed ports
16:27:21 <Sukhdev> lauramoore: that is what I thought
16:27:29 <jroll> I'm chatting with someone now
16:27:35 <vivekn> laura: so can we ignore scenaro 3 and 4 for now
16:27:43 <Sukhdev> jroll: cool
16:28:02 <Sukhdev> vivekn: your ID changed - did you get disconnected?
16:28:07 <vivekn> laura: as we say we cover only LAGed ports
16:28:22 <vivekn> Sukhdev: got disconnected, logged back in as 'vivekn'
16:28:31 <Sukhdev> vivekn: thought so :-)
16:28:41 <lauramoore> the way i was seeing it was the port-group represented a LAG'ed port (as discussed in summit). If the ports are not LAG'ed then they'd be represented as 2 ports
16:29:21 <jroll> so what I'm hearing, and this sounds sane to me, is "you can never have two interfaces on the same physical network without crazy routing shenanigans"
16:29:38 <jroll> so maybe scenario 3 is mostly invalid
16:30:18 <vivekn> jroll: how about scenario 4
16:30:18 <vivekn> jroll: agree scenario 3 is not useful and would be void
16:30:32 <vivekn> would that be void as well (wouldn't HA for physical net be a consideration here though)?
16:30:44 <Sukhdev> jroll: my hunch was on the same lines - why would one connect two ports from the same source to same destination and not configure them as LAG'ed
16:30:58 <jroll> vivekn: you would do MLAG if you wanted HA
16:31:05 <jroll> bonding etc
16:31:17 <Sukhdev> vivekn: scenario 4 is valid
16:31:22 <jroll> so yeah, 3 and 4 seem invalid to me
16:31:25 <jroll> oh?
16:32:14 <Sukhdev> jroll: why scenario 4 is invalid - I am confused - this is MLAG case
16:32:51 <jroll> Sukhdev: right, sorry, it didn't call out MLAG so I thought this was somehow doing that without MLAG
16:33:04 <jroll> might be nice to call that out specifically
16:33:16 <Sukhdev> jroll: got you….
16:33:30 <Sukhdev> yes, I am thinking scenario 4 is MLAG -
16:33:36 <jroll> +1
16:33:41 <lauramoore> +1
16:33:45 <vivekn> jroll: so how do we handle scenario 4 as per the spec?
16:33:59 <vivekn> we treat that as LAG port itself
16:34:05 <Sukhdev> vivekn: can you post a document where we can post the comments on it? this will allow reviewers to add comments/clarifications?
16:34:26 <Sukhdev> vivekn: I mean change the permissions, etc… so, that we can edit it as well
16:34:46 <vivekn> Sukhdev: i have made the doc public
16:35:08 <jroll> vivekn: I haven't completely read the spec yet but surely we can work it out?
16:35:09 <vivekn> Sukhdev: let me check and give away permissions
16:35:12 <lauramoore> i would think 2 ports in 1 port-group, the binding profile would contain 2 local link infos each with a different switch_id
16:35:18 <vivekn> Sukhdev: thought everybody could edit
16:35:19 <Sukhdev> vivekn: for whatever reason, I could not add comment - perhaps screw up on my side then
16:35:22 <jroll> lauramoore: yeah, seems sane
16:35:57 <vivekn> laura: thanks for clarification
16:36:00 <Sukhdev> vivekn: let me answer your question on scenario 4
16:37:01 <vivekn> laura: a variation of scenario 2 then, just with different switch id in the list element
16:37:03 <Sukhdev> vivekn: So, from the Iornic side, the port-group will be created with those two ports shown in scenario 4 and this port group will be used to invoke neutron port-create()
16:37:33 <lauramoore> vivekn: yes thats how i see it
16:37:53 <Sukhdev> lauramoore: +1
16:37:54 <vivekn> Sukhdev and laura: thanks for clarification
16:38:11 <vivekn> Sukhdev: I will move Scenario 4 to Supported
16:38:20 <Sukhdev> vivekn: thanks
16:38:39 <vivekn> Hope we are in sync that Scenario 3 is void, and scenario 10 and 11 are Unsupported due to NIC to network mapping issue
16:38:57 <jroll> sounds good to me.
16:38:57 <lauramoore> vivekn: +1
16:39:00 <vivekn> Thanks!
16:39:07 <Sukhdev> +1
16:39:27 <Sukhdev> vivekn: Thanks for taking time to get this clarified
16:39:39 <vivekn> Sukhdev: Thanks !
16:39:42 <lauramoore> sukhdev: +1 thanks vivekn
16:40:04 <Sukhdev> anything else on these scenarios? Looks like all others are OK
16:40:30 <Sukhdev> I have one more item to discuss - shall we move on?
16:40:43 <Sukhdev> #topic: Open Discussion
16:40:46 <vivekn> Sukhdev: yes, please
16:41:25 <Sukhdev> As I mentioned, I was at the neutron mid-cycle sprint and had detailed chat with armax about ironic-neutron integration
16:41:45 <Sukhdev> as we were discussing the filtering issue that vivekn had brought up on the spec
16:42:03 <armax> Sukhdev: I am still going through the spec, I am terribly slow but I am going to finish it today no matter what
16:42:12 <Sukhdev> armax mentioned that we could possibly use "Compute: Ironic"
16:42:33 <Sukhdev> armax: no worries - please chime in, your input is welcome
16:42:46 <Sukhdev> So, for the background puposes
16:42:57 <armax> Sukhdev: we’d need to run this idea by someone who is familiar with the use of that device_owner
16:43:22 <armax> Sukhdev: kevin and I found out that this is also used to track cells
16:43:23 <jroll> yeah, let's back up, I have zero context here
16:43:26 <Sukhdev> presently NOVA sets device_owner for the BM server port to "compute:none"
16:43:46 <Sukhdev> jroll: I am giving the context stay with me
16:44:30 <Sukhdev> in fact nova sets the port's device_owner for all compute related ports VMs as well BMs to "Compute:none"
16:45:27 <Sukhdev> so, the thought which armax and I were discussing is that perhaps we can use it to set to "compute:Ironic" for BM servers and leave it alone for VMs
16:46:07 <jroll> what is device_owner used for?
