17:01:12 <jlvillal> #startmeeting ironic_qa
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17:01:58 * jlvillal is always unsure if to call it 'ironic-qa' or 'ironic_qa'.  Something to do with how eavesdrop creates the directories
17:02:22 <krtaylor> jlvillal, -qa I believe
17:03:05 <krtaylor> oh, and ...  o/
17:03:12 <jlvillal> Hello krtaylor.
17:03:14 <mjturek1> hello! o/
17:03:16 <sambetts> o/
17:03:19 <[1]rpioso> o/
17:03:36 * jlvillal tries to quickly edit the Wiki to remove the thing about no meetings the last two weeks
17:03:58 <cdearborn> o/
17:04:15 <jlvillal> #topic Announcements
17:04:27 <jlvillal> I don't have any announcements.
17:04:36 <jlvillal> Besides welcome back and get to work! :)
17:04:49 * jlvillal thinks he is funny
17:05:02 <jlvillal> Anyone else have anything to announce?
17:05:16 <jlvillal> 5
17:05:18 <jlvillal> 4
17:05:19 <jlvillal> 3
17:05:21 <jlvillal> 2
17:05:23 <jlvillal> 1
17:05:28 <jlvillal> Okay moving on
17:05:43 <jlvillal> #info No announcements
17:05:48 <jlvillal> #topic Grenade testing
17:06:28 <jlvillal> #info jlvillal has been working on trying to simulate the devstack-gate environment as specified at https://github.com/openstack-infra/devstack-gate
17:07:00 <jlvillal> #info In hopes of speeding up the iteration speed on changes to Grenade
17:07:10 <jlvillal> Anyone have anything to add for Grenade?
17:07:49 <jlvillal> #info Looking for people who have experiencing setting up devstack-gate to answer questions
17:07:56 <jlvillal> Moving on in
17:07:57 <jlvillal> 5
17:08:00 <jlvillal> 4
17:08:01 <jlvillal> 3
17:08:03 <jlvillal> 2
17:08:05 <jlvillal> 1
17:08:12 <krtaylor> boom
17:08:22 <jlvillal> #topic Functional testing of openstack/ironic
17:08:41 <jlvillal> #info jlvillal focused on Grenade testing at the moment.
17:08:54 <mjturek1> jlvillal: so haven't had much time to look over your original patch set, but me krtaylor and maurosr are hoping to help with that
17:09:03 <jlvillal> #info If anyone would like to work on functional testing for openstack/ironic, please let jlvillal know
17:09:04 <mjturek1> we've been more focused on getting our CI running
17:09:22 <jlvillal> mjturek1, Awesome. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
17:09:39 <mjturek1> jlvillal: I'll probably have a funch of questions for you sometime soon
17:09:39 <krtaylor> yeah, we have to get past some downstream work first
17:09:42 <jlvillal> I've been fighting with devstack-gate this week.
17:10:07 <jlvillal> Thanks. Looking forward to when y'all have free time available.
17:10:15 * jlvillal was recently in Texas
17:10:25 <mjturek1> cool!!
17:10:57 <jlvillal> #info mjturek1, krtaylor, and maurosr are hoping to be able to work on functional testing soon.
17:11:01 <jlvillal> Moving on in
17:11:02 <jlvillal> 5
17:11:03 <jlvillal> 4
17:11:05 <jlvillal> 3
17:11:07 <jlvillal> 2
17:11:09 <jlvillal> 1
17:11:21 <jlvillal> #topic 3rd Party CI - krtaylor
17:11:29 <jlvillal> krtaylor, I'll give this one to you :)
17:11:39 <rajinir> o/
17:11:58 <jlvillal> krtaylor, Any updates?
17:12:03 <krtaylor> sure, not much to say
17:12:08 <krtaylor> been on vacation
17:12:15 <jlvillal> We can say no updates
17:12:19 <krtaylor> but expect a patch from me soon, get the docs started
17:12:33 <jlvillal> krtaylor, Can you hashtag-info that?
17:12:39 <krtaylor> sure
17:12:53 <jlvillal> :)
17:13:06 <krtaylor> #info Third-party CI docs patch underway
17:13:32 <krtaylor> I would like to get input from some of the other teams doing their CI standup
17:13:57 <krtaylor> but that's about it for now
17:14:04 <jlvillal> Great. Also there is a general openstack-qa meeting which I have been wanting to attend.
17:14:18 <jlvillal> Okay, moving on in
17:14:19 <jlvillal> 4
17:14:20 <jlvillal> 3
17:14:21 <jlvillal> 2
17:14:23 <jlvillal> 1
17:14:23 <krtaylor> yes, great source of info, tempest focused
17:14:45 <jlvillal> #topic Open Discussion / General QA topics
17:14:57 <jlvillal> Does anyone want to discuss anything?
17:15:35 <jlvillal> I'll give it 30 more seconds without a response
17:15:45 <mjturek1> jlvillal: I have a patch that I'd like some eyes on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/258670/
17:16:10 <mjturek1> Ironic was asked to not have so many timeouts in tempest, I hope this qualifies as relevant to the meeting
17:16:58 <jlvillal> #info Reviews desired on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/258670/ which is patch to consolidate the timeouts used by Ironic in Tempest
17:17:19 <jlvillal> mjturek1, Thanks. At the moment I don't know much about tempest, but can see what I can figure out
17:17:27 <jlvillal> Anything else from anyone?
17:17:29 <krtaylor> also, since we are almost ready to turn on our testing, I was going to list our "driver" as pxe_ipmi (ppc64) as we do with nova libvirt
17:17:48 <krtaylor> goes back to the old platform vs driver discussion
17:18:02 <krtaylor> but we will also move to IPA soon
17:18:17 <mjturek1> krtaylor: sorry, list it where specifically?
17:18:27 <jlvillal> krtaylor, Okay. Do you want us to make a note of that in this meeting?
17:18:27 <krtaylor> in the list of tested drivers
17:18:34 <mjturek1> krtaylor: gotcha thanks
17:18:49 <krtaylor> not unless there is an objection I guess
17:18:59 <jlvillal> No objection from me.
17:19:12 <jlvillal> Anything else from anyone?
17:19:26 <jlvillal> Thanks everyone!
17:19:35 <mjturek1> Thanks! Happy New Year
17:19:35 <krtaylor> happy new year everyone!
17:19:39 <jlvillal> Have a great morning, day, evening, night!
17:19:50 <jlvillal> #endmeeting