17:00:42 <jlvillal> #startmeeting ironic_qa
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17:00:55 <jlvillal> Hello everyone
17:01:00 <jlvillal> As always the agenda is at: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Ironic-QA
17:01:13 <jlvillal> #topic Announcements
17:01:15 <mjturek1> o/
17:01:18 <krtaylor> o/
17:01:43 <jlvillal> #info IPA post jobs are showing up on status.openstack.org/openstack-health now.
17:01:55 <jlvillal> Any other announcements?
17:02:02 <cdearborn> o/
17:02:05 <rpioso> o/
17:02:15 <jlvillal> Okay moving on then
17:02:31 <jlvillal> #topic Multi-node Grenade testing of Ironic
17:02:43 <jlvillal> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ironic-newton-grenade-whiteboard
17:03:15 <jlvillal> #info Progress is being made. Big thanks to Vasyl Saienko for all of his work on this.
17:03:42 <jlvillal> #info master testing patch at: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/296432/
17:03:56 <jroll> \o
17:04:23 <jlvillal> #info Current status is that the SSH keys need to be propagated. A test run is in progress to see if a potential fix works.
17:04:46 <jroll> nice work!
17:05:09 <jlvillal> #info jlvillal and vsaienko have started doing daily sync-ups to allow each to continue work in their time zones.
17:05:12 <jlvillal> jroll: Thanks
17:05:17 <jlvillal> That's all I got so far.
17:05:28 <jlvillal> Any questions/comments before moving on?
17:05:42 <clarkb> yes, could you just reuse the existing test ssh key instead?
17:06:08 <jlvillal> clarkb: I could investigate that. Do you have a pointer? Sounds like a good idea.
17:06:11 <clarkb> that may make the setup simpler (since we already configure ssh to allow communication among all the test nodes and for eg nova live migration)
17:06:57 <clarkb> https://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack-infra/project-config/tree/nodepool/scripts/multinode_setup.sh#n29
17:07:02 <jlvillal> clarkb: Thanks!
17:07:09 <jlvillal> I will check it out today
17:07:18 <jlvillal> Any other questions/comments?
17:07:44 <jlvillal> Moving on
17:07:57 <jlvillal> #topic 3rd Party CI presented to you by krtaylor
17:08:18 <jlvillal> krtaylor: The floor is yours. Let me know when you are done please.
17:08:33 <krtaylor> jlvillal, sure thing
17:08:41 <rajinir> \o
17:09:04 <krtaylor> so email has been sent to systems that need to get their CI going asap or get moved out
17:09:53 <krtaylor> the stackalytics driver patch is making progress, I thought it was there, but jroll brought up a question about the wiki links
17:10:04 <krtaylor> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/330270/
17:10:07 <jroll> yeah, that's my only nit
17:10:35 * jroll wants to point out a thing after krtaylor is done speaking
17:10:36 <krtaylor> so, I looked that over and I think it should actually be the required wiki page
17:10:58 <jroll> oh? why is that?
17:11:02 <jroll> (I'm fine with that, just curious)
17:11:04 <krtaylor> the ThirdPartySystems wiki
17:11:52 <krtaylor> that makes the most sense, this is for info and contacts, and it would be consistent since all are required to have it anyway
17:12:04 <jroll> ok
17:12:29 <jroll> krtaylor: some of the drivers have links to docs, so let's fix those instead I guess :)
17:12:41 <krtaylor> the only catch is for community drivers, since those are not third party, they would point to docs?
17:12:53 <krtaylor> its not clean either way
17:13:12 <krtaylor> unless we require all ironic drivers to also have doc pages
17:13:52 <jroll> right
17:13:58 <jroll> (which we totally should)
17:14:02 <krtaylor> I listed all the ThirdPartSystems links I could find in the drivers page
17:14:05 <krtaylor> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Ironic/Drivers#3rd_Party_CI_required_implementation_status
17:14:57 <krtaylor> jroll, so if we require docs pages (which I'm fine with) , we can stub out those that aren't there I guess
17:15:07 * devananda fails at calendaring, comes in late ...
