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16:01:15 <mjturek1> o/
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16:01:43 <Sukhdev> #topic: Agenda
16:01:58 <Sukhdev> #link: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Ironic-neutron#Meeting_August_1.2C_2016
16:02:19 <Sukhdev> Anybody would like to add anything to the agenda?
16:02:57 <Sukhdev> #topic: Announcements
16:03:19 <Sukhdev> I do not have any announcements to make - do any of you have any?
16:03:28 <Sukhdev> jroll ?
16:03:37 <jroll> oh, it's that time already eh
16:03:41 <jroll> hi :)
16:04:01 <jroll> so just one thing:
16:04:03 <Sukhdev> Happy August!!!
16:04:10 <Sukhdev> time is flying by :-)
16:04:28 <jroll> we ran into an issue on the nova patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/297895/9/nova/virt/ironic/driver.py@1170
16:04:41 <jroll> we're fixing it in this ironic chain https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/ironic+branch:master+topic:bug/1608511
16:05:02 <jroll> then the nova thing will be good to go
16:05:12 <jroll> still not sure if we can get an FFE on that but I'm working on it
16:05:46 <Sukhdev> we'll keep our fingers crossed
16:06:48 <Sukhdev> I saw rloo's comment over the weekend
16:07:18 <Sukhdev> #topic: Update on testing latest code
16:07:32 <Sukhdev> So, I have an update to give to the team on my testing activities -
16:08:01 <Sukhdev> I pulled all of the latest code (all patches) and this is the first time, everything went reasonably smooth
16:08:13 <Sukhdev> except for one change in behavior -
16:08:36 <Sukhdev> my script used to create the node and then modify to add the driver information
16:09:09 <Sukhdev> conductor did not like it well - but, when I changed the script to add driver information during node-create
16:09:15 <Sukhdev> everything went smooth
16:09:46 <Sukhdev> did not know if this change in behavior was a bug or intentional - I thought I bring to team's attention
16:09:56 <jroll> can we see the script and the error?
16:10:18 <jroll> guess not :(
16:10:28 <mjturek1> lol
16:10:49 <devananda> sorry I'm late, folks.
16:11:03 <Sukhdev> sorry I got disconnected - back now
16:11:16 <jroll> wb Sukhdev :P
16:11:31 <jroll> Sukhdev: can we see the script and the error? hard to tell if code problem or user error without it
16:11:50 <Sukhdev> jroll : understood
16:12:26 <Sukhdev> I have to log into different system to pull the information - will post shortly
16:12:33 <jroll> ok, even after meeting is fine
16:12:37 <Sukhdev> other than that - all works fine
16:12:56 <jroll> great
16:14:08 <Sukhdev> jroll - http://paste.openstack.org/show/545161/
16:14:29 <Sukhdev> jroll - that script used to work
16:15:09 <jroll> Sukhdev: what's the rror?
16:15:50 <Sukhdev> jroll : did not capture for pasting, but, something like - can not change from flat to neutron - unknown interface type
16:15:55 <Sukhdev> or something like that
16:16:10 <jroll> Sukhdev: oh, you probably need to make sure enabled_network_interfaces has neutron
16:16:13 <jroll> it does not by default
16:16:17 <jroll> I do not remember why
16:16:49 <Sukhdev> right - even after doing that, I saw that error
16:17:20 <Sukhdev> but, once I switch to providing all information during node-create, all works fine
16:18:20 <jroll> did you restart API and conductor after doing that?
16:19:17 <Sukhdev> jroll: I suspected that may be the reason - I am not good at restarting api ( I usually restart conductor) :-)
16:19:37 <jroll> yeah, api uses that config for validation now
16:19:45 <Sukhdev> I will try to reproduce it later in the day and, if I am able to, will capture the past and post it
16:20:34 <Sukhdev> Other than that I do not have anything else to report - which is a good thing :-)
16:20:49 <mjturek1> Sukhdev: just want to clarify, are you testing against master now?
