18:00:14 <crushil> #startmeeting ironic_ui
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18:01:19 <crushil> I am running the ironic-ui meeting this week, as TheJulia is in training
18:01:23 <betherly> o/
18:02:13 <robcresswell> o/
18:02:49 <crushil> Anyone have anything they would like to announce?
18:04:07 <crushil> Guess we'll move on if nobody has any announcements
18:04:11 <crushil> #topic Current Status
18:05:45 <crushil> #info Still waiting on reviews and rebased patches
18:06:15 <crushil> Anyone else have anything else to bring up for status?
18:06:41 <robcresswell> Sort of
18:06:57 <robcresswell> I've been held up by some other bits and pieces, so haven't been able to work on testing
18:07:31 <crushil> robcresswell, Thanks for the update. Anything you need a hand on?
18:07:33 <robcresswell> Shouldn't be much longer, but won't be this week
18:08:39 <crushil> Alright, thanks robcresswell. Anyone else have anything to report for status?
18:08:44 <betherly> JavaScript testing setup patch in progress and should be ready soon
18:09:04 <robcresswell> Unit testing?
18:09:37 <betherly> robcresswell: npm wasn't set up properly on the repo
18:09:55 <betherly> been working to set it up so that the tests run correctly
18:10:14 <robcresswell> Oh okay, cool
18:10:49 <crushil> Awesome betherly. Thanks for the update
18:11:16 <crushil> Anything else?
18:12:06 <crushil> Moving on
18:12:08 <crushil> #topic Planning/Priorities
18:13:52 <crushil> Looks like we don't have much this week, except for rebasing patches in conflict, betherly's Javascript testing work and robcresswell's testing work
18:15:29 <crushil> ppiela is not here. Will try to ping him offline to see if he needs any help rebasing
18:15:53 <betherly> crushil: let me know if I can do anything there
18:16:03 <crushil> betherly, Will do. :)
18:17:48 <crushil> Anyone else have anything here?
18:18:03 <ppiela_> Nothing here
18:18:30 <crushil> Alright, moving to Open Discussion
18:18:39 <crushil> #topic Open Discussion
18:19:34 <crushil> Anyone have anything to discuss for open discussion today?
18:19:50 <ppiela_> Unfortunately I am still working on another rush project, hope to be back on ironic_ui shortly
18:20:11 <robcresswell> Nothing from me :)
18:20:43 <betherly> Nothing here :)
18:20:43 <crushil> ppiela_, Thanks for the update. Let betherly or I know if you need a hand with your patches
18:20:55 <ppiela_> Will do
18:22:08 <crushil> Alright, I don't have anything from my side either
18:22:09 <ppiela_> I need to get the patch chain moving. I have more updates planned as part of the one year cleanup
18:23:30 <crushil> Ok, cool. I will start picking up more work once I get more bandwidth to work on ironic-ui. I have a couple of downstream projects going on that are taking most of my time
18:24:45 <crushil> Anything else for open discussion? If not, we can have the rest of the hour back
18:26:01 <crushil> Thank you everyone!
18:26:03 <crushil> #endmeeting