17:15:25 <jroll> krtaylor: yeah, I guess it depends on what driverlog is intended to do
17:15:31 <jroll> if it's to list drivers, it should be docs pages
17:15:37 <jroll> if it's to track CI, it should be wikis
17:17:04 <krtaylor> heh, it tries to be all things, but in this case, I think it is to just make sure they are listed in the marketplace, real useful status is tracked elsewhere in third party CI working group tools
17:17:23 <jroll> ok, let's make it doc pages then, if users will be seeing this in the marketplace :)
17:17:57 <krtaylor> well I was leaning toward wiki links, but now docs make more sense, thanks for discussing
17:18:17 <krtaylor> I'll make that change today (tonight)
17:18:58 <krtaylor> the only other thing I wanted to bring up is the CI documentation patch
17:19:01 <krtaylor> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/353102/
17:19:27 <jroll> ah yeah, I need to review that
17:19:44 <krtaylor> I am proposing the location and outline be merged first, then we can start writing sections and spread the work a bit, hopefully
17:20:12 <rajinir> krtaylor>+1
17:20:15 <jroll> sounds good
17:20:23 <krtaylor> I will have a section that references all the agreed wording in the spec, so this will become the requirements documentation going forward
17:20:34 <devananda> krtaylor: ++
17:20:43 * jroll has a thing to bring up
17:20:50 <krtaylor> maybe next patch after outline, if everybody is fine with that
17:21:00 <rajinir> ++
17:21:06 <jroll> so folks have been re-thinking this approach in cinder
17:21:09 <jroll> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-August/101428.html
17:21:09 <krtaylor> thats all I had, jroll?
17:21:23 <jroll> it's a looong thread, so don't read it during this meeting :)
17:21:38 <krtaylor> yes, I saw that, some softening of the requirements
17:21:40 <jroll> but it makes me wonder if we want to rethink how we do this as well
17:21:44 <jroll> even if it's super late :(
17:22:18 <krtaylor> how about we do that when we get a patch pushed for the requirements section of the doc?
17:22:20 <jroll> we need to spin up an email thread or something, I think, a few other cores are re-considering after reading this
17:23:06 * jroll has been procrastinating on that
17:23:11 <krtaylor> I'm fine with email thread, as long as it gets translated into patch comments at some point
17:23:38 <jroll> yeah, just needs a broader discussion
17:23:47 <devananda> jroll: would you like to summarize / discuss the change in our policy that you're envisioning?
17:24:02 <jroll> devananda: I am not envisioning things yet
17:24:17 <jroll> but I don't want to nuke a bunch of drivers and then next cycle have the same conversation
17:24:21 <jroll> ya know?
17:24:26 <jroll> so we should have that conversation now
17:25:09 <krtaylor> same conversation? about new ones to nuke or ?
17:25:28 <jroll> the conversation cinder is having
17:25:36 <jroll> "is this really the right way to do this"
17:26:38 <devananda> hmm
17:26:54 <krtaylor> gotcha, yeah, we can revisit our requirements with this in mind, I don't see a problem with that
17:26:59 <devananda> jroll: if you want to punt on that until everyone's had time to catch up on the cinder thread, that wfm
17:27:34 <jroll> devananda: yeah, I'm not sure if it's changed my mind, but a couple other ironic cores said they kind of agree
17:27:50 <jlvillal> We do have the 3rd party drivers repo. If that makes us any different from Cinder.
17:27:57 <jroll> devananda: so I want to email the list by like, friday, and have the discussion
17:28:10 <jroll> jlvillal: "we" have no such thing. a couple people in the community have that thing. it isn't official
17:28:35 <jlvillal> Ah okay.
17:28:43 <krtaylor> so, mjturek1 and I will get the doc outline skeleton finished this week, we could push a requirements proposal early next week and maybe clarify some sections via comments
17:29:00 <jroll> yeah, sounds good
17:29:09 <krtaylor> discussion first via email
17:29:15 <krtaylor> sounds like a plan
17:29:17 <mjturek1> yep, sounds good
17:29:53 <krtaylor> ok, anything else for CI?
17:30:22 <krtaylor> else, I'll turn it back over to jlvillal
17:30:30 <jlvillal> Thanks krtaylor
17:30:39 <jlvillal> #topic Open Discussion
17:30:48 <jlvillal> The floor is open
17:31:22 * jroll has nothing
17:31:39 * devananda also has nothing QA-specific right now
17:31:44 <jlvillal> Okay, I think we are done.
17:31:48 <jlvillal> Thanks everyone!
17:31:51 <jroll> thanks jlvillal
17:31:53 <jlvillal> #endmeeting