17:00:17 <jlvillal> #startmeeting ironic_qa
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17:00:28 <jlvillal> Hello everyone
17:00:32 <rpioso> o/
17:00:49 <jlvillal> As always the agenda is at: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Ironic-QA
17:01:13 <jlvillal> #topic Announcements
17:01:22 <jlvillal> I don't have any announcements this week
17:01:27 <cdearborn> o/
17:01:56 <jlvillal> Anyone have anything to announce?
17:02:06 <rajinir> o/
17:02:14 <jlvillal> Okay moving on
17:02:26 <jlvillal> #topic Multi-node Grenade
17:02:46 <jlvillal> #info Whiteboard with current status: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ironic-newton-grenade-whiteboard
17:03:37 <jlvillal> #info vsainko has proposed some devstack patches: https://review.openstack.org/334382
17:03:59 <jlvillal> #info Trying to get multi-node to work with Ironic first. Then do Grenade.
17:04:33 <jlvillal> Any questions?
17:04:54 <jlvillal> I will be testing it this week.
17:05:04 <jlvillal> It would be great to have other people involved :)
17:05:16 <jlvillal> Okay moving on
17:05:30 <jlvillal> #topic Grenade testing for Ironic Inspector
17:05:45 <jlvillal> Is there anyone here to talk about it?
17:05:58 <vdrok> I think it's done
17:06:33 <jlvillal> Thanks. I think I will delete this agenda item. Since the person working on it doesn't seem to show up. Plus if it is done, no need to talk about it.
17:06:55 <jlvillal> #topic 3rd Party CI (krtaylor)
17:07:01 <jlvillal> I don't think krtaylor is here today.
17:07:06 <jlvillal> Any updates from anyone?
17:08:03 <jlvillal> Okay moving on
17:08:08 <jlvillal> #topic Open Discussion
17:08:13 <jlvillal> Anyone?
17:08:28 <vdrok> vsaienko is out, so I'll proxy his question here
17:08:58 <vdrok> it's possible to run tempest several times on different configurations of ironic in a single job
17:09:03 <jlvillal> vdrok, What question?
17:09:23 <vdrok> do we want to do this to save some time on setting up devstack?
17:09:43 <vdrok> like, run the tests on coreos, then switch to tinyipa and run again
17:09:54 <jlvillal> vdrok, Sounds like a good plan to me. If we can save time.
17:10:08 <jlvillal> vdrok, I know JayF was working on gate improvements too.
17:10:12 <vdrok> changes to project-config would be minimal
17:10:17 <jlvillal> At least I think he was.
17:10:39 <jlvillal> But speeding up the gate sounds good to me. Though the grenade job is slow and not sure how to speed that up.
17:10:58 <vdrok> yeah, I think it can be useful, but we need to think about which configs to test combined, they should be somehow similar :)
17:11:02 <jlvillal> vdrok: But maybe we have fewer jobs that run longer. But not as long as grenade?
17:11:10 <vdrok> otherwise debugging can become hard
17:11:37 <vdrok> jlvillal: I think we can run tempest 2 times for sure while grenade is running :)
17:11:39 <jlvillal> Yeah, the debugging I do worry about. How easy will it be to know what stage we are in.
17:11:44 <rajinir> On the similar thought, can we reuse the devstack setup for different hardware nodes in a single build?
17:12:20 <vdrok> jlvillal: the idea is to continue if first run fails of course
17:12:26 <vdrok> and accumulate the errors
17:12:46 <vdrok> rajinir: we're talking about the gate, no hw there :)
17:13:01 <vdrok> but it's possible to change nodes driver too
17:13:17 <jlvillal> vdrok, Sounds good. But for debugging. Make sure we can easily tell which part of the tempest steps we are in.  For example, knowing we are in tinyipa vs coreos.  Etc...
17:13:25 <vdrok> ++
17:13:52 <jlvillal> I think it sounds interesting. The main benefit I would see is just fewer jobs, but they run longer. Not sure if that is a big benefit or not...
17:14:25 <rajinir> vdrok: Could be hard to to separate the logs if one of them failed and one passes
17:14:48 <rajinir> vdrok: How much time does this save?
17:14:59 <vdrok> rajinir: yeah, but in this case we have some freedom as the script doing reconfiguration will be in our repo
17:15:17 <vdrok> so we can print whatever we want to console/some logs
17:15:38 <vdrok> I think the devstack setup takes ~20 minutes
17:16:00 <vdrok> so maybe 15 minutes if we combine 2 jobs and reconfig does not take too much time
17:16:13 <rajinir> vdrok: +1 anything to save the time
17:16:22 <vdrok> it can, if we eg decide to completely recerate all the vms
17:16:29 <jlvillal> vdrok, Sounds interesting. Maybe a proof-of-concept would be good.
17:16:45 <vdrok> yup
17:17:07 <vdrok> nothing else from me :)
17:17:35 <jlvillal> #info vdrok and vsaienko are exploring idea of running tempest multiple times, so can reuse the devstack setup in the gate. Might be able to reduce the number of gate jobs.
17:17:48 <jlvillal> Anything else from anyone?
17:18:13 <jlvillal> Okay, thanks everyone.
17:18:16 <jlvillal> #endmeeting