16:20:57 <mjturek1> or do you need to pull in other patches
16:20:58 <Sukhdev> mjturek1 : yes
16:21:01 <mjturek1> cool, thanks
16:21:28 <Sukhdev> mjturek1 : no patches
16:21:43 <mjturek1> got it, thanks :)
16:21:53 <Sukhdev> moving along -
16:22:10 <Sukhdev> #topic: Remaning work items
16:22:22 <Sukhdev> I split the work items into two categories
16:22:50 <Sukhdev> Desired for Newton cycle and O-cycle items
16:23:11 <Sukhdev> 1) port groups
16:23:20 <Sukhdev> 2) inspector, and
16:23:26 <Sukhdev> 3) security groups
16:23:42 <mjturek1> In regards to (1) - I did a bit of breaking up on the portgroups API patch (per a discussion a few meetings ago). Not sure if people would rather just keep the API patch the way it is though https://review.openstack.org/#/c/347549 Any thoughts?
16:23:43 <Sukhdev> All are doable in this cycle -
16:25:51 <devananda> mjturek1: have you posted the broken-up patch(es) somewhere?
16:26:06 <mjturek1> devananda: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/347549
16:26:16 <mjturek1> it's just this one currently, still pretty big :-\
16:26:43 <mjturek1> haven't removed the code from the original patch yet either, wanted to see what people thought first
16:27:41 <mjturek1> the original being https://review.openstack.org/#/c/332177
16:28:28 <devananda> 1400 LOC is better than 1900 ... but still a lot
16:28:46 <mjturek1> devananda: I can probably break it up a bit more
16:29:22 <devananda> mjturek1: looking at the two patches, this one is at least targeted to just the API changes, which does make it easier to review
16:29:45 <devananda> I think it's fine
16:30:16 <devananda> good job breaking part the addition of portgroups from the other changes :)
16:30:26 <mjturek1> :) thanks
16:31:19 <Sukhdev> A quick browse through the patch - looks very clean
16:31:46 <mjturek1> great, thanks Sukhdev
16:32:52 <Sukhdev> sambetts|afk : Sam is that you?
16:33:05 <jroll> Sukhdev: he won't be here for the meeting
16:33:17 <Sukhdev> ah I see
16:33:46 <Sukhdev> anything else on this?
16:34:28 <mjturek1> nothing here
16:35:17 <Sukhdev> So, the other two items API changes for interface attach/detach and vlan aware servers to be moved to the O-cycle
16:35:58 <Sukhdev> hopefully neutron will land vlan aware VMs in Neuton and then we can build upon that
16:36:35 <Sukhdev> neutron/newton always messes me up :-)
16:37:06 <mjturek1> :)
16:37:06 <Sukhdev> moving along -
16:37:17 <Sukhdev> #topic: Patches
16:37:32 <Sukhdev> patches in merge conflict - https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/ironic+branch:master+topic:bug/1526403+status:open
16:38:00 <Sukhdev> these are still in conflict state
16:39:57 <Sukhdev> other than these and Nova patch, for which jroll already mentioned, everything else seems good
16:40:44 <jroll> I feel like those got replaced and need to be abandoned, but not totally sure
16:42:08 <Sukhdev> jroll - this one too - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/228496/
16:42:34 <jroll> I'm not sure about that one
16:43:39 <Sukhdev> last update was more than a month ago - you may be right
16:44:43 <Sukhdev> Other than this, I do not have anything else to cover
16:44:50 <Sukhdev> #topic: Open Discussion
16:45:04 <Sukhdev> Any open discussion?
16:45:28 <Sukhdev> There is VmWorld in Las Vegas later this week - if anybody cares
16:46:17 <Sukhdev> And, also Future:net, which runs in parallel to VmWorld in Las Vegas as well
16:46:34 <Sukhdev> sorry I mean later this month - not week
16:46:38 <Sukhdev> meant
16:47:11 <Sukhdev> Any body wants to discuss anything
16:47:18 <Sukhdev> if not, we are done -
16:47:27 <Sukhdev> I like shorter meetings :-)
16:47:46 <Sukhdev> Thanks everybody -
16:47:50 <jroll> thanks Sukhdev :)
16:47:52 <Sukhdev> bye
16:48:00 <Sukhdev> #endmeeting