16:01:14 <sambetts> #startmeeting ironic_neutron
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16:01:21 <jroll> \o
16:01:25 <sambetts> o/
16:01:54 <jroll> nice and light today :D
16:02:20 <sambetts> Hey team, Sukhdev is out of office today so I'm chairing this meeting again, we'll use the agenda from the last meeting:
16:02:23 <sambetts> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Ironic-neutron#Meeting_October_10.2C_2016
16:02:40 <sambetts> #topic Announcements
16:03:11 <jroll> so vsaienk0 put up that portgroup spec
16:03:19 <sambetts> spec or bp?
16:03:31 <jroll> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/387534/
16:03:36 <jroll> spec, nova asked for one
16:03:49 <sambetts> oh awesome :)
16:03:52 <jroll> apparently vdrok has been messing with metadata/configdrive changes so he's going to add that in
16:05:06 <jroll> other than that, summit next week \o/
16:05:24 <sambetts> yup, so no meeting next week then
16:06:18 <sambetts> #topic Security Groups for Baremetal deployments#
16:06:24 <sambetts> #undo
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16:06:28 <sambetts> #topic Security Groups for Baremetal deployments
16:07:15 <jroll> I tore this one apart, it seems
16:07:23 <jroll> really all my comments are pretty minor
16:07:36 <sambetts> I've not had a chance to review yet with the releases happening etc
16:07:38 * jroll is hopeful to see updates soon
16:08:31 * sambetts has it high on his TODO list
16:08:41 <sambetts> anything else here?
16:08:57 <jroll> nah
16:09:05 <sambetts> #topic Port Groups
16:09:23 <sambetts> Like jroll said the new nova spec is up
16:09:31 <sambetts> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/387534/1
16:09:36 <jroll> oh wow, the portgroups api patch has 2x+2
16:09:44 <sambetts> ironic side?
16:09:51 <jroll> ya
16:09:53 <jroll> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/347549/
16:09:58 <vsaienk0> needs review
16:11:03 <jroll> but yeah, all this stuff just needs review
16:11:32 <sambetts> I think we have 2 different nova patches out now for adding the virt driver support
16:11:51 <jroll> we do... but the second is about the dynamic portgroups thing
16:12:18 <sambetts> ah right, that patch need a commit message update then please vsaienk0
16:12:22 <jroll> and I'm ignoring it until we finish some of the ongoing stuff
16:13:45 <vsaienk0> jroll, sambetts: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/382438/ it is about static portgroups, but as we decided I'm going to abondon this in favor of https://review.openstack.org/#/c/206163/
16:14:31 <jroll> vsaienk0: oh, the flavor thing made me assume dynamic... sorry
16:14:47 <sambetts> vsaienk0: either abandon or rebase on top and change the commit message, because its confusing to have two patches attempting the same thing
16:15:00 <vsaienk0> just abandoned
16:15:11 <sambetts> thanks :)
16:15:56 <sambetts> vsaienk0: I don't want to lose the flavor/extra specs idea, I think it'll make a good POC for disucssion later
16:17:00 <vsaienk0> I have a concerns about portgroups testing at the gates, we either need a separate job for this or need to combine portgroup and non-portgroup nodes in single setup
16:17:02 <sambetts> I think the nova patch need an update now right? to point at the new spec etc?
16:17:31 <vsaienk0> sambetts: It already points to new bp
16:17:48 <sambetts> vsaienk0: oh awesome :)
16:18:17 <sambetts> vsaienk0: can we test it by have a node with 3 nics, 1 single nic and 2 in a bond, and then request 2 tenant networks at nova boot?
16:18:48 <sambetts> vsaienk0: then the single nic will carry one tenant network and the bond should carry the othjer
16:18:52 <sambetts> other*
16:20:09 <sambetts> or should we go down the route like we've suggested with the other job consolidation which is to have multiple ironic node registered with different configurations, e.g. 1 with a single nic and 1 with a portgroup, and then we do 2 nova boots during the tests
16:20:25 <sambetts> so that both nodes get booted up and we only have to setup devstack once
16:20:43 <vsaienk0> sambetts: I prefer second approach
16:21:30 <vsaienk0> but we need to be sured that current multitenant test will use node with single nic, and test for portgroups will use node with portgroups
16:22:23 <jroll> what's the difference in those tests? we just need to make sure we can deploy and networking works
16:22:26 <jroll> (in both cases)
16:22:47 <sambetts> yeah, I would just run the same tests but do nova boot twice, and then do the ssh test twice
16:22:47 <jroll> what's the difference from tempest's perspective, I should say
16:23:16 <vsaienk0> jroll, in case of portgroups we need to be sure that portgroup is up, and we didn't fall back to single nic fashion
16:23:53 <jroll> ok, fair
16:26:07 <sambetts> ok that makes sense, so we need an extension on the normal ssh tests to check the config drive configuration setup everything and that we#re receiving LADP packets
16:26:18 <jroll> yeah
16:26:28 <sambetts> *thumbs up*
16:26:32 <jroll> maybe for now even: if nic_count > 1: verify_its_a_bond()
16:26:32 <sambetts> anything else here?
16:26:36 <jroll> nope
16:26:56 <jroll> and unfortunately I have to step away for a bit, before we get to the good stuff, sorry :(
16:27:14 <sambetts> #topic Ironic Interface attach API and VLAN aware Instances
16:27:46 <sambetts> Nothing new from me here, been super busy with releases of other projects, so just a reminder for people to review please
16:27:53 <sambetts> the links are on the agenda page
16:28:55 <sambetts> #topic Open Discussion
16:29:19 <sambetts> Any one got anything they want to talk about here?
16:29:32 <jroll> well, I'm still here, so I'll just share quickly I'll be out the rest of the week
16:30:23 <sambetts> safe travels to the summit
16:33:51 <sambetts> thanks all for coming, see you in spain!
16:33:55 <sambetts> #endmeeting