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16:01:08 <Sukhdev> #topic: Agenda
16:01:13 <Sukhdev> #link: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Ironic-neutron
16:01:29 <Sukhdev> Good morning folks, and welcome to the meeting
16:01:46 <Sukhdev> Anybody would like to add anything to the agenda?
16:02:10 <Sukhdev> #topic: Announcements
16:02:41 <Sukhdev> Liberty Relase Schedule - https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Liberty_Release_Schedule
16:02:57 <Sukhdev> Feature freeze is 1st week of Sept -
16:03:17 <Sukhdev> this means we have appx one and a half month
16:03:40 <Sukhdev> even though it is far away - thought I bring to everybody's attention
16:04:07 <Sukhdev> Ironic Mid-cycle is in the middle of August
16:04:36 <Sukhdev> That would be a great time to test and remove any kinks :-)
16:04:52 <Sukhdev> That is it for me regarding announcements
16:05:01 <Sukhdev> anybody wants to share anything?
16:05:05 <Sukhdev> jroll: ?
16:05:27 * Sukhdev waiting
16:05:28 <jroll> I have nothing
16:05:32 <jroll> we should start writing code :)
16:05:38 <Sukhdev> cool - lets move on
16:05:46 <jroll> also -- ironic does not feature freeze like other projects any longer
16:05:58 <jroll> see http://specs.openstack.org/openstack/ironic-specs/specs/liberty/feature-based-releases.html
16:06:11 <Sukhdev> jroll: does that mean we can push things at the last minute?
16:06:11 <jroll> but it's still a risk for nova/neutron code.
16:06:26 <jroll> "last minute" is interesting phrasing
16:06:31 <jroll> it means we're always writing code.
16:06:36 <jroll> see the spec for details
16:07:15 <Sukhdev> jroll: yes - Neutron side will require exceptions in order go after feature freeze
16:07:32 <jroll> so someone should start writing the neutron code :)
16:08:01 <Sukhdev> jroll: yes
16:08:31 <Sukhdev> jroll: I have started to look at the neutron side - there will be few patches
16:09:10 <Sukhdev> #topic: Spec Reviews
16:09:10 <jroll> ok
16:09:27 <Sukhdev> Our both specs are looking very good - almost ready to go
16:09:41 <Sukhdev> I was asking Ironic cores to review them
16:10:00 <jroll> yep, I think they're ready
16:10:09 <jroll> we should start writing code so it's ready for review when those land
16:10:24 <Sukhdev> From the neutron side, they have been blessed - we need blessing from Ironic side and then we are good to go
16:10:58 <Sukhdev> there were few minor comments on the specs - nothing major
16:11:16 <Sukhdev> I am not going to go through them unless somebody wants to bring them up here
16:11:20 <lazy_prince> thats good to know.. :)
16:11:58 <Sukhdev> Does anybody have any question on the specs?
16:12:17 <Sukhdev> Any question or any discussion point somebody wants to discuss here?
16:12:26 * Sukhdev waiting
16:13:36 <Sukhdev> I asked devananda this morning to review these specs - jroll if you can have other ironic cores to review them as well - that would be nice
16:13:49 * devananda lurks
16:13:54 <jroll> I can't tell people what to do, but I've been trying :)
16:14:05 <Sukhdev> devananda: we were talking behind your back :-)
16:14:10 <devananda> Sukhdev: I started reading -- it's come a ways since my last read through. Am setting aside time this afternoon to digest it
16:14:47 <Sukhdev> devananda: cool - thanks
16:15:24 <Sukhdev> Looks like we are good on that front
16:15:42 <Sukhdev> if there is nothing else on these specs, lets keep marching through the agenda
16:15:57 <Sukhdev> #topic: Patch reviews
16:16:33 <jroll> any patches at all to review yet?
16:16:35 <Sukhdev> At the moment, this is a place holder - I am hoping to see some patches popping up here as we move along towards the feature freeze
16:17:08 <Sukhdev> jroll: not yet
16:17:18 <Sukhdev> lauramoore mentioned she is working on one patch
16:17:27 <lauramoore> I am hoping to put some patches up before next weeks call
16:17:35 <Sukhdev> jroll: do you need any help with yours?
16:17:53 <Sukhdev> lauramoore: that will be awesome!!
16:19:03 <Sukhdev> Anything on the coding front?