16:46:13 <jroll> and why do we want to set that?
16:46:58 <Sukhdev> neutron uses it to identityfy who does the port belong to - eg. device_owners are compute, dhcp, router, etc
16:47:46 <Sukhdev> jroll: in ML2 drivers we often use device_owner to filter the compute ports from other ports
16:48:13 <jroll> ok
16:48:14 <lauramoore> sukhdev: do you know where nova sets this?
16:48:24 <Sukhdev> jroll: we usually use the filters as "starts with compute" as it is alway set to compute:none
16:48:26 <vivekn> jroll: in the spec, it was mentioend that binding:HOST_ID will contain '-ironic-'.   Sukhdev's point is in lieu of that
16:48:53 <jroll> Sukhdev: and why do we need to be able to filter for ironic ports? just to be able to know that it's baremetal?
16:48:58 <Sukhdev> vivekn: correct - we could use host or device-owner
16:49:12 <Sukhdev> jroll: correct
16:49:39 <jroll> so
16:49:42 <Sukhdev> jroll: if somebody wants to filter ironic ports from VM ports
16:49:57 <jroll> nova actually sets it to compute:%s % instance.availability_zone
16:50:35 <jroll> lauramoore: https://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/master/nova/network/neutronv2/api.py#L644-646
16:50:41 <lauramoore> ah ok i see it
16:50:41 <Sukhdev> but, both armax and I felt it may be hard to push it through nova - but, neither of us familiar with it
16:51:14 <jroll> so
16:51:22 <jroll> I still like host_id or whatever
16:51:38 <jroll> because we can put the actual ironic node id there
16:52:24 <Sukhdev> jroll: I wanted to through it out there so that we can debate about it
16:52:49 <jroll> yeah, I don't see any benefit to this, and seems non-trivial
16:52:53 <Sukhdev> jroll: both armax and I felt that we should proceed with our plan (which is use host_id), but, keep other options open
16:53:04 <jroll> yeah, I agree
16:53:48 <Sukhdev> I will add it to the long term lists so that we do not forget about it
16:53:48 <armax> whichever way we’re proceeding, we’re simply abusing fields whose role is not the one intended
16:54:38 <Sukhdev> armax: currently with BM deployments, the host_id field has a wrong/useless value
16:55:03 <jroll> I mean
16:55:12 <jroll> host_id is meant to be the host for the instance, right?
16:55:15 <jroll> which is the ironic node.
16:55:16 <Sukhdev> armax: while I agree with you that we are overloading this, but, in a way, we are fixing it too :-)
16:55:37 <armax> no we aren’t …we’re only adding stuff to the mess
16:55:46 <armax> host id has a specific meaning
16:56:02 <armax> as jroll said, it’s the hypervisor
16:56:21 <jroll> armax: well, the ironic node is the equivalent of the hypervisor in this case
16:56:31 <jroll> so 'ironic-%s' % instance.node doesn't seem horrible
16:56:37 <jroll> to me, anyway
16:56:47 <armax> what’s the ironic- for?
16:57:09 <jroll> right, so that's the weird part
16:57:16 <armax> jroll: correct,
16:57:17 <jroll> but it's so ML2 things can know it's baremetal
16:57:18 <jroll> which sucks
16:57:21 <armax> that’s what I dislike
16:57:26 <jroll> btw, WIP patch here https://review.openstack.org/#/c/194413/1
16:57:27 <jroll> yeah
16:57:31 <jroll> open to other options.
16:57:32 <armax> we’re conflating two things in one
16:57:48 <jroll> I agree
16:57:52 <jroll> I'd rather a new field
16:58:02 <jroll> or better yet, I'd rather the ML2 things just figure it out
16:58:22 <armax> figure out how
16:58:23 <armax> ?
16:58:25 <vivekn> jroll: easy to say ML2 things just figurer out :)
16:58:28 <jroll> I have no clue :)
16:58:36 <armax> from an unstable/undefined field format?
16:58:42 <armax> that’s just great!
16:58:54 <jroll> armax: I hear ya.
16:59:16 <Sukhdev> jroll armax: folks that is why I brought up device_owner discussion -
16:59:30 <jroll> Sukhdev: same problem there, you're just overloading an existing thing
16:59:52 <armax> IMO, the device owner is the most sensible place
17:00:11 <Sukhdev> jroll: kinda - but, seems more cleaner
17:00:15 <armax> because, as it’s name, it’s holding what infrastructure is using the port
17:00:41 <jroll> well, it's currently the availability zone for the instance
17:00:47 <jroll> I do see your point thuogh
17:01:06 <armax> now we have compute:<zone>
17:01:06 <jroll> seems meeting is over :/
17:01:08 <armax> today
17:01:31 <Sukhdev> folks we are out of time….lets all sleep over it - we can discuss it further in our next meeting
17:01:35 <armax> ok
17:01:35 <armax> bye
17:01:38 <lauramoore> ok, thanks sukhdev
17:01:43 <jroll> armax: happy to continue in another channel if you'd like
17:01:44 <vivekn> Sukhdev: ok thanks :)
17:01:52 <Sukhdev> in the mean time, lets look at the code a bit and see if it is trivial to implement it
17:02:02 <Sukhdev> thanks for attending the meeting
17:02:05 <jroll> Sukhdev: it's approximately the same amount of work
17:02:07 <Sukhdev> #endmeeting