16:19:06 <jroll> Sukhdev: I wouldn't be mad if someone wrote the code for me :)
16:19:10 <jroll> should be fine on my own though
16:19:40 <Sukhdev> jroll :-)
16:20:11 <Sukhdev> jroll: cool - thanks
16:20:36 <Sukhdev> #topic: Documentation
16:20:46 <Sukhdev> I have added this topic to the agenda as well -
16:21:01 <Sukhdev> we can use this going forward to discuss any documentation related issues
16:21:34 <Sukhdev> amotoki and I discussed the documentation (specifically ML2 interface) last week
16:22:19 <Sukhdev> We felt we need to explain the details of ML2 interface for the ML2 driver writers so that they can use this Ironic/Neutron interface'
16:22:36 <Sukhdev> to develop ML2 mechanism drivers for Ironic deployments
16:23:17 <Sukhdev> amotoki: has decided to volunteer to write something up so that we can review it
16:24:03 <Sukhdev> jroll, lauramoore: additionally, I think we need to write some sort of wiki for usability from the Ironic deployment side
16:24:31 <Sukhdev> something that operators can use - such as how to configure LAGs/MLAGs
16:25:01 <Sukhdev> how to add switch/connectivity information - etc.
16:25:15 <Sukhdev> any thoughts on this?
16:25:28 <lauramoore> :sukhdev, I agree, and was also talking to Tariq about this topic last week
16:25:31 <jroll> Sukhdev: s/wiki/docs/ but I agree
16:26:28 <Sukhdev> jroll: either way is fine - docs can be easily reviewed - wiki is quick but more adhoc
16:26:40 <jroll> I mean, it's operator docs
16:27:11 <Sukhdev> over next few weeks, we can start to formalize on this -
16:27:29 <Sukhdev> anything else on the documentation?
16:27:40 <Sukhdev> anybody has anything to add to it?
16:28:20 <Sukhdev> lauramoore: so Tariq is in agreement?
16:28:43 <lauramoore> yes, we thought we would start to compile a list of helpful docs and then begin to flesh them out
16:29:01 <Sukhdev> lauramoore: awesome!!
16:29:02 <lauramoore> and add them to the docs you already started to compile
16:29:44 <lauramoore> so yes, in agreement we need to provide them, but havent really started yet on making them concrete
16:29:44 <Sukhdev> lauramoore: Thanks
16:30:03 <lauramoore> its another thing on the to-do list for this week!
16:30:19 <Sukhdev> lauramoore: no worries - first we need code, then we need make it work, and the docs - :-)
16:30:48 <Sukhdev> anything else?
16:31:02 <Sukhdev> #topic Open Discussion
16:31:31 <Sukhdev> We went through the agenda really quick - I loved it :-)
16:31:58 <Sukhdev> I have one item - which I will add to the agenda next week
16:32:06 <Sukhdev> It has to do with the CI
16:32:38 <Sukhdev> at some point we need to start to think about CI (or automated testing) for this integration
16:32:51 <jroll> I would love for someone from the neutron side to write an ML2 thing for OVS that supports this stuff
16:34:08 <Sukhdev> jroll: I will discuss this in ML2 meeting as well as other Neutron folks to see how/what can be done for this
16:34:42 <Sukhdev> anybody has any idea on this subject, I would love to hear it
16:34:50 <jroll> Sukhdev: thanks. just want to make sure this interface is well-tested
16:35:24 <Sukhdev> jroll: on the neutron side, we have tempest test (which are unit tests) and functional tests
16:35:39 <Sukhdev> and scenario tests
16:36:33 <jroll> Sukhdev: right, I want integration tests :)
16:36:37 <Sukhdev> tempest are unit tests, functional tests are for testing a given function and scenario tests are for end-to-end scenarios
16:37:15 <Sukhdev> jroll: I am not aware of any such thing -
16:37:26 <Sukhdev> jroll: scenario tests come close
16:38:00 <Sukhdev> jroll: in scenario tests, we use nova APIs to fire away the instances and test the network connectivity
16:38:06 <jroll> Sukhdev: sure, if they're called scenario tests, fine
16:38:08 <jroll> yeah
16:38:09 <jroll> ok
16:39:13 <Sukhdev> amotoki: do you have any thoughts on this?
16:39:43 <Sukhdev> looks like amotoki is not here today
16:39:53 <Sukhdev> well, we will cover that next week
16:39:59 <Sukhdev> I am done -
16:40:08 <Sukhdev> anybody else wants to bring up anything?
16:40:22 <Sukhdev> otherwise I give you back 20 min. :)
16:40:39 * Sukhdev waiting
16:41:15 <Sukhdev> Well, folks, thanks for attending today's meeting
16:41:19 <lauramoore> thanks again for hosting the call sukhdev
16:41:35 <Sukhdev> lauramoore: my pleasure...
16:41:39 <Sukhdev> Thanks folks
16:41:41 <Sukhdev> bye
16:41:45 <Sukhdev> #endmeeting